Who is Sailor Cosmos?

In case you did not read the guide on who Chibi Chibi is, or you need some clarification on where exactly it states who Sailor Cosmos is, allow me to illustrate the origins of one of the most captivating, beautiful and tragic Sailor Guardians from the original Sailor Moon manga.

Sailor Cosmos appears in Act 59 of the manga during the StarS Arc.

After Sailor Galaxia dies, Eternal Sailor Moon gives Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon a touching speech about not giving up on hope, that their light will shine on, that she isn't giving up this fight, even though just about everyone up to this point is dead. And keep in mind, this is pretty heavy, when you consider that she just watched the re-animated corpses of the Inner and Outer Sailor Guardians get shredded, then she watches Mamoru's re-animated body (while under the spell of Galaxia) commit suicide, which leads to her watching Chibiusa fade right out of existence, and this is all right after watching Sailor Kakyuu get stabbed to death, learning that her family, friends and her entire planet is dead, and watching the Starlights and the cats die from afar, not to mention the gruesome deaths of every Sailor Animamate over the last few hours, plus she just traveled to the literal end of the universe to see this all take place, and yet here she is, all of 16 years old, and still finding a way to make sure Chibi Chibi understands how to cope with copious amounts of death. Yeah, think about it, she's doing this while babysitting, and in high heels. Usagi has my undying respect during this whole thing.

Oh, and let's throw in too that she has no idea the fate of the Amazoness Quartet, who are literally behind her, unconscious and bleeding out. Still, she tells Chibi Chibi not to lose hope. Chibi Chibi nods her head, says "okay" and then this happens:

Yeah. She becomes an instant adult, kisses Eternal Sailor Moon, and does this mid-transformation.


But rather than ask Chibi Chibi "why did you kiss me" and "wait, didn't you have everyone believe I was your sister until 30 seconds ago" and "weren't you like TWO YEARS OLD until just now" and "how long have you had a girl crush on me" Chaos or rather "Sailor Chaos" as he is now known in the re-print manga, screams that The Cauldron will be Eternal Sailor Moon's resting place. So she turns around, flashes some Moon Whoopass Power, and decides to dive into The Cauldron, taking Chaos with her.

Act 60 follows up where as Usagi is falling to her death, she thinks of everyone who died during this Arc. She calls forth the power of whomever is left (she's the Moon Princess, she can do that, it's kind of her power) and the Amazoness Quartet sit up, realizing that their energy is going towards her, in place of the Inner and Outer Guardians she usually gets power from.

The girls get up and follow the light, just in time to see a suddenly naked Usagi absorb their powers and dive into The Cauldron with Sailor Chaos.


But before the girls can accept that they just watched Usagi and Chaos melt to death right in front of them, they see a new Sailor Guardian, remarking that the lights they're seeing are of everyone who died, and how they are in the process of being resurrected and sent back just the way they were before this whole mess with Sailor Galaxia started.

Noticing the resemblance instantly, Sailor Ceres asks Sailor Cosmos if she is the ultimate, future form of Sailor Moon.

She replies that she is a coward, who ran away from the final fight with Sailor Chaos. She elaborates that she is from a distant future in which Chaos destroyed everything and everyone. She ran away, and couldn't stop thinking about what she could have done differently to stop Chaos from outright murdering everyone. (Like NOT running away, for example.)

She muses that Eternal Sailor Moon's final act of courage was to melt with Chaos into The Cauldron, but that this isn't the end of anything. Chaos, Usagi and everyone who died, is being brought back to life just as they were, without change. She tells the girls that she had originally disguised herself as Chibi Chibi so she could go back in time and help her past self (Usagi) make the right choice. Instead, "our" universe's Usagi was already going to make the right choice in not running away anyway, and it was Sailor Obvious who learned from Usagi instead of the other way around.

Now even though at this point, the manga, we see Chibi Chibi holding Usagi, and Sailor Cosmos is making it CRYSTAL CLEAR that she is and always has been Usagi, this is still, somehow, a controversial segment. In every translation, from Kodansha to Tokyopop and even fan translations, it's been universally stated that Usagi is Sailor Cosmos, just from a different point in time and in a different dimension, and yet people still insist they are not the same person.

People. THERE ARE LITTERAL PICTURES TO SHOW YOU THIS!! What more do you want??

This is such a well known thing about Sailor Cosmos, that for the 2017 Sera Myu play Le Mouvement Final, they re-hired Satomi Okubo to play her. Why is that significant? Because in the 2013 Sera Myu play La Reconquista, she was SAILOR FREAKING MOON!! Even in terms of casting the Sera Myu plays ~ which are often fan-made stories mixed with manga and anime elements and take place in alternate universes ~ this is a non-negotiable FACT. Furthermore, Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi actually helps to cast these newer plays, so if she's fine with it, YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

And yes, there was (back in January of 1997) a point where she tried to leave the identity of Sailor Cosmos ambiguous, stating even she "wasn't sure" who Cosmos was. Wanna know why she said that?


Since then, she's been pretty clear on who Sailor Cosmos is, as is evident with the casting of a former Sailor Moon as Sailor Cosmos.

Did I need to type this in caps lock? Apparently so, because this is the second page I've had to make about Sailor Cosmos, not counting the FAQ. But for those who just plain still can't get it, I'm going to let Sailor Cosmos herself explain her identity.

Here is the 2004 Japanese re-print:

Here is the Tokyopop/Mixx/Chix Comix print from 2001:

And here is the 2013 Kodansha English Print:

There are no "yeah buts" no "shades of gray area" no "if you think about it's" just plain, literal, black and white proof. Usagi, Sailor Cosmos, Eternal Sailor Moon are the same person.

The true form of Sailor Cosmos is the brave version of Sailor Moon, who drags Chaos down with her to save the universe.

Case closed, end of story.

It's astounding to see that years and years after Sailor Cosmos's shocking debut in the manga, that still, so many Moonies/Sailor Teamers ~ many now with children of their own and well past the age of 30 ~ some over 40 ~ still can't just accept the bare facts, that Sailor Cosmos and Usagi are the same person.That arguably, the most pacifistic, peaceful, anti-fighting Sailor Guardian, is indeed the one whose history elicits the most amount of trolling. The reveal of Sailor Cosmos is one of the biggest and brightest plot twists in the entire manga, and it's a shame to see this lovely creature reduced to being the poster child for Moonie trolling decades past her debut.

Hopefully, like Sailor Cosmos did in the end, we can learn from this mistake and move on.