Why is episode 200 TV-MA?

The short answer is everything.

On April 11. 2016, Hulu added the final ever episode of Sailor Moon Sailor StarS.

If you haven't seen the episode, go to Hulu NOW and watch it. You owe this to yourself as a Moonie.

And yes, for some reason it does flip flop between TV-14 FV and TV-MA still. Nobody quite knows why the slip, but when you click on the episode, you STILL get the TV-MA warning, meaning the TV-14 rating is the mistake.

But PC and MAC Moonies were shocked to discover that the above age screen popped up when they tried to view the episode online. The reason? For the first time ever, Sailor Moon was given a TV-MA rating. Shockwaves ran through the anime community, as Anime News Network reported the change via one certain Codename Sailor Earth. (Yes, in my civillian name.)

In the hours that followed, the episode flip-flopped from TV-MA to TV-14, but the age warning remained firm, as other episodes of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal all got re-ratings of TV-14 for select episodes, prompting new or unfamiliar Moonies to question one thing. Why such a harsh rating?

Well let's be clear. Whether you like it or not, this series was NEVER meant for children.

Yes, Toei ran a family friendly toyline in the 1990's. But look at the current merchandise. It's all aimed at ADULTS now.

Yes, DiC, Optimum and Cloverway dubbed an edited down version for ages 2-11 between 1995 and 2000. But two of those companies no longer exist, and they never made it to Sailor StarS.

But despite all of this, the series was intended for older audiences, specifically teens and adults. This is why all of the DVDs come with an Ages 13+ warning as does the manga.

Hulu is aware of this, and not only aired this warning, but also added adult-only ads for Showtime and www.AdamandEve.com in sharp contrast to the general "Super Bowl Friendly" ads that usually air during episodes 1-199 and in contrast to the cheery image on the Hulu screen.

So what's all the fuss about, you say? Well here's a chronological list of segments and spots that made the network censors' buttholes pucker shut.

At 2:35, we see Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, who is literally a two year old in high heels.

Big deal, there's Toddlers and Tiaras, right? Well Chibi Chibi is the original toddler in a tiara. But then, if you've been paying attention since last episode, she's not really two years old. Okay fine. Moving on.

At 2:45, we see the Starlights.

Okay, so what, right? Well let's be clear. They are three, 16 year old girls in dominatrix clothing, who are still bloodied and beaten up from the last episode. Sure, they got the show to stay between TV-PG and TV-14 until now, but I promise that just like in battle, they simply are NOT helping here.

At 2:48, we see Usagi, naked and very much dead.

Right, so this is a bigger problem. Aside from the fact that it's a super downer to see the main character dead in a pool of her own shame, we also have to look at the fact that this is a 16 year old girl. Dead. Nude.

Okay, so Chibi Chibi gives her back her Starseed, and Usagi rises, stops being dead, and wakes up. All better, right? Well, not really. As Chibi Chibi becomes Naoko-Takeuchi-Said-it-Wasn't-but-it-really-kinda-is-Sailor-Cosmos and tells usagi she is the Light of Hope, Usagi still looks like this.

And then at 3:44, Chibi Chibi/Sailor Cosmos turns into a soul butterfly. But here, take a look. We can SEE it's Sailor Cosmos to a point.

At 4:13, Chibi Chibi turns into her own pink Starseed, and gives Usagi her Princess Serenity clothes.

And then Chibi Chibi turns into a sword, and tells Princess Serenity to kill Galaxia by using her as a weapon. The intent is for her own body to be shoved through Sailor Galaxia.

Let me remind you that less than three minutes ago, Chibi Chibi was a two-year old in high heels.

Oh, did you think that was a joke? Nope. Above are the actual sketches used as a guideline for her creation in the manga.

At 4:33, Galaxia tries to break the sword of Chibi Chibi.

This sends Princess Serenity hurling towards her doom, until Chibi Chibi helps her sprout angel wings, so she can fly around and not die again. Galaxia darts for her, misses and flies head first into the pavement below. But don't worry. That giant, ugly-ass crown and nasty, Aqua Net hair of hers softened the blow. She's 100% healthy, so Chaos decides to fuse with her body, becoming Sailor Chaos.

At 7:57, we see a giant blast of blood, followed by blood dripping down the sword of Chibi Chibi.

By accident while not using the damn sword properly at all, Princess Serenity accidently stabs Galaxia/Sailor Chaos in the side, prompting more blood.

At 8:22, Sailor Chaos breaks the sword of Chibi Chibi. As a direct result, Chibi Chibi dies, a bloody mess.

Okay, seriously?? Even the manga wasn't this grim. Chibi Chibi lives, but here? NOPE! We just let this anime bloody and kill the toddler in heels. WTF?? Even the Starlights are having a WTF moment.

At 9:15, Usagi decides to honor Chibi Chibi's memory... by disrobing?!

Well for once, Sailor Chaos and I have the exact same reaction. Usagi's Princess Serenity transformation ends due to Chibi Chibi dying, so she's just... naked... with wings.

Okay, you "can" make the argument that it's the same as an undressed Barbie doll, but you know what? I don't care. And neither did Hulu.

At 10:00, Sailor Chaos tries to stab Usagi. Then at 10:54 this happens.

The full Monty. With wings.

At 11:45, Usagi gets electrocuted.

Electrocuted in mid air, and she's still sans clothing. She continues to fry until 12:29, almost a full minute of her being zapped. OUCH!! And yet she was still able to talk about love and friendship while having every last orifice nuked. And I bet you can't even sit through a hangnail ripping without screaming.

