Kigaan poses as a silent bus driver. She lures several bus loads of young girls into a forbidden dimension, harvesting their bodies for energy. She even tries to use Rei as a shield as Sailor Moon prepares to fight. But Kigaan isnít a very strong Youma, and easily succumbs to Phobos, Deimos and Sailor Mars.

Several bus loads of people, including Rei.

Rei Hino is a young Miko (Shrine Maiden) with a short temper. She becomes annoyed when people begin thinking that her family shrine is linked with the disappearances of several young girls in the area. Rei herself winds up kidnapped by Kigaan.

Contrary to her manga appearance, Rei in the anime is boy-crazy and has many dreams. Her manga self doesnít like men and her only dream is to care for the Hikawa Shrine.

Phobos and Deimos appear as crows throughout the anime. In the SuperS arc of the manga, it is revealed that the two are actually Reiís guardians, much in the way that Luna is Usagiís guardian, and like Luna, they can take human form.

When Rei, Usagi and the kidnapped girls wind up in Kigaanís dimension, Ami is left behind. Ami uses her pen to pray, and she creates a signal strong enough to lead everyone back, once Tuxedo Mask appears, helping Moon and Mars home.

image010First appearance of Rei Hino/Sailor Mars, Phobos, Deimos and Reiís Grandfather. First time someone NOT Sailor Moon kills a villain. First time Moon Tiara Action is used to bind a villain. Rei is the first Sailor Guardian to be seen using her powers outside of being transformed, and the first to use hers before being awakened as a Sailor Guardian. the end of the episode, Sailor Mars gets needlessly rude and bitchy with Sailor Moon. This is a trend I'm not looking forward to at all.


This is a tricky one. During the first bit, before the girls reach the temple, frame-by-frame Ami. As she reaches down to pick up Luna, everything but her head disappears for a second. When the screen returns a short cut later, Ami's bag is GONE. Also, when the first bus takes off, there is a girl on board who looks just like Ami, but with slightly lighter blue-green hair.


Act 3.


Early in the episode, Ami tells Usagi she would be willing to go on a plane if it meant studying. This is actually a plot point for episode 62.

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:


Okay, fair warning DiC fans. I know some of you have been comparing the Viz dub to the 1995 dub, so be prepared, I do have a few notes in this review for things DiC either changed or cut outright, and this will be continuing through Sailor Moon R. For S and SuperS, I'll be doing the same for episodes where Cloverway REALLY screwed up, so enjoy some 90's anime nostalgia.

Also, I want to start today right by giving a shout out to one of my all time favorite websites, Sailor Moon uncensored. Here's the link to their notes on the DiC script vs. the Japanese script. Show them your support, Codename Sailor Earth SayS! Tee hee.

And this is now the second episode where Usagi totally forgets to mention "OH YEAH! We have a second Sailor Guardian now." And it's kind of a shame. I was hoping for a little video of Sailor Mercury. I mean, she DID help save you last episode, show her some props ya peroxide blonde!

We open today's episode from the outside of Queen Beryl's lair, which is kind of Queen Metallia's head. And you know what? For years, my mom has insisted that they drew Artemis and Chibiusa in this scene.

Before you judge, look carefully. Adjust the brightness on your screen. Take your time.

So Queen Beryl's bewbs open by reminding Jadeite that he keeps failing, as usual, but she's giving him another chance.

We cut to Usagi and Luna noticing a ton of cop cars out and about. On syndicated stations in 1995, DiC had the kanji blanked out with digital paint, while in some markets, this scene is left alone.

Usagi bumps into Ami, who is waiting for the bus to cram school. Usagi asks if that's necessary, and Ami replies that she would get on a plane if it meant she could study.

52 episodes from now in episode 62, not only is Ami going to wreak havoc with our hearts and almost carry out getting on a plane to study, but she'll do it with the same animation team as today too! So consider this an in-episode spoiler.

Ami says she wants to help Luna find the Moon Princess, and Luna says that she wishes Usagi was as reliable as Ami. Usagi laughs to change the subject. I laugh, because Usagi IS THE FREAKING MOON PRINCESS, YOU BITCH!! But go on ahead. Throw shade. It's aight. Some of this dialogue was cut out from the DiC version, but I never got why. It's not like Ami cussed or anything. But moving on,just then, another cop car rushes past, and Naru and Kuri pop upÖ and then this conversation happens.

WOW! For once, Naru is the voice of reason. Since when is a busload of people going missing "cool" Usagi?

Kuri (who can't pick a hair color, are we black, green, teal or blue today?) and Naru elaborate that over 50 people have gone missing from this one buss so far, which happens to run past Sendai-zaka.

