Mystery Moon ~ F.A.Q.
In the Sailormoon universe, there are several mysteries that tend to cause confusion (And sometimes arguments) among "Moonies" everywhere.
This page has been designed to clear these mysteries up.

The following questions are answered with honesty, meaning that there is fowl language ahead.

All of the questions came from REAL people and are presented in an unedited form. Email addresses have been left off for safety.

Email your questions to and I'll try to sort them out. Please forgive me if I'm late! I DO read ALL of the emails every day.

1. Chibiusa or Kousagi, which sister is older?

OY! Now this one is definitely THE most annoying of all the Sailormoon rumors out there!

Okay, for those who have not yet seen a translated version of the Parallel comic, lemme explain.

The manga "Parallel Sailor Moon," was written in 1999. (Hence where it says "July 1999") Most fans stop right here and automatically assume that the story takes place during that year and that because Chibiusa can time travel and that by some bizzaro chance makes her the younger sister.
The story first of all does NOT take place in 1999; it takes place about 15 years after Sailor Stars. Remember, Usagi was pregnant at her wedding to Mamoru WITH CHIBIUSA at the end of that series, hence Chibiusa being in grade 9 in the Parallel story. The Chibiusa you see in the story is in fact, the one Usagi gives birth to, NOT the 30th century broad we grew to love in the rest of the series. And, in an effort to ease confusion, Naoko did write in the lil' intro boxes the following:

Tsukino Chibiusa
Grade 9
Eldest daughter of the Tsukino house

Tsukino Kousagi
Grade 3
Second daughter of the Tsukino house

So contrary to popular fiction, Chibiusa is NOT a temporary character, Kousagi will NOT be born first and then die later leaving only Usagi and her court to remember the quadruple Odango tot, Chibiusa is in fact Kousagi's older sister. Now please get a life.

2. Seiya is Kousagi or Chibiusa's father?

Okay, this started as an honest mistake. Somebody posted on a website that since Usagi had a fling with Seiya that Seiya is the father of one or both of the heirs. Lemme point out one tiny lil' thing:

It is clearly stated in both the anime and in the manga that Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten are GIRLS who dress up as guys who dress up as girls. NOT the other way around.

Also, Usagi only had a "fling" in the anime. NOT the manga. Yes, she was kissed by Seiya, (Not by choice though!) but she stayed true to Mamoru and waited for him to return from the dead, again. (Not that she knew he was dead again to begin with, but who's counting?) And even if there was a chance for Seiya and Usagi, there would be NO WAY for Seiya to physically father any child, due to the fact that he's a she. A more believable rumor would be if Prince Diamond had fathered Chibiusa (See Diamond kidnapping Sailor Moon in both anime and manga versions of Sailormoon R.), but unless he has time-released sperm, that's not likely either.

3. Hotaru and Chibiusa are lovers?

No. Although Hotaru's "affections" can easily be translated into a lesbian sort of way, (Even before being re-raised by Haruka and Michiru) for the most part, they are just best friends. The Japanese culture usually allows for girls ages 10-16 to go through a "experimental" phase, in which they crush on both guys and girls. Some outgrow this phase while others may remain either bi or gay. However, the Parallel story albeit short, does give a little more freedom to the possibility of something more between the 2 friends, due to Helios being absent from mention, but it's pretty much set in stone that one day, Chibiusa will meet again with Helios, and the two will most likely live happily ever after. (Sorry Hotaru/Rini love site fans!)

4. Queen Nehellenia and Queen Serenity are sisters?

No. Although they are both Queens of the moon,(Serenity the Queen of the White Moon, the other bitch Queen of the Black) there is NO BLOOD between them. Nehellenia is actually one of several incarnations of a villain known as Chaos. Other "sister" incarnations from Chaos include Queen Metallia, Wiseman, and Master Pharaoh 90. (And no, you don't wanna know what happened to Master Pharaohs 1-89, it's pretty ugly.)

5. Chibiusa and Kousagi CAN'T be related to Usagi or Mamoru 'cause of the eye/hair thing?

Okay, this one is alot of fun to answer! ^_^ While researching Naoko's artbooks, I stumbled upon a fact: Ikuko (Usagi's Earth mother) has pink hair and red eyes!!! It's true! I pulled the following from images borrowed from scans of the original artbooks for the following images, proving once and for all that these ARE Usagi's kids and that Mamoru IS the father:

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
And let's not forget that originally, Usagi was meant to have pink hair too.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

And see, Parallel Chibiusa wears his image on a keychain:Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

And did we forget that in the StarS saga, (anime and manga) that when Mamoru bit it, Chibiusa faded away? I.e. INTO NON EXISTENCE!! Poor kid.

6. So who's the rightful heir to the throne of Crystal Tokyo? Chibiusa or Kousagi?

Well, if we do our math correctly, Chibiusa will one day take to the throne in her mother's stead, with Helios most likely as Prince consort, and Kousagi as either duchess or as a princess still, if her sister allows. However, if Chibiusa abdicates the throne, or dies heirless, then that would leave Kousagi as Queen. Another possibility would be for the sisters to share the royal crown, or follow in there early manga mother's footsteps and just leave it alone to begin with.

7. That pink cat of Kousagi's either comes from the future or is Luna or Diana's kid?

Before I answer this one, lemme point out that according to the Sailor Stars manga, Luna and Artemis come from the planet Mau. Why the hell Queen Serenity would travel umpteen-baggillion miles for a pair of talking cats is beyond me, but that is where they come from. Now, nowhere does it ever state that ANY character in the Parallel story is from the future, (Although given that the cat literally landed on Kousagi, seemingly from the sky, I don't fault the author of this rumor...) and even though the cat does bare a resemblance to all 3 of the other cats, and talking cats are scarce to begin with, it is most likely that the cats on Mau are incredibly tuned to when a Moon Princess needs a talking cat guardian who can eventually turn human, and probably sent the nameless pink cat to Earth, the way that Luna and Artemis might have come.

Personally, I'm allergic to most cats, so I would usually prefer a puppy dog, but Diana's okay. And maybe Artemis if he can keep his eyes in his head. (Pervert!)

8. Usagi can only have one daughter?

A big fat steamy NO!!! Remember, the Amazons and Sailor Pluto acknowledged that the only one kid theory was in fact A THEORY. Nothing more, nothing less. While she was Guardian of the Time Door, Sailor Pluto only gave herself access to 30th century Tokyo and perhaps our normal timeline as well, so she could not see into alternate realities or into the future that Usagi was building herself, separate from the 30th century version. Remember, as Sailor Venus made mention of in Sailormoon graphic novel #11, nothing is set in stone, the future can change if you're not careful. So yes, it is possible for both girls to exist, and since Naoko thought the Parallel story was good enough to reprint in Sailormoon Short Stories Vol.2 (available at, then the characters involved, including Kousagi are in fact, real to the story and do indeed exist.

9. Peruru, Chibi Chibi and Kousagi are Helios and Chibiusa's kids?

I actually saw this on a Spanish site. I can almost see it......... but no.

Peruru is NOT related to any of the "main" characters and this includes Helios. Peruru does have brothers, but that's all the relations the fairy kid gets. (Pretty sad if you watch the movie.) And as for the other two...Kousagi and Chibi Chibi are NOT Helios, OR Chibiusa's children either. I'll explain Chibi Chibi in the Who is Chibi Chibi page., and Kousagi is of course, Chibiusa's little sister.

10. So what about Sailors Sun and Earth, where are they?

Actually, you've seen them in the anime and manga. Drum roll please.....

They are Tuxedo Mask!!

I'll explain. Y'see, Naoko once explained in an interview that Mamoru counts as both "Sailors", which makes total sense when you realize that
(a.) The Golden Kingdom (his) was Earth's answer to the Moon Kingdom
(b.) All of the Senshi's astrological signs correspond to their planets (Mamoru's a Leo, and is ruled by the sun)
(c.) This also explains his connection to Earth and the ability he has for feeling out when it's been damaged by the enemy in the manga.


11. So what about Princess Serenity's dad? Where is he?

Hmm. I have personally scoured all of the Sailormoon graphic novels, and watched all the episodes about the Silver Millennium era...and have come up with nadda. In fact, until Serenity meets Endymion, and until Chibiusa finds Helios, the only other male we see in all of the flashbacks is Artemi-Artemimu-Artemi-mu-mu...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

Okay, Okay. No more clowning around, I'll debunk myself. No. Although he has HUGE hands when he's human, and looks a hell of a lot better than Tuxedo Mask, Artemis did NOT father Princess Serenity. If he did, that would make Diana Usagi's little sister. AND I'VE HAD IT WITH DEBUNKING "WHO'S THE OLDER SISTER MYTHS!!!"

Actually, Princess Serenity/Serena was never given a father, so perhaps the Queen could reproduce asexually? Maybe she prayed to the Gods, and wound up creating a child from clay ALA Wonder Woman? Or maybe something happened to the original King? We may never know...

12. Chibiusa and Kousagi are half sisters?

No. I don't know where this came from, but lemme assure you, Kousagi is Rini's full sister. Usagi and Mamoru ARE BOTH of their biological AND emotional parents.

13. Chibiusa's only visiting and is only playing big sister?


This rumor was started by someone who refuses to read the original works by Naoko, in favor of fan-made doujinshi. (Fanfics)

Like I said, the Chibiusa you see in the Parallel manga is the one USAGI GAVE BIRTH TO, and she is not to be confused with the 30th century kid we see in the anime. No matter how you slice it, and no matter which Chibiusa you go by,
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
Now read a book.

14. Kousagi is a parallel version of Rini/Chibiusa?

Clever, but nu-uh. Although they share the same name, blood type (O if you're interested) , and the same birthday (June 30th), the two girls are entirely different people. I assure you that although it's a little obvious that 30th Century Chibiusa was around at the same time that her Parallel counterpart was conceived (Sailor StarS manga if you'd like to know.) , the paradox of two Chibiusa's in the same timeline does NOT carry over into this story. Kousagi and Chibiusa are not one and the same, they are just two cute sisters.

15. Lethe and Mnemosyne are sisters or lovers?
Okay, I think I made a small boo-boo with the Senshi page. In the Materials Collection artbook, it's stated that Lethe and Mnemosyne are twins, but it the manga, they appear as um ... lovers. They don't last long enough for an explanation in the series, but yes...they are twins. It's easy to get this mixed up, as they only mention each other as "beloved," so whether you take that in the literal or the metaphorical sense, in the end, they love each other ... lover-sister or not.

16. Sailor Mars has multiple personalities/career options?
In the manga, Rei is an only child. Rei's mother died, and her father is a politician, who rarely sees his daughter. The two share a very strained and distant relationship, since he was not there when her mother was sick. This was addressed in the manga, and in one episode of the live-action series, but not in the anime, except for the character book. Rei was then sent to live with her grandfather, shortly before she began school, at around age 4 or 5

Many have asked what her dreams are. Unlike the other Senshi, her desires change between the anime and manga...

In the manga, Rei wishes to become Priestess to the shrine her grandfather owns. At first, she hates men, after suffering a nasty heartbreak at the hands of her father's assistant, Mr. Kaido, but later Rei marries an unseen Shinto Priest in the Parallel manga. They have one daughter, Rei Jr.

In the anime however, Rei is a boy-crazy teen priestess, whose dream changes each season. Her more prevalent dream is to become a songwriter, and on rare occasions an idol like Minako, but in SuperS she also dreams of becoming a businesswoman and marrying a rich man.

As for her living arrangements, she originally lives with her grandfather, Phobos and Deimos.

TOEI animation however, thought her to be too lonely and too much of a recluse, and thus they took the liberty of adding a whole load of crap that shouldn't have been there.

They shrunk her grandfather from 5'8 to 3'0, erased his hair, gave him wrinkles and had him appear as a rip-off of any elderly character of Rumiko Takahashi's works. They also made him a terrible leach, even having him leer after men in one episode. (Though young girls are his favorite snack.)

In one episode of Sailormoon StarS, she has a mentally challenged cousin named Kenko Ibuki, who sculpts for a living, but hates all of his own work. This one baffles me, as her parents are ONLY CHILDREN and did NOT originally have ANY siblings.

Yuuchirou (Or Chad for the U.S.) was a rich boy who wanted to be a star. He debuted half-awake at Rei's door in the first season, but bowed out by StarS. The anime often teased a relationship between the two, but never did they finish the already botched storyline.

In the first season, she even dated Mamoru! She was dropped the day they discovered that Usagi was the Moon Princess however, leaving many a Mars fan in tears as she was utterly ignored by her "comrades," but in the manga, the only woman Mamoru ever saw was Usagi. In fact, Sailor Mars didn't even start liking him as a future king, until well into SailormoonR.

Ultimately though, one truth prevails over the whole series, both anime and manga. Her ultimate goal and sworn duty, is to protect the Moon Princesses, as Sailor Mars.

17. So if 30th Century Chibiusa is 903 years old by the end of the manga, then why doesn't she look all wrinkly?
As explained in the manga, those who gain access to the Silver Crystal gain a lifespan of around 1000 years. At some point in their lives, their bodies will stop aging, and will retain a youthful appearance for the remainder of their lifespan. In the 30th Century, when Usagi was 22, she gave birth to Chibiusa, became Neo-Queen Serenity and then stopped aging. Chibiusa stopped growing when she was 6 years old, and her body did not begin to age again, until after her powers manifested.

Though not fully explored, it is often assumed that since her powers did not have a chance to awaken prior to her becoming Black/Wicked Lady, that this was the cause of her stunted growth. But after she became Sailor Chibi (Mini) Moon, Chibiusa's body began aging in wild spurts, until Sailormoon StarS, when her body age was that of a 13-14 year old. (Ironically, the same age Sailor V was when she found Artemis.) Each of Chibiusa's actions however, allowed for Parallel Chibiusa and Kousagi to age normally, supposedly until they are fully grown.

18. So why is the Parallel universe so much different from the 30th century one?
Good question. I could be a bitch and say "Hellooo~ooo! Parallel Universe?", but then I'd hate myself tomorrow morning, as there's much more to this than meets the eye.

Remember, 30th Century Chibiusa changed much of the timeline continuity just by visiting the past. By showing the Senshi what was to become them, she was able to help them alter the choices they made along the way. For example, if you'll recall, Usagi never really wanted to take the throne. That's why when she was first given the chance in the manga, she instead chose to continue being Sailor Moon on Earth, at Mamoru's side. Through Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi, she saw what could happen, if she ever gave up the fight as Sailor Moon or made the "wrong" choices. At the end of StarS, Usagi chose to have herself and the others "live as they are". Each little step, every little glance at the future that could be, allowed all of the Senshi to make all the many choices that led up to the Parallel manga. And aside from her visits easing away the tension between the Inner and Outer Senshi, 30th Century Chibiusa in her own tiny ways, brought her parents closer together, faster, hence her Parallel counterpart being older than the 30th century version. And since Usagi and Mamoru had become closer, and had shared their feelings for one another sooner, this made their relationship stronger, and thus made it easier for Kousagi to be born. All of 30th Century Chibiusa's efforts, led to a more peaceful future for her kingdom, and a happier existence for the Inner Senshi, since instead of living out their days as guards for Neo-Queen Serenity, they can now live peaceful lives as housewives, mothers and Sailor Senshi, alongside Sailor Moon.

19. Diana and the pink cat are the same character?
Okay, where did THAT come from?? Hell no! In the Parallel manga, Diana is seen on the first page with her mother and father. She is quite visibly older than her anime counterpart and is smooth and gray... The pink cat is a very young kitten, with bright flipping polka dots. POLKA DOTS for crying out loud, since when would Diana have polka dots??
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
In the handful of colored manga pictures that I've seen of Diana, she appears either lavender or gray, and is very smooth. In the only colored picture of the pink cat that I've seen, she appears purple, but throughout her manga stay, she is described as "Dental Candy Pink" ... and again has polka dots ... magical changing polka dots at that!! Also, when in human form, Diana has lavender hair, done up in four little Odango on either side of her head, wears a little skimpy outfit, and retains her tail. The pink one has very large cat ears, two heart shaped Odango like Chibi Chibi, wears heart shaped earrings, a smile and not much else ... and is STILL polka doted!
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
Furthermore, if indeed they were the same cat, then Kousagi and he others would have already known her name, since we already know that Usagi and/or Chibiusa still have their freaking' cats! The very fact that the Parallel Inners did NOT already know this cat, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the two are NOT the same. But for those whom may still be scratching their heads, then let the following picture serve you as a reminder:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

20. So ~! Does Kousagi's cat even have a name?
Currently, no. Not once throughout the Parallel Sailormoon manga is there even a hint at a name for the curious kitten. Many fans assume her name is "Pink Head", due to the panel in which Kousagi screams "Your head is pink?!", but that was more or less a statement, not a nickname. Another theory was that her name was Pink Cat, but that's more of a description than a name.
Other names that I've heard are:

Nadeshiko Neko (Pink Cat in Japanese.)

Pinku Neko (Again, Pink Cat)

Pinku(no) Neko (Wow, Pink Cat.)

Tsuki (Japanese for Moon.)

The good looking rose (Google translated name)

Good Looking One Cat (I hate AltaVista sometimes.)

Sweet/Sugar cat (derived from Chibiusa's Pink Sugar Heart Attack ability)

Pink Kitty

Moon Kitty (derived from the crescent moon bald spot on her head)

Kousagi's cat/Kousagi's Moonkitty (Yes, that is one word.)

Parallel Kitty/Parallel cat

Eyaaaaaaaa~aaaa it's a cat! A pink cu-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! (derived from a statement from Kousagi)

Talking Cat Talking Cat Talking Cat (Well, I don't need to explain this one.)

Nuclear Sugar Pink Freak Cat ('Cause that's not normal.)

Pink Moon Kitty (Really now.)

Moon Pink Kitty (I was unaware that that was a color.)


And Kawaii (Japanese for cute, also used with Chibi Chibi.)

To this day, there does not appear to be a name, as Naoko has yet to produce one. Perhaps someday if she so chooses, she may return to the Parallel Universe, and grace us with more of Kousagi ... and subsequently a name for that damned cat.

UPDATE: Kodansha's US translation adds one more from Kousagi: Pink Hair. We still do not have an official name.

21. Seiya believes she is a man?
Only in the first anime. Taiki and Yaten have no problems with viewing themselves as what they are... GIRLS.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

But Seiya begins to suffer from mild shock near the end of the season, and she starts to believe her own disguise. The poor thing goes through quite a bit in the anime, for instance:

She is shot by Tin Nyanko in one episode.

Almost killed numerous times by Galaxia and her minions.

Then she is heartbroken when she realizes that Usagi only wants Mamoru and NOT Seiya.

Belittled by Taiki and Yaten, of the No Help commission.

Heartbroken again when after all that work in finding their beloved Princess Kakyuu, Kakyuu is killed in cold blood.

And Seiya becomes heartbroken yet AGAIN when she learns that even though Mamoru's dead
(until episode 200) ... Usagi STILL chooses Mamoru over her ... c'mon now, think about this. When a really cute chick would rather sleep with a dead guy than to be seen ANYWHERE with you ... ... ... ...
And you're
ALIVE, that's an OW you will NEVER recover from. >.<

Seiya forgets that the male body is just a disguise, and by the end, really does believe herself a he.

The male body of course was just a clever ploy used to disguise themselves as a boy band, so that Kakyuu could find them sooner, but Galaxia would not. The magic they used of course had to be strong enough, so that it would last until either

(a) Kakyuu finds them.

(b) They transform once again.

(c) They just get sick of lying about who they are.

This is why even the best Sailormoon experts are stumped by Seiya's naked male form, but the fact remains that Seiya, Yaten and Taiki are STILL girls who dress up as guys who dress up as girls, and not the other way around. So in case you are wondering, not even in the anime could Seiya EVER father either Chibiusa or Kousagi.

By the way, none of this bullshit happened like this in the manga. Seiya had no problems being a girl.

22. Are Sailors Mars and Saturn the only Senshi with psychic powers?
Actually, no! Believe it or not, many of the Senshi have a small psychic ability, which they have each used at one point or another. One of the more prevalent "Psychic Senshi" is none other than Sailor Moon herself. She can sense which people are truly evil as opposed to the truly good. This has allowed for her to spot everyone from future Senshi to villains who were never meant to be bad. Her powers have even proven themselves to be more useful than Luna's ability, when in the anime it was Usagi who realized that Ami was NOT the enemy, long before Luna wised up! Sailor Moon can also see into the future, having been the first one wary of Chibiusa. Sailor Moon knew about her first-born's future as Black Lady, even before the little princess was kidnapped. She knew all about how easy it would be for Chibiusa to fall under dark forces, but she also knew that even in child-form, Sailor Chibimoon already had the same if not more powers than the original Sailor Moon! Usagi also knew that Chibi Chibi was a born ally, and in the back of her mind, Usagi already knew that a second child was in the works. In the anime, another one to have this inkling was Tuxedo Mask! In the episode commonly referred to by it's US name "Thorny weather", Mamoru looked upon his friend, who already had 6 small children, and a 7th on the way, and thought about his own destiny, much to the surprise look on Chibiusa's face. ^_~ Mamoru was the first person to dub his child "The next Sailor Moon" (not in the same wording, but it's in the issue where she first becomes Sailor Chibimoon, go read it its good!) and he was the first one to dub his lover and child "Super Sailors". He has always known of Usagi's potential, long before anyone else noticed a distinct similarity between the MOON princess and Sailor MOON, and like Usagi, always knew of Chibiusa's powers, before he even knew who's baby she was! ^_^ Other "Psychic Senshi" include but are not limited to:

Sailor Pluto (Aside from her known duties, she has always had a connection to Chibiusa.)

Sailor Juno (While still known as Jun-Jun, she knew of her future with Zirconia and Chibiusa)

Sailor Chibimoon (Who has always had a connection to Pluto, Usagi, Helios and Mamoru)

Sailor Neptune (She mainly uses her mirror, but she was the first to realize Hotaru's new destiny)

And to a very small extent Sailor Uranus. (Both Uranus and Neptune can feel when evil is afoot.)
UPDATE: As of the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, just about all of the Guardians including Tuxedo Mask have some sort of psychic ability.

23. Do Kousagi and Chibiusa have Mamoru's last name?
No. Chibiusa and Kousagi have their mother's maiden name of Tsukino. It's never quite explained why, but none of the Inner Senshi ever take on their husbands' names. All six of the known children of the Inner Senshi have their mothers' maiden names on account of this fact. Indecently, if Usagi had taken on Mamoru's last name, there's a good chance that Kousagi's nickname and her father's last name would've been combined to read as......
Chibi Chiba Ha ha!
(Truth be told, credit for that joke goes to my kid bro. AND YES Rini and I ARE STILL born first, I checked!! ^_~)

24. Are Chibi Chibi and Kousagi the same?
This one came from a mild misunderstanding, over Kousagi's nickname. The answer of course is no.
Kousagi is the second-born child of Usagi and Mamoru, and is the younger sister of Chibiusa. Chibiusa's nickname for Kousagi is "Chibi", thus where the confusion lies with some fans.
Chibi Chibi's existence is explained over on the Who is Chibi Chibi page. If you don't know the truth about this kawaii girl, then please visit this page:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif, as reading the whole article will help explain the mystery behind various tales of Chibi Chibi, including this one:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

25. What is the name of Kousagi's attack?
Well...... You see, the popular fan translation, via the internet is the flouncy:

"Kitty cat Kitty cat become a giant Mountain cat"

However, those of us using ACTUAL English/Japanese dictionaries often use the LITERAL translation of :

"Cats! Cats! Become a giant mountain of cats! GO FORTH!!"

To say "Kitty cat Kitty cat", implies that Kousagi is only ordering one cat, yet in the previous panel, we can see that she is referring to a large group of cats.

Technically, there is no official name for the attack yet. So for the time being, the attack will be called by Kousagi's cry of *GAA~AAASP* ............. (all together now)...............:

"Cats! Cats! Become a giant mountain of cats!

UPDATE: On November 26, 2013, Kodansha finally released a translation for Parallel Sailormoon. Kousagi's official attack for the US market is:

become one humongo

The cat Kousagi fuses the town cats into is actually a Lynx, which is a member of the cat family who does eat rabbits. Kodansha went the extra mile to research the animal for the US market.

26. If Pluto is no longer a "planet" as of 2006, then does that mean that Sailor Pluto isn't a Senshi anymore?
Hell no! Since 1930, Pluto has been accepted worldwide as the ninth planet in the Milky Way
Galaxy. I believe that if people were fine with it being a planet for 76 years, then there's no need to change it now.

Anyone who argues that Pluto is "too small to be a planet" needs his head examined.

Lookie here, if we can see it with a telescope, all the way down here on Earth, then odds are, it's NOT all that tiny.

It's very simple. We are very small, and Pluto is very, very far away.

So regardless of what these so called "experts" say, I still accept Pluto a planet.

And in answer to the above question, no. None of these new findings alter Pluto's power as a Sailor Senshi. Not all Senshi are named after real moons or planets...

Ever look up at the sky and gaze upon "Planet Chibimoon"? UPDATE: As of February 26, 2013, Pluto is re-classified as a "Dwarf" planet by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the same butthurt group of self proclaimed "experts" that took away the status of "planet" from Pluto back in 2006. They've never quite figured out the difference between "very very small" and "very very far away" when it comes to Pluto, so take their word with a grain of salt. Everybody outside their group has taken to pointing fingers and laughing at them.

27. Are Kousagi and Peruru an item?
No. Peruru appears only in the SuperS movie, and Kousagi only appears in the Parallel Sailormoon mini-manga. But it's fun to daydream. I figure that they're both very sweet characters, they seem to have plenty in common, and hell, sketches of Peruru appear in the same book that Kousagi's manga debuted in. (The Materials Collection) But alas, to this day, the two have yet to meet. And although Usagi already approves of Peruru (albeit for Chibiusa), I can't help but wonder what Mamoru would say about either of his kids dating people about 1000 years their senor...
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

28. Let's say I own all of the original, 1992-1997 anime on DVD, Blu-Ray, Laserdisc or Videotape. Exactly how long would it take me to watch the entire series in one sitting?
Well, if you were to watch all 200 episodes non-stop, WITHOUT skipping over the beginning and ending credits, and then followed that up with all 3 of the movies, it would take you 6180 minutes! That's about 4 days and 7 hours of wall-to-wall Sailormoon action!
O.O 4 days 9 hours if you're lucky enough to find the specials too.

29. Why do you call yourself Codename Sailor Earth if Mamoru has those powers?
... It's just a pen-name. It's for fun.

30. Is Kousagi in the live action special??

Okay, this comes from a sloppy yet Cy-uuuuuu-te costume featured in Pretty Guardian Sailormoon. Apparently in one of the "Special Acts", there is a person dressed like this:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
Now before you go off into the panic that I was in, lemme explain. This is NOT Kousagi.

In one of the "Special Acts", there's a moment where we see young Usagi daydreaming about being like Sailor V. This is WRONG for many reasons, including the fact that Sailors V and Moon are the EXACT same age. (Sailor V became a Senshi when she was 13.) However, it is cute to note that her costume mimics both of her future daughters. And although it's hinted in the "Wedding" episode that Usagi is pregnant with Chibiusa, neither Chibiusa nor Kousagi appear on screen in the live action series.

Credit for this information goes to
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

UPDATE: In PGSM, this is Sailor Rabbit/Usagi. Here, Usagi cosplays along with a few friends, going by Sailor M (Momoko, no, not Chibiusa's friend), Sailor K (Kanabe) and Sailor N (Naru).

31. Are Usagi and Kousagi the same person?

Usagi is Kousagi's mother. It's NOT possible to give birth to yourself. (What does she look like, Dragon Ball's Piccolo Daimou?)

32. Are Diana Fairy and Diana the same person?
No. Although they share the same name, they are two different characters.

Diana Fairy was meant as a guide to the Senshi for the first part of the series. She was however, replaced by Queen Serenity.

Diana the cat is the daughter of Luna and Artemis, and is of Mau origin, whereas Diana fairy was from the Moon.

33. Are Queen Serenity and Diana Fairy the same person?
What? Of course not. Queen Serenity was the Moon Queen and mother to Princess Serenity. Diana Fairy was a non-used fairy featured in the Materials Collection artbook.

This rumor started because Queen Serenity in effect replaced Diana Fairy's part in the series.

34. Are Rini and Chibi Chibi the same?
The hell? NO! Lookie here, Rini (Chibiusa) is the first-born daughter of Usagi and Mamoru. She is also Sailor Chibi Moon (Mini Moon), the future ruler of Crystal Tokyo and older sister to Kousagi.
And as for Chibi Chibi.... OoOoOoh just click here:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif

35. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon is Sailor Cosmos's daughter?
Where in the good name of fuck did THAT come from?????
NO!!! Go here:Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif

36. Sailor Moon and Diana Fairy are the same?
No. Although they look alike, they are NOT the same.

37. Chibi Chibi and Kousagi's cat are either related or the same?
No. Although they share the same hairstyle, this in no way means they are related. Kousagi's cat is probably from Planet Mau, and as for Chibi Chibi ... oh you know the drill. Go here: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif

38. Chibiusa (Rini) was re-incarnated along with Princess Serenity and her court, and lived during the Silver Millennium?

Um... considering the fact that Chibiusa was not even conceived until AFTER Serenity was reincarnated as Usagi and began her duties as Sailor Moon, then NO. Neither Chibiusa nor Kousagi existed during the Silver Millennium.

39. Hey Codename Sailor Earth! Why are your outfit colors blue and green?
Well actually, my favorite colors are green and pink, but Sailor Jupiter would've slapped me with a Super Sailor Lawsuit if I had copied her outfit. ^_^ Just kidding! Blue and Green represent the colors of Earth as seen from the Moon's perspective. For a more "close-up-Earth" depiction, I could've gone with brown and green, but Sailor Juno already has that. So that's why I'm blue and green.

40. Usagi is Rini's sister?
No. When 30th Century Chibiusa came to Usagi's timeline, she posed as either her sister or her cousin. This was only a cover, as Chibiusa is of course Usagi and Mamoru's first born daughter. Besides, how do you go up to your mom and say...

"Hey Mom! I flunked math, I'm a superhero, Luna can talk AND crap magical items, and this is my future daughter with the Horney guy dad doesn't like. What's for dinner?"

41. Lindsey Lohan is Sailor Moon?
OH PLEASE GOD NO!!!!!!!!! Okay, the answer really is no. (PHEW Thanks God! ^_^)

That rumor started circulating the internet back in 2005. It was created by a popular website, meant as a joke, but somebody took it too far.

Currently, there are NO American movies planned for Sailormoon. Initially, DIC had contacted Disney about a proposed feature back in 1997, but thank GOD that too fell through, and within 2 years time, DIC's ties with Disney began to slip. But that has poopie to do with this right? Moving on.

Lindsey Lohan's schedule currently (as of 2007) is too tight for such a demanding role anyway. And the former Disney actress doesn't even look like Usagi to begin with. If such a deal were to occur (you know, in an alternate universe in Hell), she probably would turn it down, due to her busy life.

God willing, Hollywood will continue to look the other way, so that we TRUE Sailormoon fans can enjoy the series, should a new screen adventure BASED ON THE MANGA begin.

UPDATE: Please see question 181 for more details.

42. Haruka's mansion comes from her father?
WOW! That's an old one. Somebody back in 1996 spread this weird rumor about Haruka living with her father in the anime, and having him allow Michiru and Hotaru to live with them. I have NEVER seen this anywhere else, ANYWHERE in the series.

Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna own their OWN properties on their own merit. Which is totally awesome, considering that Haruka and Michiru are still only in their mid teens when we first see them. Haruka is a professional race car driver, as well as a pianist.
(I can hear your jokes now... stop that. ~_~) And Michiru is a world class violinist. With that being said, they earn enough separately that they would never need anyone else's assistance. Setsuna has also worked as a school nurse, and the three of them also end up owning their own cooking school. So no, Haruka's father did NOT buy her that mansion. The mansion belongs to Haruka of her own merits.

Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna don't even have families, outside of their adopted sweetie, Hotaru.

43. Princess Kakyuu has a daughter and it's Chibi Chibi?
No. Although in the anime they both have pretty red hair, Kakyuu is NOT Chibi Chibi's mother. In fact, to date, Kakyuu does not yet have any children.
And if you haven't yet, then go here:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif

44. Kousagi has a daughter named Chibi Chibi?
O__O; WTF??? Okay, no! Currently, Chibiusa and Kousagi are without children. This might change one day, but for right now, they don't have any.
For Chibi Chibi....
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif

45. Umino/Melvin, Molly/Naru and each of the Senshi's friends and family were all alive during the Silver Millennium and Naru/Molly is a Sailor Senshi?
Huh? Th' Hell? Okay, super-NO. Nowhere in either the anime nor the manga, do we EVER see ANY of the other characters on the moon, outside of the main cast or the villains.

Furthermore, Naru/Molly is NOT a Sailor Senshi. Nope. Not eva. Naru is more of a hapless victim than superhero to be anyways. The other people we see in the flashbacks have NOTHING to do with the cast of characters the Senshi grow up with.

Besides, wouldn't it be awkward to see Ikuko meet Serenity?
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

46. Chaos kidnapped Naru and she became Sailor Galaxia?
In what universe prey tell? No. Naru and Galaxia have nothing to do with each other. Naru is just the victim best friend of Usagi, and Galaxia is one of Usagi's worst enemies. The two never meet.

