Is Luna… evil?

When you first saw Sailor Moon, where were you? What were you doing? Were you watching a random episode on a syndicated station in the 1990's? Were you browsing Hulu? Did a friend indoctrinate you when you saw a random t-shirt, poster or doll? Or did you stumble across it?

However you found Sailor Moon or Sailor Moon Crystal, it wasn't long before you were introduced to Luna, Usagi's advisor, pet and guardian. She is always the first person from outer space to greet Usagi in every incarnation of the story, the first to give Usagi a weapon or brooch, and a constant companion.

But is Luna secretly… evil?

Let's explore!

Luna originally appears in the manga as a black cat with giant, blue eyes. As the series goes along, her eyes are seen as varying shades of blue, brown, orange…

… and red.



In fact, when it came time to start the original anime, Luna's eyes hovered between orange, brown and red. The only time she was ever seen with blue eyes was in her human form.

Years later, when Sailor Moon Crystal went into development, fans wondered what color Luna's eyes would be, since the show was set to follow the manga more closely than it's predecessor.

Toei Animation decided to take Luna into a new direction, having Luna retain one color palette from scene to scene, never changing.

They made her fur a dingy purple, but still have the cast refer to her as a black cat.

…. They made her eyes… red.


"But Codename Sailor Earth!" You protest. "Red eyes doesn't always mean that the character is evil, why… just look at the other red eyed characters!"

Well, you do have a point. Ikuko in the manga has red eyes and she isn't evil at all. Sailor Kakyuu also has red eyes and is a saintly lady.


Let's just say it looks really really EVIL if your eyes are bright red.

Okay, so let's not focus on her looks, let's instead look at her actions. Keep in mind, this isn't a complete list, just some of the more GIANT FLASHING warning signs that the cat is evil.

Sailor Moon Crystal, Act one. Usagi accidently trips over Luna, who has been left pummeled by the local kids and with a Band-Aid on her forehead. Now while in the original anime, Luna just pounced on her head and stared at her creepily, check out how she thanks Usagi in Crystal:
YEAH just look at what she did to Usagi's face!! First fucking time they meet and Luna reduces her face to shredded beef.
Oh, and then dumps her entire body weight on Usagi's head. Nice, real fucking nice. Now you may be wondering, is she this bad in the manga too?

Ah YEAH, yeah she is. Credit to Miss Dream on this pic BTW. So you know the story. Usagi has a rotten day at school, Naru's in danger, yadda yadda, Luna breaks into Usagi's bedroom and gives her a brooch. Now in the manga and original anime, it seems pretty standard for a magical girl show. Luna kind of sits back for a bit, right? Well check out Crystal.

Just look at that smug, assed expression. LOOK AT IT. Luna knows Usagi is scared. Usagi is freaking out. Luna is aware she just gave a powerful little compact to a freaked out 14 year old little girl, and look at her, she is smiling her little Mau ass off. Nothing pleases this cat quite like watching Usagi suffer. Don't believe me? Let's go old school.

So in episode 4 of the original anime, Usagi is freaking out because she gained a little weight. She starts to show the blazing warning signs of teenage anorexia, and starts doing dangerous things, like starving herself and working to exhaustion. How does Luna respond? By drawing the above picture of a chubby Sailor Moon.

Now if you saw the DiC edit, you're like "Okay, that was mean, and pretty damaging, but she doesn't do anything to tease Usagi about her weight again, right?"

Oh no.. this was just the start.

She dogs Usagi every single time the kid tries to choke down food. Remember, she's fighting an eating disorder and Luna is making it WORSE.
Look at her, she is mocking a kid with an eating disorder!!

Usagi tries to justify eating a meat bun by saying it's okay, because her crush Motoki says girls are cute when they're a little chubby. In a previous scene, he tells her it's better to have a little weight as you're growing up, which is true. A little body fat is necessary for girls to finish puberty. Google it. But how does Luna counteract Usagi trying to find beauty in her own body?
Oh… oh.. oh my God.. OH MY FUCKING GOD LUNA!! What the fuck is your problem?!?! No no no no no. Who the fuck goes into the ear of a girl with an eating disorder and tells her something like that?? That is beyond evil!! That's the most self esteem killing thing the little purple-black bitch has done, and it's only episode four!! Not only that, it's not even the last, horrible thing she does to Usagi in this episode. Just a few scenes later, after making Usagi work herself out to near death, she tries to get Usagi's attention as she's figured out Jadeite's evil plan. Now usually, if this was Artemis, he'd be content with just tugging at her sock or tossing her a new weapon. How does Luna handle getting Usagi up?

HOLY SHIT!! So she tackles Usagi twice, then holds her at claw point, threatening to rearrange her face?? People, this is the kitty equivalent of holding someone at knifepoint. My butt hole slammed shut watching this. This is how kitty RAPE starts, boys and girls!! "MOON PRISM POWER" means NO!!

So Luna drags Usagi into the basement to transform as Sailor Tiny Skirt, which already has the phrase "She was later found gagged and bound" written all over it. And wouldn't you know? Luna basically sent the little 14 year old to her doom as there are giant, muscular dudes in skin tight clothes waiting for her, who then chase Sailor Moon around, trying to hold her down, beat her and do god only knows what to her fragile, underfed frame. As Usagi is racing for her life, Luna says this:

OH MY GOD REALLY?? Even HERE, as the kid is trying not to be killed or raped in a creepy basement of doom, after you KNOW she's dangerously close to anorexia, you're STILL getting up her ass about losing weight??

