Parallel Hints

Naoko Takeuchi's Parallel Sailormoon originally debuted in 1999 with the Materials collection artbook, but hints to the existence of Kousagi, Ami (Jr), Rei (Jr) Mako and Mina exist throughout the series.

A majority of the hints have been collected for Quirkalicious, but there are a few other hints alluding to the youngest batch of Sailor Senshi and the timeline they live in.

Conspiracy or clever?

We know the 19 page manga doesn't really go too far into the lives of the elder Sailor Senshi, but now it seems that this timeline, different from the bleak but pretty 30th Century future we originally saw, was always fated to exist in the normal canon.

This is the first clue. Naoko Takeuchi added this to the fifth Sailormoon artbook, chronicling the artwork she did for the StarS arc. Curiously, we have Eternal Sailor Moon holding a variation of her original wand, the Crescent Moon Wand, instead of the Eternal Tier. More curious? In the liner notes for the book, Naoko asks people to purchase the Materials Collection, and that this will be the cover ~ BUT ~ the Materials Collection wouldn't be out until October 1, 1999.

This was printed September 25, 1997. A full two years before the collection was printed.

Was she already sketching ideas for Kousagi back then? Or at least was she sketching Usagi carrying on the good fight as Sailor Moon? We know that Moon, Venus and Chibi Moon can always access their earlier transformations and powers, could that explain further images of Eternal Sailor Moon with a new Crescent Wand?

Another curious item is the fabled Artemis-P. Now he was only used in this 1994 BanDai ad for a Sailormoon game, but Toei Animation did animate this 15 second spot. Would he have been a mate for Luna-P? Could Kousagi have gotten him?

Another curiosity has much to do with Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi. In the anime, Chibiusa has a cup set aside for her, with the name "CHIBI" on it.

"Chibi" is the nickname Parallel Chibiusa gave to Kousagi. It's also the name Chibi Chibi gave to her doll.

Could this just be a harmless gag, because of the names "Chibi-usa" and "Chibi Chibi" or was this a subtle nod to there being just one more Tsukino Senshi?

And of course, areas where the girls have had extra Odango have only fueled the fire.

Leading us to this next mystery. On June 30th, 1997, just a few months after the manga and anime ended, Naoko Takeuchi released another artbook, Infinity. Originally debuting at Comiket, the book features tons of new sketches and letters, not just from Naoko, but from her staff, other manga-ka and even people working at Toei Animation. One of the many pictures comes from Kumiko Kinjo, an assistant artist of Naoko Takeuchi:

Look closely at the sweet photo. Usagi has double Odango, just like Kousagi. And Chibi Chibi (holding a little bunny) and Chibiusa are both super close to her stomach. She may not have been pregnant yet with Chibiusa or Kousagi when this was drawn…. But then again…

In 1999, Toei artist Youichi Fukano drew an amazing picture of a royal Chibiusa:

Only, this is not the 30th Century Chibiusa we see in the anime. He drew this and finished it as Parallel Sailormoon hit bookshelves. This is based on an idea he had, of a future where Chibiusa is ruler, yet her parents are still alive, and many of the changes to the timeline made during 30th Century Chibiusa's time jumps has taken hold. A PARALLEL Chibiusa if you will.

If you add up all of these little hints, Parallel Sailormoon is less a parody, and more of a destiny.