47. In Sailormoon SuperS, some of the baddies call upon "Lemures". They also call upon Remliss. What the heck are Lemures and Remlisses?
According to the Britannica World Language Dictionary, printed in 1966 by Funk &Wagnall's, Lemures (In Roman religion) are the shades of spirits of the dead, which makes sense considering how they appear as shadows behind various "Amazon" villains, and then the Lemures spring up as the specters that Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon have to defeat.

Some believers classify Lemures into two separate groups. Lares are benevolent spirits who watch over the household, and Larvae are supposedly the souls of the wicked, whom cannot find peace.

May 9th, 11th and the 13th by the way were originally Known as feast days of Lemuria or Lemuralia, a holiday devised to appease the Lemures. The Lemures were offered black beans in hopes of propitiating them, and some even used loud noises to scare them away.

Lemures are also known as Linnaeus. this is due to their large eyes, and their various nocturnal habits.

"Remliss" is a common mistranslation of Lemures. This is due to how Cloverway translators often misunderstood Japanese speech and writing. (I don't get it either.)

48. Chibiusa is Hawkeye's daughter?
O Have you not been reading this page? HELL NO!!! Although the two share some similar traits, Chibiusa is NOT the daughter of Hawkeye. Mamoru is her father, no matter what anyone tells you.

49. Setsuna is Chibiusa's birth mother, and Usagi is only her adoptive mom?
Ah, one of the two most popular "Rini's mom" rumors. This one started because there are a few moments in the manga, where Sailor Pluto is seen eyeing King Endymion. Of course the answer is NO!! For although Setsuna acts quite motherly around Chibiusa, and the two share similar eye color, USAGI GAVE BIRTH TO CHIBIUSA, and therefore USAGI IS CHIBIUSA'S MOM. Not Setsuna.

50. Rei is Rini's birth mom?
First of all, lets celebrate. This is the 50th question I have answered on this page. YATTA!! Pop out the bubbly, then read on. The answer to the above question is.......


In case you missed the last several answers, USAGI is Chibiusa/Rini's birth mom. And currently... SHE HAS NO OTHER MOM BUT USAGI!!! Does that help?

51. Usagi/Serena and Mamoru/Darien should not be considered Rini's parents, because Rini is seen during the timeline in which Usagi has not yet given birth to her, and the whole parent thing doesn't count unless they are from the same time stream?

O_O; Wow, this one makes me feel... a little sad. I can't believe I just read that...

Okay, look. Once again.... NO. Despite the fact that 30th Century Chibiusa and 1994 Usagi are from separate time streams, they share the same DNA. Meaning that even IF they were separated by over 900 years.... a paternity test would show that Usagi and Mamoru are STILL Rini's parents.

Time streams mean doody when compared to DNA. Whether they are Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, Serenity and Endymion or Usagi and Mamoru, THEY ARE STILL RINI'S PARENTS.

52. Kousagi doesn't count as Rini's sister, because she's only seen in one mini-manga, and in that one she is "Parallel" Chibiusa's sister. And because they are from different universes, "Parallel" Chibiusa and 30th Century Rini are NOT the same, so Kousagi only counts for ONE manga?
Aaaaaaaaaand what ill-educated numbnut told you this? Of course Kousagi still counts!

First of all, Parallel Chibiusa and 30th Century Rini are two versions of THE SAME PERSON. Meaning that even though they "may" be from two different universes, they share the SAME DNA. Genetically speaking, Chibiusa and Rini are one and the same.

And second of all, ALL versions of Chibiusa/Rini would share the same DNA with Kousagi, since she is the second born child of Chibiusa/Rini's parents.

So no matter which version we go by, Kousagi IS Chibiusa/Rini's little sister, so long as they share that bit of DNA.

So yes, Kousagi DOES count as Rini's sister, the same way she is Chibiusa's sister.

53. Kousagi doesn't count as Usagi's daughter, since her mini-manga was non-cannon?
Cannon or non-cannon, Kousagi DOES and FOREVER will count as Usagi and Mamoru's second child, the SAME WAY that Chibiusa counts as their first. Remember, as long as they share that bit o' DNA, she DOES count! The debate over cannon vs. non-cannon is irrelevant, as long as there is DNA proof of Kousagi's paternity.

54. Is Chibiusa Rini's sister?
No. They are one and the same.

In Japan, Usagi's first born is called "Chibiusa", which is an abbreviated way of saying "Little Bunny", since Usagi translates to "Bunny".

In America, Usagi was called "Serena", short for Serenity. "Rini" could be taken as a play off of the name Serena, but in Japanese, "Rini" also means "Little Bunny".

So, Chibiusa and Rini are actually the same girl. Not sisters.

55. Why do you make such weird comments about Helios and Peruru on the Chibiusa's Lovers page? Do you hate them?
No. Not at all, really! I'm just making those comments from Usagi and Mamoru's standpoint. Everyone else looks at them from Chibiusa's point of view, with comments on "Aw, gosh they're so cool!" or "Oh, so fine!" or even "I wish I could be someone's Chibiusa like that..."

I don't see them like that at all. Instead, I'm thinking from a more mature mentality.

Think about it..... no really. Think HARD. Try this exercise with me.

If you're a dude, pretend you're Tuxedo Mask. And if you're a chick, pretend you're Sailor Moon.

You have a pretty young daughter. She's you're "little bunny". ^_^

She's going through puberty...quickly.

It's 2:00 a.m. when suddenly, you hear a noise.

You peer into your daughter's room, only to find out that there's a man with purple tinted hair and a "MAAaaaAAAaaaagic flute". And pretty man-wings. Who wants to see her with lots and lots of "sweets". (Peruru)

And beside your daughter is another man, with a "MaaaaAAAaaaAAgic horn", and he wants to show her his "Pegasus Power" with it. (Helios)

Each of these MEN want to "fly away forever" with your young, pretty daughter, who's going through puberty.

What's going through YOUR mind???

Well? Have I explained this one? How do you like them now? Uh-huh....

56. If Kousagi is Sailor Chibi Moon/Mini Moon's little sister, then why isn't Kousagi known as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, or Sailor Mini Mini Moon, instead of Chibi Chibi?
Well, I think it boils down to a combination of time and ability.

Sailor Chibi Moon/ Sailor Mini Moon as a title, means that she is the next "Sailor Moon", as Tuxedo Mask put it in Act 23 of the manga.

When Chibi Chibi first transformed, her identity was still unknown. The first person to even mention a Sailor Senshi title for her was Eternal Sailor Moon. So Sailor Moon just called her by the first name that popped into her head: Sailor Chibi Chibi (Moon). Sailor because she is one, Chibi Chibi because that is what her name was at the time, and Moon because nobody knew if Chibi Chibi was Sailor Moon's or Sailor Chibi Moon's child yet. (She isn't, but good guess, eh?)

Kousagi did not show up until two years after the end of the Sailormoon series. Officially, Kousagi and her court are STILL without official Senshi titles. Most people call Kousagi "Sailor Parallel Moon", because that's the name of the manga she debuts in. Which makes sense not just for her manga debut, but also because she is a parallel of her mother Usagi, and because Kousagi's story is quite different from the future we were all expecting.

On a side note, some even call Kousagi "Sailor Bunny Moon", because of her outfit.

Pretty much though, whether you talk about Sailor Chibi Moon or Kousagi, it seems that they are both in line to be the "next Sailor Moon". Chibi Chibi's Senshi title could have just been a matter of convenience for Sailor Moon, who in Act 1 of the manga pretty much named herself. There's a scene where she's introducing herself to the enemy, and by knowing she's in a Sailor Suit (ala Sailor V) and seeing Luna nod towards the moon, Usagi puts together the name "Sailor Moon".

UPDATE: As of November 26, 2013, we still have no official Sailor Senshi name for Kousagi or her team. Kodansha lists Kousagi as "Ko-usagi Tsukino" but we still do not have a name for her as a Sailor Senshi.

57. Is Chibi Chibi's North American name Mini Mini?
No. The only name for Chibi Chibi to appear on any officially licensed Sailormoon product for North America was.... Chibi Chibi. And that product line was of course the manga.

The rumor about her name being "Mini Mini" originates from the re-naming of Sailor Chibi Moon for the Cloverway edit of Sailormoon S and Sailormoon SuperS. (Chibi Moon became Mini Moon)

Fearing that North American viewers would not understand the Japanese word "Chibi" (which means small), Cloverway decided to change "Sailor Chibi Moon" to the Austin Powers chic "Sailor Mini Moon". Fans who were not completely outraged, began floating around rumors that if their little hero Sailor Chibi Moon was to be re-named, then surely Chibi Chibi would similarly have to deal with being called Mini Mini. However, there has been no official dub cut of Sailormoon StarS yet, so currently her only non-Senshi name is Chibi Chibi. NOT Mini Mini.

58. Is it true that all Sailormoon baddies come from the Negaverse?
Holy crap! I haven't had to deal with that word in YEARS! Okay, this has a yes/no answer.

First of all, the word "Negaverse" was a term fabricated by DiC in North America, to replace terms such as "Dark Kingdom" and "Black Moon". This is NOT the original name for ANY of the villains, and should not be used in reference to ANY villain that came after the first season, despite the DiC cut. The term was only meant to describe villains from evil or unknown places of origin anyway.

Second, in the end of the StarS manga, it is found out that Queen Metallia, Wiseman, Master Pharaoh 90, and Queen Nehellenia/Nepherenia are all the children of Chaos. So in a way, all of the "main" villains came from the same place, but this does not include villains such as the aliens, movie villains, or any of the mini-manga villains. Nor does this include any villain portrayed in the SuperS specials. Only the main baddies serving under the rule of Chaos's "kids".

So no. Although the main baddies came from Chaos, there is no actual "Negaverse" mentioned anywhere, outside of DiC's 82 episode nightmare and it's subsequent merchandising, meaning that not all villains came from the Negaverse.

However, the official Sailor Moon TCG has a card from the base set with a picture of Queen Beryl and Queen Metallia fused. The card's title is "The Negaforce" and it replaces Queen Beryl in the game, sort of as an evolution. This is as close to a "real" form for the Negaverse/Negaforce as we come, indicating that the "Negaverse" is Queen Metallia. DiC's dumbed down dubbing, blaming all villains on the Negaverse then implies that all villains come from Metallia. This would have meant her parent Chaos would have come from her as well, had DiC kept it's rights through StarS, which would have implied that Metallia is the mother of her own father, a case that could only be explained through time travel and paradoxes, of which she is incapable of! (Outside of Queen Serenity sending her to the 20th century of course.) This is of course an error made by DiC, since all main baddies came from Chaos, and not the other way around, and should be dismissed.

The Negaverse/Negaforce is neither a power, committee nor actual being, it is a term from DiC.

59. Irwin made a Chibi Chibi doll and her name was changed to RiRi?
No. Irwin sadly never made a doll for Chibi Chibi. (That sucks I know.) Any Chibi Chibi doll that bears any resemblance to the 1995-2001 Bandai or Irwin North American Sailor Moon set is bootleg.

Furthermore, the ONLY name she was EVER given in North America was Chibi Chibi, and that so far has only been used for the Mixx/Tokyopop edition of the manga.

The name RiRi was a fan made title, based on Chibiusa's English nickname "Rini". Both are used by fans as the short form of "Serena", though Rini is also Japanese for "little bunny". The name RiRi is like the fan name Pikablu given to the Pokemon Marril in 1999. (The year Kousagi debuted~ Irony!)

Another story exists that Mixx/Tokyopop were going to rename Chibi Chibi RiRi, believing that either DiC or Cloverway would have altered the name when Sailormoon StarS was brought over. However StarS has yet to be dubbed by either company, and Mixx kept Chibi Chibi's Japanese name.

The name RiRi was used on different blogs by scared fans, worried that Chibi Chibi's storyline would have been changed, had she made it to North American television. The fear being that she might have either taken Kousagi's spot as the next child, or had become Rini's child. Both theories are of course untrue, but considering the dubbed anime, I can't blame them. With that said, Chibi Chibi has never yet been renamed officially, and hopefully it will stay that way. There's no RiRi.

In fact, here is the very bootleg site that perpetuates the myths of "RiRi" being Chibiusa's sister!
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

60. Did Queen Beryl send Alan and Ann (Ali and Ein) to Earth?
My 60th
question! A golden achievement for Moon Sisters. ^u^ Okay, in answer to this question,
NO!! This rumor ACTUALLY comes from the DiC dub of Sailormoon R, AND from the North American Sailor Moon book titled: The Return Of Sailor Moon. In both the book and the dubbed version of episode 47 (41 for you dubbies) there exists this line:

Anne: Queen Beryl was right, Earth is just what we need.

The problem with this line, outside of the obvious lack of writing talent from the DiC staff of chain-smoking chimps, is the fact that Queen Beryl NEVER contacted Alan and Ann. She was dead.

Furthermore, I doubt very highly that IF the dead Queen Beryl COULD make a last ditch phone call for help, she wouldn't make a long distance call to a couple of teenaged aliens from 16 galaxies away. The phone bill alone would have killed her, long before Sailor Moon found her way to Beryl.

Also, in the original, Ali/Alan and Ein/Anne never came from the Negaverse, nor did they come from the same territories as Beryl. Beryl served under Queen Metallia, a child of Chaos. Alan, Ann, the Doom Tree, the movie villains, the villains in the specials and possibly Kousagi's enemy are all enemies that were extra, meaning that they were separate from Chaos's "kingdom". The same is said for several of Codename Sailor V's enemies. Not all, but some.

61. Is there any ability used in a DC/Marvel comic that has NEVER been used by a Sailormoon character in the anime or manga?
Invisibility. Although many characters are exceptionally good at hiding or using different dimensions as a cover, not a single monster, villain or Scout has ever used Invisibility in either the anime or manga. Nope, not once. The closest any of them ever got was that some of the villains have used a form of super speed to evade would-be dead on attacks. Flying, time travel, energy beams, use of the elements, and psychic powers however have all been used at one point or another.

62. Mamoru/Darien and Usagi/Serena go to the same school?
No. Although this was implied incorrectly in some of the North American released books by Scholastic and Mixx/Tokyopop, Mamoru goes to a completely different school from Usagi.

Usagi goes to Juban/Crossroads and Mamoru goes to Azabu.

Furthermore, there is a three year age gap between the two, so if they were to ever share a class together (outside of a parenting one), that would either make Usagi smarter than Ami, OR Mamoru dumb as hell. :-P Explains why it took him so long though, eh?

63. Were there ever any characters that were only for the North American version of Sailormoon?
Believe it or not, YES! O_O In the Tokyopop/Mixx/Smile Sailor Moon Novels there are some characters listed that NEVER appear in the anime OR manga. Below is a small list of people who do not exist outside of the North American merchandise or dub, or appear briefly yet are billed as being main characters from the anime. Names listed in
Blue are North America ONLY, and names listed in Purple come from season one characters from the original anime:

Principal Donan, a.k.a Donan the Dreaded ~ Listed in Sailor Moon Novel #2, Melvin, Molly and Serena complain about their evil principal.

Lisa Brownridge ~ Debuting in Sailor Moon Novel #1, Lisa could be a renaming for the tall brown haired girl with freckles from episode 4. Lisa is a classmate at Crossroads Junior High.

Kim Matthews ~ Debuting in Novel #1, Kim is a classmate of Serena's. Although not actually in the corresponding episode to the chapter where she mentions this, Kim mentions in Novel #2 that she was once anorexic, in an unhealthy attempt at becoming thin.
(Listen up ladies and gentleman~ Being magazine thin is unhealthy! EAT SOMETHING!! It's much healthier and cuter to be slightly pudgy than to be able to count your ribs~ Codename Sailor Earth says!) Kim is the renaming of Yumiko, the tall, thin, black haired, blue eyed friend of Usagi and Naru, and often replaces Serena's chubby classmate in chapters based on episodes that featured the chubby girl and not Yumiko.

Rica Kelton ~ Debuting in Novel #1, Rica is another classmate of Serena's.

Tim House ~ Debuting in Novel #1, Tim could be a renaming for Yuuji Kimura, the brown haired, blue eyed boy from episode 2, who tripped Miss Haruna. Tim is one of several boys turned evil by the yoma Baamu, and is described as a geeky good kid.

Mr. Olsen ~ A possible teacher or principal who's window was broken by Melvin in Novel #1. He chases Melvin and some other students turned bad by a yoma. The original teacher he was based on appears briefly in episode 2, but has no name.

Pamela Ooh Sanderson ~ Listed in Novel #2, she replaces the famous model Rie Gotou Usagi and Naru saw on the front of the gym building from episode 4. Pamela is in a TV show called Bayswatch.

Joe Pestone, Bill, Zach, Jill, Tina Marin and June Chin ~ Classmates of Serena's in Novel #1 and #2.

Abby Holland ~ A possible renaming of a classmate of Shingo's in the episode where he breaks Mika's doll.

These characters were probably added to fill out stories with mindless American teenaged babble, in a lame attempt to make Usagi/Serena look as American as possible, the choice was made by people who view quantity over quality when it comes to friends. (It's actually the other way around.) They also provide filler for spots where no superhero action was planned.

Also, in the Cloverway dub of episode 94, Michelle (Michiru) makes comments alluding to her first kiss from her first boyfriend "Brad" the cutest boy in school. This is all well and good except for three things:

1. Michiru has only dated Haruka.
2. She's mostly Gay

Then in episode 107, they decided to add in another boyfriend "Mike". The only Mikes I can find are Maiku (engaged to a woman in Russia) and Mike Makkii (a female villain killed by Minako). Both exist only in the Codename Sailor V manga, and NIETHER even meet Michiru. There's no Mike for Michelle. Baka Cloverway.

64. Some characters live longer in the anime than in the manga. Like how the Dark Moon Sisters live as humans in the anime, when they had died in the manga. But were there any characters brought back to life for the North American version only?
Yes. In the Cloverway version of episode 91 (84 dub) Usagi/Serena asks the Senshi if they can take in some cats she and Mamoru/Darien found with a little girl. Makoto originally says that since she lives alone in an apartment, she can't afford one. However as Lita, she says "I can't take one 'cause my mom's allergic to cats".

Makoto/Lita is an ORPHAN, however since the mere thought of a 14 year old living on her own with her own money is considered "Negative Imitative Behavior" in North America, her mother was brought back to life.

65. Are there any zombies in Sailormoon?
After going through the anime and manga once more, I stumbled upon some main characters who WEREN'T brought back the same as the Senshi, meaning that their rebirth was more of a re-animation. Now of course you already know that the Animamates count as "living dead" by the means of how Galaxia brought them back and by how they can die again, but I'm NOT talking about them!! There ARE 4 potential zombies, who fought against Sailor Moon in season one!

Yep, that's right, the Four Generals! Think about it....
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
O_O!!! OMG NARU-CHAN RUUUUUUUUN!!! That potential lay wants to EAT YOUR BRAINS!
Granted, your brains aren't where he's thinking about at the moment, but ya know. RUUUN!!!

You don't suppose he'd try to eat her brains through her.... ^.^ Watashi wa Ecchi... Gomen Nasai....)

66. Why was Usagi awakened as Sailor Moon instead of Princess Serenity, AND why did she stay a Sailor Senshi after they found out the truth?
Good question. One theory is that perhaps Luna and Artemis had their memories altered on purpose, so that a decoy princess (Sailor Venus) could distract The Dark Kingdom until the real princess (Sailor Moon) was ready to defeat them. Another theory exists that perhaps being a soldier is part of the journey that one must take to become queen. Remember, in the manga, when Usagi became Eternal Sailor Moon, it was said that Eternal Sailor Moon has power second only to that of the queen. However, I do think it's funny that when she was Princess Serenity in her first life, that she had NO powers at all, like how Chibiusa began. Yet when Luna awakened her in her second life, she suddenly had more power and battle savvy than anyone else in the universe! Think about it, she's one out of six Sailor Senshi to survive long enough to stop Chaos in the manga (the others being The Amazoness Quartet and Sailor Cosmos) and one of four to survive long enough to heal Sailor Chaos in the anime! (The other 3 being the Starlights.) Considering her battle skills, I'd say that's pretty good.

67. Are there any Sailor Senshi that DON'T die?
As of April 17, 2008, Sailor Juno, Sailor Vesta, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Ceres, Kousagi, Ami Jr, Rei Jr, Mako and Mina are the only manga Senshi to not die. I would add Sailor Cosmos, but if you've seen
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gifthen you'll know her true identity, and thus know that she must have died and then come back at some point in her universe. Kousagi and the Amazoness Quartet came REAL close to dying, but were all saved last minute. Kousagi by her cat, and the Amazoness Quartet by Sailor Cosmos. In the anime, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker do not die, even though they do in the manga. Everyone else in the series has died at least once. Most of them come back though...

68. Makoto/Lita and Andrew/Motoki got married and had Mako?
Okay, this is where the live action Sailormoon show Pretty Guardian Sailormoon (PGSM) really messes things up.

In the live action show, it's implied that Makoto will get together with Motoki. Now although I REALLY did like that part, this is nowhere in the manga. (Friggin' Reika...) Now it is possible that Motoki might break up with the high maintenance Reika, and there is one panel of the manga where Makoto kisses Motoki's forehead, AND he's one of the ONLY characters in the manga to find out her identity, but it's never mentioned who Mako's father is. Mako, Mina, Ami Jr and Rei Jr each have fathers, but nothing is known about them. I can't say if Motoki is or isn't the father. Wouldn't it be nice if he was though? It would make sense since his family already owns solid business real estate (Crown Arcade... Crown Parlor...) and Makoto in Parallel Sailormoon does own her own bakery and floral shop.... HmmmMMMmmmmmm.... ^u^

69. Is Asanuma Mako's father?
Read question 68, and just replace everything I just wrote about Motoki with Asanuma, minus Reika and the family business.

70. Ikuko's eyes in the manga are red. Rini's eyes are red. Are they inbred?
My 70th question! I'm doing well, eh? (Knocks wood.) To the best of my knowledge, NO. Although it is strange that red eyes are a genetic trait in that family. Hmm...

71. Sailor Neptune is the re-incarnation of Sailor Mercury?

Oh my I haven't heard this one in YEARS. Okay, the answer is NO. Although Sailor Mercury did die in episode 45, she came back to life as HERSELF in episode 46. Michiru Kaioh and Ami Mizuno are two different Sailor Senshi. Hell, they don't even look alike.

72. Cartoon Network is gonna air Sailor Moon on June 4th!

Ah, hmm. Okay, I was hoping I wouldn't have to touch on this, but okay. The answer as of September 25, 2008 is no. Cartoon Network did air Sailor Moon on June 4th… of 1997. There's a really great site that unfortunately hasn't updated since 2000 that still has the old news up. So I'm sorry to tell you, you missed it.

73. The Moonlight Knight is Tuxedo Mask's younger brother, and he's gonna get with Usagi and have Kousagi instead of Chibiusa?


First of all, the Moonlight Knight was the anime part of Mamoru that wanted to protect Sailor Moon at all costs. He's the half of Mamoru's soul that's really nice and is good with kids. Essentially, Moonlight Knight and Mamoru are one and the same. Moonlight Knight was only able to split away from Mamoru for a short time, and re-fused with Mamoru permanently after the fight with the Doom Tree.

Second, Moonlight Knight/Tuxedo Mask/Endymion/Mamoru have BOTH Chibiusa AND Kousagi. Not one OR the other. Duh.


So of course they aren't brothers.

74. Chibi Chibi has a mom with red hair, and she's the queen of another land?

Ah, no. Where did you get that from? In the anime, she is Galaxia's Starseed. Galaxia has red and gold hair, but as yet she doesn't qualify as Chibi Chibi's mom, since Chibi Chibi's a part of her. (LIKE HER HEART!!)

In the manga, Chibi Chibi is Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Cosmos is Sailor Moon's alternate universe self! That means that Ikuko is her mom, and so far, Ikuko doesn't have red hair. Pink yes, red? No. Her other mother would have been Queen Serenity, who has light hair.
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif

75. Chibi Chibi lives in Elysion?

J Lookie, I made a smiley!

Elysion? WTF? Chibi Chibi lived on EARTH not Elysion. Nobody went back to Elysion after SuperS wrapped up. It's implied that Chibiusa might go back one day, but not Chibi Chibi.

76. Seiya gets together with Sailor Cosmos/Adult Chibi Chibi?

WHAAAAAAT??? Where did you get the-oops. Crap. You got that from the pic in my gallery, didn't you? Dude, it's just a pic. NO.

77. In episode 201, Usagi starts having second thoughts about marrying Mamoru, because she's in love with Seiya, but then they find Mamoru's long lost baby brother, who's Moonlight Knight, and he's really nice to the Sailor Senshi, but he hates Mamoru and wants him dead, and then Jadeite comes back with Titus, and Titus becomes queen of the Negaverse!

O_o What the fuck??? Oh my God, I've actually gotten this email from nine different people, some with an eBay link!

Okay, here we go.

*1. There is NO episode 201. At all. Many people over the years have written scripts and Fanfics for a "new season" of Sailormoon, but these are all FAN-MADE ONLY. There IS a Sailormoon tape/DVD set of "new" episodes, but sadly, it's fan-made. It goes under many titles, including Sailormoon Nexus, Sailormoon Universe, Sailormoon RR, Sailormoon SMRR, Sailormoon B and I've even seen Sailormoon the next generation. Unfortunately, it's all fan-made. Also, the fan-made tape/DVD is based on an OLD fan fiction from 1997.

*2. Usagi was NEVER in love with Seiya. She had a feeling close to a crush on HER in one or two episodes, but then kept reminding Seiya that SHE LOVES MAMORU.

*3. Moonlight Knight is actually the part of Mamoru's spirit that wants to protect Usagi. NOBODY else is Moonlight Knight. EVER.

*4. Mamoru is an only child. Furthermore, he can't have any younger siblings because he was orphaned when he was 6.

*5. Titus/Thetis was killed by Sailor Moon's tiara in episode 12. She disintegrated. She ain't coming back.

*6. Jadeite was frozen in the anime in Eternal Sleep by Queen Beryl. His body was disposed of. In the manga, Sailor Mars set him ablaze. He ain't coming back. At all. His soul resides in a stone that Mamoru has.

*7. After Beryl and Metallia, there is NO queen of the Negaverse. Wicked Lady and Emerald do not count.

78. Motoki is Tuxedo Mask or his brother!
Nope. Motoki has no powers what so ever, and is of NO relation to Mamoru. Not that Usagi didn't guess, but…

79. If Usagi becomes Neo Queen Serenity and is the ruler of Earth, than does that mean she was too lazy to rebuild the Moon Kingdom and also become queen of the Moon?
Actually, in the manga parts of the Moon Kingdom do come back!

After the fight with Metallia, Usagi and Mamoru meet up with Luna and Artemis on the moon. They find that the castle is mostly back to normal, only uninhabited. (Except by Queen Serenity's essence.)

Next, in the StarS manga, Neo Queen Serenity tells Chibiusa that she will begin training on the moon. So in a small way, the kingdom is back!

80. If there's no air on the moon, shouldn't the Senshi have died when they went up there?
O_O; Perhaps because of the power held inside the main cast, they can survive? Magical DNA…

81. If Sailor Cosmos is the alternate universe Usagi, than does that mean that in the Parallel Sailor Moon manga, the Usagi we see is actually Sailor Cosmos?
Nope. The Usagi you see in Parallel Sailormoon is the same crybaby klutz we all know and love in the main series. Sailor Cosmos comes from yet another future dimension. Technically, 30th Century Crystal Tokyo counts as an alternate universe from the main series.

82. Could Sailor Cosmos be Sailor Sun? If u look at her forehead, she has a sun on it.
Nope. Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Sun. See WAY above.

83. Are you SURE that Rini is not Chibi Chibi's mom? They both do the umbrella thing. Could Rini as Black Lady have had Chibi Chibi with Rubeus?

Rini is NOT Chibi Chibi's mom. And although in the anime Chibi Chibi has red hair, she is NOT Rubeus's child.

Rubeus hated Chibiusa, and tried to kill her. He never wanted to be close to her in ANY form, especially not to sleep with her.

Chibi Chibi in the anime is Galaxia's Starseed.

Chibi Chibi in the manga is Sailor Cosmos.

Sailor Cosmos is the alternate future universe form of Sailor Moon.

So genetically, Chibiusa/Rini is Chibi Chibi's blood daughter from an alternate universe.

Same goes for Kousagi.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif

84. Just as Cosmos is Usagi's A.U. form, does that mean that Cere Cere is Rini's A.U. self?
Nope. They look alike, but are NOT related. Just as Venus and Moon are NOT related.

85. The reason why Helios left at the end of SuperS, is because he knocked up Chibiusa with Chibios, and they broke up because she wants to go to 30th Century and have an abortion?

O_O Holy crap where did you get that from???

First of all, Chibiusa is NOT pregnant. Don't you think Cartoon Network would have cancelled the series several episodes earlier if she was?

Second, Helios and Chibiusa NEVER broke up. They will one day meet up again.

Third, as of February 18th 2010, there is no Chibios.

And fourth, Sailormoon is one of the few series out there that has yet to even mention abortion. Nope, not in one panel, not in one episode, hell not even in the live action series. (I checked.) Not even in Sera Myu.

86. Mamoru is the father of the other Parallel Senshi?
You took a joke I made in the Gallery WAY too seriously. He's only Chibiusa and Kousagi's father. Sorry about that.

87. Sailor Iron Mouse goes to school with Chibiusa?
Although the two are supposed to be the same height, no. Sailor Iron Mouse is out of school, and has never met Chibiusa.

88. Sailor Moon breaks up with Mamoru because he molests Chibiusa?



First of all, NO!!! There is one issue of the manga, where Usagi screams at Mamoru for spending so much time with their daughter, but aside from that she has never dumped him.

Second, this rumor comes from a Hentai site. And not a very good one either.

Third there is NO instance where Mamoru molests either of his daughters. Chibiusa has kissed him before, and even controlled him in the manga as Black Lady, but there is no implication of anything going further than that.

And WHY would you want to see that EW!!! She's his
DAUGHTER you dummy!!

89. Sailormoon was ALWAYS intended for kids, because there's a toy line, and adult shows should ALWAYS be censored for children, and you're just trying to troll and pervert the minds of innocent girls like Chibiusa, Hotaru, Kousagi and Chibi Chibi. Furthermore, ALL TV shows had better be edited down, in case someone leaves their child alone with the remote, OR ELSE!!

NOTE: Ladies and gentlemen, this is an ACTUAL email I got. I would pot the person's email address here, but that would give them too much publicity. Besides, it was shut down back in 2011 after it was reported by several more Sailormoon fans for trolling.

First of all, you're a dumbass if you said that with all honesty.

Second, despite the toy line, Sailormoon was initially aimed at an adult audience. Naoko Takeuchi even pointed out that she tried to draw Usagi to appear more sexy to a male audience.

Family Guy, South Park and The Simpsons also have toy lines. With all of the sex jokes and foul language in those shows, would you want your kids watching them?

Third, anyone who believes that ALL shows should be mangled for a 4 year old, ought to be taken out back and flogged relentlessly, until he/she quits being stupid.

Not all of us are perpetual babysitters, and if you're too stupid to monitor what your kids are watching, then that's YOUR problem. Sailormoon is best UNCENSORED. Case closed. End of story.

For more information please click on Usagi:

90. Yaten sired Diana?
OMG my 90th question!! Keep 'em coming Minna!

In answer to the question, no. Although Luna (anime only) bathed with Yaten, Yaten is a GIRL and ergo has NO SPERM. So even if anything did happen between them, Yaten can't father ANYONE.

Therefore, Artemis is Diana's father.

91. Mamoru is Diana's father?
Ah no. I don't think Luna even likes him that much. Artemis, remember him?

92. Chibiusa has dated Artemis as a human and Yaten because they have white hair like Helios?
About Artemis, stop taking everything I post in the Gallery so seriously.
About Yaten, THEY NEVER MET!!

93. Artemis fathered Minako's daughter!?
The Gallery again. You took it seriously?

Truth be told though, there is no word on Mina's father's identity so…

94. The Four Generals fathered the Parallel Senshi?
Really? That's a good talent for a bunch of dead guys.

All kidding aside, technically the answer is no. But then?

95. There's a character in Gen 13 that is Chibiusa's Great grandchild?
Well… No. But lemme explain.

Gen 13 does have a character that looks EXACTLY like Chibiusa. She's in the background to one issue, and whomever gets me this comic gets a huge thank you if ya do! Also there's an issue that pokes fun at Sailor Moon, but I can't find it yet. ^.^; It's called "Magical Drama Queen Roxy" and follows the Sailor Suited misadventures of Roxy, friend to Fairchild.

In any case, the characters are NOT related to Chibiusa. Gomen…

Are the movies cannon? And if so where do they fit?
Technically you could count the movies with just a hint of creative thinking:

Sailormoon R movie fits in during episode 88, as noted by Chibiusa's tiny references to Usagi being not just her own mother, but sort of a mother figure to everyone else. The movie could start right after they return from Crystal Tokyo, but right before Chibiusa leaves for home.

Sailormoon S movie fits in anytime before Chibiusa's heart crystal is stolen, either right before or right after episode 122. However the Princess Kaguya manga this story was spun off from takes place directly after Sailormoon S, since it's noted that Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna haven't seen the others in a while.

