Jokes Part De 12 :
A Crystal Clear Destiney?

From early animation boo-boos, to whiney Moonies and products
that make you shake your head, the jokes just keep writing
themselves on Sailor Moon Crystal. But of course, what
Moon sisters Gallery is complete, without a few fresh jokes
written outside of the norm too?

The REAL issue with the first graphic for Sailor Moon Crystal

Why 2014 was an awesome year to be Usagi Tsukino

Did DiC and ADV accidently predict the future?

An actual email message I got.


WOW! Just look at them all!

Go back and watch Act 3 again, Ami DID THIS!!

A new use for Luna

Sailor Moon Contacts

She does ♥

In the night sky, she writes a reminder….

Chibiusa is still a precocious brat.

Sailor Moon Maxi Pads!!

Marrying your own dad by the way….

Oh ha ha. Very funny, Rei.

And Metallia is like NOPE

Sailor Venus is very resilient.

Even though Usagi's now a tiny bit Bi… Seiya…. Well..

You don't need to compare.

What Queen Serenity was REALLY telling Luna.

You DID sing this too, admit it.

Look what your nasty comment did to Sailor Venus!

Usagi just figured it out.

For those who won't stop whining about the animation…

Sometimes, you just have to.


Ah!! Don't tell Artemis.

Ali did not get the memo yet…

I think Makoto hates them now.

Maybe fanfic writers had something there?

Is this pissing you off?