Everything WRONG with Mamoru dumping Usagi in

June 19, 1993
Faithful Sailor Moon fans across Japan watch as Mamoru regains his memories for the second time this series. Mamoru gives Sailor Moon a hug, and promises they will be together forever.

June 26, 1993
Even after having a mysterious little child from the future get dropped on his soft, squishy head, Mamoru again assures Usagi that they will be together forever.

July 07, 1993
Mamoru drops Usagi like a hot potato.

WHAT THE HOLY FUCK?? Last time I checked, "forever" lasted more than two weeks, you asshole!!

So let's go back a little further in time. It's 1992. Toei Animation is hard at work finishing up the first season of Sailormoon, and they're about to do Sailormoon R. The manga is a little behind the anime, so they don't all the way know where the series is heading for the second Arc.

The animators are complaining. They HATE drawing Tuxedo Mask. They think he's a stupid character who offers nothing of value to the rest of the cast. They've already cut back his powers, and even temporarily tried to mate him off with Rei, but now they have gotten to the point of his reveal as Prince Endymion. At this stage, they've decided that episode 46 will be his last, and they plan to kill him off for good, and give him a tragic exit from Sailor Moon's crush.

…. And then the next issue of the manga is previewed…..

…. And he's totally alive and well….

….. And he has a daughter from the future with Sailor Moon….

….. Which means he has to stay ALIVE.

The writers and animators at Toei are NOT happy campers about this, but Toei executives think this is a great move for more merchandise.

Chibiusa is a sassy brat with street smarts, who eventually turns out to be sweet at heart and loveable. As a bonus, she not only becomes a fierce warrior for justice, but she also spends a little time as a sultry and popular villain too, proving the little pink spore is actually versatile. Toei is banking on her wide range and childlike appeal, as a new toy line has just been approved by Bandai. It's still a TV-PG/TV-14 show depending on the episode, but they want to hook kids, Pedobears and general fans of anything Kawaii. It's the early 1990's, so this is still considered an "okay" thing to do.
(Nowadays, all the new merchandise in Japan is aimed at adults only.)

So how would those angry animators get back at everybody?

Well for starters, they give Mamoru another spell of amnesia for thirteen episodes, until they can catch up on the upcoming story Arc for Sailormoon. They split his personality in half, so that one half of him is Super-Douche Mamoru, and the other half is Sir Moonlight Knight ~ A Japanese man with blue eyes, dressed like a Saudi Arabian prince.

They then proceed to have him be molested by En, fought over by Usagi and En like he's a piece of meat, they have a tree suck his energy out and then ram him a few dozen times into a building, they then fuse the two Mamoru's back together in a VERY homo-erotic way

Then the day they debut his future daughter… THEY SET HER ON FIRE!!!

Chibiusa endures three times as much torture in her 1993-96 run, but just in the first half-season with her, look what she endures:

Episode 60: She falls on her ass from the sky, ends up getting her first kiss from her father, is threatened, spanked, beaten and set on fire.
Episode 62: Mamoru drives recklessly around Tokyo with her in the FRONT seat, without her seatbelt!!
Episode 63: Spanked, exploited in a wrestling ring by an old pervert.
Episode 64: She's electrocuted, flung into a wall and threatened.
Episode 65: After being exposed to gas, Usagi locks her in a closet.
Episode 66: Ikuko and Kenji make up an excuse not to help her.
Episode 67: She nearly drowns, winds up inside an active volcano with a baby dinosaur, is nearly killed by it's mother, and almost gets nuked!
Episode 68:  Dropped on her ass from the sky, nearly tossed down a flight of stairs, electrocuted twice and hurled into walls at a construction site, more than once.
Episode 69: Nearly hit by a truck, beaten, kidnapped.
Episode 70: Knocked out, almost destroyed by a bomb Koan gets from Rubeus, nearly set on fire.
Episode 72: Usagi locks her in a cupboard. After escaping, Chibiusa ends up blasted almost completely off a bridge.
Episode 73: Dropped on her ass, almost kidnapped, hit with a gravity crushing machine, nearly abducted by a UFO, threatened.
Episode 74: Shaken by Mamoru, abducted by a UFO, repeatedly electrocuted, tried to yank a dark crystal and gets zapped again and again by it, to the point of nearly being killed, set on fire.
Episode 75: Stricken by illness. Is chased by Planet Nemesis's answer to the Grim Reaper. Beaten several times. Nearly stabbed. Thrown off a cliff.
Episode 77: Electrocuted, bitten by Luna.
Episode 78: Nearly falls out of a two story window, nearly injected with deadly chemicals, nearly shot, beaten senseless by Usagi.
Episode 80: Sailor Mercury goes nuts. Like everyone was threatened.
Episode 81: Stricken with illness, beaten several times and chased, electrocuted, then gets to watch her little friend get electrocuted in front of her.
Episode 82: Sucked into two time voids, has her personal timeline manipulated.
Episode 83: Is whipped with dark energy, then has her sleeping body dropped from her own ceiling.
Episode 84: Traumatized, kidnapped.
Episode 85: Brainwashed, forced against her will to age forwards and backwards several times, zapped by her mom's crystal.
Episode 86: Attacked by the Sailor Guardians.
Episode 88: Is used as a human temple. While still brainwashed, almost puts herself out of existence. Is de-aged to being a kid again. Electrocuted. Nearly dies from using the Silver Crystal.