Sailormoon SuperS movie fits in between episodes 166 and 167, since Helios is nowhere to be found, but the Sailor Senshi already have the power he's granted him, and Chibi Moon is now strong enough to perform Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Also, it's right before the Outers gain their new power from Hotaru, and since there's no anime comment from any Inner Senshi about Pluto's resurrection, it's a safe bet that this could fit in seamlessly before episodes 167 and 168. At that point, nobody asked if Pluto was alive or just a spirit, since Chibi Moon's having been abducted was a higher priority.

97. Makoto/Lita is one year older than the other Senshi, that's why she's so tall.
This rumor actually is DiC's fault! A number of years ago, I got this trading card:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: DiCCard-1.jpg
Now this really pisses me off. Not only does this mess up one of my favorite Sailor Senshi, but it makes tall girls out to be SUPER stupid. We see Makoto in the SAME CLASS as Usagi!! If Makoto really is that much older, then this implies that she was left back a year, quite possibly for fighting with the way DiC dubbed this mess.

Outside of the trading cards however, Makoto/Lita is listed in all other forms of merchandise as being the SAME AGE as Usagi. The anime NEVER makes any further mention on the topic, so to answer the question, NO. Makoto/Lita is the same age as Usagi. She is NOT one year older.

98. DiC dubbed StarS!!
Once again, DiC threw you guys a curveball. Let me explain.

BEFORE finishing the dub of the movies, DiC obtained several images from S, SuperS and StarS, and used them in trading cards, calendars and other forms of media in the US until 2004.
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: DiCCard-2.jpgDescription: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: DiCCard-3.jpg
However, Cloverway had already gotten the rights to SailormoonS and SuperS, airing the two series on Cartoon Network by 2000, so why DiC would try to garner interest into a series they had lost the rights to is a mystery.

Irwin toys had also made attempts to garner interest in hopes of producing a StarS toy line:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: IrwinAd1.jpgDescription: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: IrwinAd2.jpg

But neither DiC, Cloverway, Irwin, Program Exchange (who helped bring the final 18 episodes of R) or Optimum (who helped DiC and Cloverway dub) would obtain StarS, and the licenses to the anime expired in America between 2004 and 2005.

So the answer is NO. There is NO official dub of Sailormoon StarS as of June 30th 2010.

UPDATE: Viz Media announced in May of 2014 an official dub of StarS. As of April 2016, all of the Sailor StarS cast have appeared on Hulu uncensored in the United States. An official English dub for Sailor StarS is in development.

99. Seiya is a MAN, and everyone who says Seiya is a girl while transformed is a Doody Head.
Really? So Sailormoon creator is a Doody Head?? Believe it or not the person who emailed me this question was over 30 at the time and in "good" mental health! Go figure.

But getting back to the question, in both the anime and in the manga it's made VERY CLEAR that Seiya was born a GIRL. If you watch her transformations you can clearly see that nothing "male" is drawn in below the waist.

AND BEFORE YOU GET ON ME ABOUT STANDARDS AND PRACTICES: Even Mamoru, Hawks-eye, Tiger's-eye and Helios had a slight "nubbin" drawn in during the rare times they were seen nude or close to nude. There are screencaps of a few of the bulges in the Disturbing Facts and Quirkalicious Galleries, take a look.

Seiya doesn't even start considering herself as a male until halfway through StarS, and even then it's ONLY in the anime, so it doesn't even count.

All of the Starlights are GIRLS. End of discussion.

Now who's a Doody Head?

100. Why didn't Chibiusa fade away right after Galaxia took Mamoru's Starseed in the StarS manga?

I would like to thank the academy and *Re-reads question* Holy shit it's an INTELLIGENT question too!! *WOOOOOT*

Ahem, well to start off, let me post the exact page from Act 56 of the original manga. It's the Tokyopop edition I know, but it's in English so hush up:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: losinglivesinthepast.png
Now right here, you can see that Chibiusa knows her father has lost his life.


Galaxia kept his body alive, right until Act 59, where she pushed him into the Cauldron and Chibi Moon really did disappear.

Now a lot of people confuse soul and body. Let me make this very clear.

Mamoru's soul had left his body, as soon as his Starseed was taken. He dispersed, but Galaxia re-animated his body later. He was legitimately GONE spiritually until Act 60.

Physically though, his body was ALIVE and well.

Bottom line? Your soul is NOT what gets a Senshi pregnant.

Your body on the other hand…
(P.S. They don't make soul condoms. Sorry.)

101. If Sailor Moon died, would Chibiusa take over as Sailor Moon?
Yes. In Act 25 of the manga, Tuxedo Mask says that Chibiusa is the "next" Sailor Moon, hence where she is dubbed Sailor CHIBI Moon. Alternately Kousagi would also be considered the "next" Sailor Moon, should Chibiusa die as well, heirless.

When you are a Sailor Senshi, your Senshi name is not only your tie to your Starseed's home world, it's also a title that can be passed down to the next of kin. If Rei dies for good, Rei Jr is the new Sailor Mars. And so on and so forth for each Sailor Senshi.

On his wedding day, Mamoru mentions that there will be a day when all of the current Senshi die out for good, and new Senshi will take their places ~ which is a SUPER morbid thought for a man on his wedding day, who not only got laid the night before but has married the ultimate Sailor Senshi, so what the hell??

But anyway, to answer the question, yes.

Now excuse me while I cry over episode 196 again.

102. Why does almost everyone hate Rini/Chibiusa so much, to the point where there are hate shrines online devoted to her ugly demise?
Well, to understand at least some of the hate, we have to go back to the beginning.

Right from the start, Naoko Takeuchi wrote and drew out the character that would become Chibiusa Tsukino, and even in early development, Naoko even disliked her, calling her a precocious brat. (OUCH!!) The initial design was for Chibiusa to be a less than likeable tot, and for the most part, it was a success. Eventually, Naoko did grow to love the girl, so it all works out somewhere. ^^;

In Japan, Chibiusa really wasn't very popular, until after her identity as Usagi and Mamoru's daughter was revealed. It's right about here that the writing for her character in both the manga and anime got better, because now we could all see that she was only acting like a brat because she was scared for her mom. (Awwwwww!)

The animators though still hated her! Some complained that they hated her red eyes, while others complained about drawing in "all that hair". So as some sort of way to ease tension, the Toei writers killed or abused her every chance they got! O_o

There's a spot on Quirkalicious where I list most of the abuse. It's not a complete list of ways they've tried to maim the tiny princess, but it's a big list none the less. In the manga, she only dies twice, and the abuse is understandable. But in the anime? YEESH! Before StarS even began, she had been electrocuted, shot, killed, beaten, spanked, hit by a car, set on fire, put out of existence, frozen not just solid but in time itself, and even had her Heart Crystal swallowed whole!

But for the most part I blame DiC for the many hate pages that sprouted up between 1995-2001. When Chibiusa was introduced to American audiences as "Rini" DiC gave her one of the top 5 worst actresses of all time. That hideous voice made her really irritating. Then came the editors, who decided to take out the first time she tried to kill Usagi, but then replace every other word she says with something really annoying. The DiC writers added in all kinds of insulting lines for Rini to spew out at Serena, and often times plot elements of Sailormoon R episodes were dropped in favor of showcasing Rini as a "street smart" mouthed brat.

Example? There's an episode where she tells Mamoru that something he says sounds "a little funny" to her. "That sounds funny." is the line. DiC changed it to "That's Silly Willy!" and then added in this GAWD awful laugh. I'm not kidding. Some people even blamed Rini's character as the death of Sailormoon when the series ceased having new episodes for a year in 1996, was bounced from syndication, dropped from USA then bounced from syndication AGAIN, and then when not another episode was dubbed from 1997 until 2000, barring the movies.

And OH the movies. The brat voice REALLY didn't ease up. And even with cute lines thrown in where Rini acknowledges Serena as her mother, fans were still in a rage.

Soon after Tokyopop/Mixx released the manga stateside, a few fans began to lighten up, once it became clear that the manga Chibiusa was nowhere near as bratty as her DiC counterpart.

Soon after, Cloverway fixed the Rini issue by picking one of the cutest voices ever. (Actress Stephanie Beard a.k.a. "Sugar BayBee" she's just so adorable ♥) Plus they restored most of Chibiusa's original dialogue, making her seem sweet and pure, instead of dropkick worthy.

At first, I wasn't a Rini fan myself, but after I got the manga, and started watching the last 17 episodes of Sailormoon R I found Chibiusa to be quite charming. Moon Sisters' first year though, I got a TON of flack from people who only saw the DiC version, but since then things have been peaceful.

103. Parallel Sailormoon took place in July 1999? That means that Usagi was a little girl when she had Chibiusa! I read it on Genvid!! PSM is fake, I can't count this story as real, and your birth year for Kousagi is STUPID!!

If I had a dollar for every time I answered an email like this, I could afford to make my own Sailormoon anime.

Okay, let's break this down.
1. July 1999 is when Naoko Takeuchi wrote the story. That is NOT when it takes place.
2. Parallel Sailormoon takes place 15 years after StarS, hence "our timeline's" Chibiusa only being 15 years old. Since StarS ends in 1997, this puts the story in the year 2012.
3. I know the people at Genvid mean well, but they've posted some wild stories before. In 2004 they claimed that Ace Kaitou and Mamoru were either the same man in the reprint manga or related. He's neither. Worse? They meant it as a joke, but everyone took it seriously.
4. Parallel Sailormoon is NOT fake. It was drawn by the same woman who gave us Sailormoon and Codename Sailor V.
5. Parallel Sailormoon's existence is permanent. Get over it.
6. Math is not stupid, flaming is.

104. Ace Kaitou and Mamoru are the same guy, and Mamoru ditched Minako for Usagi!

Ah… no. Ace is not related to Mamoru. And Mamoru never liked Minako, nor did he ever meet her until WAY after knowing Sailor Moon.

Ace was also from Sailor V's original planet, Venus. Mamoru in all of his lives is from Earth.

For more on Ace, scroll to his section here: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

105. Chibi Chibi is Rei and Mamoru's daughter from before he dated Usagi, and Rei does Chibi Chibi's hair like her friend to pay homage.
O_O Oh my God. This rumor was around in 1997! To save time, click here: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gifAlthough there are a few manga pics where Rei has red hair, she's NOT Chibi Chibi's mom.

106. Diana and Peruru/Helios are boyfriend and girlfriend?

Ah no. Though I made a few pics for the Gallery that may make it look like that, that's really just my Fanart. I don't think Peruru or Helios like Diana in that way.

107. Naru's daughter is Chibi Chibi, and either Nephrite fathered her before he died (which is why she's mostly absent from R, S and SuperS) or Umino fathered her.
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif← Can you see the Chibi Chibi icon? Click on it. She's not Naru's.

108. Sailor Cosmos and Kousagi can't exist because they are from other dimensions and other dimensions don't exist.

You understand this is a comic book, right?

Scientists today believe first and foremost that for every action you make, there is an alternate universe for it.

Let's pretend for a moment that you sneeze today. There might be an alternate universe where you never sneeze, and one where you sneeze because you are sick. The possibilities are endless.

There are other dimensions in Sailormoon just as there could be in reality.

Besides, if other universes don't exist, then how do you explain this?
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:← Usagi would probably tell you that they DO exist in the Sailormoon series.

109. Chibiusa is only 13 in SuperS. But she's 6 in Sailormoon R, right? So why is she 15 in Parallel Sailormoon, did you goof?

Ah here we go again. Yet another thing DiC screwed up.

In the 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon, DiC's team incorrectly lists "Rini" as being 6 years old. Many magazines erroneously printed this as her age between R-SuperS, despite the fact that in R she's in Kindergarten, and in S she's in the 2nd grade.

Now the original anime (and even in the edited anime) 30th Century Chibiusa/Rini's age is NEVER stated.

But in the manga, King Endymion tells Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Mask that Chibiusa is over 900 years old.

In the Tanabata story of Chibiusa's Diary (also manga) she turns 902.

She then turns 903 between SuperS and StarS. At the end of StarS, she returns to the 30th Century.

Same issue, Usagi learns that she is pregnant with her timeline's Chibiusa.

15 years later, The Chibiusa Usagi was pregnant with appears as a 9th grader in Parallel Sailormoon.

110. Kousagi can't exist because when we saw the future in episode 83 of the old anime, she wasn't there!

Neither were Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, Taiki, Yaten, Seiya or Diana. Are we saying they don't exist too??

What part of time is in a constant state of change did you miss?? I cover this with questions 100, 8 and 18, but what the hell. Once again.

In the Snow Princess Kaguya manga, Minako explains that time is in a constant state of change. A lot of it is because of Chibiusa's time hopping.

If Haruka and the rest now permanently exist due to the changes in time, then so do the Parallel Senshi. Forever.

111. Kousagi is from a PARALLEL universe, so that means she can't ever exist and you're STOOPIDS for saying otherwise!

Did you not even TRY to read the rest of this page? Usagi-chan, can you handle this for me?
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

Naoko Takeuchi drew Kousagi. She created Sailormoon.

If she's grown-up enough to have dealt with Kousagi since 1999, I would hope to God you could too.

Kousagi is permanently cannon. Forever. She will always exist.

Now get a life.

112. If they re-dub Sailormoon, will they keep the DiC tracks?

Probably not. You see, DiC was bought out by a company called "The Cookie Jar" a while ago, so it is unclear if either Toei or the Cookie Jar own the rights to the Andy Heyward written tracks. As of August 31, 2011, it remains to be seen if Toei even wants those tracks used again.

Since the last two seasons of Sailormoon (S and SuperS) were redone by Cloverway (owned by Toei) and they stuck to the original tracks, it would be SMART of them to use the totally fine, absolutely acceptable Japanese tracks, in lieu of the 90's pop DiC tracks.

UPDATE: Viz Media has redubbed the anime, sans DiC tracks.

113. If they re-dub Sailormoon, will they keep the original voice actors?

I doubt it. The last episode of Sailormoon SuperS was dubbed in 2000. The movies were distributed in 1999. Even back then a few of the actors (aged 30 and beyond) were getting tired of playing 14-16 year olds, though some now deny it.

One of the youngest actresses back then was pushing 30. Do you really think that nearing 40 that lady wants to voice Chibiusa again?

UPDATE: Viz Media hired their own actors for the 2014 redub.

114. One day I wish she [Naoko Takeuchi] would answer questions that boggle the mind. Like, who exactly IS Sailor Cosmos? Is she from an alternate future, the actual future, etc. It seems clear that she is "The future Sailor Moon" as Takeuchi has stated, but does that truly mean she is Usagi, and which future is it?

Sailor Cosmos is Usagi from an alternate, future universe. In her timeline, she ran away from the final fight with Chaos, and as a result, everyone and everything died. All that was left were Chaos, Cosmos and an empty universe.


She spent an untold amount of time (probably more than a year) running, before she went back through time herself to fix things. In doing so, she wound up in an alternate universe from her own, "ours" if you will. In order to lower everyone's suspicions, she disguises herself as the most innocent thing she can think of, a baby. (Chibi Chibi)


Later when Usagi is reborn in the Cauldron, she's given a choice.

Option A. Start a new life altogether with everyone.

Option B. Continue as she was.


Usagi chooses option B.


As you'll see in the Sailormoon R manga, King Endymion states that Usagi married at age 21, and had Chibiusa at age 22. If "our" timeline's Usagi had taken Option A, this is where she would have gone.


But throughout the end of the Dark Kingdom saga and several more points in the series, "our" timeline's Usagi doesn't want the throne. That doesn't mean she'll "never" become queen, it means that she wants the life she's used to. (Being a Senshi, tons of friends, etc.)


Our Usagi chooses Option B. Thus she marries Mamoru at the end of Stars (at age 16 instead of 21) and she finds out at the wedding that she's already pregnant with Chibiusa. (She will be 17 when Chibiusa is born, instead of 22. They share the same birthday.) This is where Parallel Sailormoon fits in just perfectly.

115. {In Parallel Sailormoon} It said "In July 1999, in a certain city, in a certain dimension," etc., so I thought that was when the story took place. So that's just when it was written?

Yes. The story was written in July of 1999 and published in September of that year in the Materials Collection artbook. Originally it was a story written for the year of the Rabbit (in Chinese astrology) and it takes place 15 years after Stars.

Parallel Sailormoon does NOT take place in 1999.

If it did, Stars (which takes place in 1996-97) would look VERY weird. One of two things would have happened here. Either…

A) The Sailor Senshi would be over 30 yet still in high school. Or……………
B) The Sailor Senshi would be a bunch of bruised and boo-booed adolescents, having had daughters WAY before puberty, which would be nearly impossible to do.

Also, it would make their families' very sad.

116. I just got the last Tokyopop StarS manga from eBay. Usagi/Bunny/Serena marries Mamoru/Darien right after Galaxia dies. And she's pregnant!? OMG is Sailormoon supporting teen pregnancy???

O_O Ah… um… Well…err…………………………………………….

117. I read a scanlation from the Materials Collection artbook that says Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion is a parent. Is this true? And who are her children?

It's true that it says that, but no place in the actual manga does it state anything about her child or children. Some fans take this to mean that she looks upon the soul butterflies as her "children" but of course that makes zero sense, as those "butterflies" are the souls of the dead, just on their way to the Cauldron.

Other fans dismiss this line as yet another idea that either Naoko, her editor Osabu (Osa-P) or someone at Kodansha forgot about or nixed. In truth, we may never know.

118. Yo! Codename Sailor Earth!! How come some questions you answer angry and others you don't?

It's all in how an email is written. You see the questions I post are cut out from the emails I receive. (And I do sometimes get the same question from more than one Moonie.) The rest of the email influences my response, greatly.

A lot of my negative posts are based on emails like this:

"Hey STOOPID! Ur dumb bitch who should die. Why? Cause you said Kousagi wuz born in 2000-something. DUMMY! Story in 1999" ~ Mr. Mark 8890

Or this:

"Dearest CNSE,
         It has come to my attention that you have no idea what is going on and you clearly cannot read Japanese. My name is Janice, and I know better than you. True, I never finished reading the manga, and I stopped watching the anime after they brought in Sailor Uranus, but even though I am only 19 I KNOW I know better than you, because I read a joke on that states that Kousagi's story takes place in 1999, meaning that Usagi gave birth to her in 1991. Same with Ko-Mina, Ko-Rei, Ko-Ami and Ko-Mako and their mothers. This also means that Usagi must have been 11 years old upon her daughter's birth, and around 4 when Chibiusa was born, unless this is future Chibiusa and her real birth is in limbo due to Usagi being a toddler when she should have been born. This also means that Mamoru must have impregnated her the day they met, which is not unimaginable, since in the Sailormoon R movie they met when she was 3. Or it means that neither daughter exists, and you have disrespected the community by posting this horrid misinformation.

Please correct this information. I've already told everyone at the Wiki I edit that is the closest thing to an official site because fans actually READ my articles, that if you do not stop I will be posting about you on my Wiki Blacklist. Because at age 19 I am that much more adult than you will ever hope to be.

Please do not lie and say I was flaming you, this is me helping you.
PS. If Moon sisters is too much for you to handle, I'll gladly take over control of the page, whenever you want."

Can you see just how rude and VERY stupid these morons are? Imagine fielding about five of "Janice" and 12 of "Mr. Mark 8890" A DAY. Every single day. On ALL of my accounts. Yes, even MySpace.

Now, if you'd like me to post the answer to your question in a polite, adult fashion, all you ever have to type is this:

"Dear Codename Sailor Earth,
         I heard that Usagi was 4 when she had Chibiusa. Is that true?

See how short that was? You can even save yourself time by skipping the "Dear CSE" line if you wish. ^_^ Then all I have to do is answer you like this:

"That's just a rumor from 2002. Usagi was 17 when Chibiusa was born and 25 when she had Kousagi. July 1999 is only when PSM was written. That's NOT when it takes place."

See how easy?

Remember, DON'T be a know it all, DON'T be a waste-of-life Bully.

Just be NICE.

Also, you can address me as "Codename Sailor Earth" or "CSE". Only anti-Sailor-V fans (read: hateful stalker Trolls) call me "CNSE".

119. Hey, you've been picking at Genvid. Do you hate them?

Nope! But I have noticed that they don't always finish their research, they've posted jokes in the same areas as "facts" and on their forums, I've been called a bunch of moronic names. Why? Because I actually READ the WHOLE manga, and they clearly did not. Jealous much?

But the owners of the site do not call me names, and just want to make people happy. Really that's all.

120. Are these pictures real?
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
WOW!! Holy shit that is amazing. Look at the detail!! GOD I wish I could draw something like this myself.

Oh but you're not going to like my answer.

The answer is "no".

Can you see the signature on these pictures? That is the signature of Marco Albiero. Who is he? One of the COOLEST anime artists ever born, that's who!!

He started publishing comics at just 16 years of age, and can draw ANYTHING you can imagine. Whatever he sees in front of him or in his head, KABLAM and it's on paper. He is THAT awesome. He's done countless Fanart pieces for all kinds of video game and anime titles.

But this is not the end of the story.

Toei Animation saw the above Fanart, and have since commissioned him to draw official art for the Italian re-release of Sailormoon. His artwork is now (as of 2011) coming to the US in the form of Wall Scrolls, T-shirts, cards and more!

So are the above art pieces are NOT official. But look what IS:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: F:\The Good Shit\Sailormoon Stock Photos\Sailormoon2010\wcbb0o.jpg
Why is Ami's hair green?

121. Is Sailor Luna a real Senshi?

Although Naoko Takeuchi drew a few pictures of Sailor Luna, the character only exists in the live-action (and don't believe the hype, it's not very good) PGSM series.

Outside of a few random short pictures in the reprint manga, Luna is NOT a Sailor Senshi in the manga or anime.

Toei thought she would be a "cute" replacement for Chibiusa, since they hated Chibiusa and they also hated Mamoru. More than half of PGSM was just the writing team trying to keep Chibiusa and Kousagi out of existence, by splitting up Usagi and Mamoru. (Ah but in the final act, we see that they failed. MWAHAHAHA!!) Not one of these geniuses thought about how odd it is for ADULT Luna to turn into CHILD "Sailor Luna". (Perhaps they were trying to copy Chibi Chibi/Cosmos as well?)

The closest thing we see to a Mau Senshi is Sailor Tin Nyanko.

Furthermore, Luna doesn't have a Sailor Crystal or her planet's Starseed. Thus she doesn't count.

122. We see Usagi at the arcade a lot. Does she own any home consoles?

Yes she does! ^_^ Naoko Takeuchi has drawn Usagi playing with a Gameboy, and Usagi and Shingo share a console, though whether it's a Sega Genesis or a Super Famicom is a little hard to tell. (It's a small panel.)

In episode 64, Shingo is seen playing a Sailor Moon game on Super Famicom:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: F:\The Good Shit\Gallery2\ShingoFamicom.jpg

In the Codename Sailor V manga, Minako's family owns a console as well. It's part virtual reality, part Colecovision and part Atari.

UPDATE: In Sailor Moon Crystal, Usagi also has a Sony PSP.

123. So why did Cartoon Network cancel Sailormoon?
^_^ (This was asked by a good friend.)

So to understand why Sailormoon was yoinked from Cartoon Network, we have to go back in time.

1997 Cartoon Network brought Sailormoon to the Toonami block. It was the only show on the entire channel that featured a mostly female cast in STRONG roles. (Powerpuff Girls wouldn't have their own show for another year.) It was also one of the few non-Hanna/Barberra or "What a Cartoon" shows with the prospect of new episodes. (The other two were DBZ and a year later Reboot.)

Now in 1998, DiC (via Optimum and The Program Exchange) finally finished dubbing and editing the last episodes of Sailormoon R. Until this point, Sailormoon had been in storyline limbo, ending at a cliffhanger at 65 edited-to-hell episodes. The final 18 episodes closed out the second season's plotlines, BUT it also paved the way for season three.

Here's where trouble starts.

Now despite the toyline, Sailormoon was originally for ADULTS. Sure it lacked specific words beyond "Damn, Hell" and the like, but the violence, nudity and jokes of the series were aimed at teens and adults. The manga being very gory and sexual. (Toei Animation is run by creepy perverts. They made the series TV-14, but aimed a kids and baby toyline. EEk.)

While Sailormoon and Sailormoon R were deemed "censorable" by the then Disney owned DiC, Sailormoon S pushed the limit. Each episode deals with enemies ripping out peoples' hearts (in the form of heart crystals), death, zombies, guns, needles and of course, the lesbian couple Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg!!

Now DiC was losing rights to Sailormoon, and just before they did, they released all three Sailormoon movies. Cartoon Network would not start airing them until right after DiC lost their deal with Toei. Then in 2000, a new company called Cloverway (owned by Toei Animation) produced seasons 3 and 4. (S and SuperS)

Cartoon Network had more than a few problems. Although Cloverway had censored the two seasons, Cartoon Network wanted them to censor more. So the series was delayed a while, and two episodes were yoinked briefly, so that Cartoon Network could re-re-edit the seasons.

They got around the lesbian issue by claiming that Uranus and Neptune were just "touchy feely cousins". (EEEEEW!! Sailor Jerry Springer?)

Halfway through, Cartoon Network took issue with alot more than the initial (somebody dies in each episode) problem. They had somehow not been told about the character Hotaru, an innocent Goth girl with a demonic spirit possessing her, a second soul called Sailor Saturn (the Senshi of destruction) and that whole pesky business of Chibiusa/Rini being killed by this girl... who also has a crush on her. (Wait what?)

SuperS was delayed when the main story arc centered around Chibiusa falling in love with a Priest named Helios, who is over 1000 years old, and comes to her bedside every night in the form of a Pegasus. (I can't make this up.) Also, there was issue with the new villains:

The Amazon Trio are three cross dressing men. One attacks older women, one tries to seduce young girls (by young I mean the youngest is 10) and the third is Gay and attacks men and young boys. (Again, one victim is 10 years old.)

The Amazoness Quartet (no relation) are four young girls (ok, they're 1000 years old, but physically they look about 12-13) who wear barely anything and commit crimes.

Now somehow, Cartoon Network got around to showing all of this. They moved Sailormoon from 4 pm to 4:30, and the series did really well. Toys were sold, merchandise was made, things looked great.


Cloverway pitched to Cartoon Network the final season, Sailormoon StarS. The manga of which was already on store shelves.

They might as well have gone outside to play in traffic. It would have been quicker.

StarS is the most adult of the series, and absolutely un-censorable.

The first 6 episodes alone deal with drugs, death, violence, rebirth, all amplified to a new level.

Then from episodes 173-200 we have villains dressed like dominatrix's and three cross dressing new Senshi ~ The Starlights.

By day, Taiki, Yaten and Seiya are disguised as a boy band, looking for their lost princess, Kakyuu.

By night, they are three dominatrix-clad ALLEGED superheroes. I say alleged because they have this bad habit of um... well... trying to kill innocent civilians once they've been possessed.

Oh, and Seiya is Gay for Usagi. Tries to take advantage of her a few times. Has a really hard time understanding what "no" means.

There is so much death in these episodes! The villains are actually re-animated bodies being controlled by the evil psychopath, Sailor Galaxia. She wants to be the only living person in the universe, and own the Starseeds of every Sailor Senshi in existence. (Starseeds are your life essence. Without it, you're either dust, or if your not a Senshi, a really ugly corpse.) By the time we even see Galaxia, Earth is the final planet still alive. Everyone else is DEAD.

Then in the last 4 episodes, all of the main cast (except for Usagi, Chibi Chibi, the Starlights and the evil Sailor Galaxia) die. And I mean horrible. Ripped apart, shot, stabbed, it's just a mess! Then Galaxia fuses with Chaos (the oldest and biggest evil in the universe. He's actually been after Usagi since her past life on the moon. Long story.) and becomes more powerful.

So how does Usagi take out this evil Galaxia bitch? By stripping down naked, flying into Galaxia's attacks, reaching into Galaxia's soul, purifies her inside and out, and then shares a meaningful conversation with her... and by now they are BOTH nude.

Well everyone after that is restored to life, Usagi and Mamoru embrace, and the anime ends with Usagi (age 16) planning a wedding to Mamoru.

Cartoon Network FREAKED!!

Needless to say, the show was put on immediate hiatus, and the last reruns left the channel in 2004.

PHEW!! That's alot to digest! Now for a pictorial of why the series is NOT meant for kids, check this out:

124. Why do some Sailormoon fans get upset with the Mixx/Tokyopop/Chix Comix version of the Sailormoon manga?

Well, there's a few small reasons.

For one, a few panels in each issue had some ad-lib writing. For example, in the "Battle Exam" mini-saga, Tokyopop adds a panel where Rei says she watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Ah if there was no internet TV back then, and Rei says in the SAME PANEL that she does not own a TV, how the hell can she watch BUFFY??
(And Why? That show was so fucking dark and dramatic.)

Another problem is that half of the cast were given DiC names. This was a HUGE problem to most pure Sailormoon fans, but it was done to tie-in with the dubbed anime on Cartoon Network.

Also, there were some characters with mistranslated names. In some panels, Sailor Pallas was incorrectly called "Sailor Pails". Name changes often made the stories harder to follow.

They would also re-print interviews with Naoko Takeuchi, and alter her lines so it would seem like she was talking to a Mixx employee, instead of speaking at a Kodansha panel.

A lot of the color artwork would go missing from each novel, to save money.

They hired a fanfic writer to write 8 novels based on the uncut anime, but with US pop culture thrown in.

Fans also take issue with the fact that they never even bothered to bring over the artbooks or Codename Sailor V, and that in the issue where Chibiusa and Usagi swap ages, references to Chibiusa's former existence as Black Lady were deleted.

One more problem too, was that they allowed SOME bookstores like Barnes and Noble, to edit the pages further. The Barnes and Noble print of Sailormoon Graphic Novel #5 has an ugly stamp in the center of the contents page, and censors out some of the action and romance scenes.

Outside of this though, the Tokyopop team did what they could, and the manga was released fairly uncensored.

As of September 13, 2011 you will be able to buy the Kodansha reprints of the Codename Sailor V and Sailormoon manga, UNCENSORED, UNCHANGED and with the original names of the characters. Tokyopop lost their license to the series in 2005, and their books are now long out of print.

Buy them legally below:

Codename Sailor V 1 2
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Sailor Moon Short Stories: 1 2

125. I heard that Sailormoon was licensed by Sanrio, and that's why pictures like this one were on the official Sailormoon page. Is that true?
Description: Description: Description: Description:
Well, no. That's a cute idea though. I'd LOVE a "Sailor Kitty" since I am a collector (Hush!!) but no. Sanrio has had NOTHING to do with Sailormoon. These images were done by Naoko Takeuchi and the website staff. (Bandai, Kodansha, Toei, etc.)

126. Did Marco Albiero do this picture too?
Description: Description: Description: Description:
No, that's a Naoko Takeuchi image from the old layout of the official website. But Mr. Albiero must have taken inspiration from it:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:← Even the same wand!

127. {About the same picture} Why is it that some images of Sailor Moon ~ Even drawn by Naoko Takeuchi ~ have the WRONG items?
Good question! There could be a number of reasons.

For starters, for pictures where we see a different incarnation of the Crescent Moon Wand, it could be a nod to the original Queen Serenity, who used it as her sole weapon against Metallia and Nepherenia's evil. Maybe it was destined to be the #1 weapon of choice for each heir, since it uses the Silver Crystal?

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

Another reason could be merchandise. Bandai had control over a lot of the images of the site between 2003-2010. The first two years, they released new versions of Sailor Moon's S brooch and other later series items, because Toei in their (less than) infinite "wisdom" decided to screw up PGSM further by handing Sailor Moon almost ALL of her weapons and brooches ~ BEFORE Queen Beryl is defeated. Yes, they were THAT greedy for money that they tried fast-forwarding Sailor Moon's powers, and as I recall making her partially insane in the process. (Yet another reason why I still boycott PGSM.)

Each time Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon have an upgrade, their old items either morph into new ones, fade away or have been destroyed. There are items though, such as the Crescent Moon Wand that disappear and re-appear without an explanation. In the manga, the Senshi are also able to access their old powers, hence where Sailor Venus sometimes appears in later issues as Codename Sailor V. Even though they outgrow these powers, they can still use them.

128. Are these pictures real or Fanart?
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
Believe it or not, they're REAL! These were drawn by Naoko Takeuchi, and colored in Copic markers, just as SailormoonR was getting started.

129. Bandai made one Sailor Moon doll with a purple-ish skirt, because of the time that Zoicite posed as Sailor Moon, and Queen Beryl had another girl ready to pose as her too.

O_O Ok um... No.

Now this rumor started with a video I posted. The color of the skirt was likely an error made by Bandai. There are NO official dolls made for Zoicite as of June 30th, 2012. Also, Queen beryl never had anybody else waiting to pose as her. Zoicite's costume was a one-time thing.

130. Is there a place online to watch the series in the original Japanese with sub form?
Neon Alley and Hulu now have the series uncensored and in Japanese with subs, and select episodes with an English dub. If you check the main page to Moon Sisters, I am constantly updating links to where you can watch the series legally and for free.

131. When Mamoru is killed by Galaxia (and his Starseed is taken), where did his body/corpse go?
In both the anime and in the manga, when Galaxia kills Mamoru, his body turns to dust. Same with everyone else who dies in Stars, and the dust dissolves in the air. It's especially sad to see this when Chibi Chibi dies in episode 200.

