Kitty'er Miku Hello Kitty Request

Ok, email and link are missing I know. But you already know how to reach me. *Hint hint*

Production notes:
Oh dear God. Where do I even start?

Okay, so I posted this video and a download link. Now a close friend had emailed me the model, and by that time the model had already been edited. (Miku's hair was bright YELLOW.) So I re-edited the model, making her pink and adding little Hello Kitties. Why? Becauce I think she's adorable, and I like Hello Kitty. (I'm an Iroha fan.) I called her "Kitty'er Miku" because of Kitty'er also being a Sanrio based model. I shared it with the world as a Goodwill gesture. You let me use a cool model you make, and in return you can have this. I even credited Saboten, the original model maker, because I liked her/his work.

Fast forward about 4 months. I wake up to a ton of hate comments on YouTube.

Now because most of the comments were "Ur an Idot. In u I am a dissapoint" I didn't think it was worth my time to respond.


When I ignored the bullies, they went after all of my friends and subscribers. That's why you shouldn't believe schoolteachers that tell you to ignore your bullies, kids.

One morning, I get a frantic email from a 10 year old girl, who was called a whore and told to kill herself because she liked my video. REALLY??

I talked to the girl's mom (a fellow YouTuber) and I helped get that person aressted. Turns out a 26 year old was harassing the kid because of my video. Wow.

The next thing I know, Saboten writes a hate blog on me. I tried to settle things peacefully between us.

Same day, a kid I was helping left a RUDE and STUPID comment for Saboten. MY ISP NUMBER came up for it.

Great, now before I can apologize, I have TWO hate blogs about me.

Then the Vocaloid Wiki blacklists me, and doesn't have the courage to tell me about it until 3 weeks later. Oh very mature.

Then a hate site is developed on the fake Encyclopedia Dramatica, which is run by a bunch of fanboys who wish they were members of Lulzsec and Anonymous ~ but aren't smart enough.

Because one of them is trolling the Vocaloid Wiki, I get a plea of help from one of their members. After a month of arguing, my name is removed from the page, but I get a bullshit "serves you right" email from some members. REALLY??

I start an anti-bully MMD page on Facebook.

Right after that, a troll page (Stop the abuse of MMD UTAU, ect.) starts, teasing random strangers with hate messages like "Well if you'd only obey a modeler's rules, I wouldn't HAVE TO..."

All this over a fucking CGI that was given away LEGALLY via FREE DOWNLOAD?? REALLY???

I hope all these MMD Police enjoy prison. Stalk enough people and the FBI lock you in the slammer... with someone tons BIGGER than you, who thinks you're pretty.

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Windows Live Movie Maker

Filmed by Codename Sailor Earth

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