Jane Was Bullied By MMD Haters Too?!

(PLEASE read the update. And Share this video!)

WOW! And I thought I had it bad with MMD haters? O_O This poor girl has been dealing with this ALOT longer than me.

Worse? She's 16.

Okay, pause the video and PLEASE READ EVERYTHING. I really don't want to have to put up another video. Check my last few videos for all the crap I got so far.

Jane, please tell your parents to look up cyber bully, stalking and harassment laws. Also tell them to look up on YouTube the story of the woman who Facebook bullied a little girl who was dying from cancer. It was on Inside Edition and CNN.

Jane's family: Stop blocking your daughter from internet sites. It will only isolate her and then her attacker(s) win. Instead, please work WITH her on getting these trolls off the internet and potentially behind bars. People who say "Kids will be kids, let it go" are the ones who pay the ultimate price. Please think about your daughter's feelings.

Everyone, MY commentary is in white. Whatever is in pink is from Jane.

UPDATE #1: Okay, I think Windows Live Movie Maker cut off a little of what she wrote. (D'OH!!) Here's an update from Jane:

You probably might be wondering why Ana had bullied me before.

Here are the reasons why:

*She thought I copied her ideas when I made a model edit with a similar theme to hers.
*She thought I was going to recreate her self model (edit) even though I wasn't really going to (I was joking about making the model).

*I was worried for Sadie because she was being bullied by Ana for "illegal" model edits. Even though Sadie said she had something to do with the model edits, she wasn't the one who made them.

*Ana thought I was annoying.
*She was angry at me for trying to stand up to her and for the people she had bullied.

I'd like this message to be out because I'm sick of being bullied. Ana and her friends harassing me were a part of the reason why I ended up with depression. They were a part of the reason why I end up with suicidal thoughts at times. They were a part of the reason why I was thinking whether or not I should quit MMD. They were a part of the reason why I'm still on medication for my depression so I don't get sad randomly.

UPDATE #2: NOW Saboten pulled the hate blog about me. But a few people were stupid enough to post harassing videos about me. Again total strangers like IceTehHedgehog, Myokuju and DimensionalSlice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLHNsQJp15A
Wow. You guys need therapy. Do you not get that you are targetting me... a total stranger? Seriously. Can't we just move on?

UPDATE #3: 12 emails over the course of 2 hours. All from the people trying to justify the abuse of re-colorers. Now I'm being told that blocking is "rude". So are fighting back, defending yourself and not pulling your videos and letting these morons win. Seriously? I'm not that stupid.

Production notes:
All of this started over a FREE program given away FOR FREE. I hope to God everyone who harasses someone over a damn CGI fries in Hell.

After I found my name on the fake encyclopediadramatica.ch, I was really surprised at the level of stupidity of these wastes of life. Now imagine how I felt when I learned of young Jane.

Jane is a very sweet girl. All of the emails I ever got from her were polite, and she doesn't deserve this abuse. I hope she is well and reading this, and knows that no matter what she is NOT alone. Although her name is not on a hate site outside of DeviantArt, I know now who was sending her these hateful messages, and I hope that person is thrown in prison for cyber stalking.

Tools to end Cyber Bullying/Stalking/Attacks
If you or a loved one are being cyber attacked online, understand that it is NOT your fault EVER and that you are NOT alone.

Please use the following tools to bring your attacker(s) to justice.

Legal Help ~ Put cyberbullies behind bars.
If you or a loved one are in danger of a real life attack, dial 911 NOW!
FBI - Reporting Cyber Crime
United States Department of Justice - Cyber Crime unit
Working to Hault Abuse Online
US Government's official form for attacks/bullying based on religeon, race, sex, veteran status
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ~ If you suspect a page of posting harassing/defamitory/slanderous/pornographic materials of your minor, they can help.
The Met ~ Help for those living in the UK who have been made a victim.
How To Remove your personal information from sites selling it illegally ~ The most dangerous cyber attack is identity theft. Sites such as Zabasearch.com are selling your personal information to advertisers and hackers. The evil hacker groups Anonymous and Lulzsec/Anti-sec use this daily.

Immediate help ~ DO NOT KILL YOURSELF!! These people WILL talk to you NOW!! 24 hours a day:
National Suicide Prevention HotlineCall them toll free RIGHT NOW: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Boys Town Talk to someone NOW: 1-800-448-3000
Your life your voice
Abused Women and Children Talk to someone NOW: 1-773-278-4566

Information ~ Who are cyberbullies and how can you defend yourself?
Wired Safety
Stop Cyberbullying
McGruff's Stuff
Stop Bullying NOW!
Stop Bullying Dot Gov
Cyberbullying Research Center

Are you being harassed because of your MMD/UTAU/Vocaloid videos?
Are you getting stupid, threatening messages like the following?
1. You better take this down!
2. If you would only obey rules/a modeler, I wouldn't HAVE TO...
3. I'm telling (Name of Modeler) on you!
4. You reap what you sew. It's all your fault.
5. Drop dead/Die/You're the real troll
And other moronic, defaming messages from people you do not know?

You are NOT alone! Come tell your story here, and let the haters know they will NEVER have power over you!!
Fight MikuMikuDance (MMD) Vocaloid and UTAU Bullies online

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