132. Are there any NON fan-made stories about the future of Mamoru/Darien and Usagi/Serena? (not parallel moon either?)
You can see official glimpses into the future of Usagi, Mamoru and the other Senshi in the Sailormoon R anime, and in a small graphic in the last episode of Sailormoon S. In the manga though, you can see even more. Now that the manga is being reprinted, you can start seeing the future in Sailormoon #4, #5 and in #11 and #12. Plus Short Stories Vol. 1 has a few panels where Chibiusa talks about Neo Queen Serenity and Vol. 2 has Parallel Sailormoon. Also in #6 there's a panel where you can see a shadow of Neo Queen Serenity holding the Holy Grail in her bedroom.

133. At the end of the last episode, Galaxia is healed by Usagi, but how does everyone get back to life? when they did, are they aware of what happened while they were "dead?"
Although this isn't mentioned in the anime, in the manga it's addressed in #11 and #12 that all Sailor Senshi are born with Sailor Crystals. (Including Tuxedo Mask.) They are also born with Star seeds. As long as you have those, you can be reborn again and again, no matter what. As for non Sailor Senshi, Usagi has a unique power in the manga. On rare occasions, she has been able to use the crystal to revive people from the dead, right back to the way they were before. At the end of the Stars manga (Book #12) Guardian Cosmos gives her a choice. Either you can start a brand new life, or continue as you were. Usagi chooses for everyone to continue as they were, and soon everyone is brought back to life. All the planets, everyone.

(Well everyone except the enemies, but Chaos is also reborn, meaning that his children could be reborn as well.)

As for "if they were aware" to a certain degree, yes. In the manga, everyone expresses to Usagi that they wanted to be by her side, so they were aware. And in episode 200, Endymion/Mamoru hints that he could see Usagi from where he was as well. Even Chibiusa is aware of each time she has faded from existence, which has to be a really creepy feeling.

134. Since Chaos is defeated, is earth a peaceful place from there on after the last episode?
The anime ends after 200 episodes, so it's implied that Earth is at peace at last. But the manga picks up again with Parallel Sailormoon, where Kousagi has to stop an evil comet of rabbit heads from destroying the Earth. There are different points in the manga where Mamoru states that there will always be a need for Sailor Senshi, and that their children will be chosen to save the planet.

135. What was so funny at the end of episode 200, when Seiya tells Usagi that she'll always remember Usagi?
Seiya had a very deep crush on Usagi, and doesn't ever want to forget her. Usagi even at that point still didn't fully understand or realize Seiya's feelings, and thought of her as weird. Also, she wouldn't want Mamoru getting the wrong idea. ^^;

136. In the original anime, episode 132 (English dubbed version), Chibiusa tells Mamoru's classmates that SHE (Chibiusa) is Mamoru's girlfriend, and Usagi gets mad because Mamoru is hers. But Chibiusa is his daughter! Doesn't that sound wrong? o.O
Oh it sounds quite wrong. In both the anime and in the manga, Chibiusa doesn't stop teasing that Mamoru is her boyfriend until after she meets Helios! O_O Really quite disturbing.

137. I looked on YouTube, and there was this video of a Sailormoon (princess or neo-queen serenity) that we all know and love who has blonde hair. But then she was also walking with someone looking exactly like her but with black hair! it wasn't just pictures, but it was like the anime. Is that REAL?
This is an excellent question. ^_^ And just about every Sailormoon fan has been wondering the same thing.

The video you saw of someone just like her but with black hair is a fan made video. There are three different people who have done videos about "what if" Princess Serenity had a long lost twin sister with dark powers. Due to Toei Animation pulling Sailormoon related videos from YouTube over copyright disputes, the series has never gotten off the ground, but there are a ton of fans and supporters for it.

xKaosu on YouTube had the most popular videos before her account was suspended: Sailormoon Sacrifice fans of hers have re-uploaded her videos again and again, trying to save the project. There are several trailers and a few half episodes up right now on YouTube and DailyMotion.

138. Is it true there will be a new Sailormoon anime?
I can't believe I'm going to say this, YES!!! On July 6th, 2012, Sailormoon creator Naoko Takeuchi and publisher Kodansha announced that a new series, said to be closer to the manga, will begin airing worldwide sometime in 2013. No word yet on Codename Sailor V or the Short Stories. (I'll cry if they add Parallel Sailormoon. ♥)

UPDATE: The new series is called Sailor Moon Crystal, and debuts July 5th 2014 on Nico Nico Douga. Hulu will be getting the show as well, as Viz Media plans to sub and dub it.
UPDATE: As of April, 2016, three seasons have aired with more on the way. Keep supporting Sailor Moon Crystal!

139. Why doesn't Moon Sisters cover Sera-Myu/Myuu or the live action PGSM?
Excellent question, but I don't think you're going to like the answer.

PGSM was a half-assed, female Super Sentai/Power Rangers rip-off, that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the manga, except for Acts 1-5 and some parts of the Codename Sailor V special. And while I can forgive the first anime for also having zilch to do with the manga, at least they tried to assemble a fun story, in a similar vein as Sailormoon. PGSM was just a corny drama.

Characters were added in where they didn't belong (There is NO Hina in the manga, and thank God because I do hate her, and why was Rei's father brought in for an episode??) and other characters were altered severely. (Dark Mercury? Tween Sailor Luna?? Psycho Princess Serenity? WTF?? And sheesh they gave Usagi all the WRONG items!) The only thing I will accept as far as this goes is the wedding episode. If this is how you explain how the 30th Century becomes a screwed up wasteland, then I can understand.

But seriously, the series was so awful, that despite having done new art and costume designs for it, Naoko Takeuchi herself HATES this tripe, and sued and WON back the rights to Sailormoon after it. Justice was served, and now Toei has to answer to NAOKO, for the remainder of time.

Even worse? Just before the series was cancelled due to low ratings, Toei actually tried marketing this as a direct, word for word live action presentation of the manga!! THEY FLAT OUT LIED TO THE PUBLIC!!

As for Sera-Myu however… okay actually I do kinda like it. ♥

The only reason why this page is lacking Sera-Myu is because as of July 7th, 2012, I haven't yet seen all of the plays. I've only seen two, which is hardly enough to start a sub page for.

Sera-Myu are stage plays that take place in alternate universe situations. Some of the plays borrow ideas from the manga and first anime, but none of them are cannon. Most people who can find the complete specials know that this is an alternate universe, so you really don't need to know the series to enjoy the plays.

The acting is something worth watching. Each actor put their best foot forward, making you believe they really are characters from the series. On rare occasion, you might even see a nod to a character from the manga only. The wigs are also a treat for the eyes.

My only three complaints are that the costumes are altered a bit too much, there are too many stalling villains (please read: characters that are essentially birthday party clowns that get real creepy around Chibiusa) and the songs are thrown in at random. Considering that those are my only three complaints ~ and I actually LIKE the songs ~ I'd say that's really good!

If you have the chance, skip PGSM and watch anything Sera-Myu.

I especially recommend the Sera-Myu play "Ankokuno Princess Black Lady Kaiteban". Skip the villain scenes, the best parts deal with the battles and Chibiusa. She doesn't have Luna-P, but she does USE a gun.

140. Is there for real a Sailor Planet, Star and Asteroid?
WOW another milestone question!

As of right now, no. While the fifth season of the Sailormoon anime is called StarS or Sailor StarS, there is no actual Sailor Star. Closest we get are the Starlight Senshi.

Sailor Planet is a fan-term, taken from a line of bootlegs, which in turn is derived from the Sailor Senshi's use of the phrase "Planet Power".

And Sailor Asteroid is also a fan-term, based on the Asteroid Senshi: Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta.

141. Are there Zodiac Senshi?
Nope. Those are Senshi names made up by fans who feel we've run out of planets.

142. Are there Constellation Senshi, like Sailor Orion?
Nope. Again, very old fan terms that date back to the mid 1990's. The closest thing we have are a few of the Youma Nephrite conjures up in the first anime, specifically Leo.

143. If Tuxedo Mask counts as Sailor Earth and Sailor Sun, then why doesn't he have a symbol on his head?
Good question. Even in Codename Sailor V's final issue, we see that even boys had symbols for their respective planets. (Specifically Ace.) This is yet another mystery that was never explained.

144. Sailor Cosmos and manga Chibi Chibi have a sun mark on their heads. And Helios is named after a Greek God dealing with the sun. Shouldn't they count as Sailor and Tuxedo Sun, respectively?
Technically, but no. At least not really.

Sailor Cosmos is the alternate, future universe form of Sailor Moon. The symbol if you look carefully can represent either the sun, a Galaxy (note Galaxia's costume) or in her case, a Cosmos, as it's shape is not as stable in drawing as other symbols.

As for Helios, he shares a bond with Tuxedo Mask. If one dies, the other feels it. He's more of a Guardian than a Senshi in the sense that Tuxedo Mask is a Senshi. Although his name alludes otherwise, Helios is more in tune with the Earth.

145. Does Tuxedo Mask have a guardian and team, like Usagi has Luna and the Inner Senshi?
In the manga, his team would have been the Four Generals, had they not been killed.

Helios was supposed to be his guardian "pet" as Luna is to Usagi, which is why one can feel when something is wrong with the other.

This really isn't explained in the first anime.

146. Where is Elysian? And does it really have a link to Earth?
Elysian is buried deep within the Earth, according to the manga. Hidden within your dreams if you're following the first anime. If it dies, Earth dies. It's essentially the heart of the planet.

147. When you see Queen Serenity, Helios or King Endymion's see-through forms…. Are they dead?!?! O_O
All three have the ability to send messages and communicate with the Sailor Senshi, in events where their physical bodies cannot reach them. This is called sending them their "will", a pseudo hologram based on the soul, if not the soul itself. However this uses up WAY too much power, which is why it really shouldn't be done.

When Queen Serenity did it in the first anime, yes. She had been dead since the Silver Millennium. But she appears again early in Sailormoon R to give Usagi a new brooch, and then a new wand. It's not made clear if she is still dead, or has come back as a new entity.

In the manga, the first time we see her talk to Sailor Moon, her will is speaking through a hologram, still somewhat active on the Moon. When we see her again, the castle has been fully restored, and she wishes Usagi well. It's never stated if she is ever fully restored to life.

In the first anime, King Endymion appears as a hologram, until Wiseman is killed.

In the manga, he sends along his will. He tells the Sailor Senshi that at this stage, he is as good as a ghost as this is his spirit talking to them. He is restored when Chibiusa becomes Sailor Chibi Moon.

In the first anime and in the manga, Helios can appear for a limited time in Pegasus form. In the manga, he can briefly appear as Helios, but it uses up much of his energy. He is restored at the end of the SuperS arc.

148. Should I buy the Kodansha manga, the Tokyopop manga, or both?
The US Kodansha manga is the closest thing to the original you can get. The only reason why certain websites don't like it is because it lacks the added slang of the Tokyopop version. (Read: even Usagi speaks properly, instead of like a ditz.) These books are cheaper, have a higher grade of paper, translation notes, added artwork and go through ALL of the series, including Codename Sailor V. Plus you get more issues per book.

The Tokyopop version re-wrote old articles with Naoko Takeuchi, changed half of the names and added in slang, to make it a slightly more grown-up version of the DiC dubbed anime. The first print books tend to fall apart after multiple reads, while second print have thinner paper and 1-3 extra pieces of art per book. They are more expensive, since they have been out of print since 2005.

If you're a veteran, you owe it to yourself to buy the Kodansha manga, and ignore the haters.

If you're a new Sailormoon collector, buy the Kodansha books first, so you can follow the story faster. THEN you can decide for yourself if you want the Tokyopop books.

149. I heard that there are translation errors in Kodansha books 1-5 and Codename Sailor V 1 and 2, is that true?
Not entirely. Books #1 and #4 have a few typos, but nothing that bad, and the mistakes are corrected in the following books.

If you follow my Collection Earth videos on YouTube, I note when and where you can find typos. Most of the complaints are about how awkward it sounds to some (NOT all) fans.

For example, one thing I keep hearing is this complaint about #5:
"It's because Chibi-Usa is your child with him!" on page 56 is very weird. It should have been "It's because Chibi Usa is yours and Tuxedo Mask's daughter!" or even because of the following dialogue should be "It's because he's her father".

I happen to have a Japanese to English dictionary. The line seems to translate the same as how Kodansha printed it.

Basically it boils down to older fans still trying to keep everything edited down the same as what Tokyopop, DiC and Cloverway left the manga and anime. It's time to move forward.

UPDATE: I got the same email about Parallel Sailor Moon's official translation. While there is a little added slang here and there, the translation is still closer than Tokyopop.

150. Is Sailor Pluto Greek?
WOOT!! #150, keep 'em coming!

This rumor comes from a very popular blog, but I think a comment this blogger made was taken out of context.

Sailor Pluto's heritage is never mentioned in any series. Even in her "Earth" form, she has a decidedly Japanese sounding name. (Setsuna Mei'oh) She has no features that even hint that she could be Greek, so the rumor likely has more to deal with some of the myths and legends hinted at through the series, rather than her ethnicity.

Unless Naoko writes otherwise, the answer is no.

151. A really popular site said that Ikuko, Shingo, Kenji, Luna, Artemis and Diana all DIE at the end of StarS, and stay dead forever!! Is this true? They don't appear in the 30th century!
NO!! And wow this really bothers me, considering how long this has been floating around.

Now it is true that almost everyone dies near the end of StarS, BUT everyone who was killed (and NOT evil) was revived, after Usagi found the other Senshi in the Cauldron in the manga. In the first anime, everyone good was revived off camera. In both, Usagi's life returns the way it was, before Galaxia went on her killing spree.

Luna, Artemis and Diana appear alive and well in Parallel Sailormoon, and Mina even mentions that at least one of the three lives with Kousagi's family.

As for why Ikuko, Shingo and Kenji don't appear, it's likely that they do not live with Usagi's family in Parallel Sailormoon or at Crystal Tokyo, because most parents and siblings quit living together after marriage!! (Usagi marries Mamoru, remember?)

It's likely that in both timelines, Ikuko and Kenji live on their own, and Shingo has his own life. It's never stated exactly, but it's not a hard idea.

152. I'm watching the English DiC and Cloverway dub of Sailormoon. How come there are missing episodes?
Pictorial guides to why you're missing several episodes can be found by scrolling down on this page.

153. I'm a dude, and I want to do an adult fanfic about a Sailor Senshi. Are there any legal aged Sailor Senshi that are NOT the child-like Chibiusa or the tween-looking Amazoness Quartet?? *_*;; I really get creeped out by how many KIDS are in this show, and more creeped by the fact that some of the adults look like kids! Are there ANY official story arcs I can use too?
First of all, I could cry tears of joy right now. It's so refreshing to read an email like this from a DUDE, who is not a pedophile. :D

Second, YES!! Here's a list you can use for reference:
1. Sailor Pluto is ageless. She is at least a thousand years or older. Her Earth form is also safely over 21.
2. Anybody in the 30th Century, as they all stopped aging in their 20's.
3. In Parallel Sailormoon, Usagi, Rei, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna are all in their 30's or older.
4. Since many people count them as Senshi, all of the Sailor Animamates can be used, since they are all working women. Tin Nyanko and Iron Mouse only look young when disguised. They're actually adults.
5. Sailor Kakyuu is an adult.
6. Tuxedo Mask anytime from book #4 onward is 18 and over.

Additionally, all of the main Sailormoon villains are safely above adult age, except for Zoicite (who's listed in the Materials Collection at being 16-17 at the time everything goes to Hell) Ali and En. Also, it is unclear how old exactly the Witches 5 are, though they're generally assumed to be over 18.

154. Is this doll real? It's listed on eBay as the Serena doll.
Ah yes, the infamous Serena doll.

When Irwin was wrapping up their 2000 line, they curiously chose to make a "Serena/Usagi" doll, marketing her as being in her school uniform. Instead, the doll is seen wearing an ascot, dress shirt, skirt and plain shoes. Worse, it looks like they just re-dressed a princess Serenity doll!

She was never released alone. At first she was sold only at Toys R Us, with the Sailor Mini Moon doll, as the second only two-pack ever made. (The first being a Mini Moon and Wicked Lady set.) But she was so unpopular that overstock of the doll soon migrated to Amazon and various other stores.

Most of the people who did buy copies of the doll are unfortunately bootleggers. -_-; They would buy her en mass, re-dress her, and then sell her on eBay at outrageous prices.

155. Is this other Serena doll real too?
Yes she is! In 1996, Bandai of North America produced two playsets. One was of "Princess Serena" (which I reviewed in a Collection Earth video) and the other was of "Serena". Both dolls have red ponytails (the SAME as the Sailor Moon dolls) and in this case, this Serena doll was patterned after Usagi, in episodes where she is seen in her pajamas. Both were mostly sold for a limited time in Canada.

156. Which Chibiusa is with Helios? 30th Century or Parallel Chibiusa?
30th Century Chibiusa is the one with Helios. It isn't made clear if Parallel Chibiusa will meet Helios or not, but it's highly likely that she will.

157. Which deity is each Senshi a reincarnation or relative of? Some are easy, like Venus is Aphrodite. But what about Mercury? Her name implies Hermes. Her powers are like Poseidon (but that's Neptune) or a water goddess of some sort, but she acts like Athena.
Venus's powers are derived from Aphrodite, but she isn't a direct reincarnation of her. This was taken from a comment Artemis made about her beauty. He refers to her being an incarnation of a Goddess in Codename Sailor V Act 2 and again during the SuperS arc, but really, the only past life she's ever had was as Sailor Venus. This is explained much better in the final Act of Codename Sailor V vol. 2.

That's not to say that that there isn't mythology, which there quite a bit is. There is actually a great page about that here: along with the lists you were looking for.

158. Will America dub the new anime correctly, or do they plan on murdering it again? Will they even have rights at all?
(NOTE: Last updated in late 2012) The new anime is scheduled to air worldwide. As it stands, there will be a subtitled version first, starting next summer. As for a dub, it's really too early to say. Funimation still wants access to the first anime, no word yet if they want the second as well.

UPDATE: As of May 2014, Viz Media has begun redubbing and subbing the whole series. All of the subbed episodes are on Hulu, while the dub is being released a little at a time. November 2016 will see the first half of Sailor Moon S's dub, so you'll need to be patient with me.

159. My friend on YouTube is HUGE on Vocaloid. She says that there's a Sailormoon Vocaloid, is that true?
Well…. not really. Let me explain.

For years, Sailor Moon has been regarded as the world's most popular character in pigtails. So when Crypton released a Vocaloid 2 voice bank named Miku Hatsune, many fans of Sailormoon started drawing up their comparisons. For the record, it looks like this is just a coincidence. Many Sailormoon fans have used Miku's voice to "sing" Moonlight Densetsu in homage to this coincidence, but there doesn't seem to be much more to it, outside of a few pictures from some of the official video games and media for Vocaloid, such as:
This shot of Miku in a similar school uniform to what Usagi wears
And this shot of Rin Kagamine in the same costume
This picture of Miku with black and white odangoes
This picture that was emailed to me of Miku
This picture of Miku in the moonlight from a PSP game
This picture from Project DIVA f
And another shot of Miku with Usagi's hair

And this photo (which may or may not be official) of Miku with
Kousagi's hair.

But Miku's creators have yet to confirm or deny if Sailormoon was ever an inspiration for her pigtails. Miku herself was the inspiration for the anime Black Rock Shooter, herself being called out by Sailormoon fans as "Goth Usagi" or even being labeled as a hybrid between Hotaru and Usagi, but no further details have come forward.


Studio DEEN, which in the past has been instrumental in giving us an anime for Ranma ½, also worked on a Vocaloid of their own for the Vocaloid 3 engine. Their creation Aoki Lapis is a magical girl and princess, and her creators have been very out-spoken in saying that Sailormoon ~ while animated by rival Toei ~ was a very HUGE inspiration to them when they made her. They noted that titles such as Sailormoon, Pretty Sammy (a Tenchi Muyo spoof of Sailormoon) and Pretty Cure (also inspired by Sailormoon) all feature young, magical girls and princesses with youthful voices, and they said that the songs used in these titles also inspired them to make Aoki's voice high, but soft.

160. Most "retro" anime titles from the 80's and 90's have been coming back on DVD and with sound clips available as ringtones and in apps. (Dragonball Z, Robotech, Voltron, etc.) So why not Sailormoon? Why is there no clip from the dub I can legally put on my iPhone?
YATTA!! Another milestone question and WOW is it a doozy. ^.^;; This is a multi-tier issue. Let me try and explain.

The main problem with Sailormoon in North America are with the distribution rights.

DiC had the exclusive rights to the first 65 episodes of Sailormoon and Sailormoon R combined.

DiC shared rights with The Program Exchange on the final 18 episodes of R.

DiC then shared rights with Optimum and Pioneer for the movies.

Cloverway had the rights to SailormoonS and Sailormoon SuperS while DiC still owned the licensing rights for all four of the dubbed seasons.

ADV had the rights to distribute the first two seasons onto DVD.

Buena Vista had the rights to distribute select episodes of Sailormoon and Sailormoon R onto VHS.

Pioneer had the rights to distribute the movies onto VHS and DVD, and then were merged into Geneon, which had the rights to distribute S and SuperS onto DVD.

That's a grand total of five companies handling four seasons and three movies! But here's where it gets more complicated.

DiC and Buena Vista at the time were owned by Disney. As soon as Toei Animation started pulling back the rights to Sailormoon from DiC, Disney began to sever all ties to DiC.

As for Buena Vista, they were only allotted the VHS rights to select episodes, and thus have no right to the series at all. Even the artwork for the VHS tapes belonged to DiC and Toei. Buena Vista now exists in name alone as a title Disney uses on select Home Video/DVD releases.

DiC was bought up a few years ago by The Cookie Jar. There is no more DiC.

Cloverway was a subsidiary of Toei Animation. They aided in the distribution of Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon series 2-4, Detective Conan/Case Closed, DNA^2, Cooking Monster Boy and then in the dubbing of Sailormoon S and SuperS. Once Toei saw what they had done with the two Sailormoon seasons, they were anything but happy about it, and re-absorbed the company right after yanking back the rights.

Geneon went out of business not long after swallowing Pioneer whole. ADV crumbled around the same time, and Optimum was not far behind.

Toei Animation holds the sole rights to the North American dub, but it is unclear if The Cookie Jar acquired any of the tapes from DiC. It's also unclear how much they would have to pay out to the voice cast and hack and slashers anime killers editors of those four series, opening up a big jar of legal issues the company does not want to handle.

Another thing stopping Toei from re-producing the DiC/Cloverway dub onto DVD is of course series creator Naoko Takeuchi. Remember, if Toei wants to do anything Sailormoon related, they must go through her first, and just like most of we fans, she is not a fan of the editing the North Americans saw.

Currently (as of 2012) Toei is seeking to re-release the series in HD, subtitled in the US. Once those distribution rights get settled, it's likely that while we won't hear any clips from the 1995-2000 dub on an iPhone, we could get a ringtone with the original cast.

UPDATE: Viz Media secretly subbed the entire series, movies and specials shortly after I posted this in 2012. As of May 2014, the series is on Hulu with a new dub cast, completely uncensored.

161. I saw this on eBay recently. Is it true there was a Sailormoon Fan Club in North America?
Yes. For a $35 membership, plus an asinine total for shipping, between 1995-1999 you could become a member of the Sailor moon Fan Club in North America. They would even send you a kit (NOTE: Photo sent in by the young lady asking the question here) in a plastic bag with a drawstring (or mini clear back pack), and as part of the kit you would receive a Sailor Moon and Luna plastic cling paper doll set. You would also get a piece of paper congratulating you and preaching about teamwork and the environment, an eraser, a few trading cards, a certificate, a cardboard tag with a poorly drawn Sailor Moon on it, a set of stick on earrings and a tiny notebook. Some fans would also get a pen, pencils, set of sticky notes and a ruler.

Pictures of the bag: 1 2 3 4

The trading cards had the following "information"¯ on the back:

Raye loves the beauty of nature and believes in having a pure mind and body, so she doesn't eat junk food ~ This is not even close to accurate. In both the anime and manga, Rei is seen eating cake, snack foods and even drinking soda.

Queen Beryl is the evil ruler of an alternate universe filled with tremendous power. She was once a friendly and fair queen, but something happened long ago which filled her with jealousy and rage. Queen Beryl seeks vengeance upon the Sailor Scouts for her troubled past and will stop at nothing to destroy them and everything else within their universe ~WOW where do I even start with this one?? First of all, The Dark Kingdom resides at Point D (The North Pole) on the same planet as the rest of the season one cast ~ EARTH!! And second, the manga shows her origins pretty clearly. She was a human, living on Earth, had a crush on Prince Endymion, stalked him, got violently upset when she realized he was already with Princess Serenity, and then was taken in by Queen Metallia. Until Metallia, she was queen of exactly two things, Jack and Shit, and Jack left town. (EDIT: My guess is that this could be something left over from Toon Makers.)

The Sailor Scouts must confront some sensitive issues, such as taking care of the environment, taking care of yourself, and the power of love. ~ And death followed by resurrection, and people clad in dominatrix gear, seeking world domination, and when their own team mates die and then come back, and teen parenthood, and…

Q: Does Lita have a boyfriend? A: No: Lita isn't interested in having a boyfriend. She liked someone once, but he unfortunately fell victim to the Negaverse. ~ *_* WHAT? Ok did these people even bother watching the show? Like AT ALL??? First of all, Lita/Makoto did once have an un-named first love. An older sempai who broke her heart, but at NO point does he ever succumb to The Dark Kingdom/Negaverse, or any other villain for that matter. And second, Makoto is all about guys! Where the hell have you been? (EDIT Maybe they read Vol. 1 of Codename Sailor V? Minako's love interest was part of the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse..)

Q: What would Amy love to own, but the apartment building won't allow for it? A: A Cat: Amy would love nothing more than to be able to have a pet. ~ The Sailor Mercury fan book (Meet Sailor Mercury) does state that she would love to have a pet like Luna, but outside of this, it really doesn't come up in the series.

The old address and phone number are:

Sailor Moon Fan Club
Po Box 1379
Hollywood CA 90078

In 1999, the fan club ceased operations. It is unknown what became of the people involved. Rumors persist that the company that produced these goods was bought out, and that the number is either being used for telemarketing or pornography, but that has never been confirmed.

UPDATE: There is a new fan club, but it's for Japan only. However you can download their app on Google Play for free without being a member.

162. Every Senshi is a girl, and every planet has a Senshi. So why is the rule broken with Earth? Mamoru can't be a Senshi as a male, so why doesn't Earth have one?
Naoko Takeuchi actually stated that Mamoru is the Sailor Senshi for the Earth and the Sun. But just like Chibiusa, his powers are a bit stunted. In the SuperS arc of the manga, he is revealed to have a Golden Crystal, essentially his own Sailor Crystal. In StarS, he has Earth's Starseed, again making him a Senshi.

There is no rule that says a man can't be a Senshi.

163. I just got the Kodansha English book for Sailormoon #8. Sailor Saturn's attack is listed as "Death Ribbon Revolution" but the Tokyopop book for Sailormoon #10 has it as "Death Reborn Revolution". Which is it?
Technically, it should be "Death Reborn Revolution" but both are considered correct by most fans.

In the SuperS fighting game, the attack is "Death Ribbon Revolution" which is animated as being much smaller than the attack used in the manga. In the attack, Sailor Saturn lets loose small, blue waves of light at the opponent.

In the manga, the attack produces a series of ribbons, similar to the ribbons Sailor Moon has when she transforms into Princess Serenity in the R movie.

The confusion starts with the Romanization. "Reborn" and "Ribbon" sound similar when spelled out in phonetic Japanese, which causes many translators endless grief. Since the two attacks aesthetically look different, they are treated as two separate attacks, but they are actually the same.

In reality, it's the SAME attack.
UPDATE: In Sailor Moon Crystal, we're using death ribbons. For a better explanation, click here.

164. The Kodansha English books spell Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna's last names as Ten'Ō, Kai'Ō and MeiŌ . But everyone else says it's Ten'oh, Kai'oh and Mei'oh. And in some pages of my Tokyopop books it's Tennou, Kaiou and Meiou. Which is it?
If you look at the Japanese books, Kodansha's spelling is correct. Two years before the books were translated to English, Wikipedia and other non-Sailormoon based websites were already using it, as they had gleaned the spelling from the Japanese books, both reprint and original.

The reason why you see "Ten'oh" in other prints is because it's easier to type. It means the same thing, as Ō should be pronounced as "Oh".

To make the Ō symbol, you have to hold the left ALT key on your keyboard and at the same time on the keypad, type 0212. (Alt + 0212) Some programs have a hard time accepting Alt codes (GiMP for example either ignores them or places in a ? symbol) so it's often easier to spell it as "Ten'oh".

Tennou, Kaiou and Meiou are all misspellings.

165. My books say "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon" instead of "Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon" which means "Pretty Soldier Sailormoon". Are my books based on the live action series?
NO!! But that was a very clever guess. Here's what happened.

When Sailormoon debuted in 1992, it was titled "Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon". Creator Naoko Takeuchi did not expect the series to take off like it did, and was prepared to end the series after the death of Queen Beryl and Metallia.

The series became not only a hit, but an instant classic.

So for the remainder of the series, Toei Animation titled each season something else. So we had Sailormoon, Sailormoon R, Sailormoon S, Sailormoon SuperS and Sailormoon StarS.

In 2002, Kodansha was already getting the books together for a reprint, even though the old books had only been out of print completely for 2-3 years at this point. But Toei was getting ready to start filming a live action drama, "based" on Sailormoon. (After episode 5, it has NOTHING to do with the manga.) They already had a title in place. "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon" changing out the phrase "Senshi" (which means Soldier or Warrior in Japanese) to "Guardian". (They guard the planet?)

Kodansha took the name, and streamlined the books after Codename Sailor V to match the title of the live action series.

The live action series sucks, and despite a decently sized cult following, it TANKED in the ratings. But the name stuck, and made it easier for Kodansha to get the word out for future products and for the eventual worldwide re-release in 2010 and 2011.

166. How come the Tokyopop books don't have the original manga title Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon?
At the time the books started being translated, DiC had the rights to the Sailormoon anime. The last 18 episodes of Sailormoon R had not hit United States airwaves yet, and Mixx/Tokyopop decided to shorten the title to just "Sailor Moon" and they used the same logo from the Buena Vista tapes for season one.

Tokyopop got impatient, and hauled ass trying to finish the series as fast as possible. So the SuperS manga wound up being released simultaneously with Sailormoon, then R then S. This confused many fans, since you would buy one book, where Chibiusa/Rini is just now joining the cast, and another book where she's already Super Sailor Chibi Moon and kissing Helios!

Tokyopop explained that they wanted to get fans into the action as quickly as possible. Between 1999 and 2001, 18 graphic novels were released. The StarS manga wrapped up just as the Cloverway edit of SuperS was heading into re-runs.

Books 1-11 are simply titled "Sailor Moon". Then there are four books titled "Sailor Moon SuperS" and then the final three are "Sailor Moon StarS".

167. Is it Helios or Elios?
Helios, always.

Keep in mind, Naoko Takeuchi named some of her characters after people in Greek Mythology, hence the names Serenity and Artemis. Helios is named after the God of the Sun, which sort of explains how brightly he appears to Super Sailor Chibi Moon in the first anime.

There is NO Elios in Greek Mythology.

Elios is a mistranslation more commonly found on very bad bootleg tapes and DVDs. Even in Japanese, his name is "Helios".

Rarely, the Sera-My plays have used "Elios" but it's still "Helios" worldwide.

168. Is it Elysion or Illusion?
Elysion, which is taken from Elysium/Elysian, which in Greek mythology is where good souls go when they die, often to relive the happiest days of their lives.

Illusion is another bootleg tape translation, used more often because people view dreams as illusions. This definition makes Elysion seem like a fantasy inside Chibiusa's head, and that's not at all what happens in the series.

169. Should Sailormoon be TV-Y7 in the United States? Was it rated that way when it was on?
Should it ever be? NO!! Absolutely not.

But was it? Yes, allow me to explain.

When Sailormoon was edited to pieces for Cartoon Network between 1997-2002, each episode ranged from TV-Y7 to TV-PG. Two episodes were re-edited as they were originally scheduled at TV-14, which would have sent them to the after 10 pm block, which at the time was not Adult Swim.

The uncensored version of Sailormoon, should it ever air on television will likely get a TV-PG or a TV-14 rating, due to the nudity, language, suggestive themes and in select episodes, violence. This would make it perfect for the after 8 pm blocks of programming.

The show was edited for children between 1995-1997 and then edited again for tweens 1997-2000 due to the fact that worldwide there is a toy line. But the show and manga by themselves are NOT children's programming.

UPDATE: On May 16th, 2014, Viz Media announced the redub and resub of Sailor Moon. Hulu lists the show officially as TV-PG with parental warning, but the first ads did list some episodes as TV-14.
UPDATE: In April of 2016, Hulu slapped episode 200 with a TV-MA. It was later scaled back to a TV-14 but you still need to prove your age before watching. All other episodes of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal are now TV-14 or TV-PG.

170. Did DiC dub the Sailormoon S episodes and StarS?
YATTA!! Number 170, keep 'em coming!

Well the short answer is "no" but there's a little more to this story.

