Sailor V Game (App version)

The Codename Sailor V game was available for about a year on Google Play, and was developed by some hardcore fans at Duo Imagination. Sadly, Bandai Namco filed a copyright claim, removing the game from Google Play, in favor of a Japan-Only-Bejeweled-Clone called "Sailor Moon Drops". While fan outrage was immediate, Duo Imagination was actually in support of Bandai, and remain their top fans:

Can I seriously just take a moment out to praise Duo Imagination? It takes a ton of heart to stand up for the people who took you down, and hopefully they will have a new game soon. Bravo! If you would like to support the coolest Indie Moonies on Earth, hit "Like" on their Facebook page. They also have (as of 11/01/2015) released a copy of the .apk file for Android players.

The game went through quite a few changes. The first one? See that crystal Minako is holding on the bottom left of the screen? Tapping on that led you to a secret screen:

Yeah, you could actually turn OFF annoying video ads! How cool is that? Once back on the main screen, the crystal changes.

While Minako's voice comes from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, the graphics are based on her Sailor Moon Crystal game!

In contrast, this is a screenshot from Act 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal:

Another change was in the opening. The first version was a more simplified Chibi opening with Codename Sailor V, while the second version featured drawn in eyes and a smile.

And this is followed by a loading screen.

The rules of the game are fairly simple. You collect gems as Sailor V races non-stop through obstacles, much like another fan-game, Sailormoon Dash. As you jump and race through the underground course, you also have to fight various Youma, even leading into boss battles. The main menu has a simple tutorial if you're having trouble.

If you die, you can enter your name and see what your personal high score is.

Boss battles are tricky. But if you've collected enough gems, you can unleash a powerful attack.

You have to spin or tap your finger across the screen to unleash it.

You can also earn other items, and there used to be a way you could "buy" items, but I never got to try them. Other Sailor Guardians would also be available from what I've heard, but the game is pretty challenging, so I have yet to unlock anything.

If you have the ability to do so, give the game a shot. I still have it on my tablet, and hopefully I can unlock a few more secrets while I have the chance. It's hard, but a great first try for the small company, and I look forward to their next release.