Sailor Moon Episode Guide and Battle Record
As of 2016, there are 200 episodes of the 1992-1997 anime, 39 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal, three movies and several specials. As of May, 2016, it is unclear if Toei will animate the Dream and StarS arcs for Crystal.

With that said, it leaves many villains and victims along a long and bloody field.

That leaves plenty of history to cover!

This page is full of cursing and adult jokes.
Why? Because this is NOT a kid's website (which you know since you read the warning on Moon Sisters already) and because like it or not, originally this show was aimed at teens and adults. That's why everything from 2011 onward with Sailor Moon has been geared for ages 13+ so with that said, please Luna, don't crap a locket if you suddenly see a few "f bombs" dropping on the text.

This page is heavy with spoilers.
Don't complain if you find the ending of an episode here. If you seriously did not want to know how a story arc or episode ended… well… you probably wouldn't be on Moon Sisters anyways. That's um… kind of the thing here.

This page is *sigh* ……….under construction.
Since Sailor Moon Crystal is still ongoing, it will be a long time before the Crystal areas are finished.

I also have a real-life job, which sucks quite a bit of my free time away, making it more difficult to finish them all. It WILL be done, but you will need to have patience with me.

I usually hate leaving a page unfinished and out for the world to see it as such, but I'm kind of stuck for now. This message will be deleted or altered in the far future, but for now, it's just gonna stay put.

Also, since there are 200 episodes of the original anime, three movies and a ton of specials, it will be a while before the 1992-97 content is finished. Again, I HATE seeing an "Under Construction" page, but this is for a special reason. I don't mean to leave you guys hanging, but I'd be more pissed at myself with half-assed reviews too. To make up for it, some episodes have bonus content.

Some seasons are split into multiple arcs.
Sailor Moon R for example has 13 episodes devoted to the Hell Tree saga, and the rest is the Black Moon Saga. Sailor StarS was also split, as the first 6 episodes are there to finish off SuperS. Even Crystal, which was originally sold as a 26 episode season is now split into the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon arcs. Rather than sandwich them together the way Toei did, I'm splitting the arcs up, so you can find your episode faster.

Some villains have multiple names.
This is because DiC, Optimum, Cloverway/CWi, ADV and Viz Media all had different translations from Toei Animation. I will try to stick as close to the Japanese version as possible, but keep in mind, this won't be easy. As for Sailor Moon Crystal, some of the villains have not yet been officially named, so please bear with me until I can get confirmation.

Icon Key:

← Diana indicates the best drawn episodes.
← Codename Sailor Earth's icon means this is a Moon Sisters Choice Episode. (My fav's!)
← Luna indicates a plot-important episode. (Skip, and the next episode won't make sense.)
← Zombie style Senshi indicate when a Sailor Senshi died in battle.
← Embarrassed Mercury indicates an episode with heavy overtones, such as excessive violence, nudity (outside of transformations) and suggestive content. May also indicate episodes that were dropped during the 1995-2001 DiC/Cloverway era of Sailormoon in the US.
← Angry Mars indicates a victim of the day that is hard to like.
← Teardrop Makoto indicates a really funny scene.
← Angry Uranus indicates a spot where the writing could have been better.
← Angry Pluto indicates a filler episode, meaning that there is nothing that happens here that holds any bearing on the rest of the series. Keep in mind, watching the whole series is still a must, but if you miss THIS episode, the world isn't likely to end.
← Pissy Senshi icons indicate episodes where the writers decided to make one of the good guys extra special bitchy, usually with little reason. Rei, Haruka, Taiki, Chibiusa and Mamoru were often targets, but again, this can happen with ANY Sailor Senshi.