Back in 1997, DiC struck a deal with The Program Exchange to fund the dubbing of the final 18 episodes of Sailormoon R. Only 17 episodes were advertised on Cartoon Network and by the now defunct "Sailor Moon S.O.S." page, as most people forget Japanese episode 89, as it's mostly a clip-show.

………….However ♥

Episode 89 also has scenes from episode 90, so before Sailormoon S even starts, you already get to see scenes of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Kaolinite and Professor Tomoe! Luna, Artemis and the Inner Senshi talk over these clips in both the English and Japanese cuts, saying that they've (Luna and Artemis) just discovered two new Sailor Senshi, and that there are already new villains popping up all over Tokyo. This is a blatant contradiction to the following episode (90) as in that episode, Luna, Artemis and the others have NEVER heard of these people!! Giant continuity error, but Toei Animation left the episode as-is, to get fans interested in coming back for another season.

As did DiC.

After the episodes were proven to be a success, DiC tried to obtain Sailormoon S. A total of 13 episodes were dubbed, but never finished, nor did they ever air. The tapes are not known to have survived, though it's likely that either Toei or Cookie Jar has them now.

DiC and Optimum Productions were barely able to secure the rights to the Sailormoon R, S and SuperS movies, which did eventually air on television, and were the first Sailormoon ANYTHING to be released in North America ~ legally ~ uncensored and subtitled as well as dubbed and edited. But the pre-movie shorts and specials were never dubbed or released. The movies were released by Pioneer on VHS, and again on DVD through Pioneer/Geneon.

Around the time that the movies went to air however, Toei dropped DiC like the bad habit that they were, retained Optimum's handy-work, and then started up Cloverway/CWI Inc. specifically to dub the S and SuperS television series.

StarS was NEVER dubbed officially. (As of February 25, 2013.)

All videos you see online of a "DiC" version of S, SuperS or StarS are done by fans.

UPDATE: Viz Media will dub this season. A sub already airs on Hulu.

171. When I watch Sailor Moon Super on YouTube , when I watch DIC Dub they say there cousins and when I watch English Subs they get all romantic ( I just want to ask you since DIC lies or tells false info sometimes )
DiC didn't actually dub Sailormoon S, though they came close to it. (See question 170.) They did however have a hand in the movies.

In the original anime and manga, not only are Uranus and Neptune lovers, they eventually adopt Hotaru!

Funny thing is though, you never see them kiss. They hug, they caress, they get as close as Usagi and Mamoru, but you don't see kissing.

When the series came out in America, Cloverway dubbed it. And since they knew that Americans at that time wanted nothing to do with Gay characters on children's TV (in this case, a series aimed at older people edited down for tweens) they decided to turn Uranus and Neptune into........ cousins........................ who still touch each other...... making it gross.

If you read the manga or see the subtitled version of the anime, they are lovers.

UPDATE: As of May 2014, Viz Media is promising to keep Haruka and Michiru as lovers and again, NOT cousins. This is for the dub and sub.

172. King Endymion says that Sailor Chibi Moon is over 900 years old. That can't be right, so is she really 12 or 13? Some of the merchandise suggests that she's even younger than that. I'm confused here. @_@ And in Parallel Sailormoon, she's 15, right? Or is she even older?
This is actually a very interesting point in Sailormoon, allow me to explain.

In the manga, it is stated that anybody who gains access to the Silver Crystal for any amount of time ~ even a second ~ gains a lifespan of 1000 years or more. Every time Sailor Moon has used the crystal to save the world, everyone has been exposed to it's power.

In Act 21 of the manga (Sailormoon book 4, pages 212-213) King Endymion states that Chibiusa is over 900 years old. When she was about 5 or 6, her growth became stunted. So she looks and acts like a little girl, but she's really much older.

In Sailormoon S, her body starts to age in little spurts, so when she's Sailor Mini/Chibi Moon, she looks about 8 or 9 and is in the second grade. In SuperS she's in 4th grade and looks about 10. Then in the StarS era of the manga, she starts taking bigger jumps, to the point where she looks about 13. (Her father's powers are also stunted, so she gets this naturally.)

However, her Parallel Sailormoon counterpart (just named Chibiusa Tsukino, instead of Usagi or Small Lady) is 15 years old and in the body of a 15 year old. By this time, everything that screwed up the 30th Century was gone, so Usagi's children grow up normally.

For the first anime, they never really state her age, so it's never brought up. That's a shame, because this makes for a great story.

When DiC got a hold of Sailormoon R, they allowed a company called 3VR to make a PC game for the North American market. This was the 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon. In the game, they claim Chibiusa/Rini is 6 years old, and make no mention of her story. The CD-ROM is basically an alternate universe, where Queen Beryl is still alive, and has even gone after Rini.

The other merchandise however omit her age, so it's left up to the viewer to decide. Cloverway's edit of S and SuperS never even mention what grade she's in.

In Sailor Moon Crystal, King Endymion again states her age is over 900.

173. Why is Luna-P named Luna-P?
It's never quite been addressed why Luna-P has such an odd name, but most fans take it apart like this:

Luna: Since it looks like Luna.

-P: This may be in homage to Naoko Takeuchi's editor, Osabu. Her nickname for him is Osappi or Osa-P, which is also the name of the jewelry store Naru's mother owns.

So Luna-P may be in homage to both Luna and Osabu.

174. When the new anime starts, will it be listed as episode 1 or 201?
The new series is a reboot, meaning there is nothing tying it to the original anime whatsoever. So it will be episode 1.

UPDATE: Sailor Moon Crystal debuted in 2014 with episode one. There is no episode 201. It's a stand-alone, separate from the original anime.

175. Why was Chibiusa named "Rini" in the DiC and Cloverway dub? That's such a harsh name, it sounds like "renal". XP
^.^; Well I wouldn't have thought of renal, but now I can't un-think it. (Sorry Chibi-Usa-chan.)

"Rini" Is actually another word in Japanese for "Small Rabbit" but that's a far too intelligent answer for DiC. They chose "Rini" because it sounds like it's a nickname for "Serenity" or "Serena" which is of course Usagi's DiC name.

176. Why did Cloverway and Tokyopop keep all of the DiC names?
Tokyopop kept the names to remind readers that this is still related to the anime of Sailormoon. Since they got the S, SuperS and StarS manga ahead of when we got the anime, it wasn't necessary to change any of the post-R cast names, so at least those names were kept.

Cloverway kept the DiC names because they were already familiar to dub fans, and they didn't want to start teaching them to say the Japanese names. They then went ahead and started changing a bunch of other names too, citing (like DiC) that "Americans, specifically young girls, just can't understand or say Japanese names".

Did you hear that? Yeah, that's the Inuyasha, Sgt. Frog and Dragonball Z fanbase, laughing at them.

177. In the manga, do Umino, Sorano, Mamoru, Ami, Ami Jr. and Parallel Chibiusa wear glasses to make fun of smart people?
Nope. I know it's hard to believe that there's a series out there that has people who wear glasses for something other than the stereotype, but it's true.

Mamoru and Ami generally need reading glasses when they're working, but seldom wear them beyond that.

Ami Jr. needs to wear glasses, except for when she is transformed. Maybe her power reduces the need for them?

Parallel Chibiusa is only seen in two panels without her glasses, so it's hard to tell if these are reading glasses or if she needs them full time.

Umino and Sorano need glasses to see 100% of the time.

178. I heard a rumor that DiC didn't want to dub StarS because Rini ends up having a daughter named RiRi, and since she's like 8 or whatever they couldn't put that on Cartoon Network. Is that true? And if so, who's the father? Kelly, Robert, Helios or Peruru, 'cause like I only saw a few episodes of SuperS. That was DiC, right?

O_O Holy shit, who told you this, so I can SLAP 'em!

Ok, let's break this down.
1. DiC never got the choice to dub StarS, as by the time StarS was even an issue, Cloverway had already finished S and SuperS. DiC never had the chance.
2. Rini/Chibiusa is chronologically 903 years old by the end of SuperS, so age wouldn't have been that big of a deal.
3. At the end of SuperS her body looks like a tween, about 10 years old. (12-13 In the manga.) While it's not impossible, and certainly I don't put it past Toei or it's then directors to have put her in that situation, there's no way they could have ever gotten the series as far as it was if she was pregnant. Even open minded Japan has a limit.
4. RiRi is Chibi Chibi. See question #59 for details on how Chibiusa can NEVER give birth to Chibi Chibi.
5. Chibiusa never even dated Robert or Kelly/Kyusuke. Robert asked her on a date, but she declined. Kyusuke secretly liked her, but never told her. Both are brats anyway.
6. Chibiusa only kissed Peruru on the cheek. Their relationship never went further than her giving him a bag of cookies, despite Usagi teasing more.
7. Helios saw Chibiusa naked in almost every episode of SuperS, took her out several times and kissed her. Nothing else is shown.. let's just leave that there.
8. DiC through Optimum only dubbed the SuperS movie. NOT the series. That was Cloverway.
9. Chibiusa is never seen as being pregnant in the entire series.

179. Are Chibiusa and Kousagi related to the Black Moon Sisters?
Clever, but no.

When Chibiusa became Black Lady, she acted as the queen of the Black Moon Family, which would have sort of adopted her, but that's as close as they get to being related. The Four Sisters were only called "Black Moon Sisters" because of the black moons on their foreheads. They are also called the Specter Sisters.

Since Chibiusa and Kousagi are descendants of Queen Serenity however, they could be called "White Moon Sisters" as they are from the White Moon Clan.

180. I heard a rumor the new anime is scheduled for a July release. Is July a significant month in the Sailormoon manga?
Another milestone! :D

Now the start date for the new anime hasn't been confirmed yet, but I can say that July is important for a few reasons.

July 30th is Seiya Kou's birthday.

Chibiusa's second "Diary" takes place during Tanabata, a holiday on July 7th.

Parallel Sailormoon takes place in July.

So I suppose you could say it's a very important month. ^_^

UPDATE: Sailor Moon Crystal is set for July 5th 2014. This post was just off by a year and 25 days.

181. Lindsey Lohan is playing Sailor Moon in a new TV show??
… Wait… is this 2006 again? 2007? Wasn't this question 41 and didn't I just-OH HOLY SHIT…

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen Anger Management

BEFORE YOU START let me make this clear. Lindsey Lohan is STILL NOT PLAYING SAILOR MOON!!

What you are seeing here is Lindsey, dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl, during a guest spot on the TV show "Anger Management". In the segment, she dresses like this for a Japanese ad for whiskey-flavored chewing gum. This leads to a romance between her character and Charlie Sheen's character.

The segment has nothing to do with Toei Animation, Kodansha or even Naoko Takeuchi, as the people holding the rights to Sailormoon had zilch to do with this scene.

182. Is it "Chibiusa" or "Chibi-usa"?
Both are actually correct. In the manga, Usagi's first born is nicknamed "Chibi-usa" because it's short for "Chibi Usagi". The hyphen is sometimes dropped for the merchandise and does not appear in the Japanese print of Parallel Sailormoon. The first anime also varies with use of the hyphen.

183. Is it Ko-Usagi or Kousagi? And shouldn't the other girls be "Ko-Ami" etc. or is it really Ami Jr.?
The Japanese print of Parallel Sailormoon has her name as "Kousagi". The official English print won't be out until November, so it's not yet clear if her name will remain the same. "Ko" of course means "Little" so her name is a play off of her sister's name "Chibi-usa". (Small Bunny) both girls are named after their mother, Usagi. (Bunny)

The names Ami Jr, Rei Jr Ko-Ami, Ko-Rei, Ko-Mina and Ko-Mako are all fan created names to better differentiate between the girls and their mothers. (I use Jr. a few times.) Their actual names are Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina.

UPDATE: Kodansha did translate Kousagi as Ko-usagi for the US market. The other four girls are still Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina.

184. Shouldn't Chibi Chibi really be "Chibi Chibi-usa" or "Chibi Chibi Usagi"?
Those were actually clever fan created names back in 1996-99 for the smallest Sailor Senshi. However, her official name is still just 'Chibi Chibi".

In the manga, the fan names do work, as she is Sailor Cosmos, the alternate future universe form of Sailor Moon, but in the first anime, she was downgraded to being Galaxia's Starseed. (Hopefully, the new anime fixes this mess.)

185. Is the Sailormoon series anti-Gay?
Absolutely NOT, but this does deserve a full explanation.

In the North American and Mexican edits of the first Sailormoon anime, all mention of characters being Gay were very stupidly omitted. Zoicite and Fish-eye/Fish's-eye were turned into females in order to hide their statuses as Gay men, and in the North American dub of Sailormoon S, they turned Neptune and Uranus into cousins ~ but left in all of the scenes where they get close.

More offensive? In Cloverway's cut of episode 104, Tamasuboro ~ a straight boy who happens to be a cross-dresser ~ is turned into a girl and made to look more creepy than he was in the original episode. This was for the tween-aimed Toonami cut!?!

In the original manga and anime, there is really no problem with anybody being Gay, Bi or Straight. The closest thing to an "issue" are moments in the first anime, where Mars and Jupiter's sexuality is questioned (both are actually Straight) and times where Seiya and Haruka try really hard to kiss Usagi, but other than that, there's no actual problems between the Straight and non-Straight cast.

Uranus and Neptune live together and adopt Hotaru. Nobody seems to have any problems with it.

Lethe and Mnemosyne live together. Sailor Moon and her team could really give a shit.

186. Is Sailormoon anti-God? I heard there was a boycott once?
O_O WOW I haven't had to touch this one since 1999! Okay, history lesson.

Way back in the 90's, there were a few "Christian" coalitions, who accused Power Rangers and Sailormoon of being anti-God shows, about (I am not kidding) "Little Godlings who use witchcraft to teach children to stray from God by relying upon super powers". This is so screwed up, I can't really even process it. THIS IS FALSE!!

Neither show has anything to do with "Godlings" let's make that known to the 1% of you who may not have heard that before. The closest we get is Sailor Pluto.
(See Question #187 below)

There's also NO passage in the Bible, forbidding you from watching super heroes. <_<

These hateful cretins attacked every show that had anything to do with super heroes, and until 2001, they would actually spread their hate and intolerance on message boards, claiming that if you watch anything imaginative like Sailor Moon, you're "going to Hell" and they even tried to have the entire Toonami block boycotted, over Uranus and Neptune's relationship, Dragonball Z's frequent use of bringing people back from the dead, and Gundam Wing's cast openly questioning and blaspheming God. It got crazy really quickly.

But even die-hard Christians eventually realized that these control freaks really only wanted to bully people into submission. They only wanted to pretend they were right about something and hear themselves talk. The fire died down once it came out in the press that the loudest people against Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, Gundam Wing and DBZ… had NEVER even watched a full episode of ANY of these shows. Not even once.

Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing remained on the air for several years, despite the protests. All three anime shows outlived many of the coalitions that were against them.

As for Sailormoon being "anti-God" it's really no such thing. There is ONE panel in Act 23 of the manga where Sailor Moon questions God, but that's it. She winds up getting married in a CHURCH. You can't really be anti-God if you are getting hitched in a CHURCH.

187. Is Sailor Pluto a Demi-God?
Picking up from the "Godling" question from above……………………………….. let me explain.

There are a few segments where Pluto refers to Chronos (Greek Time God) as being her father, but he is never seen. This suggests that she could be a goddess or demi-God, but it's never really explored. There is absolutely NO mention of her mother or her life before she took the role of being a Sailor Senshi either.

After she is killed (manga: R arc, first anime: after S) she is revived as a normal young woman, and does not seem to have any traits of being a God at all. She has her powers as Sailor Pluto and as the Princess of Pluto, but that's it.

UPDATE: Act 20 of both the original manga and Sailor Moon Crystal states that she is a descendent of Chronos, God of Time. King Endymion is the one who makes this revelation known. This means that Chronos is either her father or another ancestor in her direct bloodline, so yes, we can say she is a Demi-God.

188. Why are all the Sailor Senshi princesses? Shouldn't everyone be a queen, except for Chibiusa and the Parallels?
Technically, yes. But it's loosely explained that without a true coronation, none of them are queens. Usagi gets around this by being accepted as both Princess and Neo Queen Serenity in the S and SuperS areas of the manga, but that's as close as we get to a coronation.

There's also an issue of power. Before Wiseman dies, Neo Queen Serenity (manga) sends Sailor Chibi Moon to battle in her place, as she feels that since becoming a queen, she has lost much of her power. This contradicts the entire issue of her saving the Earth from him hundreds of years earlier, and the whole "bestowing powers" thing she does after Wiseman dies, and is never fully explained. (Many fans just think that since she's still Usagi, this is a great excuse for her to ditch her duties.)

The basis of what makes a coronation for each of them isn't even explained. Technically, by the time Parallel Sailormoon takes place ~ or even the 30th Century for that matter ~ everyone not named Chibiusa, Kousagi, Ami (Jr), Rei (Jr), Mako and Mina should be the queen of their world, as the Sailor Senshi are all that remain alive from those planets, moons, stars and asteroids.

Princess Kakyuu should also be a queen, since only she, Seiya, Taiki and Yaten remain from Kinmoku.

189. At the beginning of vol.9 of the Kodansha manga the inners see Chibiusa as an adult and freak because they fear that she has become Black Lady again. However Chibiusa is confused by this and asks "who is Black Lady?" Huh? How did she forget about being Black Lady? I checked Vol.5 and she gives no indication of having lost any of her memory after reverting to normal, though admittedly she doesn't mention her brief time as a member of Black Moon either. What is going on here?
There are a few reasons why Chibiusa may have forgotten being Black Lady. For one, there really isn't an indication of how much she remembers of being Black Lady. Wiseman based Black Lady on Chibiusa's dark emotions, her loneliness, her anger, he tapped into a part of her we don't see much of after she becomes Sailor Chibi Moon. He may have been tapping into her subconscious, meaning that she wouldn't really remember being Black Lady, only remembering that there was a time in which she was bad.

Another theory is that the shock of seeing Pluto die, mixed with the shock of going from Black Lady to Sailor Chibi Moon, caused her to forget much of that time.

A third theory (based on the lost R special "Make-Up" and the lost SuperS special, both from the first anime) suggests that Chibiusa is so ashamed of her time as Black Lady, that she's made herself forget most of it.

190. Why does a majority of the Sailor Moon fandom consider Seiya a better match for Usagi than Mamoru?
WOW!! 190 questions! I really never thought I'd have this many. :D

Well, a majority of Sailormoon fans prefer Seiya, because Seiya is kinder, more gentle and more understanding.

I mostly blame the first anime for this, but in the early parts of the series, Mamoru is cold, brash and teases Usagi. Even after they start dating seriously, there are times where they fight or he's less than thoughtful. (Chibiusa and Usagi being told they have to be up at five in #8 springs to mind.) He can appear to be bossy. Also (though this is more in the anime than the manga) Mamoru is slow to show affection. He doesn't always act romantically with Usagi, and even in the R movie makes kissing her seem like a chore.

Seiya on the other hand is very affectionate, almost to the degree of being creepy. She's always trying to hold or kiss Usagi, and makes her feelings known almost right away. She's also very quick to help Usagi raise Chibi Chibi, and she goes out of her way to keep an eye on Usagi. For these reasons, many fans prefer her to Mamoru.

191. How come nobody can recognize anybody else this series? No one can figure out who Sailor Moon is, despite Usagi apparently being the only blond haired teenager with Odango in Japan. Initially no one could figure out Chibiusa's identity despite the fact that her name is Usagi, She looks like Usagi, she has a toy that looks like Luna, and she flashes a crescent moon symbol on her forehead several times. Hell Usagi and Mamoru themselves had to be explicitly told that Chibiusa's parents are their future selves after seeing the King and Queen with their own eyes! Not to mention all the bad guys who take human identities. At least in the case of the Senshi it's implied(in the DIC dub anyway, that there is some sort glamour in place to hide their civilian identities but that doesn't explain the others. Seriously is everybody just really bad with faces or something?
This has been annoying fans for decades now!

In the manga, when nobody can figure out that Sailor MOON is the MOON Princess, they at least explain that there is a heavy amount of amnesia going around. Keep in mind, everyone except for Luna and Artemis those first few books had died and then been reborn, and had been living normal lives until every other power under the sun started being unlocked. Plus, Sailor Venus had already been groomed as a decoy princess from the start, hence the crescent moon on her forehead, so at least a partial excuse had been used here.

The first anime stripped most of this excuse down to the bare minimum, going so far as to have the cast denounce Usagi as the potential princess, simply because she's a klutz. DiC later elaborated on this, making the cast appear even more stupid.

The villains dress as civilians to conceal their identity. Some do it better than others. For example, Tin Nyanko is usually a dominatrix cat woman, but can disguise herself as being a quirky, slightly Goth high schooler. So she can at least blend in with other Goth kids and never be thought of as weird. Zoicite cross dresses very well in the manga, and uses makeup and hair supplies to conceal his identity. Jadeite wears hats on occasion and tries to look as nondescript as possible. On the flipside, Nephrite just changes into business attire. It really should be obvious.

... With Chibiusa, it's just deliberate stupidity.

The anime retains her naturally red eyes and pink hair, but gave Ikuko and Usagi alternate coloring, so at least they were able to make her identity "seem" like a mystery, and to a degree, the manga at least tries to make it seem like she could be a clone from the enemy.

But let's be honest. She has Odango, wears a sailor suit even when it's not time for school, plays with a toy that looks like Luna and is named Luna-P, has "mysterious moon powers" and literally waltzes up on people saying "Hi! I'm USAGI TSUKINO!" It's pretty obvious who she is from day one. I feel everyone just pretended she wasn't Usagi's child, because they were afraid of the klutz breeding.

192. Ok, so Sailormoon has nudity in it. But isn't nudity a sign of purity in Japan? That makes it ok for kids, right?

First of all, I do not EVER advocate nudity for children. I know that in Italy and Japan it might not be as taboo as it is in America, but let me make this clear,

Ever, for any reason.
Nudity is fine for adults, but NOT KIDS!!

As for the nudity, in the Sailormoon universe, the souls often appear naked, as that is each character in his/her purist form, so technically yes, seeing them nude is a symbol of their purity............. when they are DEAD. As for the photos of them being alive, not so much.

193. Was the first Sailormoon anime aimed at a younger age group than the manga?
The toys were aimed at a younger age group in Japan, but the anime was drawn mostly for older people (mostly young men) as was the manga. For more information, click here.

194. Are there any TV ratings in Japan? If so, what is Sailormoon rated there?
The Japanese use the very broad Eirin system to rate both TV and movies. If it was rated today, Sailormoon in some episodes would get a G rating, and others a PG12 rating. BUT there's more to the story.

G does NOT mean it's "kid friendly" as the G rating also covers such adult and teen series as "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" which features the occult and a few violent episodes, and "Detective Conan" which has very brutal murder and corpse scenes. In the US, Detective Conan aired as "Case Closed" with a TV14 rating, and that's AFTER it was edited.

G and PG13 are for TV shows and films which do not feature hardcore sex scenes, adult male genitalia or the word "Fuck". BUT like I said, it doesn't mean these shows are for kids either.

In Japan, they typically expect parents to act like adults, watch the shows WITH their kids, and make rational decisions by themselves, while in America, we have TV watchdog groups and coalitions trying to make decisions for everyone else by using stricter ratings.

UPDATE: As of May 19th 2014, the Sailormoon anime in the United States has a TV-PG rating on Hulu.
UPDATE #2: As of October 12, 2014, some episodes have been upgraded to a TV-14 rating, and the DVDs are said to have the same.
UPDATE #3: In March of 2015, three episodes from the Dark Kingdom saga of Sailor Moon Crystal were temporarily marked as TV-Y7 FV, but two weeks later they were changed back to TV-PG. Hulu has admitted this was a glitch.
UPDATE #4: Episode 200 of Sailor Moon Sailor StarS has been officially rated TV-MA as of April 11, 2016. Once and for all, this is NOT a kids show! Furthermore, depending on the dub or sub status, Sailor Moon Crystal hovers between TV-PG and TV-14 with season three being TV-14 specifically.

195. So Sailormoon is drawn more for guys than anyone else, which I can totally see, considering the skimpy clothes. @_@; So why is it still listed as a Shoujo on Wikipedia?
Shoujo titles are usually aimed at girls and women, because they are more heavy on romance than Shounen (boys/men's) manga like Dragonball Z. Because of the romance, Sailormoon is still considered a Shoujo, but the art was originally aimed at young men.

196. I'm a guy, and I love Sailormoon…. Does that mean I'm Gay?
NOPE. Only falling in love with someone the same gender as you makes you Gay. Reading a manga can't make you Gay or Straight.

197. I heard there was a baby cartoon of Sailormoon that ran on Saturday mornings in Japan, is that true?
This is an old rumor from 1996, and it originated on an old forum, after this photo surfaced:

This is actually a scene from Sailormoon R. The "back to the show" eyecatch animation shows the first five Sailor Senshi, making a cute pose in the center of the frame.

There were tons of Chibi Sailormoon drawings, released by Kodansha and Toei, but there was never a baby/Chibi Sailormoon show by itself.

198. Okay, so I never actually read the manga or watched the post R episodes or whatever, but I think I know WAY more about Uranus and Neptune than YOU EVER WILL. How dare you say that Hotaru was adopted by Uranus and Neptune who are in love. First of all, stop calling them GAY. Lesbians are SO NOT GAY! And second, like Professor Tomoe is Hotaru's father, so like even though he died or whatever, he's still her DAD, so even if he's DEAD she can't be an orphan, because being an orphan means you have no parents. Dead people count you know! And how do we know they REALLY adopted Hotaru? Like were there legal papers? I tried to look for them online through the Japan registry pages and they SO were not there.

Okay, Sailormoon fans, when I get an email like this, I usually split off the questions, so I don't forget any points that need to be addressed. But because this went on for another half a paragraph involving this lady's Tumblr and WordPress accounts, I'm going to consolidate this into ONE list of answers, instead of blowing this page up.

Let's address this by the numbers.

1. You said in the first line that you NEVER READ THE MANGA or watched ANY of the post Sailormoon R episodes. Right there, you lost ANY kind of credibility you might have even pretended to have.

If you didn't follow the series, then you DON'T know more than me about the show. I READ all of the books and I have every episode and special. I actually watched all of it too. To even come at ANY Sailormoon fan with this attitude is asinine.

2. Uranus and Neptune (and Pluto) adopted Hotaru in Sailormoon #8, Act 38, page 129 of the manga. You can snag your copy legally here. In the anime, Setsuna takes Hotaru in episode 167, and starting in 168, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna are officially raising her. Hotaru calls them "Haruka-papa" "Michiru-mama" and "Setsuna-mama" and stays with them for the rest of the series as their daughter.

3. The definition of the term "Gay" suggests that if you fall in love with someone of the same gender as you, that makes you Gay. We call females who do this "Lesbians" but the word "Lesbian" means "A Gay Woman".

4. Hotaru/Sailor Saturn is the biological daughter of Keiko and Professor Tomoe.

In the manga:
Keiko Tomoe died in the same explosion that brought forth The Death Busters and all of Master Pharaoh 90's minions. Professor Tomoe died at the hands of Super Sailor Moon. This leaves Hotaru an orphan, meaning that even though she had parents, they are DEAD, thus making adopting her an option.

In the anime:
Keiko Tomoe was never named, but died sometime before Sailormoon S. Professor Tomoe did not officially die, but was rendered incapable of raising Hotaru on his own. He is last seen in episode 167 at a house, not far from a mental hospital he was previously seen living at in episode 126. He holds Hotaru one last time, then Setsuna takes Hotaru, and beginning in episode 168, Hotaru lives with the Outer Senshi full time, and again calls them by the names "Haruka-papa" "Michiru-mama" and "Setsuna-mama". The last mention of him at all is in episode 168, where Hotaru has a vision of him falling, and she cries.

In both versions, Hotaru is adopted by the Outer Senshi, and remains with them even in Parallel Sailormoon.

5. Hotaru's parents died in the manga, making her an orphan. It no longer matters WHO her birth parents are, because they are DEAD, making her eligible for adoption.
In the anime, her father gave her up and never tried to see her ever again. Even if he did survive, he essentially gave her up to be adopted.

When someone adopts you, and you start calling them "Mom" or "Dad" or in Hotaru's case, "Haruka-papa" "Michiru-mama" and "Setsuna-mama", that makes them your new parents. Hotaru is now their daughter by adoption.

6. This is the Sailormoon series.
It is a story of fiction.
These are fictitious people, meaning the characters are NOT REAL PEOPLE.

This is the SAME series that finds no issue with 14 year old Makoto living on her own.

If you actually tried to go in search of the legal document, proving Hotaru's adoption went through, via REAL LIFE REGISTRIES, then clearly you need to seek therapy. Real life registries are NOT going to have data on the adoption papers of fictitious characters.

199. Someone found out that I like Sailormoon. He says I'm going to Hell for that, because to like anything besides Jesus is idol-worship, and now I will fry because I like to take a little time away from Church to watch Sailormoon clips on YouTube. Is this true? Am I doomed??
O_O WOW sounds like you know a proper head case.

Okay, first of all, NO. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HELL for watching a show about an anime superhero. I actually did open the Bible and read it a few times. There is not even a hint of Sailor ANYBODY in there ~ or ANY passage dealing with anime, manga, video games, sailor suits or superheroes. Nada, not even once.

Second, Idol worshipping is not the same as watching a TV show. Let me make this easier.

To idol worship, means that you pray to an object or celebrity, thinking either that he/she is God, or is God's mouthpiece.

Nobody in real life is actually crazy enough to pray to Sailor Moon, Luna, Queen Serenity, or anybody else.

There are segments of the manga, and one line in the song "Moon Moon Princess" where the characters in the show address praying to the moon, their own powers, Queen Serenity or even Sailor Moon herself for protection/strength, but it's also addressed that this is not the same as praying to God. This is more or less a wish or manifesting the power you need. It's like wishing on a star. There is NO segment where they tell the fans to ever pray to them instead of God. Ever. Not even in Sailormoon S when the phrases "Messiah" and "Holy Grail" were tossed around.

Also, Usagi and Mamoru marry in a Christian CHURCH. Most of the cast believe in God. There has yet to be an atheist character ~ even the villains believe.

To like something outside of church is fine.

Think of it like this:

God made everything if you believe the Bible. So that includes the things from the earth that we use to make manga/cartoons/anime. Sailor Moon was drawn on paper with a pencil. These things come from the trees God gave us to use.

Sailormoon was a work done by Naoko Takeuchi to make people happy. The people who worked on the anime made a decent living and were able to take care of their families. Every time we buy LEGAL products of the series, everyone who made it earns a little to feed their kids with.

If you enjoy the show/books, knowing it's just a show/a book, and you know everything that created it were created by God, then it shouldn't be a sin to like Sailormoon anymore than it would be to enjoy flowers, air, the sea, or anything else on this planet.

I'm pretty sure we all know the difference between Sailor Moon (a 14 year old blonde/pink haired, blue eyed anime character) and Jesus.

Anybody trying to convince you that you're going to Hell for watching a cartoon needs to have his/her head examined. Whatever happened to "Judge not lest ye be judged thy self"?

200. Is Sailor Pluto Black or Mulatto?
My 200th question ev-HOLY SHIT! Wow, that rumor goes back to 1996.

In most of the manga, Setsuna appears with extremely dark skin. Yet the color photos show her with slightly lighter skin.

The anime "white washed" her, to make her look more Caucasian in Sailormoon R, and by StarS had her slightly darker than as she appears for the cover of Sailormoon #9, but they never animated her any darker in complexion.

Officially, Sailor Pluto's heritage is never mentioned in any series. She has no photos of her parents, so it's anybody's guess what she would be. The scenes of her daily life are so few and far between, it would be impossible to gather any racial data for her. Even in her "Earth" form, she has a decidedly Japanese sounding name (Setsuna Mei'oh) which does not outline any given nationality.

201. I only see White Sailor Senshi and then Sailor Pluto. Why is Sailormoon racist?
I was dreading this one.

Let's clear this up, Sailormoon is NOT racist. It's the job of the Sailor Senshi to save EVERYONE. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus are supposed to be Senshi pretty much oozing love, so there isn't time or room for racism.

But the appearances need to be addressed.

For starters, the main Sailor Senshi are listed as being Japanese. In the Materials Collection art book, Professor Tomoe is listed as Caucasian, thus making Hotaru half-White. But everyone else is Japanese with Japanese names.

The reason why they appear as White as they do, is because at the time, they wanted to make the show appealing, not just to fans of anime, but also to Western audiences, hence where Sailor Moon's naturally pink hair appears yellow on 99% of the merchandise.

The Amazoness Quartet were supposed to be sleeping in the Amazon when they were taken by Nepherenia. The Amazon Jungle is located in South America, and includes chunks of the countries of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. By blood, these girls are not Japanese or Caucasian, but South American.

The Starlights and Kakyuu hail from the planet Kinmoku, and have always lived there, save except for their trip to Earth during StarS. They are aliens.

202. I live in the US. Let's pretend I'm selling a Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars pendant on DeviantArt that I made myself. Even though it's my art and I made it, is it bootlegging because I don't own the rights to those characters?
Yes. Anybody trying to tell you otherwise is lying. Posting a picture of it is fine, it's a form of art, but please don't sell it. You could be sued.