At 13:29, Usagi brings out the souls of the dead. Wait, what?

Usagi can see into the soul of Galaxia. So she reaches out to her inner good self, thus bringing out all of the Starseeds of the dead. Essentially, every seed is a dead person. And if you watched the last four episodes, I can PROMISE you that although they're not drawn, her parents and little brother are among them. And likely all of her friends, classmates, teachers and most certainly Luna and Artemis. Why? Because Galaxia killed everybody on planet Earth, except for the Starlights and Usagi... okay, Usagi too, but she's alive right now, so who cares. Galaxia also killed everyone in the whole universe up to this point, so you can imagine that even the souls of the manga-only Guardians are here too. And definitely the Amazoness Quartet. And the Black Moon/Specter Sisters because you know, they didn't die off in R like they did in Crystal. So yeah, even people Usagi doesn't even know are here. OH! And all of Chibiusa's classmates? Their seeds are here too. The longer you stare at this picture, the more people pop into your head and the more disturbing this whole thing gets. And guess what? You can't unthank it. Ha ha.

At 14:52, Chaos dies via… um.. hand-holding.

Yeah, I'm not even joking. Usagi holds Sailor Chaos's hand. This causes Chaos to disperse alive and become vapor, leaving Galaxia alive. In the manga, Galaxia disintegrates when she tries to reach for Usagi, but here, it's totally different. But by now you've learned this ain't like the manga, so moot point. Still, what a weak way for the biggest villain in the series to die, am I right?

At 14:45 Galaxia is now naked too.

By the way. Galaxia's age is never really given. But it's been said she's somewhere between 16-18 years old at least. The general idea leans towards 16. Either way, she's in the sky. Naked. Among the souls of the dead. And Usagi. Also naked.

At 15:55, Usagi tells Galaxia, who actually does not have wings, to start her life over and return all of the Starseeds.

Galaxia agrees, and turns into a pillar of light. Some argue this means Galaxia dies but it happens in such a cheerful way that people think it's just her teleporting. Me? I kinda like the whole "*Smile* Now DIE bitch, Tee Hee! Sailor Moooon SayS!" Ending, but then I never liked Galaxia anyway. So there. Nyah.

At 16:14, Usagi says a prayer to her dead friends and admits to being lonely.

Also, she seems to have only ONE butt cheek left.

At 16:40, Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn decide they're all done being dead, and they hover around Usagi, flying without wings.

In case you're curious, Usagi, Rei, Ami, Minako and Makoto are all 16 years old, roughly. Uranus and Neptune are 16-17 years old by this point. Setsuna has no given age, but is fresh out of college in her civilian life. Hotaru is 12-13 here, but in the body of a 10 year old, because Toei didn't follow the manga. I'll let you sit with that a minute.

And Usagi is just so happy right now, she is totally willing to forget that like three episodes ago, Haruka and Michiru savagely killed their adopted daughter Hotaru and their roommate Setsuna in cold blood and without any reason. And you know what? Not only is Usagi totally fine with that, Hotaru and Setsuna are too. Or so it seems. Yeah, yuck it up Haruka. There's a state-run care facility in your future, if child services doesn't get you first. See, this is what happens when you let high school kids adopt tweens. The lesson? Stop trying to act grown up. Go get something pierced like a normal high school girl.

How does Usagi poo with no butt??

At 17:15, Mamoru as Prince Endymion and Chibi Chibi also return from the dead.

He totally doesn't bother asking who the kid is, is it his, you said you were on the pill, why are you naked, who the hell is Seiya, are you Bi-curious, when did you sprout wings and are we SURE we know where the little one came from? And in return, Usagi doesn't chew his ass out for up and leaving her to go to New York at the start of the most deadly season of the series. Fair? Fair.

He instead decides to tell her she's very brave. So she gives him a naked hug. While he's holding the two year old.

She decides she's had QUITE enough of this, so she floats away.

And I'm not convinced the kid even has a diaper on.

At 18:01, we see that the bloodied Starlights are um... well... still doing NOTHING of value, except starring at Usagi being naked among destroyed buildings.

And now that it's daylight again, you can spot all the bloodstains on the buildings! Blood turns brown when it dries, Didja know? Well it's all good. Kakyuu decides to stop being dead as well.

At 18:35, Mamoru (a college student by the way) and the others head to the high school to say goodbye to the Starlights and Princess Kakyuu. At 18:53, Luna wishes Yaten well, and Artemis figures out Luna has been unfaithful. Nothing like bestiality and infidelity references, right?

Seiya nips off a quip to Mamoru, after Usagi puts her in the permanent Friendzone. I'm sure you'll all love Seiya's charming language.

At 22:13, we see 16 year old Usagi kiss her 19 year old fiancée.

And I'm sure that's perfectly legal, right?

At 23:20 for NO GOOD REASON AT ALL we get this shot:


Usagi spends roughly 11:38 of this episode completely naked. Almost 12 minutes spliced throughout. When you add this to the overall grim and violent nature of the episode, it's no wonder Hulu initially had this as a TV-MA. While the rating may eventually change back, one thing is for sure, your childhood will never be the same again.

And to everyone who doubted me from 2005 to 2016 on whether or not Sailor Moon was a kids show...... suck it. Now you have permanent proof I was right and you were wrong. DiC and Cloverway had no business trying to censor this show to shreds for the 2-11 year old market, and NOBODY should have been selling this show to little kids. It's for teens and adults only. Get over it.

Codename Sailor Earth SayS. Tee Hee!