And again, bitch is smiling. She's smirking her little ass off, KNOWING full fucking well that she is psychologically decimating this little girl.

So next episode, Luna finds out that Shingo has a phobia of cats. The little boy is terrified of her and wants his big sister to make Luna go away. How does Luna handle it?

Oh HELL no.

Shingo is now traumatized. What the fuck did she think was going to happen?

Well after a full day of insulting Usagi, Luna discovers that Shingo has gotten himself his own pet, a creepy bunny thing called a Chanela. Now admittedly, the Chanela is evil, and Shingo starts wasting away and turning evil. He even kicks Luna across Usagi's room, which now I'm not so convinced was a BAD thing. But I digress. The event scares and angers Usagi all at once. This is her little brother. She wants to help bust she doesn't know how or which emotion to have first. So, she cries, knowing it will drive him insane and make him feel bad for what he did to Luna. Luna recovers, and then does this.

Do you see this? She isn't trying to make Usagi feel better. She is drinking her tears.

This isn't even the only time. Look what she does the next day! Some random kid falls off a tricycle, and Luna SMILES as she drinks the girl's tears. Once more, she is SMILING. Look how happy she is to drink tears!!

Oh, and she also KILLS a Chanela on camera.

And then dumps it's little body into the bushes.

And smiles her ass off about it.

Oh, and let's not forget all the times she has beat Usagi silly.

And what about her relationships? Well while it's a no brainer she eventually hooks up with Artemis, Luna also has a very famous affair. All manga scans from Miss Dream.

Now if you saw the Sailor Moon S anime, then you kind of remember how this goes. Luna is rescued by a very sick man named Kakeru, who feeds her candy and gives her a yellow ribbon to wear. In her cold induced delirium, she falls in love with him. He nearly dies, and Super Sailor Moon uses the Holy Grail to temporarily make Luna a human so she can give him a goodbye kiss and ultimately save his life. And that sounds like a sad but sweet love story, except for a few points. First of all… LUNA IS A FUCKING CAT.
Image result for Luna and kakeru

YEAH! In most cases, that would be a deal breaker. But no. She totally doesn't give a fuck that this is interspecies erotica. And as if this wasn't bad enough, we have problem #2.

He's already banging Himeko.

Now in the anime, this is a LOT less obvious, as the two almost break up because… It's Tuesday, I don't know. But in the manga, not only is he banging Himeko, he knocks her up! YEAH! Luna is trying to sleep with a soon to be DAD. She's a little homewrecker!
Yeah, next time you want to do a romantic "what if" fanfic, keep in mind, she is trying to take a man away from a pregnant astronaut. Oh, side note, problem #3 is..

The fact that she's cheating on Artemis… and he KNOWS about it. And again, this may not be played up on too much in the anime, but it is eating Artemis alive in the manga. But here's the damning thing.

Diana knows about it.

Minako literally beats Artemis over the head with it IN FRONT OF DIANA. Diana gets to learn first hand that if Luna keeps pursuing this relationship, *POOF* Diana will cease to exist. But she's not supposed to talk to her mother about it, so Diana just sits quietly with Chibiusa, waiting to be put out of existence while her mother creeps over to Kakeru's house. Can you imagine what kind of hell Diana is going through? Oh, and let's not forget the last problem.

Luna… is… a stalker.

Yeah, she not only stalks him outside his house, she hops on a plane and follows his ass to Florida, then guilts him into taking her back to Japan! This is the same cat that freaks out if Usagi wants to go to the arcade, she left the fucking country!! What if the enemy tried to step on Sailor Moon, what then??
Image result for sailor moon drops luna
There is nothing right with this relationship AT ALL, and yet it's so popular, it's even part of the Sailor Moon Drops game. And look in the middle. There's a hard ass puzzle. I went through hell trying to clear it, and all the while, there Luna was, smiling her ass off at my pain.

Oh… I forgot. There's another little issue.

So in episode 178, Yaten needs a pet for a TV show. She finds Luna and spends the night with her. And wait, what?

Luna took a bath with a 16 year old girl and then slept in her bed. She doesn't bathe with Usagi. She doesn't bathe with Artemis. But she bathed with Yaten and then wanted everyone to be fine with that. Ah… NOPE!!

And once again…

She cheats in front of Artemis!!

She is relentless with Artemis, constantly name calling him, making fun of him especially when he is in pain, and always undermining him in front of the girls.

Oh and don't you just love this? Luna can cheat with Kakeru or Yaten all she likes, but the instant she questions Artemis's faithfulness..

She leaves his ass a bloody mess!! Hypocrite much??
And when she's not trying to undercut Artemis, let's not forget she spends the first arc trying to cock block Usagi. Between interrupting her moments with Motoki and trying to convince Usagi that Tuxedo Mask, you know, THE GUY WHO KEEPS SAVING HER ASS is the "real" enemy, it's a wonder Chibiusa exists at all. And does she apologize? Of course not. Not even after it's revealed that Tuxedo Mask is Prince Endymion. She pulls the same shit on Ami. Freaking Ami!! Freaking do-my-homework-for-fun Ami!!

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Luna is officially considered to be one of the "good" guy characters, but her actions make me want to buy a box of Band-Aids.