203. Since Mamoru counts as both Sailor Sun (because of his astrology) and Sailor Earth (because of the Golden Kingdom) does this make Chibiusa and Kousagi Sailor Chibi Sun and Earth too?
On the basis of technicality, yes. Both would count as Chibi Sun, Chibi Earth and for Kousagi specifically, either Parallel Sun/Earth or Chibi Chibi Sun/Earth. But since the girls take more of their powers from Usagi, Chibiusa is Sailor Chibi Moon. Kousagi (as of November 26, 2013) still lacks an official name, though most call her "Sailor Parallel Moon" because of the manga she debuts in.

204. How come Chibiusa and Kousagi don't yet have any Tuxedo powers? Can they become Chibi Mask or Parallel Mask if they wanted to?
Both girls have powers that are more in tune with their mother. However both girls share some traits with Mamoru.

For example, Chibiusa (like Mamoru) is easily possessed, has powers that begin stunted and gradually make themselves known, and has a team that has fallen to the dark side. (Mamoru had the Four Generals, Chibiusa has Hotaru and the Amazoness Quartet.) Chibiusa's eyes are wider like Mamoru's and in the manga, they both need reading glasses. Both can use an energy blast attack. (Mamoru's is called Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, while Chibiusa can use Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss.)

Kousagi's blue eyes are the same shade as Mamoru's, and just like her father, she (and actually, her team as well) can pick up abnormalities in the Earth, and her main attack is as childish as her father's. (She summons cats into a ball, while Mamoru uses roses and in the S movie, a top for an attack.)

While it hasn't been drawn officially yet, there's no reason why the girls couldn't use their father's powers or transformation. However, there is one official image of Chibiusa in a tuxedo like her father, leaving a chance out there for the girls to eventually have his full power as well.

205. Nostalgia Critic says that for the whole series, Sailor Moon and the others are all 14 years old. Is this true?
Big fan of Nostalgia Critic!! :D I was very happy to see him cover Sailormoon.

To answer your question, yes and no. He only looked at the dubbed version of Sailormoon, and even then, only select episodes from the first and third seasons. I'll break this down by story/season:

Codename Sailor V:
Minako is 13 years old, until halfway through volume 2, where she turns 14. The Inner Sailor Senshi seen in these panels are also 13-14 years old.

Sailormoon/Season One/The Dark Kingdom Arc:
Mamoru is 17. The Sailor Senshi are 14. (Rei actually turns 14 during the Casablanca Memories manga, seen in Sailormoon Short Stories Volume 2.)

Sailormoon R: First Anime Doom/Hell Tree Saga:
Mamoru is 17-18 years old. The Sailor Senshi are 14.

Sailormoon R: Black Moon Saga:
Mamoru turns 18 during the back and forth trips through time. Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter are 14. Sailor Pluto is over 1000 years old. Chibiusa looks 5-6 years old but is 900-901.

Sailormoon S:
The Inner Senshi gradually turn 15. Chibiusa looks 8 but turns 902. Haruka and Michiru are between 15-16. Hotaru is 12. Mamoru is 18-19.

Sailormoon SuperS Manga:
Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Michiru are officially 16. Haruka is either 16 or 17. Hotaru at first is seen as a baby, then grows to being 4, 6, 10 and 12 years old. Chibiusa looks 10-11 years old but is 902-903 years old. Hotaru and Chibiusa at the end of this arc of the manga look 13. The Amazoness Quartet look 12-14 but are actually over 1000 years old.

Sailormoon SuperS First Anime:
Usagi, Makoto, Minako, Ami and Rei are 15. Chibiusa's age is avoided in the entire original anime, but here she looks 8 in the first two episodes and then 10 until the final three episodes. Then she looks 11-13. In the movie she looks like a child again, until the fight scene where she is restored to looking 10. Haruka is 17. Michiru is 15-16. The Amazoness Quartet are not seen in their Sailor Senshi form. They look 11-13 but are really over 1000 years old.

Sailormoon StarS Manga:
Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Michiru are 16. Haruka is 17. Hotaru is 12-13 years old but in some panels looks 10. Mamoru is 20. Chibiusa is 903, but looks 10 in some panels and 13 for the rest of the series. Taiki, Seiya and Yaten are 16. Chibi Chibi looks 2 but is really over 17-18 years old. She may be past 20, but no actual age is given. Tin Nyanko is 16. No age is given for the other Animamates or Kakyuu.

Sailormoon StarS/Sailor StarS First Anime:
Usagi turns 16, but is 15 the first six episodes. It is not clear how she is in her High School uniform so early. (High School in Japan starts at 16.) Minako, Rei, Michiru, Makoto and Ami are 16. Mamoru is 20. Chibiusa looks 10 but is 903 years old. Chibi Chibi looks 2 but is at least 17-18 years old. An actual age is not given. Seiya, Taiki and Yaten are 16. Hotaru looks 9-10 years old, but should be 12-13. No age is given for the Animamates or Kakyuu.

Parallel Sailormoon:
Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako are 31 years old. Michiru is 31-32. Haruka is 32. Hotaru looks 15 but is 28. Chibiusa is 15. Mamoru is 34. Kousagi, Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina are 8.

Sailor Moon Crystal ~ Dark Kingdom Arc:
Mamoru is 17. Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako are 14 years old.

Sailor Moon Crystal ~ Black Moon Arc:
Mamoru turns 18 sometime during the trip to the future. Usagi should technically turn 15, but it's never stated. Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako are 14. Chibiusa is 901 but looks 6.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3/Infinity Arc:
Rei turns 15. Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako turn 15 or 16 by the final episode. Chibiusa is 902 but looks 8 or 9. Uranus and Neptune are 16. Hotaru is 12. Setsuna's ture age is not given but her body age is 19.

Villains Petite Pandora, Dark Guys and Dark Girls have appearances that suggest they are between 10-17 years old, but no actual age is given for them. All other villains are adults.

206. Ugh...I hate PGSM, but I have a question containing this show. Does PGSM have a different target audience than the anime and the manga? I mean, the show was aired at 7 am, while the anime was aired at 7 pm. PGSM has MUCH more 'toy ads' than both, the anime and the manga and it's overall appearance is much more childish...So, is it officially stated that the age group of PGSM is different to the anime/manga one?
Yes, absolutely. And you are not alone in hating PGSM. (I can't stand it.)

Toei and Toei Animation have a long and sordid history of taking adult and teen aimed manga and anime titles, making shows based on them ~ filled with mature themes (even for Japan) ~ and aiming them at toddlers, kids and tweens.

PGSM is no different.

Toei tried to aim PGSM at a 2-11 year old girl demographic. It was filmed on the same set as Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger, known to Americans as "Power Rangers Dino Thunder" and many of the special effects, set pieces and accessories from PGSM would be reused in 2005 for Mahou Sentai Magiranger (Power Rangers Mystic Force). Super Sentai and PGSM share the same directors in some episodes, writers, set pieces, and some of the Youma costumes were later taken apart and used in other Sentai productions.

However, like the anime, Toei allowed mature themes ~ even by Japanese standards ~ yet thought they could gain more money by pitching a teen/adult series to children.

Instead, PGSM got low ratings and low merchandise sales. It was cancelled after 43 episodes, though a 44th episode later aired as a special.

207. Sailor Starlights. WHO. is the oldest/Youngest? Originally I thought Yaten is the oldest and Seiya is the Youngest. After rediscovering Sailormoon and looking up information, I found out that "in japan" The school year starts in April. (by reading AngelRaye's stories on To verify what she say is true, I've been online to research about the Japanese schooling culture and stuff or system and I found out that a child born before April starts school earlier than other kids. But... This would make Yaten really the youngest because s/he is born before April. All the other Senshi who are in the same class were all born in or after April. (Usagi June Ami September Minako October Mako December... And Seiya and Taiki... July and May) If Yaten was born in the same year as the others, wouldn't s/he be in higher grade then the others? So is s/he the oldest or the youngest?
This is an excellent question! And you are 100% right about the Japanese school system. ^_^

When Usagi meets the Starlights, all three of them are 16 years old, and it is just after April, as she has been in high school for a little while by this time.

Yaten's birthday is February 8.
Taiki's birthday is May 30th.
Seiya's birthday is July 30.

Seiya is already 16 when she enters high school, as is Taiki.

Taiki is likely the eldest one, followed by Seiya and then Yaten, which explains Yaten's less mature personality, and Taiki's cool and collected demeanor. (Older siblings in Sailormoon tend to be less rambunctious than their younger siblings, save for Usagi and Shingo's relationship, in which both are immature at times.)

It's a shame these three debut so late into the series. I really wish more was done for them.

208. I think I caught a translation error. I have the Japanese edition of Sailormoon Short Stories Volume 2, and in it, Makoto and Chibi-usa both call Ko-Usagi "Chibi-chan" but the US book translates it as "munchkin-chan". What happened?
"Chibi" Can be used to mean small, little, kid, shorty, and is used as both a derogatory and an affectionate term for a child or short person. In this case, a little girl. The translator did take a few liberties with slang throughout the Kodansha print of Sailormoon and Sailor V, but then so did Tokyopop, so I'm not that upset with it. Call it a translator's choice.

209. WHYYYYEEEEE are there so many spellings for Chibiusa and Kousagi?? Even the official merchandise/manga can't keep it straight! My Japanese books alternate between Chibiusa and Chibi-Usa and only list her little sis as Kousagi. But the English book has her as "Ko-usagi" and even in the US we can't decide for her big sis!!
Calm down! There's a good reason for all of this.

For both girls, some of the people handling translations at Kodansha just wanted to make it easier for new readers to understand the girls' names.

For years (see above) people thought that "Kousagi" was "Kou-Sagi" in homage to Seiya. (Kou means Lights.) But now it's more clear to see that it should be "Ko-usagi" which means "Little Bunny" playing into her costume and love of rabbits.

Same with Chibiusa. By adding a hyphen, it separates the two words "Chibi" and "Usa". Chibi-Usa is short for "Small bunny" also playing off of her accessories and the fact that both girls are the daughters of Usagi. (Bunny)

Their names haven't actually changed, only the spelling.

210. Makoto says she lived with her husband for two years before marrying him. Mako is 8. Um…….. does Sailormoon support sex before marriage?
^____________________________________________________________________________^ Next question.

211. WHYEEE am I seeing 8 year old girls with bewbs in Parallel Sailormoon???
o.O Um…. You know, I've been asking that myself since 2005.

212. First Rei bullied Usagi, now Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina bully Kousagi. That's not fair!! Isn't there any retribution for my bunnies?
Yes, there is. And I'm glad that these tales of bullying end with a comeuppance for said bullies.

Rei can tease all they want to, but the fact of the matter is that Usagi is in line to one day become ruler over all.

As for the other girls, they already understand that they have to protect Kousagi, just as their mothers protect (or should have protected) Sailor Moon. They are Kousagi's subordinates for life.

There is very much retribution. These girls will never be as strong as their Moon princesses, and they must serve their victims for all time.

Hell, even in death they are not immune. Rei was reincarnated and STILL has to protect Sailor Moon.

Think about it. All the other villains have the mercy of death. Rei and the other Sailor Senshi will never have that. They'll just keep coming back to serve Usagi's line. That… is… awesome.

213. Why doesn't Chibiusa fall in love with Yaten? She seems to have a thing for guys with white/pale hair.
First of all, Yaten is not a boy. Second, Chibiusa never meets Yaten. Ever. Discounting the plays and the promotional drawings of course.

214. Chibiusa has a thing for Helios and Peruru, two guys with pale hair, like Prince Demand/Diamondo/Diamond. She's never come out and admitted to being bi with Hotaru, but they are inseparable. So why isn't she trying to get with Sailor Iron Mouse or Yaten?

First of all, for the Yaten explanation, see 213.

Second, Chibiusa and Hotaru are friends. Nothing more.

Third, Chibiusa never met Sailor Iron Mouse or Yaten. It's hard to fall in love with someone you never met or even saw a photo of.

215. I keep reading that Hotaru has a romantic interest in Chibiusa. Is this true?
Well this is going to get tricky. ^^;;;

In the first anime, Chibiusa and Hotaru are really close friends, but that is all. They never really get any closer than BFF status.

In the manga however, it gets a little bit dicey.

Chibiusa very much looks to Hotaru as JUST a friend. Nothing more.

But Hotaru seems a little more "fond" of Chibiusa then she wants to openly let out. She appears nude in front of Chibiusa, just before she becomes Sailor Saturn (granted, she is DEAD at this point, but that really makes it far worse) and there are at least two pictures series creator Naoko Takeuchi draws of the two of them nude, (albeit with the full cast, but that again makes it WORSE) and in the Hammer Price story in Sailormoon Short Stories Volume 1, Hotaru gets into a fight with Ruruna and Naruru over Chibiusa's affections.

Adding to this, Super Sailor Saturn reveals to Super Sailor Chibi Moon that when she was reborn into her current life, she specifically grew up quick, just to fight alongside Chibiusa. From the SuperS/Dream arc onward, Hotaru only ages with Chibiusa. When Chibiusa went back to the 30th Century, Hotaru stopped growing. When Chibiusa came back to fight Galaxia, and looked about 13-ish, so did Sailor Saturn, despite Saturn being dead again. When Chibiusa went back for good, Hotaru again stops aging. This is why in Parallel Sailormoon, Hotaru only looks 15. She now ages with "our" timeline's Chibiusa, who is 15 when Kousagi gets her powers. Hotaru looks 15, and even goes to cram school, but is chronologically 28.

Officially, Naoko has only eluded to Helios being Chibiusa's true love, and there are no actual romantic scenes with the two girls in the whole series (discounting the nudity of course) but Hotaru's clingy obsession with her best and only true friend, has made fans of the series speculate for decades about a romance.

For now, their actual status is just "best friends". Nothing more.

UPDATE: In Sailor Moon Crystal, Hotaru came clean to Chibiusa as she died, telling her she loves her. DAMMIT.

216. In the manga, Naru/Molly doesn't see Sailor Moon when she's saved by her. How on Earth does she not realize that Sailor Moon and Usagi/Serena are the same person? Shouldn't the hair be a tip-off? She actually talks to her for crying out loud!
Naru/Molly is "supposed" to be smarter than her little sister, Naruru, but like many characters in the series, she suffers from the same complex you see in Superman comics. When Usagi has no tiara on, she's just Usagi. Add tiara *SHOCK* who is this??

-_- Usagi needs to move.

217. I know in an question you answered, you said NQS was sending Small Lady for training in the moon castle, but the Kodansha manga say the Imperial Villa on moon island. Is that another name for the castle in that century or is the castle really just sitting on the moon empty and unused?
It's a name for a specific area on the moon. From what the manga shows, not much has been done with the Moon at all since Usagi killed Metallia. And what kind of a mother sends her kid to the Moon???

218. Do you think maybe NQS would return to it with her Senshi once Small Lady takes over and act as a protection to outsiders like Pluto, Uranus and Neptune?
Neither Usagi nor Neo Queen Serenity have shown any interest in returning to the moon. There is a good chance that unless the chooses to abdicate the throne, the only time Small Lady can take over, is if Usagi and Mamoru die, leaving it to her.

219. How do you think life on other planets go if their princesses were on the moon all the time protecting Serenity?
This is left to the readers' imagination. Mars and Venus were said to be shining stars (planets) but Venus did have an unforgiving hinterlands area too. (That's where Ace Kaitou/Adonis is from.)

220. I find it kinda messed up that Serenity didn't bring the Four Generals back to life. The Senshi could have had loves too (yes I totally ship the pic of them together) and more people to help fight. Why didn't they come back?
Mamoru has their souls sealed in four stones, which he carries with him in his breast-pocket. The stones are what is left over from their bodies…….. EW!!!! He's carrying dead bodies with him all the time!!!

It is not made clear if they were brought back in the Cauldron, or if Mamoru still carries them in Parallel Sailormoon.

221. My friend is a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. She is expecting a little girl in a few months. She wants to know, if it's a girl, would it be okay to name her after Queen Beryl?

For the love of all things holy with cat piss, NO!!!

NO it is not okay for her to name a child after Queen Beryl, what the hell are you smoking???

First of all, Beryl is EVIL.
Second, Beryl dies. Ugly. Horridly.
Third, WTF is wrong with you???

Look, I get it, okay. I do. It's been a trend since the 1950's to name a child something "mystical" or fun, like Bunny or Moon flower, and in the 1980's, comic and movie names started becoming the thing. Hell, I've met a few people who named their babies "Katniss" after the Hunger Games, but enough is enough!

If you MUST name a baby after a character, name him/her something any moron can spell, and something not tied to an evil or death prone character.

Also, you have to think about the kid's future. Sure, it may be "cute" when she's a baby, small, adorable, and unable to defend herself. But what about when she's 18 and trying to get into a good college? Do you honestly think anybody will admit her, without thinking she's screwing around with a name like Queen Beryl on her application? What about at age 21 when she applies for a job? What if she goes into the military? You want the media saying our all American hero is

UPDATE: I withheld adding this question, until I could get an update from the friend of the woman who's baby this was about. While I am happy to report that "Jess" gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, I must also deliver the bad news……. This child's name… is Emerald.

And yes, she really DID name the baby after Esmeraude's DiC, name, only because she had trouble spelling Esmeraude. True story.

Excuse me. I have to slam my head into a wall now.

222. I just saw the poster for the 2014 Sera Myu play. Um… why are there TWO Chibiusa's? I see this on other posters as well from the old plays as well. Is this so that one can be older, and the other can play as when she debuted? Or is one supposed to be Kousagi?
This is a very sticky question, and it took me a while to find out.

There are child labor laws in japan, that outline how long a child can work on stage. Putting together any type of play takes a ton of work from each actor, so in order to abide by the law, most Sera Myu plays have had two actresses playing as Chibiusa or Chibi Chibi. This way, they can split the work down the middle and not break the law.

As of June 6th, 2014, Kousagi has not yet appeared in any Sera Myu play. However, since most of the plays borrow quite a bit from the manga, there is still a chance that someday, it "could" happen……
And certainly, if the plays continue to be engaging and well written, it would surely be a fun play. Wonder what the costumes would look like?

223. My boyfriend showed me a fandub VHS tape from the 1990's. Episode 20 has a little girl on it. She has purple eyes, dark hair, a purple shawl, mysterious powers over the dead, and she lives in a HUGE mansion with a creepy white haired dad and a ton of monsters. Is this Hotaru Tomoe?? I sent some screencaps for you to check this out. The first is of the girl, the second is of Hotaru.
Oh WOW I forgot all about those! (I actually found a few at a Goodwill once.)

Well in answer to your question, no. The girl you are looking at is actually named Sakiko, and she is of no relation to Hotaru.

The rumor all started back in late 1995, when the internet was mostly message boards and AOL buttons. (Yeah, scary, I know.) By the time bootlegged imports of the show started hitting North America, Sailor Saturn had debuted on Japanese television. Some of these early VHS tapes were dubbed via A/V cables onto other VCR machines, and often onto bad copies of tape. Other bootlegs were created by positioning a camera in front of a projection screen or a television screen while the episode is playing. The results are dark, murky footage that often (by accident) crops or deletes out important details. Add to this questionable translations from both fansub and fandubbers alike, and you have 28 minutes of Grade A rumor mill. Anybody looking at the above picture would have likely thought the same. Sakiko is only slightly younger than Hotaru, and Hotaru is pretty small for her age, so it's a common mistake.

Since your boyfriend's tape (judging by the screencap) is in bad shape, let me show you a different picture of Sakiko:
Her hair is actually brown. Not sure why the center whites of her eyes are also purple. That's a bit creepy. But she is a cute kid. And you are correct, just like Hotaru, she does have a strange power related to the dead. This is never explored again.

224. (Related to the last question) If that's not Hotaru, then is she an honorary Sailor Scout? I heard there were a few.
No. This too was a popular rumor in the 1990's, started by fans of Captain Planet, which was also brought to us by DiC.

Since in that show, the "Planeteers" would often deliver shirts to "honorary" members, a few internet fans decided as a joke, to post on message boards that Sakiko was an honorary Sailor Scout. Some people took the joke so seriously, that they not only adopted Sakiko as an honorary Sailor Senshi, they also included Chubby/Fatty Mask, Naruru, Ruruna and Tamasuboro as honorary Sailor Senshi too. And certainly, there are many fanfictions devoted to this idea as well, but unlike Chubby Mask, Naruru and Ruruna who actually (I will admit this) DID see combat, Tamasuboro only cosplayed as a (male) Sailor Senshi. As for Sakiko, while she does have superpowers, she never dons a Fuku, nor is she referred to as a Sailor Senshi/Scout/Guardian.

225. Are there any characters that debuted in the anime first and THEN in the manga?
Actually, yes. In episode 31 of the original Sailormoon anime, there is a large hoard of cats that chase after Luna. That same group later appears in Parallel Sailormoon.

Also, while this is not considered part of the manga at all, Peruru, Orangeat, Banane, Poupelin and Queen Badiyannu appear in the SuperS movie about 2-3 years before the Materials Collection artbook was released. Granted, their Naoko-Takeuchi-drawn sketches predate both the movie and the book, but were not released to the public until 1999.

226. I have been rereading the manga and you know how in the second arc King Endymion and Pluto were saying that the past Silver Crystal only works in the past and the future crystal only works in the future, thus Sailor Moon can't use her powers in 30th century Crystal Tokyo? Well if that's the case how can Chibimoon transform and use her powers in the past when her Crystal is the one from the future?
In answer to your question, this appears to be yet another theory the two came up with. Remember, even in the far future, they are still learning what that crystal can do.

The theory goes that each crystal can only work in it's own timeline. Usagi's crystal "shouldn't" work outside of the 20th Century, and Neo Queen Serenity/Chibiusa's crystal shouldn't work outside of the 30th Century.

This theory is blown sky high out of the water, as it's THE CRYSTAL THAT ALLOWS SAILOR MOON TO FREAKING TRANSFORM TO BEGIN WITH at this point in the series.

If the crystal didn't work outside of it's natural time stream:

1. Sailor Moon should not have been able to transform.
2. Sailor Chibi Moon should not have been able to transform outside of the 30th Century.
3. When Prince Demand put the two crystals together, it shouldn't have caused enough problems to rip apart reality. Remember, Neo Queen Serenity and Sailor Moon have been in the same room as each other more than once, that right there should have caused heads to explode. This was ignored, but when the two crystals meet, Pluto had to stop time and kill herself, in order to get the two separated again.
4. Picking up from that last note, once again, USAGI SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TRANSFORM AGAIN after Pluto was dead.

This remains a Moon Mystery! This was either:

1. Endymion and Pluto not yet knowing the full potential of the Silver Crystal, or
2. An oversight by Naoko Takeuchi

BUT!! A third theory exists, that Chibiusa's constant altering of time may have changed not just "her" crystal, but the rules around it as well. Remember, her crystal was at one point, Neo Queen Serenity's crystal, and in turn, Usagi's. But once Chibiusa began using it full time, the crystal began to change. By the time Chibiusa frees Helios an arc and a half later, the crystal has grown into a rose, and has truthfully become "her" very own Pink Moon Crystal, instead of Silver.

The exact answer has been a mystery since 1992.

227. Is it canon that the inner Senshi and the Shitennou (Four Generals) were lovers during the Silver Millennium?
Only in the manga. While it wasn't touched on too much, Kunzite and Venus are seen at the end of Codename Sailor V Vol. 2 and in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #3 being coy and very close. And then there is this:

In the first anime, these four relationships are never shown. It is not yet clear (as of June 2014) if Sailor Moon Crystal will add them back in or not.

UPDATE: As of Act 3, they are giving a large nod to this entire story. J
UPDATE #2: From episodes 3-14, Sailor Moon Crystal placed a heavy emphasis on the couplings. We actually got more here than we ever did in the old anime, manga or even most of the 1992-2005 plays.

228. In one musical Beryl apparently claims that she and Endymion were engaged to be married before he jilted her in favor of Serenity. Is this a musical only thing?
Yes. In both anime shows and in the manga, she wanted to be with him badly, but they never had a relationship.

229. I'm pretty sure this one isn't true (especially since one of these people somehow mixed up Beryl with Naru) but on TV I came across the rumor that Beryl was either the queen or princess of earth during the silver millennium. Any truth here?
You are completely right, it isn't true. While TV Tropes usually tries to get their facts straight, they are at the mercy of fans who want their fanfictions to be treated as reality, much like all the Wiki pages. Queen Beryl and Naru have never been queens or princesses of the Earth or Moon.

230.WHY does Naru/Molly attract so many Youma?!
This is one of my favorites, as I have asked this many, many times over. ^_^

For one thing, she is a safe bet. In the first anime, she is seen around Sailor Moon enough that any villain sticking around more than one episode will figure out that there is a connection.

Another thing? Bad luck. She is usually living in, near, or seen around the target of the day. Her friends also are in the same vicinity as these areas, making her chances of being attacked skyrocket.

Another thing too? She is so naļve. She will fall for just about anything new, making it so easy to target her.

And here's a popular theory, driven by the original anime. She is pure. Sure, she's prone to doing bad things, such as sneaking out at night and dating older men, but she does those things with pure intentions, meaning that she really does try to do the right thing most of the time. She's also full of a pure energy, something that many villains practically feed off of.

231. In the musicals and other media it's mentioned that during the silver millennium travel between Earth and the moon was forbidden. Why?
Largely, there are two reasons:
1. Queen Serenity notes in the manga that the Moon Kingdom is supposed to guide the people of Earth on the track of evolution, without meddling in their affairs too much.
2. They were afraid Princess Serenity would be hurt. Not everybody on Earth is pleasant. (See Facebook.)

232.Why is there so much hate regarding PGSM? While I'm not too fond of it myself (I especially dislike the second half) I don't outright HATE it but it seems everyone else does.
See answer 139 up above. In a nutshell, here's a list of reasons why this is the most hated Sailor Moon series:
1. With the exception of episodes 1-5 and one half of the Codename Sailor V special, NOTHING from this series has ANYTHING to do with the manga. Hell, even the original anime made the occasional nod here and there, and it too took liberties.
2. The sets and the writing team were re-hashed from Super Sentai series "Mahou Sentai Magiranger" known in North America as "Power Rangers Mystic Force". I am not kidding here, the cast had to share props, halves of monster/Youma costumes and the same writing staff. The action scenes just scream "Power Rangers rip off" and outside of a few transformation scenes, invoke NOTHING of Sailor Moon. (BTW this is a rare time the writing for Power Rangers actually beats out a Super Sentai season.)
3. PGSM adds characters that not only don't exist in the manga, they add nothing of value to the series, such as horrid bitch Hina and her father. Granted, the first anime added Yuuichirou, but hey, at least he's likeable!
4. The series was billed in advertisements as being a hybrid adaptation of the manga and first anime. It is NOT.
5. They screwed up Luna. Rather than have her as the ADULT cat, trying to raise Usagi to be a proper Guardian, they reduce her to being "Sailor Luna" a 10 year old with about as much charm as DiC Rini.
6. They royally screwed up Sailor Mercury, turning her evil for no reason.
7. They screwed up Princess Serenity, turning her into a psycho killer.
8. They screwed up the continuity of the items, adding in items from S and Sailor StarS WAY before they should have.
9. They have Makoto getting engaged to Motoki. (Your call on if that's good or bad.)
10. They end the series at Usagi's wedding and finding out she is pregnant. No Outer Senshi, Starlights, NOPE just a fast forward.
11. They made Usagi younger than she should have been in Act Zero, and gave her a costume between Chibiusa and Kousagi's.
12. (I'll add more below) They kill Minako in the most lazy, General Hospital way possible.
13. They give Minako Hotaru's personality.
14. The Codename Sailor V special "Act Zero" has her at age 18. In the rest of PGSM, she's 14. THIS IS ASS-BACKWARDS.

And this is just the main 11 reasons. I haven't even touched on the lazy costuming for the rest of the non-Youma cast, the lack of wigs for the first half of every episode, or the fact they screwed up Ami's hair color, or that crappy toy line they had.

233. In PGSM Minako has a terminal illness. (WHY did they even put this plot in?!) Was it ever stated anywhere what her actual illness was?
Nope. Not even once. It is assumed by fans that since the illness also required a surgery, that the illness must have been cancer. But the writing team was just too lazy to actually flesh this one out. In case you missed it, Minako dies while preparations are being made for her surgery. She stays dead for 2 episodes, before being revived.

234.Now that I've read the whole manga I really wonder HOW Toei got the idea that Chibi Chibi was Galaxia's Starseed. I know there was miscommunication between Toei and Naoko Takeuchi but WOW!! Did no one think to double check with Ms. Takeuchi?! And why does Chibi Chibi still resemble Usagi in the anime if she's not you know…… Usagi in this version? Not to mention what they did to the poor Starlights...
At this point in development, all communication had broken down between Toei and Takeuchi. The writers had already decided on where they were taking the story, so for the 1996-97 Sailor StarS season, Chibi Chibi was left with heart-shaped Odango to confuse the viewer, but red hair, eluding to the eventual reveal as Galaxia's Starseed.

The manga actually lasted one extra month past the anime, so by the time the final act his store shelves in March of 1997, Japan had gotten to think of Chibi Chibi as Galaxia's Starseed. The schedule for the anime and the manga were vastly different, and thanks in no part to Toei's rushing production on StarS and on Dragonball GT (another show where the manga finale had been ignored and communication had ceased between Toei and a manga creator) a good chunk of the cast had been dropped. This meant that Toei never got around to even drawing HALF of StarS, despite it's 34 episode run. With that said, while they had seen a preliminary of Sailor Cosmos, her actual tale is missing from the first anime.

235. I was looking at your disturbing facts page and I gotta ask why is it that Cartoon Network (and the other North American kiddie channels) are okay with Incest and Bestiality but flip out over naked monsters with Barbie doll anatomy and same sex relationships where the most we ever see is hand holding?
This is a very wise question. And one that I'm still trying to figure out.

With the same sex relationships, I can safely tell you that between 1995-2001 (The DiC/Cloverway era) there was absolutely NO way the network censors would have allowed a same sex couple, except for Chibiusa/Rini's crush on the child tea ceremony host. For some reason, Tamasaburou cross dressing is "bad" but Rini still crushing on him is okay, after he's been turned into a girl?

The theory is that the younger your character is, the more "innocent" they are, and thus, their actions are 85% immune to censorship. This is how advertisers can get away with baby butts being shown in Huggies commercials, but not an adult ass in a Lever 2000 ad. The ploy was used to censor some of Sailor Moon, but not all of it. At 85% immunity, Chibiusa can have random boyfriends, romantic interludes with other species, and can run around naked, BUT 8-10 year old Tamasaburou can't cross dress, and therefore must have a sex change operation to justify his homemade Sailor Senshi costume.

This was done with DragonBall as well. Basically, if a kid does it, it's "harmless" or "cute". 12 year old Goku for example can see Bulma without her panties. But let Goku become an adult and try to kiss his also adult wife Chi Chi, and now it's perverted and must be censored.

Chibiusa is 903 years old by the end of the show, but physically looks and acts like a 6-10 year old. So anything she does seems "cute". So Cartoon Network saw no problem with her being naked in several episodes. Now let her do this as the adult Black/Wicked Lady, and this has to be cut to pieces.

Same goes for Chibiusa's relationship with Pegasus. As long as she looks 9 or 10, it seems "cute" to the network heads to have her kissing and touching all over Pegasus and Helios. But let her turn into a teenager or an adult, and now the censor has to hack a few seconds out of every frame.

On this, I do believe the censors are hypocritical pedophiles. How else can I justify the amount of DISTURBING this entire mess is??

Once the characters hit their teen or adult years, the tables turn. Haruka can no longer hold Michiru's hand, they have to be "cousins". This idea could have worked better, if they didn't leave in 99% of the touchy-feely scenes with these two. You can dub them to say whatever you want, the visual still has them as a lesbian couple, only now, instead of this being an innocent lesbian romance, it's now a creepy, icky, gross incestuous relationship. Thanks Cloverway!

And of course, this also means that Zoicite has to become a woman before he can hold hands with Kunzite/Malachite, Fisheye must have a sex change in order to have a boyfriend, and Zirconia must become a man in order to ….. actually, that one never made any sense. But this is all done because these characters are not children, and ergo their harmless actions seem more threatening to a censor.

If none of this makes any sense to you, congratulations. You are a healthy and SANE individual.

236. In the anime how does Setsuna convince Professor Tomoe to hand over Hotaru?
Easy. She just walks up to him, and declares that Hotaru is leaving with her.… The end.

No, for real, I mean that. The end. That's all folks! No more story here.
If you have read the manga beyond the S arc, or followed the S anime to the end, then you already know that Professor Tomoe is a VERY
BAD FATHER right from the start. I sincerely mean that. Right from day one, he endangers her life non freaking stop. He surrounds her with HEART SNATCHING monsters, lets Kaolinite guard her KNOWING that the bitch don't like Hotaru, and oh yeah, let's not forget that he is directly responsible for TWO of her deaths in a row. TWO!!! Even for a Sailor Senshi that is extreme and excessive. Discounting Sailor Moon R and the Silver Millennium flashbacks, the average Sailor Senshi will die or have a brush with death ONCE per season, but in S Hotaru dies TWICE, technically THREE times if you count her Sailor Saturn incarnation as a separate entity, and FOUR depending on whether or not you count Mistress 9 as a part of her, or (more accurately) as a daimon temporarily living inside of her.