In total, she's only NOT abused in FOUR episodes this season!!

But none of this was good enough, so from episodes 61 to 77, they have Mamoru break up with Usagi… EVERY… SINGLE… DAY!!

Now, if you have any common sense, the first time you saw this episode, you were probably like… WHAT THE FUCK?? What is WRONG with you?? Because in your mind, you are going through a list of reasons why Mamoru should kiss the ground Usagi walks on, before he EVER hurts her this deeply.

Well this is a little fucked up.

It all started on episode 61. Mamoru starts having these insane nightmares, that if he stays with Usagi and marries her, she will die, and die tons. Like great big exploding buckets of die.
The nightmares are warning him not to even speak to her, make her royally hate him, so they will never marry. Of course, 16 episodes later, Usagi sees the same dream, and figures out this is a load of crap. Mamoru still believes the dreams are real, but has gone 16 episodes ass free, and decides to get back together with her.

But then it really gets fucked up. Episode 83, everyone goes to the 30th Century, and find King Endymion. King Endymion admits to sending Mamoru the nightmares to "test his bond" with Usagi.


So now, let's examine everything WRONG with what King Endymion just did.

1. King Endymion is Mamoru in about 10 centuries. (Remember, this was the 20th century when episode 83 hit Japanese television in 1994.) so they are in fact, the same person. By the law of time and DNA, this means that Endymion ON PURPOSE just cost himself 16 episodes of a willing girlfriend.

2. Usagi's life will
NOT be in danger if she marries Mamoru. Her marrying Mamoru has no bearing what so ever on her life being in danger, as we can see for ourselves, even when Mamoru is out of the picture, people want to kill her anyway. So ergo, this was again, a very useless thing to do.

3. Usagi already has a
VERY fragile psyche. In just a few, short months, she's gone from clumsy teenager everybody picks on, to reincarnated princess of the MOON, who has total strangers trying to kill her, AND everybody picks on. Her teammates ~ the very people who are SUPPOSED TO keep her "safe" from harm ~ not only fail miserably at protecting her, but they've already been killed several times ~ in front of her ~ and continue to mock her every freaking move. Let's not forget too that she's watched Mamoru have amnesia TWICE, go postal, try to kill her, DIE and come back from the dead. Where do you think she is, mentally? Apparently not to the fantastical "screw you bitch" level King Endymion imagined she should be at, because this whole "daily breakup" shit damn near made her suicidal, she barely even tries to save herself those few episodes, and in episode 69, she was easily put to sleep, and actually needed Mamoru to save her from a slow death. See the problem here? In trying to test their bond and "save" her, King Endymion was almost responsible for her death anyways!!

4. Probably the biggest problem. Let me be VERY clear. If Mamoru does NOT end up with Usagi, Chibiusa WILL NOT EXIST. Want to know why that's a BAD thing? BECAUSE YOU SENT THE LITTLE PINK SPORE TO THE PAST TO SAVE YOUR STUPID, RECKLESS ASS!!! If not for Chibiusa, NOBODY would have ever come from the past to bail you out against Wiseman. On top of that, she is your DAUGHTER. You just put her entire existence in jeopardy, and for what, to play a few mind games on your past self??? FUCK YOU!! Oh, and adding to that, here's a spoiler. Chibiusa is the next in line to become not only queen, but a Sailor Guardian too. That last part is pretty important, seeing as how your FROZEN QUEEN WIFE retired from being Sailor Moon oh, I dunno… about 29 CENTURIES AGO??

5. Picking up from the last problem, you nearly made it a possibility that:
a. Sailor Moon would either die, or just plain not sleep with you.
b. Chibiusa WHO YOU SENT BACK TO RESCUE YOU would cease to exist.
c. Sailor Moon would retire, heirless.
d. The other Guardians would cease to be, after Wiseman blows you all up.
e. With no new or old Guardians, Earth is ripe for the picking by any old creeper.
In short, King Endymion just put EARTH in danger, to play mind games.

Worst of all, the silly bastard KNOWS all of this. WHO is the villain here??

The excuse again, is to "test" and "strengthen" the bond King Endymion had with his wife when they were teenagers. But why would that be a problem? Were there some marital issues going on BEFORE Wiseman brought his army back? I sincerely doubt it, seeing as how EVERY flashback has Neo Queen Serenity still on his arm like Usagi is now, but this really begs several questions.

And of course, what about Chibiusa? Can a father truthfully hate his own child so much, and be so upset with her inability to grow up, that he would put her in far worse danger than she already is in? In her flashbacks, we see that there is no caring, loving bond between parents and child, for crying out loud, they forgot her birthday… when it's on the same fucking day as her mom's! So sending her to the past and letting her fight powerless and ALONE between two time periods just wasn't enough, oh no. We have to attempt to put her birth in jeopardy. And we're "surprised" she became Black Lady??

But maybe it all works out. Usagi stays faithful to Mamoru, despite all the crap he puts her through, and they do eventually get married, proving that her love for him really does conquer all…..

……… Or that she's really gullible. One of the two.