Little Mifa

Tracy Millosovich was the first author to have her books edited by Koriander Bullard.

Tracy's first Young Adult series (The Dreams Series) follows a young college student named Crystal
who discovers that she destined to become the queen (Mifa) of the planet Tartan, and later, planet Kelper.
Over the course of the series, Crystal forms a romance with the new planet's king (Mita) Thomas,
fights demons, travels through space, becomes a mother and flies between the world of the living
and the world of the dead, all while learning swordfighting and spell casting.
The sci-fi/action/romance books are aimed at ages 13+.

The following cartoons are of the Little Mifa's daily struggles.

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Mifa: Queen
Mita: King
Risa: Princess
Rita: Prince


Crystal: The Little Mifa. Originally human, slowly turning into a Kelperian.
Thomas: The Mita of Tartan and Kelper. Tall, blonde and with a scruffy shadow. (Not much help.)
Jason: Kelper's prince and Thomas's twin brother.
Tara Rosa: Thomas's dead wife who now shares a body with Crystal. Used to be queen.
Aster: A demon who shares a body with Tara and Crystal. Saved Crystal's life... still a demon.
Serenity-Rose: Crystal and Thomas's little daughter.
Atlus: Serenity's little brother.
Evelyn: Crystal's little (but taller) sister. Sassy brat.
Morion: Crystal's friend and a general in Kelper's army.
Rose: Tara Rosa's dead clone daughter.
Merin: Jason's age-changing daughter.