Usagi mentions that the Hikawa Shrine is on that hill, and that they sell charms to ward off evil, so she asks the girls to join her in buying some charms. Ami declines, but asks Usagi to buy her a charm while she's in cram school. Yes. This is a science heavy character with superpowers asking for a religious charm. Look at Luna and Usagi. Even they're like "Wait, WTF?"

By the way, DiC cut this picture completely out of their edit for this episode. I have no idea why. There is kanji all over the episode, but this got cut.

DiC also cut out this incredibly safe clip of a teenager praying that a boy she has a crush on will like her back. WHY?? There is prayer to non-Christian people all over this episode, WHY was this so offensive when Rei/Raye praying later on is totally okay?? It's a Shinto Shrine you asshats!!

Jadeite, who just got a job at Rei's shrine, is secretly smiling at the girls, hoping to harvest their energy.

Meanwhile, Rei, Phobos and Deimos are meditating by the fire. Rei knows something sinister is afoot, but she can't get a clear image of it.

Outside, Rei's grandfather is trying to both hit up the underage schoolgirls from before, and sell them extra charms. He scares the shit out of them with an ancient good luck chant, then sends them on their way.

He then spots the EVEN YOUNGER underage girls we were following a second ago, and he hits on Usagi's group and offers all of the teen girls jobs.

Rei appears, and everyone goes Bi for a minute. Luna is so stunned, she loses her nose.

In fact, the sight of a 14 year old Miko parenting her grandfather is so attractive..

Usagi wants to work at the shrine. And you know what? This is actually left alone by DiC!

Suddenly, Jadeite sneaks off into the bushes and possesses the three girls who just left.

Rei senses the evil energy, but thinks it's coming from Usagi, so she hits her with Aky Ryo Tai San, shoving Usagi head first into the cement, with her legs open for God and everyone to see. And everyone stares at Usagi's panties, including Luna.

Jadeite leaves towels for Usagi once the unconscious girl has been carried inside. Naru and Kuri note how hot they think he is, waking Usagi out of her coma as she tries to catch a glimpse of himÖ umÖ where's your other hand, Usagi?

Naru asks if Jadeite is her older brother, and Rei flatly denies it, telling the girls that her grandfather is constantly hitting on people and asking them to work for him.

HEY! Don't I know you??

Rei tells the girls that Jadeite is a live-in servant, and apologizes for hitting Usagi. She says that her powers are off lately, and Luna begins to think she's the Moon Princess.

Just then, one ugly assed bitch pops in to scream at Rei. Her daughter is missing, and Rei makes it clear they have already talked to the police about it. The two get into a shouting match as Usagi starts to get ready to leave.

Sensing danger, Luna makes Usagi drag Ami out of cram school to catch the bus. Education be damned, right?

Everyone in town is frozen except for Usagi, Luna and Ami, and the girls suspect that the charms have something to do with it. Every charm is a love charm, so all of the victims are in love.

Ami can't figure out why the girls are worried about love and not studying. Usagi protests, that it's perfectly fine and asks if Ami has ever been in love, while she daydreams randomly about Motoki and Tuxedo Mask.

Ami thinks Usagi is too young at 14 to be thinking of love, and wants her to focus on studying like her.

Suddenly, the creepy bus appears, and Ami tries to push Usagi on. But having common sense, Usagi refuses.

What happened to your eyes??

As the bus leaves, Luna scolds Usagi for not getting on the creepy ass bus, but just then, the three watch the bus fly into a portal in the sky, proving that Usagi has better survival skills than Luna and Ami.

After making it through the portal to an alternate dimension, the creeeeeepy bus driver drains all of the energy from the passengers at the request of Jadeite, who figures out a quarter of a season early that girls' love energy is powerful, something Nephrite will struggle with.

After the commercial break, Rei officially says aloud "Phobos and Deimos" as she feeds the crows, when Usagi walks up to let her know she saw the demon bus. But before she can explain, Rei immediately accuses her of accusing her grandfather of something, and dismisses her. Usagi panics and apologizes, saying she wants to be friends, but Rei kicks her out.

As Usagi and Luna leave, Luna drops the Mars Transformation PenÖ and once again folks, the cat has NO POCKETS and Usagi never touched it.

Rei sees that Jadeite is selling the amulets that the missing girls all have, and starts to figure it out.

He starts bugging her when she is seeking guidance from the fire, because he too is figuring out she's onto him. She decides he's got to be linked with the disappearance, and notes how creepy his eyes make her feel.

Luna tries again to get Usagi on the bus, but Usagi once again is too full of common sense to ride a bus to certain death.

But suddenly, with no explanation, Usagi uses the Luna Pen to become a Flight Attendant, and it gives her the confidence to get on the bus. Why? How? Even Luna is baffled.

After having Usagi's speech dismissed by the bus driver and watching the bus take them to certain death, Luna starts to re-think everything she told Usagi these last 48 hours.

Ami arrives too late to do anything.

Rei consults the flames again, this time to pinpoint the start of all this trouble with the bus.

