Sailor Moon R
Hell Tree Arc


This season debuted on March 6, 1993 (Sailor Neptune's Birthday!) and ran until June 19, 1993.


This season existed as filler, allowing Naoko Takeuchi enough time to finish writing the Black Moon Arc, and the animators time to catch up through the Wiseman episodes.


The "R" for this arc stands for "Return" since this is Sailor Moon's return to action, after the battle with Queen Metallia.


This was the first and only season to feature entirely new main villains that did not previously appear in the manga. The story focuses on two aliens, posing as a brother and sister at Usagi's middle school. By day, they are awkward, jealous siblings, who vie for both each other's affections and for the affections of Usagi and Mamoru. By night, they are alien lovers, who do not realize they really ARE brother and sister, trying to steal energy to keep their "mother" , the Hell Tree (Makaiju) alive. They in turn feed off of the tree. If the tree dies, they will die.


This is also the only time one of the main characters gets a new "transformation" not seen in the manga. Mamoru's soul splits, resulting in half of him being Mamoru Chiba, and the other Sir Moonlight Knight. Tuxedo Mask and Prince Endymion only appear in flashbacks, until Mamoru regains his memory and rejoins the other half of his soul.


Sailor Moon gets the Cutie Moon Rod and her new brooch from Queen Serenity here. It's the last time Queen Serenity is seen in the 90's anime, except for flashbacks in episode 89 and in the SuperS special. Japan-only Moonies also saw flashbacks of Queen Serenity in the VHS "Memorial" specials, which came out for members of a fan club at the end of each season.


DiC renamed the siblings "Alan" and "Ann" though the later sometimes had her named spelled as "Anne".


Viz Media named the siblings "Ali" and "An".


ADV kept the original names "Ali" and "En" as the two were named for the English word "Alien".


Their last name "Genga" means "Galaxy" which of course was a name used again in Sailor StarS. DiC replaced this name with "Granger" to Americanize the two and make them more familiar to a younger audience. The Hell Tree became the Doom Tree. DiC also lumped the aliens and the Hell Tree together as "The Negaverse" even though they had nothing to do with the previous seasons' villains.


A similar villain named Fiore appears in the Sailor Moon R movie. It's never said if he is related to Ali or En, but it seems pretty obvious he's their brother, given that he looks exactly like them, and drifted off into space around the same time the original alien family fell apart.


This season was originally sandwiched together with the following R Arc for the Black Moon, as just one season. But since the two have completely unrelated stories, most fans consider this it's own, separate season. A similar issue would later happen in 2015 with Sailor Moon Crystal.


DiC included this Arc as part of their original bundle of 65 episodes. The first and second episodes originally aired on FOX stations as part of a prime-time special. In some markets, the first episode of this arc actually aired ahead of episode one of the very first season, meaning that some markets saw all five girls, Mamoru and Ali and En long before they ever saw Queen Beryl!


Another issue was that in some markets while this was only in syndication, episodes from this arc would air mixed up with other episodes. In some areas where the show aired on weekday afternoons, you could have Ali and En on Monday, Chibiusa on Tuesday, Ali again on Wednesday, and the Thursday could see a Queen Beryl episode.


If this exists on it's own, then it is the shortest Sailor Moon anime season ever made, at only 13 episodes.




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