Who is Codename Sailor Earth?

(Originally posted on CHIKYŪDOKEI 12/07/2015)

Recently, I discovered that my all-time favorite "Doll" making program, Senshi Maker, has been upgraded to include male, Sailor StarS and even Parallel Sailormoon character pieces, making doll customization more fun than ever before. If you haven't played it yet, you seriously need to. Hit up Doll Divine today, and tell them I sent you. It's a fast and fun way to make up your own Sailor Guardian images for roleplaying and fanfic writing!

And as I was enjoying myself heavily, I thought back to 2008, when I spent more time on Gaia Online than should be legally allowed. I was part of a few Sailor Moon guilds (of course) and my favorite thing to do outside of dressing up my adorable avatar, was roleplaying. I couldn't get enough of the ideas everyone would come up with! Everything from future children to galactic space battles, you name it, and Gaia's Moonies would write it down. It was live fanfiction at it's best.

But one thing that you need if you're going to join in, is a character with a back story. And the rule was, NO IRL STUFF!!
(Meaning for example, if you have a pet dog in real life, he's not in your story.)

I've tweaked mine here and there throughout the years, but here is the main gist of the story that found it's way to more roleplays than the rest. It's not 100% complete, and someday I want to make an animation for it, but here's the story we all used to play with the most:


Unrelated to Prince Endymion, (if you ask Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi, Tuxedo Mask is the true Sailor Earth and Sailor Sun combined) Earth was born on the split of land that once held the Earth and Moon together. One day, that land erupted, splitting the two satellites apart forever, leaving Princess Earth without her kingdom. Taking pity, Queen Serenity allowed the young Guardian to stay at the palace, and in exchange, she would protect the young heir, Princess Serenity. Sailor Earth was younger than Sailor Jupiter, but a little older than Princess Serenity, and loved her like a sister. Of course, after she grew up, the Moon Kingdom was under attack from the forces of the Dark Kingdom, and everyone perished except for Luna and Artemis. (And later we find out Helios, Queen Nehellenia's group, the Amazoness Quartet and Chaos.) With Queen Serenity's dying breath, she sealed away the evil temporarily, and sent everyone to be reborn in the 20th century. However, Earth had the power to zap herself between worlds. As a result, while she was in the process of being reborn, her power manifested, and she was transported on a far away planet, to be reborn much later than her original court.


Revived as a little girl named Midori, (On Gaia, I'm either Green or Earthy, but I've been meaning to change it to Midori, which means "Green" in Japanese.) she was raised by Sailor Mnemosyne and Sailor Lethe on their twin planets. Having no memory of her past as Sailor Earth, or even her past in her new life, she calls Mnemosyne "Mnem-mama" and Lethe "Lethe-papa" and excels at art in school. But her happy childhood is cut short when food and water begin to become scarce on the twin planets, and the people begin fighting each other. Lethe discovers that the people are being controlled by a black magic, wielded by the evil Sailor Galaxia, who is under the influence of Chaos. The tyrannical teenager in gold offers Lethe and Mnemosyne a life of peace, in exchange for their bodies in servitude. Lethe takes the offer, knowing it will lead them to more power and thinking it will save Mnemosyne from a bitter end, but Mnemosyne has a vision that death is waiting for them. Discovering Midori's powers as a Sailor Guardian emerging, she has her adopted daughter use her power to transport herself to a safer place, far away from the dangers of Galaxia. 


Midori travels through time and space, eventually finding herself ten years removed from the incident with Galaxia, and living on Earth. Living alone, she befriends Chibiusa and Hotaru right away. One day, a rouge Youma appears, prompting Hotaru and Chibiusa to transform into Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon respectively. Seeing them battle the Youma triggers Midori's memories, and the mark of Earth appears on her forehead. Luna (not pictured) and Diana spot this, and Luna uses her mind meld to finish awakening Midori's memories of her past as Sailor Earth. Midori transforms and helps the girls in battle, juts as the Youma is about to attack Chibiusa's little sister, Kousagi. The three unite their powers to save the day. Knowing however that Midori is all alone, Chibiusa finds a way to summon Pegasus, not realizing that her 30th Century incarnation was able to do the same. Pegasus takes Midori to live with him in Elysion, promising to watch over her until she grows up. In finding Midori a place to live, she has helped Midori come full circle, in completing a task originally made by Queen Serenity, her mother's past-life mom.