For those who are trying to keep score, lemme break it down for you:

Hotaru Death #1: At the age of 8, Prof. Tomoe's experiment goes haywire, killing Hotaru, Kaolinite and Keiko Tomoe, Hotaru's mom.
Hotaru Death #2: Hotaru breaks free of Mistress 9, but in doing so, releases her own soul and destroying her altered body.
Hotaru Death #3: (If you are counting Mistress 9 as a part of her, ignoring the fact that she's actually a separate being altogether) See #2.
Hotaru Death #4: Sailor Saturn dies going after Master Pharaoh 90. In the first anime, this is by going inside of him to battle from within (Ew) and in the manga, she seals herself off into the Tau system with 90 by asking Pluto to use the forbidden attack "Dark Dome/Doom Close" and then dropping the Glaive, killing herself.

And who brought the Tau system, 90 and Mistress 9 into Hotaru's life? Oh yeah, HER FATHER. The same putz, who by the way, had the ability to ask 90 to bring back Keiko, but instead asked him to bring back kaolinite, his hot ass helper. What a fucking douche.

At this rate, even with the fact that she does have to go into battle as a Sailor Senshi before the age of 13, Hotaru is ohsoverymuch SAFER being raised by a college student (Setsuna) and a couple of teen lesbians than she ever was by her own dad.

237. Do Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru have any parents?
In the original anime and in the manga, their parents are never discussed. The closest we get is when Sailor Pluto refers to the God Chronos as her "father" but it's not clear if this is a figure of speech or actuality. Setsuna was sent back by Neo Queen Serenity to live a normal life, while Haruka and Michiru just… well…. Appear.
UPDATE: Well as it turns out, Act 20 of the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal lists Pluto as being a descendant of Chronos. My bad.

238. Is Chibiusa really born on June 30th? If that's the case, when was she conceived? How old is she in real time?
This reminds me, I need to update the Age Tracker more often. Sorry guys!!! ^.^;;

Usagi and Chibiusa have the same birthday (June 30th) so while the final manga debuted in Japan in March of 1997, it does not reflect when the actual date of her pregnancy began. So! To figure out when Chibiusa is conceived, we just have to count backwards nine months from June 30th.

Chibiusa therefore was conceived on September 30th.

Now let's pretend that somehow, 1997 or 1998 work as a birth year for Chibiusa. If she was a real person, she would be turning 16 or 17 on June 30th, 2014.

30th Century Chibiusa was born when Usagi was 22, shortly after Usagi marries Mamoru and took the throne at 21. However, time is severely altered during the course of the series, so with that said, Usagi is 16 when she marries Mamoru at the end of the StarS manga, and 17 when Parallel Chibiusa was born.

239. Okay, so like Hotaru had Mistress 9 implanted into her, after she was brought back to life at age 8, and Mistress 9 has been growing inside of her this whole time, until Hotaru's other self as Sailor Saturn awakens…. So like um… does this mean Hotaru is pregnant with Mistress 9?
$%#@?!?! NO!!!!O_O;; Where did you get that?
Hotaru is possessed by Mistress 9. She is never seen pregnant in the anime or manga.

To be possessed, you have to have another entity use your body as a host, which is exactly what Mistress 9 does with Hotaru. Not unlike a parasite, she uses Hotaru's body, until at last she is strong enough to take it 100% over and use as she sees fit.

To be pregnant, you egg has to be fertilized by sperm. Nine months later, you give birth to a completely different person.

Hotaru never gave birth to Mistress 9.

240. BOO! Almost none of the original voice cast from Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon are in Sailor Moon Crystal, why??
Because the last anime went from 1992-1997 and the new one starts in 2014. Things change. Toei likely couldn't come to an agreement with the surviving original cast. Some of the original cast may not have even wanted to come back. Whatever the reasons, at least we got Kotono Mitsuishi back!

241. Did Toei Animation ever do a Sailor Moon Rated X/Hentai film or book?
As of July, 2014, NO. Any "adult" film you are watching or book you are reading of Sailor Moon is a fake.

242. BOO!! Sailor Moon Crystal is only 26 episodes long. This means we'll never ever see the Starlights, right?
Not necessarily. This is still just season one so far. (As of July 2014) If we support the show, they will continue the series, potentially through the Starlights and (maybe) Parallel Sailormoon.

UPDATE: The Infinity Arc is being animated as of Fall, 2015 and is set for a 2016 release.
UPDATE: April 4th, 2016 brought on season 3.

243. How can I support Sailor Moon so I can have more episodes?
This is very easy. All you have to do is watch the show LEGALLY via Hulu, Crunchyroll or NicoNicoDouga. Beyond that, buying the LEGAL merchandise really helps.

244. Saturn is a separate personality from Hotaru right (this is what the anime and manga hint anyway)? Why is this and why is only Hotaru this way?
AH! I love this question :D

Sailor Saturn is the forbidden Sailor Senshi of death. She wasn't supposed to be awakened AT ALL the first time these people were alive. But in the manga, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto tell the story, that the Talismans alerted Sailor Saturn from her slumber the day Silver Millennium fell, causing her to awaken just long enough to drop the Glaive and kill everyone. Awakening Saturn is tantamount to death itself. You just don't do it.

Fast forward to her second life as Hotaru.

Hotaru was already a sickly child, so if nature had taken it's course, she may not have had the chance to tap into this power or live very long. One day, Professor Tomoe had an experiment go awry, killing everybody but himself in the explosion, and ripping a hole into the Tau system.  Master Pharaoh 90 agreed to resurrect Hotaru, on the price of also infusing her with Mistress 9.

Because of how Hotaru was brought back (I.E. WRONG) her personality as Sailor Saturn and her personality as Hotaru are two, separate beings. It's not until Saturn's third life (after Uranus and Neptune adopt her) that Hotaru and Sailor Saturn become one.

With the exception of (so far) Chibi Moon, The StarS series of Senshi, The Quartet and the Parallel Senshi, Tuxedo Mask and the other Sailor Senshi can tap into their alternate personalities. The Non-Moon-and-Earth cast can also speak with their own "Inner Guardians" in the form of tiny versions of themselves. But because of Saturn/Hotaru's tumultuous beginnings, it's just a little more pronounced than say Jupiter or Mercury.

245. Will Ali and En be in Sailor Moon Crystal?
As of July 15, 2014, I am leaning towards "No" for the simple fact that this series is supposed to follow the manga better. Ali and En do not exist in the manga, so I wouldn't bank on seeing them anytime soon.
UPDATE: The answer is no. The Dark Kingdom saga wraps up with the debut of Chibiusa.

246. OMG Usagi's room in Sailor Moon Crystal is so posh!!! She has her own chandelier in Sailor Moon Crystal! What the hell kind of jobs do her parents have to afford this?
Ikuko is a stay-at-home mom. Kenji works for a magazine. In the original anime, he was seen taking pictures as part of his job. Judging by the size of the house, I'd say he makes a pretty decent amount of money.

247. Queen Serenity reproduces asexually, so therefore Princess Serenity can do the same, and Chibiusa and Kousagi really exist without a father.
O_O Where did you…. HOW did you…. Okay, let me break this down.

As of July 2014, there is NO actual passage that says Queen Serenity reproduces asexually, however it does exist as a fan theory, since we never see the father of Princess Serenity.

Also, it's made VERY clear that Chibiusa and Kousagi are Mamoru's daughters. When he dies in the StarS arc of the manga, 30th Century Chibiusa fades away, and does not come back until he is resurrected. Both girls refer to images of him as "Dad" "Papa" and "Daddy" in each translation.

248. Kousagi is really Sailor Earth.
Kousagi is currently without an official name, however, she debuts in the story "Parallel Sailor Moon" leading many to believe that she could be Sailor Parallel Moon. Although her father (Tuxedo Mask) counts as Sailor Earth, this rumor actually started with a fan video on YouTube, with a fan-created sister for Chibiusa that would have replaced Kousagi.

Technically, both Chibiusa and Kousagi can call themselves "Sailor Chibi Earth" or "Sailor Chibi Sun" but since both have Moon-based powers, they are Moon Sailor Guardians.

249. Why isn't Chibiusa Sailor Chibi Earth? Or for that matter, Kousagi?
While Chibiusa has a few traits from her father, (stunted power growth, easily possessed) most of her attack power comes from her Moon-based lineage, as a good chunk of her attacks are variations of her mother's attacks. It's never explained why the girls don't take after their father's kingdom more.

250. Phantom Ace is really Mamoru's little brother! That's why his suit is all white, like Moonlight Knight's.
Ah NO.

While the two have similar glasses, and both appear from nowhere, throwing small things like roses and cards, the two are NOT related. Ace is from Venus, and was brought back along with the Four Generals. Mamoru/Endymion was from Earth.

Also, Sir Moonlight Knight does not appear in the manga. Ever.

251. Chibiusa is Ein and Ali's daughter, that's why she's so EVIL in the DiC dub!
OH MY GAWD where the fuck did you get this from???

NO she is NOT the daughter of those freaks, she's Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's daughter. Ali and En are not related to her in any way, pink hair aside.

DiC had opted to rewrite Chibiusa as 'Rini" to match the cliché of the stuck up, street smart, sassy kid character. Specifically they were aiming for a Scrappy Doo or Cousin Oliver type. They thought this would make her more adorable. It actually did the opposite. But her rewrite had nothing to do with Ali or En.

252. Hotaru is Setsuna's secret love child with Endymion.
O_o I d…. how did…. In this age we… AUGH!!!! NO!!

First of all, Setsuna does not currently have any biological children of her own, although she is one of three adoptive parents to Hotaru, the other two being Michiru and Haruka.

Second, while Pluto admires Endymion a little from afar, she goes NOWHERE with ANY relationship with him.

Third, Hotaru's biological father was Professor Tomoe. She has NO blood to Mamoru.

253. Shingo is blonde. Usagi is either blonde or pink haired……… is Ikuko cheating on Kenji?
As far as the anime shows and manga, no. Ikuko does appear with blondish hair in the color print of page one of Act 1 of the manga. So maybe this is a recessive trait to that? By Sailor Moon S she has pink hair and red eyes, maybe this is something that will change with Shingo over time? Usagi's hair changes from blonde to pink to silver to white, as does Chibiusa's hair.

254. How do you know the ages of the parallel inners? I remember Kousagi's school grade being mentioned so you know her age from that but how do you know the others are the same age as her? The look a bit older to me.
In answer to your question, all five girls are supposed to be around 8 years old, and attend class together. I feel the reason why they look older (I can't stress enough how upsetting it is to see bewbs on an 8 year old) is because when Naoko Takeuchi drew the quintet, she was aiming for more of a model's look.

I've noticed that since she had a daughter, her drawings of all the Sailor Senshi have changed. If you look at the covers of the latest Japanese re-re-prints, the Inner and Outer Sailor Senshi now have flatter chests and skinnier bodies. Everyone except for Sailor Pluto looks like they are between 14-16 years old, as they should, which 30th Century Chibiusa looking more like an 8 year old. They now have bodies more close to what a girl that age should have. This is slightly reflected in Sailor Moon Crystal, and even in the 2004 reprints with the bodies of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon, yet the manga pages themselves are left the way they were drawn in the 1990's.

255. (In regards to #65 waaaaay up top) Maybe a slight correction to your answer for "Are there any zombies in Sailormoon?" Seeing as how the Four Generals are really stones they cannot be zombies, and as for the green blood pointed out in the photo it was poison from the monster that he fought to protect Naru. They were givin life's energy to be brought back and when they die they turn to their stone form, a crystal about an inch long. Meaning they have no body to reanimate.
This is a clever theory, however, I feel I must make a correction. The Generals are not stones to begin with, they originally were people of Earth. Their souls are kept in the stones Mamoru has, but they didn't begin this way.

In the 1992 anime, they started off on Earth, and then fell under Beryl and Metallia's command. They were defeated and sealed off with the rest of her forces after the fall of the Silver Millennium, only to be reanimated again by Beryl at the start of season one. She even refers to them as re-animated a few times.

In the manga, they were again from Earth, and were reborn as regular humans after the fall of the Silver Millennium. Right as they were starting to remember Endymion and were going to go search for him, Beryl had awakened, and once again they were placed under her control. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #2 shows how the energy from the Silver Crystal temporarily revives Zoicite, Nephrite and Jadeite, but the effects last only for a few minutes, and all three die again, melt, and then turn into stones. In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #3, Kunzite tells Endymion that their stone state is directly because of how Metallia has taken their energy. Once she has your energy, you can become a stone once your life-force is over.

256. Why do you believe that Chibi Chibi/Sailor Cosmos/future Usagi are from an alternate universe, and not the "regular" one? The way that I read it, I didn't think there was an alternate universe. I thought it is part of the future that the battle with Chaos and all of the terrible destruction that caused Sailor Cosmos to give up and travel back in time, to try to CREATE an alternate universe... by changing Usagi's actions in order to prevent that terrible future from happening. Sailor Cosmos wanted Usagi to destroy the cauldron (which sounds like it would end the creation of any new life, forever) just so that the suffering in the distant future wouldn't happen. Looking at it that way, Cosmos was potentially the greatest villain of all, if she got her way. But Usagi knew that was a mistake, and chose not to take a different path from what happened originally, and inspired Cosmos to return to the future and continue the fight. So.... doesn't that mean that Usagi just guaranteed that the terrible future will definitely happen? And that it's not part of an alternate timeline or anything? Or have I misunderstood something important here?

Okay, let me break it down for you, page by page.

Sailor Vesta figures out that Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Moon are the same person on page 243 of Pretty Guardian #12.

Sailor Cosmos confirms she is Usagi, but from an alternate universe in which she ran away from the fight with Chaos on pages 244, 246 and 247.

She again confirms she is Usagi later on page 247, when she refers to "our" Sailor Moon as her "other" self, implying these are NOT "kindred spirits" this is in fact the exact SAME person, but from a different time/universe.

On page 249, she still acknowledges that they are from different dimensions, by saying she isn't going to run anymore. Thanks to the energy she got from "our" Eternal Sailor Moon, she will go back to her universe/time and set things right.

On page 250, Sailor Cosmos tells Sailor Vesta that the Eternal Sailor Moon who leaped into the Cauldron, is in fact the true for of Sailor Cosmos. She affirms one more time that they are the same person, just before she sends the Amazoness Quartet back home.

So once again, Sailor Cosmos is in fact, Usagi Tsukino.

257. I just read the Snow Princess Kaguya manga. OMG!! How was Luna able to ride on the wing of an airplane all the way to America and not fall off?
Luna is no ordinary cat, in fact she, Artemis and Sailor Tin Nyanko are from the planet Mau originally. Apparently, Luna is able to survive being in outer space with no oxygen and can hang on rather easily to a moving airplane. This may be linked with her Mau DNA and her already amazing, weapon granting powers.

258. At the end of the Princess Kaguya's Lover manga, Himeko is implied to be pregnant with Kakeru's child but...she's in space. Why would NASA have allowed her to go in this condition? I don't know all that much about space travel but I'm pretty sure that neither spaceships or space stations are properly equipped for pregnant women or babies.
Considering how late into the story Himeko found out she was pregnant, it's likely she was not tested before heading into space. She was after all, a last minute astronaut. It's still a story of fiction, so being that it is a manga, none of the characters need to adhere to actual, real life space rules. If she was a real astronaut, she likely would not have gone into space without a full battery of tests, as NASA rarely (if ever) has allowed "last minute" space cadets. I'm actually more concerned about the newly pregnant Himeko being in SHORT SHORTS in OUTER SPACE.

259. Were the cats originally human (or at least humanoid)? In Princess Kaguya's Lover and it's movie adaptation Luna seems really surprised when she turns into a human girl but in the regular manga Luna and Artemis don't seem all that surprised by their human forms. If they are actual cats then shouldn't Diana have at least two siblings? And how old are all the Mau cat people anyway? And why is it that Luna (outside of PGSM) is less cat-like as a human than Diana?

Mau cats are normally cats full time. They have the option to turn human. The older they are, the more human they will look and the more human-like their bodies will behave. This is likely the reason why Diana is an only child, and Luna and Artemis never had a litter. Luna and Artemis are adults, so they appear 100% human. Diana's age is stunted to match Chibiusa, so when she is human, she still retains her tail. Kousagi's cat is no older than Kousagi herself, so she retains her ears, whiskers, mouth and tail. Tin is around 16, so she retains her mouth and tail. She also still makes cat noises, and her hair is styled to match her cat ears. The movie kind of leaves most of this knowledge out, but Luna at this point is more shocked she is turning human right then and there, and less that she has the ability. This is why you don't see her grabbing herself and freaking out.

260. Sailor Cosmos. I know I know she's alternate universe Usagi BUT It seems like the future she came from will come to pass so doesn't that mean that Cosmos ISN'T from some alternate universe but the future of this universe?
(OMG 260 questions?!?!) Cosmos is more or less an alternate, future universe Usagi. Neo Queen Serenity seemed to remember her well enough to tell Chibiusa where and when in time to find Sailor Moon, so it may be that even Neo Queen Serenity once knew her. But then as Minako points out in the Kaguya story, time is not set in stone. ^_~

261. About Hotaru's healing powers, does she still have them? I never seen her use it anymore. Since this is a new life for her... Or more accurately is this ability given to her by her Saturn powers or Mistress Nine powers? It's like these abilities just got forgotten or something... like Rei's fire reading and sensing evil or the "evil be gone" talismans. We never see them anymore by the end of the third season or around there.
Hotaru still retains her healing ability, she just hasn't had a chance to use it again. It's something she has, but not Mistress 9. Like Sailor Moon's sonic waves and Chibiusa's moon beam, these powers don't go away, they just crop up as needed.

262. I just bought Sailor Moon #12. Why don't they use their wings more often??
For the same reason Hotaru seldom uses her healing powers. They pop up as needed.

263. What is your stance on Hentai? Do you feel it corrupts people or makes them get divorces? How do you feel about all the stories about this?
There is an old wives tale, that if you watch porn or Hentai for even a nanosecond, it'll turn you into a bad person, and you will eventually turn to crime. If this was true, the male population would be extinct, and we would have ceased making new human beings several hundred years ago. Many medical and scientific studies have come out, showing that porn does not have an effect on people being good or bad, in fact, many males tested felt less likely to force themselves onto a woman after watching an adult film, so there's no real reason to believe watching it would cause you to (I dunno) rob a bank or listen to Nickelback.

Many coalitions love playing make-believe. They love to pretend that if you watch something adult, you will turn evil and go to Hell when you die. These people need to seek therapy, as if you will notice, they also tend to believe anything that makes you happy (like candy or anime for example) will make you flip off your mom or kick baby seals. It doesn't matter how long they have been around or how many buildings they refuse to pay taxes on, common sense should tell you to not blindly follow anybody above the age of three throwing a temper tantrum over something they refuse to learn about.

That's basically what the debate stems from. Someone half-read about Hentai from a half-written "expose" from a TV station, and now they think they "know" everything. They don't. It's pretend logic. It's also based on caveman theories. Cavemen used to believe if it's different, kill it. We came from cavemen, but we still have people hanging onto their ancestors beliefs of killing anything they don't get. This is why you see whiney old people complaining about technology, and misogynists trying to erase women's rights based on half of a re-write of their favorite "holy" book. These people all pretend what they're doing is "protecting" you, but they're not. They're just being bossy.

Another myth is that Hentai will turn you into the same sex slave or deviant seen in the video. There is no medical or scientific backing for this one. Trust me. You can watch 30 hours of a Moe Hentai marathon. If you didn't look like a blue haired maid with a large chest when you started, odds are great you won't look like one when you're done. Odds are also good you probably won't succumb to any tentacles, or try to kidnap a fairy while riding a badly drawn unicorn. If you actually believe you have a shot at this, seek therapy.

As for the divorce myth, it's another old wives tale. In today's age, there are actually tons of married couples who watch it together, and use it as a tool to talk about what they want, what they're afraid of, what makes them comfortable, and usually it's the honest communication that brings couples closer together. Sure, they may not brag about it on DeviantArt, but that's because they're spending more time together and less time around angst-and-daddy-issue-ridden teenagers.

The other myth is that "magically" people who should be in school might find Hentai. If that's the case, then the fault lies with their clearly negligent parents. We have parental locks on everything now. If your kid gets a hold of adult content, grow up and take responsibility. TALK to your kid about it, tell him/her WHY you DON'T want them around it anymore, use your parental locks on all devices to keep them away from it, and act like an adult. Don't blame everybody else for YOUR mistakes.

As for my stance on Hentai? If the characters are over the age of 18, I don't care. It can't hurt anybody, as it's just a drawing. I have a HUGE problem if the characters are under 18, but if they're adults, and only adults are watching, who cares?

264. I do wonder what happens after the Starlights return to Kinmoku. I know they'd rebuild their home world and all but... what happens afterwards. How will Seiya hold up after her attempt to get Usagi's attention (anime) In the Parallel Sailormoon it was mentioned how the inner's lives and Usagi's life went on. *according to you anyway I don't like reading manga so I hardly read very much of it but my sister does and she tells me what happens and the differences between the anime and the manga whenever I ask.* They have children and all that but what of the Starlights? (heh as you can see I'm a BIG fan of theirs.)
Naoko Takeuchi has yet to explore what happens to the Starlights after StarS, and she has yet to even give us a clue on their past before Galaxia arrived. We're still left without a story for most of the StarS cast, actually, including Kakyuu's lost lover, home castles (if applicable) for Seiya, Yaten and Taiki, in fact, there are still plenty of untold mysteries here. Galaxia, Crow, Tin, Lethe and Mnemosyne are the only ones to have had a full back story told in more than just one panel. Phi, Chi, Papillion, Siren, Seiya, Yaten, Taiki and Kakyuu are given the most brief once-overs in terms of who they are.

265. About the past of the Starlights. Now this one has a big explanation because I don't know if you know these rumors that I read up but I'm pretty sure you should. I want to know if they are true or just baseless rumors. On the sites that I read them at says that it is what Naoko Takeuchi  had said or wrote herself in an interview or something. I can't be sure if it's true or not because there are many bogus sites and lying people around everywhere. Was there any true to date written data by Naoko Takeuchi herself to prove that it's all real? If you don't know what I'm talking about... Here's a brief summary... Taiki's mom can't have kids so she was born from her dad's sister and then the King and this sister planned on taking over the Planet. The Queen figured it out and sent Taiki to Kinmoku before a battle took place and the planet exploded. Seiya's mom married someone she doesn't love and had an affair with her lover and conceived. Her husband doesn't believe the baby is his so he went to find out who his wife cheated on him with. The King killed him and then he was going to kill Seiya and her mom. Kakyuu's mom came and saved Seiya and then destroyed the planet. Metallia and her son attacked the planet. With the help of two other Senshi who sacrificed their own lives to defeat/seal Metallia. Her son however was too strong but they managed to erase his memories. The queen nursed him back to health and then married him. Yaten had a Twin brother and younger sister. When Yaten was five Metallia came back and killed everyone. Yaten is the only survivor and was saved by Kakyuu's mom mere seconds before the planet exploded.
This story you sent beginning with Taiki's parents is a very OLD Fanfiction. No back story exists for the StarS team, not even to link them to Metallia. All we know is that they were supposed to protect Kakyuu, the way that Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter are supposed to protect Sailor Moon. You notice both teams are bad at this?

266. Yaten Kou is Sailor Star HEALER. Why then do you never see her heal anybody? She actually does a better job destroying things!
With Yaten, I feel she's one of several characters brought in so late that it must have been hard to fully explore their abilities. Every Sailor Senshi after Hotaru never fully got their full share in my opinion. We got to explore the powers and unique lifestyles of everyone else, and then from Sailor Juno onward, it was a mad dash through the story. I wish we could have another book, you know? ^^; This is one Moon Mystery that unfortunately will continue to puzzle.

267. so like I know that Chibiusa and Ko-usagi have the same mom and dad, but like that doesn't mean they're for real full blood brother and sister.
….. Have you ever been to school?? EVER??

Okay, first of all, they are SISTERS. In order for one of them to be a "brother" one of them would have had to be born a boy. Since they are both girls, that makes them SISTERS and NOT brothers.

Second, I don't know if science is taught in your area, but let me make it clear. If you both have the same mom and dad, and you are both related to the same mom and dad, and you both came out of the same mom…. Yes it DOES make you full blooded sisters!! Like it or not, Kousagi is and forever will be Chibiusa's full blooded sister. PLEASE go and read a book.

268. Y u no want kids on this page? I am 10 and I see nothing wrong wit mon sisters.
*Rubs head slowly.* Okay, sweetie? I want you to stop reading please, and go get your mom, dad or legal guardian, okay? I will wait right here for your local adult.

*Waits patiently*

Okay, let me have a talk at your adult. Thanks.

Hello, adult in charge of the 10 year old who just called you over here? Yeah, I need to ask you something.


I don't know if your kid has made you aware of this or not, but THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN'S WEBSITE!!!

This is a website about a Japanese manga and anime series known as Sailor Moon. This page deals with the current, uncensored anime and manga, which is aimed at ages 13 and above. But with that said, this is a page aimed at ADULTS, has ADULT humor and tons of profanity.

Moon Sisters (the page you are on right now) has several disclaimers about this, all listed in white text on a blue background. I went to great lengths to make it clear I do not want kids that young anywhere near my website. How can I be more clear??

And before you even start with me, no, I will NEVER make this page more "kid friendly" as again, it's a page about a series not intended for kids. Yes I am aware that between 1995-2004 this show was seen on "kiddie" stations, all cut to pieces. But guess what? Standards and practices today wouldn't allow Sailor Moon on a kids station in this country, so your argument is moot.

Kindly understand that the internet ~ much like a television set ~ mostly caters to adults and will never be a "babysitter" for your child.

No, I don't care how "mature" you imagine your kid to be. THAT IS STILL A CHILD!! Please keep your kids AWAY from my website, and pay attention to what said child is getting into, you may want to curb the kid's online habits, as I got this message via Facebook ~ yet ANOTHER website NOT for kids, with an age rating of 13+.

Please. Take responsibility for your kid, like an adult.

269. I watched Sailor Moon Crystal act 13 on Hulu, and I saw Queen Serenity with a kitten Luna. The queen was wearing the princess's dress! Is this an animation error?
As of 1/5/2015 I would say "no". This was drawn on purpose, most likely for our entertainment. There are two reasons for this, and I think you might like them both.

The first reason is that Crystal has been drawn with the fans in mind. There are in-jokes related to the first anime hidden in almost every act, and if you can catch it, fan folklore. For years, we have all played the "what if" game about Queen Serenity before Princess Serenity was born. We've all wondered if she would have been a Sailor Senshi/Guardian, and if she would have worn the same dress as a princess.

This leads into reason #2. We know the dress is technically a hand-me-down, as Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi have both worn it. Chibi Chibi wears it in newer, post 2002 sketches Naoko Takeuchi has come up with, including for the cover of Sailormoon #12, and Chibiusa is seen wearing it in child form and once as an adult in a Sailor StarS group photo, though she also has her own princess dress in pink. So if Princess Serenity, Chibi Chibi and Chibiusa have all worn it, it isn't a farfetched idea to think Queen Serenity had it too when she was younger.

UPDATE: Toei admits his was actually an animation error. The Blu-Ray release ages Luna in this scene to an adult and puts Queen Serenity back in her original gown. Boo. I was actually starting to really like that scene.

270. When Queen Serenity is wearing Princess Serenity's dress in Crystal Act 13, is this before she becomes queen?
No, after. Remember, Neo Queen Serenity also wears a variation of the same dress, and both mother and daughter have their "Queen-Fairy Wings" while they wear the gown, and both answer to the title of "Queen" so rest assured, this scene takes place after Queen Serenity earned her title.

271. Peruru must be Princess Serenity's little brother, because he has wings like Queen Serenity, very fairy like!
Ah no. Peruru is not related to anybody from the White Moon Kingdom. Princess Serenity was an only child in her first life, and as Usagi, her only sibling is Shingo.

272. I see people post both love and hate for Pretty Cure/PreCure and Ojamajo Doremi, and do mash up videos with Sailor Moon. Are these shows related?
Yes and no. Let me explain a bit.

They are not related in terms of storyline. Doremi came out between 1999 and 2003, and Pretty Cure started in 2004, both long after Sailor Moon's original anime had ended, so these girls exist in worlds of their own.

However, in terms of business, Doremi and Pretty Cure serve as "replacement sisters" of Sailor Moon, and here's why.

When Sailor Moon ended, Toei knew they needed another Shoujo series to keep making money off of young girls and women. Sailor Moon was not originally intended for kids, so they figured if they made a new show with kids in mind, they could milk a toy line easily. So Doremi was formed. Junichi Sato, who was responsible for directing a good chunk of Sailormoon SuperS helmed the first anime. Another Sailor Moon tie-in? In the sequel series Ojamajo Kids, Doremi Harukaze was voiced by Kasumi Suzuki, who played the child villain Manna in the Sera Myuu play Sera Myu: Tanjou Ankoku No Princess Black Lady + (Kaiteban) in 2001. Doremi focused on little magical girls, ages 6-11. The original anime was deemed too violent (yeah, I know, right??) and somewhat sexual, so when it first aired in America, it was edited to shreds by 4Kids.

After Doremi ended, Toei developed Futari wa Pretty Cure, this time focusing on girls closer to Usagi's age. Once again, we have a team of two or more girls with magical powers and flouncy, girly costumes, who have to save the world. The Sailor Moon tie-in? Well let's take a look at the voice cast!

In Smile PreCure, Cure Happy is voiced by Misato Fukuen, who is the Crystal voice for Chibiusa, while Cure Peach is played by Hisako Kanemoto, who is Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon Crystal, and Pikachu voice actress Ikue Ōtani, who is better known as Sailor Tin Nyanko in Sailor StarS, and also played Chouten In Sailormoon S. Pop was played by Daisuke Sakaguchi, who was Kyusuke in Sailormoon SuperS.

HeartCatch PreCure saw Aya Hisakawa as Cure Moonlight. Aya was also Sailor Mercury in the original 1992-97 Sailor Moon series, while fairy Chypre was voiced by Taeko Kawata, who voiced Momoko in Sailormoon R and in SuperS, and Chika Sakamoto who played Cure Flower, was also Peruru and Yaten.

Yes! PreCure 5 saw Ai Maeda as Cure Aqua, who is Sailor Pluto in Sailor Moon Crystal, and Kumiko Nishihara, who played Tomodachi in an episode of Sailormoon S and Diana in SuperS and Sailor StarS.

Fresh Pretty Cure saw Yuka Komatsu, who played Mii's mother in Act 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal, while Northa was played by Misa Watanabe, the voice of Queen Beryl in Sailor Moon Crystal.

Suite PreCure saw Kotono Mitsuishi as Hummy. She is of course known as the voice of Usagi Tsukino in all forms of the Sailormoon anime to date, and as the voice of Chibi Chibi and adult Chibi Chibi in Sailor StarS.

DokiDoki PreCure saw Kumiko Watanabe as Regina. She also was the voice behind Jun Jun in SuperS.

After each series started to take off, Kodansha published manga and light novel titles for Doremi and for Pretty Cure in Nakayoshi, which used to run Naoko Takeuchi's work. Unlike Sailormoon however, the anime pre-dates the manga for Doremi and Pretty Cure.

But another similarity that drives Sailor Moon fans crazy, is the fact that most of the items used between Doremi and Pretty Cure are largely rip-offs and re-imagined copies of items Chibiusa and Usagi had. Each incarnation of Pretty Cure has had some compact or bow resembling the mother-daughter Moon duo, while Doremi openly sold toys resembling Chibiusa's wand and Crystal Carillion. Like Sailor Moon before it, Toei licensed out the toys to Bandai, and both Bandai and Toei actively deny ever ripping off of Sailormoon for anything to do with the Magical Girl shows, claiming instead that all magical girl shows "borrow" from each other.

Sailormoon, Doremi and Pretty Cure all feature underage girls in suggestive positions from time to time, and all three involve element based attacks and twirling transformations, leading fans of the three to create mash up videos on YouTube.

Some fans can respect that all three shows have vastly different stories, while others view the new millennium Shoujo titles as just "filler" until they can get their Sailormoon fix. The love/hate relationship Sailormoon fans have with these shows is different for each person, but it's not hard to catch the tie-ins.

273. Why doesn't Crystal have any of the filler episodes and background characters the old anime has?
Simple. While it has it's own quirks and changes from the manga, Crystal was intended to follow the manga more closely than it's predecessor.

Back in 1992, the Sailormoon manga was still being written. It wasn't finished yet, so during times where Toei had to wait for the next act, they would have the writers come up with filler episodes, to stretch out each season. At first, the writers opted to keep the filler episode villains within the same context of what was going on in the manga, but it soon turned into a life of it's own. With few liner notes to go by, the Toei staff just opted to put onto paper whatever they thought would earn money, and what they really thought their audience wanted to see. This lead to new characters being added to "flesh out" the cast, and pre-established characters being re-written. If you notice, in the manga, Rei and Luna have an attitude, but not nearly to the level they did in the first anime.

Sailormoon R was a challenge. Since the manga wasn't done yet, Toei decided to create a 13 episode filler arc about alien siblings stealing energy, just to fill time until the writers could catch up with the Black Moon arc.

Ultimately, Toei would eventually decide to create their own stories, with or without the approval of Naoko Takeuchi. This lead to the falling out between the two, and to the StarS anime being vastly different from the manga.

Fast forward to 2014 when Crystal started airing, and it's a different story. The manga has been done for close to two decades at this point, and now everyone has at least 2-3 different versions if the old manga sitting on their shelf. There really is no excuse not to be able to keep up with the original story at this point.

