Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi

Back in 1997, I had two very small websites on AOL Hometown. One was about a 1930's cartoon character, the other was about my pen name. Back then, I was a tween, calling myself Sailor Earth, and I must admit... I used bitmaps. :P

(Now I'm Codename Sailor Earth, so grown up!)

But I had other website concepts, saved to an Iomega Zip disk. One concept was for a joke page, about how the top three females on Cartoon Network at that time were Dee Dee (Dexter's Lab), Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls) and Sailor Moon, and how one could grow into the other.

The other was a concept for a Chibi Chibi and Chibiusa website... complete with a .gif banner:

I apologize. There was a second version done in MS Paint where they make faces, but my current computer doesn't have a port for the Zip drive. That wasn't even the final title, just a slogan. I apologize for that too. Tentative titles would have been
"Chibis Together" or "Chibiusa Chibi Chibi/Chibi Paradise".

At the time, I was starting to warm up a little to Chibiusa, after reading online that the little spore in DiC's edit of the anime, was actually a smarter, cuter girl in the Japanese version, who grows to become Sailor Chibi Moon. I had just learned that Chibi Chibi existed, but I knew nothing about her then. I was afraid that DiC would ruin her too.

Lucky the SOS campaign didn't work, so DiC never got StarS. Cloverway got S and SuperS, but hey, it was the 90's. Moving on!

So I started piecing together a small website, smaller than the page you are on right now. But something was missing. It wasn't just that I was missing half of Chibi Chibi's bio either. No matter how I worked it, this page just felt wrong, and I left it on a Zip disk, unfinished.

Turns out, I was missing my moon muse:

By the time I had Parallel Sailormoon, I already had Chibi Chibi's complete bio, so from there I made Moon Sisters.

But had it been put together, the page would have been a celebration of official pictures of Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi together. It might have been about 1/8th the size of the page you are reading right now, completely in stark white with a banner here or there for another page. It would have gone into the rumor that Chibi Chibi was created to replace Chibiusa ~ to gain younger viewers, but not much further.

As it turns out though, it makes sense to pair the girls after all.

While in the anime, Chibi Chibi is Galaxia's Starseed, in the manga, Chibi Chibi is Sailor Cosmos, the alternate universe version of Usagi. By proxy, she's Chibiusa and Kousagi's alternate universe MOM.

Not only that, but the duo actually appear together in the manga, Chibi Chibi uses her powers to save both Chibiusa and Usagi. But Chibiusa is (briefly) put out of existence just as she figures out on her own that Chibi Chibi is her mother.

The duo also appear together in several Sera Myu plays.

Moon Sisters pictures of the two as mother and child can be found in the Gallery, but below are several official shots from Kodansha, Toei, Naoko Takeuchi and even the plays!

Toei Animation:
Sailormoon CD
Screenshot of Usagi's dream from episode 198
Glow in the dark stickers from South Korea
The full anime cast, including Super Sailor Chibi Moon, Chibi Chibi,
Kakyuu, Diana, Luna-P and the Starlights

Kodansha and Naoko Takeuchi:
Adult Princess Lady Serenity with Chibi Chibi
School GirlS
Gold Plate
Chibi Chibi, Chibiusa and Usagi sharing a birthday cake
Kousagi and Chibi Chibi?!?!
Materials Collection Chibi sheet
Materials Collection Cover
Chibiusa, Hotaru and Chibi Chibi on a rainy day
Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi on the cover for Short Stories Vol. 1
White Rose Dresses
The entire StarS cast
Sailormoon Volume 12
Three Princesses
The Wedding
Merry Christmas
Kimono Senshi
(Drawn by Naoko's assistant) Double Odango Usagi

Scenes from the manga:
Chibi Moon freaking out, thinking Chibi Chibi is her daughter
Chibi Senshi in action
Moons, Kakyuu and the Amazoness Quartet
Chibi Chibi saving Chibi Moon
Chibi Moon being saved
Chibi Chibi saving Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon
Chibi Moon is serious
Chibi Terror
Chibi Chibi using a psychic power to tell Chibi Moon what happened to the others
Chibi Moon freaking out after learning what happened

Sera Myu:
A page Naoko wrote about the plays in the first release of the manga
Combined hearts
Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi Moon
Chibi Moon in a purple fuku??
Parallel Chibi Moon?!?!?!?
Lavender and Purple Chibi Moon?!??!