← Wobbling Luna-P indicates a hidden scene that can be accessed by frame-by-frame pausing the episode.
← Venus with a heart indicates a steamy and/or romantic episode.
← Freaked out Usagi indicates a SCARY episode. Do NOT watch before bed!
← Crying Usagi indicates a depressing episode. Watch with tissues handy!
← Embarrassed Chibiusa indicates an episode that wasn't as well drawn as others.
← Kousagi indicates an episode that corresponds to an Act from the manga. Manga Act numbers will be the same as the reprint manga. Kousagi’s icon also indicates when an episode is similar to a segment in the manga or when a scene resembles a character or story in the manga.
← Codename Sailor V indicates an episode with a hidden spoiler.
← Sprites for Codename Sailor Earth, Codename Sailor V, Ami in her school uniform, Kousagi, Hotaru/Saturn, crying Usagi, Zombie Senshi, Sakiko, Chibiusa in her school uniform, Sailor Moon and Sir Moonlight Knight made by Codename Sailor Earth. Select screencaps were also taken by Codename Sailor Earth via Hulu.
← Other graphics:   and  and and
← Guardian/Civillian sprites are used to log which characters saw battle and who landed the final blow. Sailor Moon didn’t always deal the last blow, and sometimes a villain’s death comes at the hands of a team effort or additional character. Luna, Diana, Artemis, Phobos and Deimos are the guardians of the Sailor Senshi, who are in turn "Guardians". (Senshi/Warriors/Knights/Scouts) If you follow the manga, Jaedite, Nephrite, Zoicite and Kunzite were originally Endymion's guardians, hence where these sprites may also appear. On rare occasion, a civillian such as Naru or Umino will appear, if they played a part in the demise of a villain of the day.

← All episodes with Chibiusa will have an abuse meter. This is because most of the Toei animators for the 1992-97 series did not like Chibiusa, so they often put her into harm's way much more than she was in the manga. Crystal is closer to the manga than the original anime, however even with that said, even in the manga and Crystal, there is abuse headed her way, so this meter is designed to show you how much or how little Chibiusa is physically abused.

Pink Boxes are for villains, white boxes are for victims, blue boxes are for details on the episode. Purple boxes will have the summary of the episode. Some episodes will have a bonus section!

Episode titles, names, notes and numbers reflect the original Japanese anime.

The movies and specials are spliced into the R, S and SuperS seasons, where they would correspond with points in the series. For example, the R movie takes place during the events of episode 88.

Description: Description: Description: a n i m a t e d
While some spoilers are on this page, you will still need to watch the actual episodes. There’s more going on with the Sailor Senshi than just battling.

Baddie name chart:

Youma: Season one villains belonging to the Dark Kingdom. While some would pose as humans, others were implanted into human bodies or inside inanimate objects.

Rainbow Crystals: In the first anime, there were Severn Great Youma that helped to cause the downfall of the Silver Millennium. Queen Serenity locked them inside the Silver Crystal, and then the crystal broke apart, into 7 Rainbow Crystals. Each crystal was reborn inside the body of an otherwise normal human being. (None of this crap happens in the manga.) In the Japanese anime, these are the Seven Great Youma. In the DiC Dub, they are Rainbow Crystal Carriers.

Cardians: Monsters residing in a special set of Tarot-like cards, held by Ali.

Droids: Monsters from the Black Moon Clan. Created by Saphir using the Maleficent Black Crystal.

Daimon: Monsters made by the Death Busters, specifically for extracting the heart crystals of humans suspected of being pure of heart.

Remliss/Lemures: Monsters from the Dead Moon Circus, typically summoned by shadows. The ones used by the Amazon Trio are just intended to stall time, but the ones summoned by the Amazoness Quartet are stronger, and have been trained to retrieve and swallow Dream Mirrors.

Mirror Palais Dolly: Lethal yet fragile, naked clones of Queen Nepherenia.

Phages: A Phage is a monster created from a human. When an Animamate removes a human’s Starseed, and it turns black, the human’s body mutates into a Phage.

Enemy: The name for most baddies in Sailor Moon Crystal, unless named otherwise. It's also the general term from the manga, and can be used against any bad-doer.

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