What's wrong with
Seiya x Usagi?

The truth is........... everything.

Since 1996, Sailormoon fans world wide have been debating on whether or not Usagi should stay with her long time beau Mamoru, or drop him in favor of newcomer Seiya Kou.

Seiya, who seemingly has the same color hair and eyes as Mamoru, and yet lacks his amnesia and attitude, seems like a perfect catch for the teenaged Sailor Senshi.

But while so many keep hanging onto Seiya's dominatrix-turned-boy-band-idol-good-looks, and her seemingly soft heart, most fail to see the problems with Usagi ever being with Seiya ~ and it has NOTHING to do with Seiya's gender or sexual preference either.

When Seiya first debuts, her goal seems pretty simple. Find and rescue her princess. So at first glance, it's very easy to assume that Seiya's initial infatuation was a matter of mistaken identity, but alas, that is not the case.

In both the anime and in the manga, right from the start, Seiya tried to push herself onto Usagi. In the manga, this was only made worse by the fact that she knew Usagi had JUST gotten engaged to Mamoru, watched Galaxia kill Mamoru, and STILL tried to force her way into Usagi's life as a replacement boyfriend.

Seiya enrolls in the same high school as Usagi, and again, it may seem like she's trying to keep up appearances as a teenaged pop star. But as the series progresses, Seiya's disguise becomes less and less about finding Princess Kakyuu and killing Sailor Galaxia, and more about following Usagi.

 And seemingly, only Usagi, Haruka, Michiru and Luna are wise to Seiya's ploy. Even when Seiya joins the local police troop in Usagi's neighborhood, everyone else seems charmed by Seiya's boyish looks. Only Usagi takes issue with her spending time with Usagi's newest relative, Chibi Chibi.

In fact, people are so comfortable with Seiya, that Usagi finds herself pushed into a "date" with her in episode 181... Where Seiya keeps getting pushier...

and pushier....

and even more PUSHY, even AFTER Usagi keeps reminding Seiya that she has a man, over and over again!!

Seiya only takes this as a challenge, a chance to literally throw herself onto Usagi that much harder.

And what about the Inner Sailor Senshi?? You remember them, the people whose job it is to PROTECT Usagi from PREDATORS???

Oh yeah them. Well never mind. They seem to think that Usagi having a celebrity stalker who can't take "no" for an answer is juuuust fine.

Seiya even ends up inviting herself into Usagi's home in episode 184. Not only does she help herself to Usagi's food, shower and to Chibi Chibi's towel, she finds secretive ways to further shove Mamoru OUT of the picture.

While protecting Usagi from a town burglar seemed on the surface to be a noble idea, it actually gave Seiya all-to-easy access to Usagi's home, as Seiya thinks nothing of camping out on Usagi's lawn, while her parents, younger brother and Chibi Chibi are asleep.
Now again, Seiya's cover ~ even to Taiki and Yaten ~ is that she is searching for her princess, and with Usagi being called a princess, she can't tell if this is a disguise for Kakyuu or not, if Usagi really is her princess. And everyone buys it….. until Kakyuu turns up alive and well. You would think that would be all Seiya needed, just to see Kakyuu again. But even after she is reunited with her princess......

She still won't let Usagi go.

She fawns over Usagi like a remorseful spouse, in the arms of the woman she cheated on...... only NEITHER woman wants Seiya like that.

In fact, in the manga it is revealed that Kakyuu had her own lover, who Galaxia murdered. And the more Seiya tried to hold onto and force herself onto Kakyuu, the more Kakyuu would just smile, and give her the "aren't you sweet" routine. But being shot down by the most gentle princess in her life didn't deter Seiya too much. Not getting to be with one prey, only drove Seiya to resume stalking another.

In both the anime and in the manga, Seiya continues pursuing Usagi, going so far as to kiss her, knowing that at this point, she had uncovered Usagi's tender, crybaby side. She knew that Usagi had a soft heart, which was her main power point when using the Silver Crystal, but also her biggest weak spot, as Usagi's affections are easy to control ~ much to the joy of any predator.

Easy to manipulate, Seiya knew she could play with Usagi's emotions, and work her like clay. She was not only going to attempt to have her way with Usagi, she was going to trick Usagi into thinking this was the right thing to do.

But each time, Usagi would not kiss Seiya back. Just seeing Seiya off with a grin or a polite nod.

Fans who could not see that Seiya is manipulative, started clamoring for the chance that time would be altered, so that Usagi would forget her lover of two lifetimes, and just settle down with her stalker, and enjoy a new family with Seiya.

Toei Animation was all too eager to oblige. In fact critics have accused Toei Animation of glorifying this type of abuse.

In episode 173, Usagi and Mamoru have two copies of the same family photo. But over the course of  a few episodes, things did change........

The writers at Toei Animation realized that whether any of us like it or not, Seiya's male form is only a disguise. She is 100% FEMALE. With that said, Seiya can NEVER father a child with Usagi. Sure, she can be a father figure to Chibi Chibi if she tried, but ultimately, she will never father ANY children biologically. For Seiya and Usagi to be together, that means that Chibiusa would never be allowed to exist.

The more Seiya pushed herself onto Usagi, the less likely Chibiusa's existence became. But despite Usagi seemingly being swayed by her stalker, our Moon Princess stayed stubborn in her resolve, even when death was all around her, and it seemed as though she couldn't get Mamoru back, she still hung on strong to the memory of her family, even in her dreams.

In the manga, it's never shown how/if/when Seiya was revived after the battle with Galaxia, in the anime, we are treated to a joyful goodbye between Seiya and Usagi in episode 200.

Sailor Moon StarS/Sailor StarS officially wrapped up in Japan in 1997, and yet even today, fans new and old are still pining for the day where Usagi abandons Mamoru for Seiya.

But while this may seem romantic to a wide eyed manga reader, a realist understands that in truth, everytime you wish for Usagi to run away with Seiya, you are in fact hoping that she will ditch her entire family, her man, even her children, to be with a cross dresser in another galaxy, who stalked her, nearly got her killed by Galaxia's minions, and mentally abused her for 27 episodes.

You have to ask yourself.
Are you really supporting a "Lover" or a PREDATOR?