Rei, Phobos and Deimos confront Jadeite, realizing he really is the cause of all this, but he sends her into the dimension with the buses.

Usagi and Luna spot the Youma kidnapping Rei, and after a crying fit, Usagi decides to transform, and you know what? Luna gives her a nice compliment. Good for you, cat!

In the middle of Sailor Moon's daily speech, the Youma states she's been waiting for her, but just then, the mark of Mars appears on Rei's forehead.

Sailor Moon wastes no time in throwing a Moon Tiara Action at the Youma, but she catches it, mocking her.

But Sailor Moon points, and the tiara encircles the Youma, trapping her arms. Pretty badass!

Luna tells Rei to transform, freaking her out, because cat's aren't supposed to talk.

The Youma breaks free from the tiara, and Rei has a case of the fuckits, obeying Luna and transforming.

And as you know, DiC would digitally paint over these massive knockers. Ah excuse me, Toei? She's like 13-14 years old. WTF?

Sailor Mars is beyond shocked at her new form, but decides it's time to take down the Youma.

Using Fire Soul for the first time, she cremates the Youma alive, restoring everyone's energy and freaking out Sailor Moon.

But this closes the portal back to Earth, and Phobos and Deimos legit leave everyone behind!!

What happened to your boots?

Ami uses her own power without transforming to send a beacon to the girls, trying to get them back to the bus stop.

Randomly, Tuxedo Mask appears in another bus, offering everyone a ride home.

Sailor Moon is having all kinds of hormones today, isn't she? Sailor Mars gets a crush on Tuxedo Mask.

The girls follow Tuxedo Mask, who has rounded up all of the victims and is heading towards Ami's beacon.

Ami cries tears of joy as everyone comes through safely, while Jadeite curses the girls.

Tuxedo Mask leaves and Sailor Moon asks Sailor Mars if she likes him. She blushes, at first denying it, but then slaps Sailor Moon with a comment that she feels Sailor Moon's crush on him is one-sided, making her cry. DAMN what a bitch! image
Usagi uses the Luna Pen to turn into a Flight attendant for some reason. All three versions of this costume feature a super short mini skirt, a jacket with a sailor tie and a little cap with wings, but doesn't the shape of those wings remind you of something? ;)
You can read my other notes on this little outfit


Let me point out that all manga images on here come from Miss Dream. Check out her site!

Rei's family temple (Hikawa Shrine) is on a hill with many names. In the DiC edit, this was known as "Cherry Hill" while the ADV DVDs had it as "Sendai Hill". Viz put back the original name, Sendai-zaka.

Phobos and Deimos are only seen as (often un-named) crows in the original anime, but in the manga, we learn in the Dream Arc that they are actually able to turn into fairy/human hybrids, and that they are to Rei what Luna is to Usagi. More interesting, in the StarS Arc, it is revealed that during the Silver Millennium, Sailor Mars/Princess Mars was allowed to choose her guardian. She chose these two over Sailor Lead Crow, royally pissing her off, because she actually did care for Mars very deeply. Phobos, Deimos and Sailor Lead Crow/Sailor Coronis all hail from the Planet Coronis originally, but when Mars chose these two as her guardians, she gave them their own castles on her moons, also named Phobos and Deimos. The girls and Lead Crow originally came up together and were soldiers in training, very much like Chibiusa was when she first becomes Sailor Chibi Moon. Because of their training, these girls actually can fight and do have their own attack power, so it's a shame we don't ever see this in the original anime.

Speaking of Phobos and Deimos, in the manga, they tried to kill Usagi!! The poor little girl is just minding her own business when they try to peck her apart, causing Rei to bitch slap her with the charm. I guess it's payment for her choking Luna.

Okay, you get a freebie today, cat.

Now here's another spot that might baffle you. When Rei says her psychic powers are off, Luna starts to suspect she is Princess Serenity. While the original anime doesn't quite address this until much later on, in the manga and in Crystal, Usagi does get strong visions in her dreams sometimes, so this assumption isn't nearly as dumb as you'd think.

Okay, and this is another anime change that really pissed me off. For years, I have hinted at this, and now I'm going to take a moment to address Rei's grandfather. While (as of 05/03/2017) he hasn't yet appeared in Sailor Moon Crystal (odd much?) he did appear quite often in the original anime, right up through SuperS. But as you can see, there is a GIANT DIFFERENCE from his manga and anime images. For starters, in the anime, he's a tiny, child sized, old man with a few wrestling moves, while his manga counterpart is tall, good looking and blonde, meaning that while he is Rei's grandfather, he's not really that old yet. He catches colds easily (a trait the anime gave Rei instead of him) and while he is a bit of a perv, he's not out of control and he and Rei never get into any serious fights. He actually cares about Rei, and tries to give her space, because he knows she's hurting. Her mother died when she was a small child, and her father is an absentee dipshit. Adding to it, he already knows she has superpowers and he knows her spirit isn't from here, so he chooses to enjoy whatever time he has with her while again, giving her space. He's pretty awesome and mature, unlike his anime self, who is a grabby lecher, selfish, only cares about Rei when she's injured or doing something to satisfy him, and overall behaves like a drug addled chimp. Was Toei trying to change him to make him seem more relatable to the perverts jacking it at home? One theory is that they changed him to warn viewers at home about lechers in real life, but that's hardly a satisfying answer, seeing as how he gets his way most of the time with very little repercussions. This change always bothered me once I started collecting the manga, so I hope this gets fixed for Crystal.