274. I saw Crystal Act 12. So let me get this right. They couldn't show Sailor Venus stabbing Queen Beryl like in the manga, but Sailor Moon can stab herself???
Standards and practices for this type of show are different from what they were in the 90's.

They got away with Sailor Moon stabbing herself, because you never see the blade go through her, and because in the next episode, we see all she stabbed was a pocket watch. She also sliced Tuxedo Mask's Tuxedo, but did not actually stab him, so this scene was able to skirt by on Nico Nico Douga just fine.

There's no mistaking what Sailor Venus does in the manga. She flat out stabs the bitch. Someone must have complained. So this scene is replaced with a scene where Sailor Moon cuts up the necklace keeping Beryl alive. Beryl still dies by the Holy Sword, but in a way that can air on television.

Did I say it was fair? Hell no. That's just how they roll.

275. Why did the Dark Kingdom arc fly by so fast?
There were 14 acts of the Dark Kingdom in the manga, not counting Casablanca Memory. There is just enough content here to do one issue per episode. With no filler, this equates to just 14 episodes to work with. Now do you see why they staggered the episodes out to twice a month?

276. HEY!! In the 1990's, I wrote a fanfic series called Sailor Moon Crystal. THEY STOLE FROM ME!! Can I sue them?

*Sniff sniff* *Wipes tears* HOO BOY! Good luck with that!

I'm not a lawyer, but I can tell you this. Toei had the rights to the words "Sailor", "Moon" and "Crystal" way before you, so it wouldn't take them long to cook up an excuse as to why they had the right to the title before it was officially created. They can lie, and claim they had thought of using it for a previous series or movie, and 9 times out of 10, any judge listening will believe them over you.

Also, while your fanfic falls under the safe area of the copyright laws, it falls only by a hair. The fact that your fanfic still uses characters you did NOT create, such as Usagi, Mamoru, etc. that means that if you were to take them to court over this, you would be bled dry. Your chances of winning a lawsuit against Toei Animation or Naoko Takeuchi for the name Sailor Moon Crystal, are about as good as you finding a real Silver Crystal ~ and I don't mean the kind you cosplay with.

That's not to say they don't thieve ideas from their fans, they sometimes do. But your chances of getting any sort of back pay from your fanfiction are pretty dim. And after you pay your court costs and your lawyer, it really won't be worth the effort. You'd be in debt because of it, so I'd advise you not to try.

277. How come the first season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon was 46 episodes, but season one of Sailor Moon Crystal is either 14 or 26?
Crystal is a victim of the times.

Back then, most TV shows averaged 26-52 episodes per season, depending on TV package and on how fast the staff could churn out an episode. Making a TV series is expensive, but back then, companies made each season last as long as it did, so that just in case they got cancelled, they could still sell the first season to other channels as a bulk series for rerun syndication.

Now? TV shows are way more expensive, and the likelihood of your show lasting for years and years is nil. Changes in standards and practices force out more of the content you are allowed to broadcast, and internet TV is more of a thing than regular TV. Plus, with Crystal being closer to the manga, it's more cost effective to base each episode on just one issue, and to produce a smaller season than before.

As for the episode numbering, Toei originally announced that Crystal would have all 26 episodes based around the Dark Kingdom, but again, since they are following the manga, it makes more sense that the season is split in half into two arcs, Dark Kingdom and Black Moon.

UPDATE: More episodes are on the way!

278. Why does Chibiusa sound more adult in Crystal than in the old anime?
Again, Toei is following the manga this time.

Remember, Chibiusa is supposed to be over 900 years old, and was raised as a princess. So she will sound older and more like a woman than a little kid here.

In the first anime, they skirted around Chibiusa's age, and intentionally made her a ridiculous brat in Sailormoon R, and then more of a girly, goofy kid in S and SuperS. But in Crystal, Chibiusa is more focused, as this is a darker series.

Also, the original anime had more girly voice direction, because it was a more bubbly series. The current director is aiming for more serious characters, hence why Rei is more subdued this time around, and not so loud or bitchy. Adding to this, Kae Araki was Chibiusa's original actress, and she usually voiced upbeat characters, like Felicia in the video game Darkstalkers. But now Chibiusa is voiced by Misato Fukuen, who played the sugary but grounded Cure Happy.

279. Why is Crystal so dark?
Because the manga was pretty dark. Don't get me wrong, there's some great humor in the original story, but the action is pretty gruesome.

280. OMG I actually LIKE Rei in Crystal!! What happened?
Crystal follows the manga. Rei originally was more subdued than her old anime counterpart, more quiet, at least until the Exam Battle chapter with Minako. But Crystal does make changes too. For example, Rei did tease Usagi just a little bit, before they found out Usagi is the Moon Princess, but since Crystal is a very serious show, and very light on the humor, Rei's teasing has been omitted, in favor of a shy, quiet Rei, who still isn't used to having friends.

The old anime has a loud, boisterous Rei, who is boy crazy and constantly bullying Usagi. This was Toei's way of making fun of shrine Miko, who are sometimes made fun of as having a more repressed life. Think nuns, but with the ability to marry. That's how they saw Rei. They also wanted a character who would pick on Usagi, but have a hot and cold personality, meaning that at the drop of a hat, she can be nice to Usagi too, and really care for her.

UPDATE: Well I spoke too soon. Crystal season 3 let Rei bully Usagi a little bit. Not too much, but OUCH.

281. So Crystal has me confused. Can the Sailor Guardians fly?
Well, they mostly float in Crystal, but they do have that ability, it only comes out when needed though, so it's not like they fly around for fun like Superman. Each girl has the ability to sprout wings too, though this is even more rare and happens more towards SuperS and Sailor StarS. They floated less in the original anime, but in both TV anime and the manga, they have the ability to float and fly if need be.

In Italy in 1995, there was even a line of Sky Dancer like dolls of Sailor Moon, a teenage Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, where they could "fly" with the pull of a string. Another set saw Pegasus as a flying base for teen Chibiusa.
UPDATE: As of the Black Moon Arc, yes. Apparently they can fly a little bit.

282. Is it StarS or Sailor StarS?
Both. The Tokyopop manga listed the arc as "StarS" while the new anime DVDs worldwide has it as "Sailor StarS". The original 1996-97 broadcast of the arc used "Sailor StarS" in the eyecatch animation and opening title, and retailers used the term "Stars" or "StarS" when listing new merchandise when the Starlights were new.

283. What is will all the crazy titles? Can't we just say Sailor Moon season one? And why do you keep spelling it "Sailormoon" instead of "Sailor Moon"?
There's a reason for all the crazy lettering. Here's a basic list fans have agreed to:

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon): This title represents the fact that this is a new story, about a budding new hero named Sailor Moon.
Sailormoon R (Ali and En arc): R stands for "Return" as Usagi is returning to being Sailor Moon again, after her bout with resurrection amnesia.
Sailormoon R (Black Moon arc): R stands for "Romance" as Usagi is trying to get her romance figured out with Mamoru, and as it leads to Chibiusa.
Sailormoon S: S stands for "Super" as Usagi becomes Super Sailor Moon for the first time.
Sailormoon SuperS: "SuperS" is short for "Super Senshi" as this is where the other girls begin to become Super Sailor Senshi.
Sailormoon Sailor StarS: "Sailor StarS" is short for "Sailor Star Senshi" as the Starlights join the group.
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (Dark Kingdom Arc): Crystal is implied, because the main focus of the series is who has the crystal and what it does.
Sailor Moon Crystal (Black Moon arc): Crystal is used, because everyone wants it and Chibiusa has the future version of it.

In the 90's, Bishoujo Senshi was meant to mean "Pretty Soldier" though this was also mistranslated as "Pretty Warrior".

In 2003 this was changed to "Pretty Guardian" due to the live action show 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" and since then, the title has been used to streamline all past and present Sailor Moon series.

They were Senshi/Soldiers in Japan in the 90's, because they are soldiers for love and justice.
They were "Scouts" in the DiC and Cloverway edits, because they "scout out" danger and to appeal to Girl Scouts watching at home.
They are Guardians now, because they are supposed to guard the earth from danger.

As for my typing "Sailormoon" it's simple. In the 1990's, much of the Japanese merchandise had "Sailormoon" listed as one word on everything from cosplay toys to trading cards. Even when the first fleet of Sailormoon toys came over to America, Usagi's first locket had the word "Sailormoon" on the side. I use it to this day to separate Sailor Moon ~ the character from Sailor Moon ~ the series. But with Crystal and all English adaptations of Sailormoon, the title has it's more grammar appropriate spacing and capitalization, making it "Sailor Moon" and "Sailor Moon Crystal" respectively.

Some of the new merchandise also has it as "SailorMoonR/SailorMoonS/SailorMoonSuperS/SailorMoonSailorStarS" but Viz, GE Animation and Toei want you to call them Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon R/Sailor Moon S/ Sailor Moon SuperS/Sailor Moon Sailor StarS/Sailor Moon Crystal for consistency.

284. OMG I just saw Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19. USAGI AND MAMORU HAD SEX!!! I thought this was Toei's doing, but nope! I just bought the manga, and they do it there too. Okay so like nothing nude is shown, but what's your take on it?
O////O Um….. ah well…. Toei is following the manga! *Runs*

285. I just saw Act 19. Usagi is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD!! How is this scene with Mamoru legal???
Well…. Unlike the old anime, Mamoru has not yet hit his 18th birthday, so he's still 17. As long as they're both still legally "kids" I think this is how Toei just got away with it, and subsequently how the manga did too.

286. Is Sailor Moon Crystal promoting teen sex??
O///O Um…………

287. Act 19. Mamoru. Usagi. The sex happened. Chibiusa is in the next room. *Deep breath* Look. I get that this is the episode before they learn they are Chibiusa's mom and dad, but isn't this still horrific parenting?? I mean, even if they were just babysitting her, isn't it awful that she's alone in that cramped little room in Mamoru's equally cramped apartment, and they're doing the nasty in the living room?? SHE CAN HEAR THEM!!! How can she even look them in the eye the next episode?
………. Not that I condone this…. But it has been established that Chibiusa has some weird, disgusting thing for her father. We also learn in the manga and in the old SuperS anime that she not only admires Usagi to a point, she's always wanted to be her. Maybe she wanted to live vicariously through…. Okay screw this, I won't even answer this question. Just LOOK at her face in the next scene. She's over 900 years old. She KNOWS what they did and she is disturbed by it ~ even by her own freaky ways! But the need to save her mom in the 30th Century probably made it a little more tolerable for her to look these two in the eyes.

288. Usagi spends the night at Mamoru's apartment in Act 19. Chibiusa as well. Where the fuck are Ikuko and Kenji??
Being negligent parents as always, sitting at home, eating and reading the newspaper.

289. So like…. The sex scene… that's not for kids, right?
NOPE!! Sailor Moon Crystal is aimed at adults, the episodes range from TV-PG to TV-14.

290. Why are Diana's eyes teal in episode 19 and then pink and red in episode 20 of Crystal?
Toei likes to throw us a few subtle bones once in a while. Act 19, her eyes are teal, like a combination of Minako's eye color from a few spots in the old merchandise and Artemis's two eye colors, green and blue. The pink eye color is in homage to Chibiusa's powers, and the red ties in with Chibiusa's red eyes, Luna's mahogany eyes from the old anime, and of course the brown-red eyes she sports in different spots of the art books. Likely, this will change for the Blu-Rays.

291. How come Diana is lavender in SuperS and Sailor StarS, and grey in Crystal?
For the old anime, they chose lavender, because it's a combination of Luna's old purple-blue coloring and Artemis's white fur. They changed Luna back then from a black cat to purple to save on black paint and to make her look more magical.

Crystal has her mostly as purple, but the cast sees her as an all black cat. Diana therefore is grey here, but has a lavender collar in the Hulu stream of the episodes, in homage to her old anime color.

Diana is also grey in the manga, as Luna is consistently a black cat, save for but a few images.

292. Will there be a third arc to Sailor Moon Crystal?
Toei is teasing one. An initial report stated that it would start in August of 2015, but this report turned out to be a mistranslation, about the Black Moon arc hitting Japanese television sets.

Nothing is known for sure yet, but fans are already demanding a third arc, and Toei is linking some of the Outer Sailor Senshi merchandise to Crystal, notably anything not directly bearing a picture from the old anime.

For example, they released a set of Megahouse figures with Sailormoon S inspired school uniforms for Haruka, Michiru, Usagi, Chibiusa, Hotaru and Setsuna, but the bonus figure is of Diana. She does not appear in Sailormoon S, but does appear in the Infinity arc of the manga and has already debuted on Crystal.

Time will tell. Hopefully, Toei's initial hints are true, and another season is in development. Another rumor insists that a "second season" of 26 episodes is still in production, and it would take us from Uranus and Neptune straight through to Galaxia and Cosmos.

UPDATE: Toei approved an article for the French market, which outlines a little information:

Toei has made it clear that season one of Crystal comprises the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon arcs, and that while treated in spring of 2015 as separate shows, they are in fact together as ONE season. With that said, a second season has NEVER aired.

Portugal's TV stations are still claiming that Crystal is supposed to be 52 episodes long, spanning from Dark Kingdom to Galaxia, while Japan and America's official outlets are on a "wait and see" as of July 21, 2015. Until they can make an official announcement, Toei at least threw us a bone. We are getting MORE Crystal merchandise in January! Buy it legally, it supports the show.

UPDATE: Toei Animation confirmed that the Infinity Arc (Sailormoon S Arc) was not only in production, but that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune have been cast. Suck it Crystal haters!
UPDATE: On April 4th, 2016, the 3rd season of Sailor Moon Crystal hit the airwaves. Again. Suck it, haters.

293. WHYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE is Usagi jealous of her own daughter?? It's gone from cute to creepy in a hurry, especially with Mamoru.
This answer is rough, bear with me.

Usagi when she first meets Chibiusa is still just 14 years old, and as established in all episodes prior, she's still very immature. Very kid like……. And Chibiusa pulled a gun on her, so she's not 100% keen on how everyone treats Chibiusa so well, while she's treated like a spoiled brat.

As far as Mamoru goes… well this answer gets worse. The first anime didn't really show it too well, but Crystal and the manga make it clear. Usagi KNOWS Chibiusa is crushing on Mamoru. She can tell Chibiusa is not what she seems. She has nightmares of adult Chibiusa running away with Mamoru, and to top it off, she's starting to figure out that Mamoru likes his chicks YOUNG. It's not clear if she could tell Chibiusa's actual age, but that last thing makes it seem like she's starting to wonder if Mamoru might be a PedoBear. Chibiusa's last Short Story with Ruruna and Naruru really doesn't help his case AT ALL.

Also, this is a new relationship, and she's already had Queen Beryl take him away before. She's jealous of the attention he's giving to Chibiusa, because she's afraid this will be a repeat of the last Arc. It kind of ends up like that, only she keeps forgetting HE WAS POSSESSED and ergo not able to choose for himself, but again, she's 14.

She fears being replaced, and Chibiusa is just one more in a long line of people to give her that fear. Is it rational? Not really. Is it less creepy? Certainly not. But that's where she is, mentally.

Also, she's been dropped on and hit in the head several times so far, so you have to cut her some slack.

294. I just saw the colored Parallel Sailor Moon picture for the first time, and each girl is with an animal. Are these their pets?
It's not really said. Officially, Kousagi has her own kitten and raises rabbits with Chibiusa. Diana and Luna also live with Kousagi's family, though it's less clear if Artemis stays with Luna or lives with Minako, though the only time we see the three original cats, they are all together. If he doesn't, then he likely lives with Mina's family. Phobos and Deimos likely still live at Hikawa Shrine, and likely watch over Rei and her daughter.

The dog Mina is holding is representative of Naoko Takeuchi's husband, Yoshihiro Togashi, who is always drawn as the same dog in Naoko's "Back to work Punch" shorts. (Naoko draws herself as a rabbit.) Togashi-san helped put together that picture of the Parallel Guardians, and is best known for creating Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter. They married in January of 1999 and Parallel Sailormoon debuted in the back of the Materials Collection artbook that fall.

295. Somehow, I feel like there's something missing in SuperS. The Inner Guardians get their Super transformations around the same time that they should in the manga, but in the anime, it feels so rushed. Am I crazy, or does it feel like the girls don't mature the same way in the manga?
You're not crazy, you're right on track. A little history.

The SuperS manga was never on time with the anime, which led Toei to make changes as they saw fit. SuperS bears little resemblance to it's source material, even though the studio had all the liner notes for where the story was going. How the girls get their Super transformations is very different.

The first spark of the Inner and Outer Senshi becoming "Super" is first seen in Act 38 in the Infinity Arc, which should have been near the tail end of S. All of the girls become Super, but only until the end of the fight, leading up to Hotaru's rebirth.

After that, the access of new powers all comes from within for each character, and can only be accessed through a state of growth and maturation.

Act 39 sees Usagi and Chibiusa get new transformations from Pegasus, after they realize they will have to fight without the Outer Guardians and essentially have to rely on themselves.

Act 40 is where Sailor Mercury gets her new power, after being confronted by her inner guardian Mercury. Ami realizes that she is not weak, and in remembering the true reason why she studies and wants to protect Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, she becomes Super Sailor Mercury.

Act 41 shows Rei being confronted by Phobos and Deimos. In confronting a mirror image of a juvenile version of herself, she decides to become stronger, allowing her to become Super Sailor Mars.

Act 42, we see Makoto being confronted by her inner guardian Jupiter. In facing her fears of only being a Guardian and nothing more, and then realizing her passion to be the strongest on the team, she becomes Super Sailor Jupiter.

Act 44 lump sums the remaining girls. Hotaru learns to accept her dark side as Sailor Saturn, and realizes she needs to awaken her own power, and the powers of her new parents in order to save Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, and to have a shot at fighting alongside Chibiusa. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto gain their new powers through Hotaru, as her gratitude for them putting aside their fear of her destructive power, and uniting as loving parents to her. And Minako gains her transformation through Artemis, after the two realize the importance of their bond, and Minako learns compassion.

Act 48, Usagi awakens everyone's powers further, by proclaiming the importance of their unity. This results in all of the girls awakening their true princess forms, and in all three cats becoming human, leading into -

Act 49, where Mamoru gains the usage of his Golden Crystal when he realizes the true depth of his love for Usagi, right after she becomes Eternal Sailor Moon, and while the other girls are also becoming Eternal. After the battle, Usagi and Mamoru awaken as Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion early, and then with the aid of Saturn, awaken the Amazoness Quartet, who through Hotaru had discovered they were never bad to begin with, just being used by Nepherenia. Helios splits from Pegasus and learns to live freely, after being saved by Chibi Moon and realizing she was his maiden all along.

…… In SuperS, Pegasus just granted Moon and Chibi Moon powers randomly, made Chibiusa earn his trust to earn the Crystal Carillion, so he could visit her after her bedtime, and then granted the other Inners powers just so that Chibiusa wouldn't get her ass stabbed by Fish-eye. Hotaru awakened her new parents just so she wouldn't get stabbed by a Phage, and because she was starting to have nightmares about Galaxia and the death of Usagi. Hotaru only awoke because her inner guardian Saturn poked her in the head, made her relive her past, accept it, and grow a little.

…… Yeah, you're right. Something was missing. Big time.

296. Why can't Cloverway or DiC take back Sailor Moon?
Because both companies went under, several years ago. And shame on you for wanting them back. They screwed up most of the names and screwed around on editing.

297. Why can't I watch the movies on Hulu yet?
Because as of 10/30/2015, Viz is still working on bringing them. Be patient!

298. Why does Ko-usagi have bewbs if she's only eight years old?
O////O um… not that I'm condoning this, but if you check out Disturbing Facts…. It seems to be a family trait.

299. So Chibi Chibi is really Sailor Cosmos, and Cosmos and Usagi are the same person….. If the alternate Usagi gets pregnant with Chibiusa… will she give birth as Cosmos or Chibi Chibi?
OMFG Let's PRAY she gives birth as Cosmos!! Do you really want Chibi Chibi in THAT body having ANYTHING to do with birth???

300. Toei has let Dragonball Z mix and mingle with One Piece and Toriko, but why not Sailor Moon? MOST anime fans want to see Goku and Usagi meet up!
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my 300th question!!! LET'S PARTAY!! And … OMG it's a fun and smart question too!!!

And seriously, you are 100% correct. Almost ALL anime fans since 1992 have rightfully wanted Toei to do a crossover with Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z. There are tons of fanfics out there with Chibiusa befriending Gohan and Trunks, Usagi hooking up with Goku, Rei wanting to meet Vegeta and Piccolo, and in the new millennium, there are Goten x Kousagi fans! The list just goes on forever.

Sadly though, Toei is still being run by old, misogynistic separatists. See, they classify Sailor Moon as "girls and women only" and DBZ as "Men only" since Sailor Moon is a Shoujo (Girls' series) and DBZ is a Shounen (Boys series). This is of course wrong and evil, as both have an equal number of male and female fans, which is seen via how many Hentai fanfics exist from straight, LBGTQ, male and female fans, equally.

My best advice? Start a petition! Just because Toei hasn't done it yet doesn't mean they never will. Get your friends together and make the change if you want.

UPDATE: Hey great job on the petition, guys! Sailor Moon is appearing with Goku, Luffy and a few other anime characters for the 2020 Olympics.
Nice going, internet, keep up the good work!!

301. So in Sailor Moon Crystal Act 21 and in the manga, King Endymion says that Chibiusa is over 900 years old. So maybe, she's really just six, but time is distorted?
No. This is a very literal thing. Right after he says this:

He follows it up with this:

And then he talks about a battle that took place between Neo Queen Serenity and Wiseman LITTERALLY several centuries ago.

It's brought up several times during this arc that anybody who has access to the Silver Crystal, even from a distance, even for a split second, gains a lifespan of 1000 years or more. The Black Moon Family constantly brings up the fact that in several hundred years, almost nobody has died because of the crystal.

So no, there is no time distortion here. Chibiusa really is over 900 years old.

302. Is distorted time the reason why Hotaru's age is all over the place?
Wow, that's two for today. Ah nope. This is again a literal issue.

When Hotaru was eight years old, she was killed in an accident started by her father. Master Pharaoh 90 brought her back. Her father surgically enhanced her so that Mistress 9 could use her as a hoste. Hotaru is chronologically 12 but looks like a teenager.

When she is reborn and raised by Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, she chooses to speed up her own growth, until body age-wise, she matches Chibiusa's body age. This is why she initially looks 10-12 years old, and by the end of the manga looks about 13.

After 30th Century Chibiusa left for good, she must have chosen to stay the same, because in Parallel Sailor Moon, she should be 28 but is in cram school with "our" Chibiusa, who is 15.

Hotaru chooses her own growth, not her time. A fun trick at parties, don't ya think?

303. I just saw Mina in Sailor Moon R episode 81!! Is Mina also able to time travel like Chibiusa? Or is Chibiusa somehow able to go to the same school as Mina until Kousagi is born, like a time distortion thing?
WOW again with time distortion? Must be a new trend. Well before we start, let's address the exact screenshot, which pops up very early in the episode.

So as we can see, the girl sits one row behind Kyusuke and about two seats away from Momoko. She takes up enough of the screen that there's no way you can miss her.

Now technically, this is NOT Mina…. BUT we're not done with her yet.

If you watch the entire series, there are hints all over the place about the other Sailor Guardians having daughters. Parallel Sailor Moon didn't debut in Japan until 1999, making most of these sightings WAY ahead of the introduction of Mina, Mako, Ami and Rei. These two screenshots are the biggest Mina signs of the entire series.

As for why she appears, there's a few theories.

1. Some animator at Toei probably wanted to add in a character that idolizes Codename Sailor V, as we see earlier in this season when Minako finds a kindergartener named Mie who is crazy for Sailor Moon but becomes a Sailor V fan. Sailor V is still popular at this point in the series, so in select episodes, we see the characters around manga and posters for her.
2. Someone could have drawn her as a joke.
3. Someone got really lazy/tired.

It's likely a combination of the three that led to her appearing. Again, technically it isn't Mina, but then there's a fourth idea.

At various points, Toei did plan to show a little footage here and there of the girls growing up. We see this in Sailor StarS with Ami and Rei having flashbacks to being children, and in the opening to the SuperS movie. There's a chance they may have planned to animate a school segment with a child Minako but this may have made more sense. But it's more likely the first theory is true.

Tying up that one theory about time distortion, none of that is going on here. This is neither Mina nor her mother Minako.

Mina, Ami, Rei, Mako and Kousagi have never been seen time traveling as of 02/13/2017, so officially this isn't Mina. But this does serve as a glimpse into what could have been.

As far as Chibiusa's schooling is concerned, it's bad enough she has to go to regular K-12 classes while she's in the past at over 900 years old. If she's really that STUPID to still be in the first grade when Kousagi is born, then I royally fear for her future. So no, she isn't in the same class as Mina. And let's hope it stays that way.

304. When the Sailor Guardians transform, they are transforming into their adult/future selves.
Right. That's why Usagi looks like a 14 year old little girl she becomes Sailor Moon. Or Chibiusa still looks 8-10 years old as Sailor Chibi Moon. And Hotaru still looks 12 as Sailor Saturn.


NONE of the Sailor Guardians transform into their future selves. Not a single one of them!! This is NEVER implied, shown or even mentioned, where the hell did you even get that from??

305. The Amazoness Quartet are the reincarnations of Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter from the future.
WOW 1996 called, they want their tragic fanfic back!

The Amazoness Quartet not only ARE NOT Mercury, Mars, Venus or Jupiter, they're actually MUCH older than them.

Sometime before the fall of the Silver Millennium, Queen Nehellenia kidnapped Helios, awoke the Quartet and then brainwashed them. The girls are over 1000 years old, but just like Chibiusa, age slowly. In their case, it's because they were not supposed to awaken at all until Chibiusa had matured enough to become her own Sailor Guardian and need them to fight with her. This is why they look 12-14 years old. They are supposed to match Chibiusa at that awakening.

At the time Nehellenia took the girls in, the Silver Millennium had not yet collapsed. Queen Serenity banished Nehellenia the day Princess Serenity was born. At that time, the Inner Guardians were around 7-8 years old. So even by their past life standards, the Quartet were already a little bit older. They were in and out of slumber for centuries at a time, until the Dream Arc/SuperS. During this time, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter were killed in the fight with Queen Beryl, then were reincarnated as.. well.. themselves.

The two teams have always existed at the same time in the same universe, so there's no reason to think one would be reborn as the other.

Furthermore, if you have a Sailor Crystal, you come back the same. So if you died as Sailor Venus, you come back as Sailor Venus. You don't suddenly become Cere Cere.

306. There can only be ONE given Sailor Guardian of a certain planet at a time?
Then how the fuck do you explain Sailor Chibi Moon?

This rumor has started to pick up momentum, and it's pissing me off. Clearly, it's created by someone who didn't watch Sailor Moon past R or Crystal past the Black Moon Arc. Here's why it's WRONG beyond belief:

1. NOWHERE is this ever implied.
2. In Sailor StarS/StarS Arc, we establish that Sailor Kakyuu, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker are all from the EXACT SAME PLANET (Kinmoku) and are all Guardians of that specific planet at the same time.
3. In Parallel Sailor Moon, the girls refer to their mother's meeting as the "Sailor Muscles Meeting" implying that Kousagi's group all still recognize their mothers as STILL ACTIVE Sailor Guardians. They each get their own transformations and literally NOTHING happens to their moms.
4. Sailor. Chibi. Moon. Sailor. Chibi. Chibi. Moon. For this theory to hold any weight at all, Earth should have imploded the instant there was more than one Sailor Moon. In fact, every single time THIS happens:
Related imageRelated imageImage result for Moon Crisis Make Up gif
We should all be DEAD by this logic.

So no, it IS possible to have more than one Guardian per planet/Moon/Star/etc.

307. The Moon originally belonged to Queen Nehellenia and Queen Serenity usurped control of it.
WOW absolutely not. It's made pretty damn clear in the manga that Queen Serenity had control of the White Moon Kingdom, while Queen Nehellenia had control of the dark side. She had invaded the Moon from within. Queen Serenity banished her, but she never had control of the Moon. She is the self proclaimed queen of the dark side of the Moon, but nothing more.

308. Galaxia destroys Earth, and that's why Kousagi becomes Sailor Cosmos.
How did?? In this day an?? Didn't I already? What?? NO!! NO!! Have you been paying attention at all??

So I actually Googled this one, and it's popping up on a fanfic. Now you guys know better than to believe fan fiction as cannon, right? RIGHT?? You DO KNOW that if a FAN makes it up, it's NOT the truth, right??

Okay, once again, Sailor Cosmos and Kousagi are NOT the same character. Kousagi is Chibiusa's little sister. As for Sailor Cosmos, just go here: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ChicispriteChibiChibiage10.gif

And as for Sailor Galaxia, she died in the manga. There's a 50/50 chance she may have been reborn in The Cauldron, but she is never mentioned again.

309. Chibiusa is the goddess Artemis?
Oy vey, another fanfic one? Okay, let's entertain this a smooch. This one is almost clever. So let's review what we do know:

1. Sailor Pluto refers to her father as the God of Time, Chronos. So technically, she is a Demi-God.
2. Queen Serenity mentions in the manga that humans have called her Selene after the Goddess.
3. Artemis initially refers to the planet Venus as the incarnation of Aphrodite, but frequently says Minako reminds him of Aphrodite or Venus. (The Goddess.)
4. The goddess Artemis (not the cat) was goddess of the hunt, (Chibiusa hunts the enemies) of young women, (read the Tanabata Chibiusa's Diary manga) and took companions in the form of young virgins. (For right now, let's say that's Hotaru and the Amazons, although many of you lewd assholes have made fanfics tearing out this last part for them.)

But nowhere is it ever implied that Chibiusa is an incarnation of ANY God or Goddess.

310. What is the difference between Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss and Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss?
This is one of those areas where Toei decided to meddle with the original material, and in this instance, it's caused a good deal of confusion.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss is Usagi's 90's anime only attack. Using the Eternal Tiare and a little extra power Chibi Chibi gave her, Eternal Sailor Moon can use this attack to heal Phages, turning them back into humans and subsequently saving their lives by putting their Starseeds back inside of them. It's a strong attack, but does absolutely nothing to Galaxia. It's almost strong enough to heal the Animamates, but she doesn't quite get to heal any of them except for half way healing Sailor Tin Nyanko.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss (Say that five times fast) is Usagi's manga attack. It exists to wipe out the enemy, and Usagi is forced to use it against the re-animated bodies of her dead comrades.

311. Is it possible for Sailor Galaxia to snap the bracelets onto Sailor Moon or in the future, Neo Queen Serenity?
Yes. In fact, it's possible for her to snap the bracelets onto anybody she chooses, so long as the target is willing or already dead. She would offer anything from salvation to large rewards for those who ended up as her first wave of Animamates, while in the manga, she was able to control Tuxedo Mask and the other Sailor Guardians after they were already dead. In the 90's anime, she was able to take Uranus and Neptune because they were willing.

312. If Galaxia, were to fire those bracelets at Neo Queen Serenity, would the silver crystal appear or would she have a normal star seed or potentially a dim faux silver crystal?
Good question! It's very likely that the Silver Crystal would appear, but since Sailor Galaxia is evil and not of the Silver Millennium bloodline, it's not clear if she would have any use of it.

313. If Sailor Cosmos is from an alternate future, and comes to be after Usagi is crowned queen, did Neo Queen Serenity somehow gain back her abilities as Sailor Moon?
No. In Sailor Cosmos's universe, Usagi becomes Sailor Cosmos after running away from the fight with Chaos, after Galaxia dies. She never became Neo Queen Serenity. It is possible however that Neo Queen Serenity did meet her in her timeline, as she is the one who sends Sailor Chibi Moon to the exact point where Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi are about to be killed by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion. But no, Sailor Cosmos was never queen.

314. If Sailor Chibi Moon inherits the crystal and Neo Queen Serenity’s powers, does that mean being Sailor Moon and winning all those battles would be nothing but a distant memory for Neo Queen Serenity?
For Neo Queen Serenity, yes. In Act 26 of the manga and of Sailor Moon Crystal, Neo Queen Serenity tells the Inner Guardians and Sailor Chibi Moon that she lost almost all of her powers to be Sailor Moon after taking the throne. Her role changed and she couldn't be queen and Sailor Guardian at the same time.

315. Why did nobody stop Usagi from naming her daughters Chibiusa and Kousagi? And who named their kid Bunny??
You know, in America back in the 1950's, Bunny was a popular name for little girls… it is kinda weird to talk to someone's "Grandma Bunny" isn't it?

Well it could be that they thought it was cute. After all, Usagi (Japanese for Bunny or Rabbit) already had that name, so Chibi-Usa (Small Bunny) must have seemed cute (Mamoru thought so anyway) and then Ko-Usagi (Little Bunny) kind of goes along the same lines. Equally, nobody stopped Ami, Rei, Makoto or Minako from naming their look-a-like daughters Ami, Rei, Mako or Mina, so it seems nobody has a baby name book.

I mean, this is the same cast who called the "other" Moon-based Tsukino "Chibi Chibi" only because Chibiusa was taken and because she was tiny, and then let Chibiusa call her sister "Chibi" in the Japanese print of the manga for the same reason, so..

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