Now in the new future, Chibiusa is set to rule over the Earth, Moon and Elysion, as Usagi and Mamoru have opted to continue their lives "as they were" instead of ruling as Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion as their 30th Century counterparts would have done. Chibiusa, now known as Princess Lady Serenity, still retains her powers as Sailor Chibi Moon, but shares that mantle as the "next Sailor Moon" with Kousagi, who has recently formed her own team as Sailor Parallel Moon. Having taken in some training from Sailor Venus, Sailor Earth has adopted the "Codename" mantle from V, and aside from keeping up her duties to protect the world and the White Moon Kingdom from harm, she hopes to set out one day to find Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne, and bring them to Earth to live peacefully with the rest of the Sailor Guardians. But first, she has to help the princess prepare for her upcoming nuptials to Priest Helios, which will also begin her coronation.

One day, I may do a fanfic and/or video to supplement the story. In all of my roleplays, Lethe and Mnemosyne usually find Midori before she finds them, and the story usually turns to the battle of the week with the team vs. a revived enemy from SuperS. 

​And always, shopping and cheesecake are involved.

The Gallery of Codename Sailor Earth
Doll Art:
Silver Millennium: Befriending a tiny princess.
Pest control
Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne, protecting Midori from Sailor Galaxia
The Past Returns
New friends
The new order of the 30th Century
Codename Sailor Earth Doll
Codename Sailor Earth Doll (Pale)

Codename Sailor Earth mid-Henshin
Codename Sailor Earth with Manga Luna
Super Codename Sailor Earth
Eternal/Star Codename Sailor Earth

Moon Sisters Art:
Codename Sailor Earth ~ Squatting on the path of destiny.
Arguing with Sailor Mars
Strolling with Chibiusa and Hotaru
Starting to remember who I am 1 2
Transformed: Kid Earth Teen/Adult Earth
Saturn and Earth combining powers
I did it!
Gossiping is wrong.
The classic Codename Sailor Earth
In middle school with Hotaru and Chibiusa
Meeting Chibi Chibi
Feeling the power
Animated Gif: Earth Star Power MAKE UP!!
Animated Gif: (Chibi) Earth Power MAKE UP!!

Moon Sisters Sprites
The tiniest picture of Codename Sailor Earth in the world
Fighting stance
Helping Super Sailor Moon
Puzzle game ready!

Drawings by Koriander:
A pic I drew of myself when I was 10 years old.
A pic I drew the day after I first heard of Chibi Chibi via the internet in 1997. I based this picture on a dream I had, where all of the Senshi could reach "Eternal" status, and Sailor Moon had become Sailor Cosmic Moon. I now laugh at this, considering Sailor Cosmos, and how the manga ended.

Dissection of my Earth costume
Sketch of me on a blustery rose petal day
I will never be ashamed to be Codename Sailor Earth
Running Chibi Earth!! (Very Naoko Takeuchi-like ♥)

Art made by fellow Moonies
Moon Prism Otaku
Codename Sailor Earth Transformation
Codename Sailor Earth

Sailor Golden Heart/CuteChongAlt
Short Hair Codename Sailor Earth


GS Sailor Chibi Uranus ~ Skya Ten'oh
Chibi Codename Sailor Earth


ZS Sailor Capricorn
Sailor Parallel Earth
Tektek (My daughter?? O////O)


Sailor Silence Moon
Codename Sailor Earth ~ Gaia Style Close up!


Princess Serenity 1987

Green haired Codename Sailor Earth, Sailormoon Gaia style!

Green Haired Earth, Chibimoon style!


Captain Willow/Codename Sailor Water:

A Doll Palace art depicting Codename Sailor Earth in a magical forest.

Codename Sailor Earth in spherical glory!


Lady Gallifrey M (My real life Mama!):

A birthday card my Mama made for me when I turned 12!


Sailor Music
Codename Sailor Earth with light brown hair?
Codename Sailor Earth with light brown hair part Deux
Doll Palace Codename Sailor Earth with green eyes
Doll Palace Codename Sailor Earth with light brown hair
Tektek of Codename Sailor Earth with light brown hair, green eyes and a green bow
Codename Sailor Earth Gaia Style and triple skirts
Close-up of Me?

Me looking a bit too pale
Me between Star and Super Senshi status
Codename Sailor Earth ~ DiC Logo??
Codename Sailor Earth with a DEEP tan.
SUPER light-haired Codename Sailor Earth? (New Chibi KISS)
Codename Sailor Earth ~ Half Tektek half Paint
Totally Green Codename Sailor Earth KISS
Codename Sailor Earth App
I fused with Pluto?!
Gaia Earth