Usagi Has Pink Hair

Many Sailormoon fans don't know that originally, Usagi Tsukino had pink hair. Fewer know that her mother Ikuko not only had pink hair, but red eyes!

This is a small gallery of official images, in which different members of the series have had alternative hair and eye colors.

Usagi with pink hair:
The first Sailor Moon
Three colors of Sailor Moon and Artemis
Usagi and bright Senshi
Pink haired Usagi, Chibiusa and four bright Sailor Senshi
Episode 75 from the Sailormoon R first anime: 1 2
A Pink S Cast
Blonde Mamoru, Pink hair Usagi
Usagi with half pink, half blonde pigtails
Valentine's Day sketch from the ofl Sailormoon Channel page
Pink haired, red eyed Usagi with bunnies covering her... (OMG Usagi WTF is wrong with you??)

Usagi as a red head or brunette:
Red-brown beads and flowers
Brown hair, green eyes

Ikuko with pink hair and red eyes:
Among the S cast
Among the cast of StarS
Pink hair, Pink eyes

Usagi with pale blonde hair:
Early Sailor Moon with tiara under bow
Two faces of Usagi
Usagi and Mamoru carressing each other
Usagi and Galaxia
Short haired bride
Early Sailor Moon and Chibi Senshi

Usagi and Chibiusa with silvery hair:
Full SuperS cast with silvery Chibiusa
Claire De Lune and the Princess
Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion and Sailor Pluto
Sailormoon Channel sketch of the little princess
Watercolor Inner Senshi
Sailormoon R Cast
Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mamoru
Princess Serenity in the arms of King Endymion (you read that right) and the entire R manga cast ~ including blue eyed Diana
Neo Queen Serenity, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon
10 Princesses BIGGER picture
Good and Evil Mother and Daughter
Usagi and Mamoru ~ Wedding Night
Bookmark Princesses
11 wedding princesses
Whistful Eternal Sailor Moon
Princess in the lake
The princess, her adult daughter and a full cast
Artbook cover
Usagi and a pocket, silver Sailor Moon
Forlorn Lovers
Holding the same sword
Pillar before ruin
Early Champions of Justice
A tiny queen
Early Princess Serenity Sketches
Early Neo Queen

Usagi with blue hair:
Blue hair Usagi with her family
Blue hair Super Sailor Moon
Blue and light blonde ~ Packing heat?!?!
Teal and blue cast

Blonde Chibiusa:
Tuxedo Chibiusa
Blue and Blonde
Red and Blonde
Dreaming Blondes
Mother and Daughter with grapes
Wataru Yoshizumi and Naoko Takeuchi trade sketches of the other's work

Usagi and Chibiusa with new Odango:
Chibiusa with three buns ~ half-Kousagi style
Chibiusa with Chibi Chibi's odango BIGGER Picture
Usagi with double odango and Chibiusa with fluffy hair ~ drawn by Kumiko Kinjo, assistant artist of Naoko Takeuchi.
Neo Queen Serenity with Chibiusa's odango, episode 88

Other Changes:
The first four princesses
Usagi with pink eyes
Woodsy Senshi 1 2
SuperS Inner 4
Bright hair Sailor Saturn
Watercolor StarS
Early Jupiter and V
Codename Sailor V and Sailor Venus with Gold Eyes
Orange Hair Super Sailor Chibi Moon (Infinity artbook flap)