Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S
Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen is a Street Fighter like fighting game, released on the Super Famicom (Super Nintendo/SNES) on December 16, 1994 in Japan.

Often sold as just "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S" or "Sailormoon S" by most retailers, if you can obtain the cartridge from eBay or Amazon, it will play on a Retron console. For this review, I used a Retron 3. The game is in Japanese.

The game was developed by Angel and BanDai. The game takes place in a slightly different universe, in which, Sailor Pluto has started teaming up with Uranus and Neptune, but Hotaru has not appeared yet, Usagi is not Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon does not have her clips in yet.

Also curious is the scene where Steering is killed. She was originally killed in episode 92, long before Pluto and Chibi Moon joined the S cast, and yet in this game, both are not only present, but judging by the dialogue, they have been with the girls for quite a while by this point. This places the story somewhere between episodes 92 and 111.

The game has a two-player mode, player vs. computer mode, story mode, tournament and a practice mode. Story mode only allows you access to Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Chibi Moon, but in all other modes, you have access to Sailor Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. All nine of them are fully voiced by their original anime voice actresses.

It is HIGHLY recommended that the first time you try playing this game, you set it to easy mode. Otherwise you will be killed quickly in story mode. Once you have gotten used to the controls, you can always change it.


We begin with a BANG.

Sailor Moon has just defeated another Daimon, and she's feeling pretty proud of herself.

But soon, the girls start teasing her that they put in more work than she did, despite the fact that it's her Spiral Moon Heart Attack that did the Daimon in. Sailor Moon takes no joy in this.

Then Sailor Pluto, Neptune and Uranus get in on it, and before long all the girls start to argue over which of them should be the new leader.

Sailor Moon feels she's just fine as the leader and star of the show, and can't understand where all this is coming from.

So everyone not named Usagi decides to hold a tournament, and whoever wins is the new leader and star of the show.

Sailor Chibi Moon gets in on it, as this counts as her training, and she wants to see if she can use this to get back at her future mom.

Nobody wants Chibiusa there, but they agree that with her added, it makes for an interesting challenge.

Each fight goes from 2-3 rounds. If you lose, Tuxedo Mask greets you on the Continue screen. If you can defeat all 8 of your opponents, you get to see your Sailor Senshi on the pillar from the S opening, she will brag a little bit about winning, and then the title screen will change to reflect her.

You can edit your chosen Guardian between matches with the computer or your friends.

There is also a tournament mode, where you can play against all of the Sailor Senshi, or play against any number of copies. If you are playing with just one controller, the other Senshi will not be controlled by anybody.

As you play through this mode, you play as whichever Senshi is on the left of the screen. Each fight lasts only one round, until one is left standing.

At the end of the tournament, Luna appears.

She will have a different message for each Sailor Senshi.

However, if you beat the tournament as Sailor Venus, Artemis greets you instead.

He has lavender/purple eyes instead of green or blue.

There is also a practice mode, in case you need to work on your skills.

There is also a sound test mode, where you can cycle through the sound track, sound effects and all of the voice cues of the Sailor Senshi.


Sailor Mars

Hikawa Shrine

Sailor Mercury

Central Tokyo Park (Day)

Sailor Jupiter

Crown Arcade and OSA-P Jeweler

Sailor Venus

Crystal Tokyo (Night)

Sailor Chibi Moon

Crystal Tokyo (Twilight)

Sailor Moon

Silver Millennium

Sailor Pluto

Time Door

Sailor Neptune

The seaport from episode 96

Sailor Uranus

Central Tokyo Park (Night)

Unplayable Characters:

Luna-P only appears if Sailor Chibi Moon performs her desperation attack. Luna-P will appear on the screen for a few seconds, causing no less than 75% damage to her opponent.

Luna only appears if you are adjusting your fighter or after you win tournament mode, unless you play as Sailor Venus, then Artemis will appear.

Yuuchirou, Rei's Grandfather, Phobos and Deimos appear in the background at Hikawa Shrine. Motoki, Umino, Unazuki and Naru appear in the background at Crown. Mamoru and the developers only appear in the hidden stage.

The Daimon Steering only appears in the opening of the story mode, being killed by Sailor Moon.

Hidden Stage (Developers' Cubicle)

To access this stage, hold L+ R + X on controller 1 as the game is loading up. DO NOT LET GO!! Then while still holding the buttons down, on the main menu, select either 1p vs. 2p or 1p vs. COM. Select your Sailor Senshi, and it will take you to a pink screen where you can adjust the buttons. Let go of L, R and X, and go to the last option on the screen and tap the left arrow on the D pad once. The screen should look like this if you did everything right:

Press START and you will be taken to a cubicle with the game's developers and Mamoru.


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