Here's another change. Rei is confronted by Mii's mother shortly after the girl goes missing. In the manga, she's a frantic, bright haired mom who just wants her little girl back. In Crystal, she has reddish hair and is trying to stay calm until they find Mii. But in the original anime, she's a fat, ugly, old hag with dark teal/blue hair who starts a fight with Rei. What the hell?? How did we make such a leap here, Toei? Also of note, in the manga, Mii's mother appears with a snarky friend, and the two whisper about Rei behind her back, while in Crystal, she has two snarky friends to gossip about Rei with. Way to go. Rei is 14 by the way, though in the manga, we learn that she's 13 when this all happens, because the Casablanca manga takes place right after this and follows Rei on her 14th birthday after they find Makoto, so lady, you're picking on a legit child. Grow the fuck up.

Mii is a little girl who goes to Hikawa Shrine ALONE and WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION (yes I am blaming her mother) and knows Rei by name. She is abducted both in the manga and in Crystal on screen, but is not seen in the original anime. Considering her disappearance was a major plot point in this episode, I am completely baffled.

So in today's episode, we almost got a nod to the concept of Jadeite and Rei as a couple, though she has no desire for him here and wants him the hell out of her house. Crystal would put this love twist back in very quietly, while in the old anime, Usagi is constantly crushing on his many human forms.

Oh, but here's another change though. In the manga, right after becoming Sailor Mars, she traps Jadeite in a ring created by Sailor Moon's tiaraand burns him alive as Phobos and Deimos peck at his decaying skull. This would not have made Standards and Practices happy in EITHER anime, so Toei twice over elongated Jadeite's life, both times, letting him live for 12 episodes total in Crystal and 13 in this anime.

Another change, in the manga, Sailor Mars's first costume has a tiny brooch attached. This is actually the charm from her mother's necklace, and when not transformed, she usually wears the necklace with her school uniform and her birthday dress.

And picking up from Mercury, the sign of Mars is also made more girly with a heart. It's also purple, while in the manga, it's red and in Crystal, it's gold fire. The heart was only for the original anime.

And this is going to bug me. In the original anime, they tried to mate Rei off to Mamoru before he got his memories back. The shitty live action show also tried to mate him off to some worthless character named Hina, and I've always hated Toei trying to split him away from Usagi. Really glad Crystal fixed this too, because Rei and Mamoru's future relationship is a match made in Hell.

Tuxedo Mask and Ami both had a change today too. In the manga, Tuxedo Mask is left behind with Luna, while Ami finds her way to Sailor Moon in time to help. Both of these segments were fixed in Crystal. Also, we never get Sailor Moon's white goggles in either anime. It's really a shame too, they're more useful than Tuxedo Mask's. In today's episode, Ami is left behind, Luna goes with Usagi and Tuxedo Mask is the one to find his way via another bus.

Usagi has a little crush on Rei for a few minutes after first seeing her. This is in the manga, and of course in Crystal, but I have to give DiC credit. THEY LEFT THIS IN!! They altered the script a little, but even there, it's obvious she has a crush on Rei. Serena's exact line in the DiC cut is "She's really something! It almost makes me want to study about temples and stuff." Totally acknowledging the crush! This is actually the first time DiC leaves in an LBGTQ moment, which is shocking considering how quickly they wanted to delete Zoicite and Kunzite's relationship. Why didn't we catch this growing up?

Now for something fun. The guy Rei's Grandfather hits on at first looks like Mamoru, but it's actually Alan, the asshole who broke Minako's heart in episode 42. HI ASSHOLE!! I never forget an ugly ass jacket. Minako found out he was cheating on her six months before she joins the others, so somewhere during this six month period, he came to Hikawa Shrine, all the way from England, and got hit on by Rei's Grandpa. Can you imagine how awkward it would have been if he took the job here instead of Jadeite?

Speaking of Codename Sailor V, her manga friend Hikaru appears with a bulk of their classmates here!
Image result for goldfish warning animeImage result for "Tamiko Umino"Image result for Wapiko and Gyopi
Also, the girls are into a series called Goldfish Warning, a 1991-1992 comedy-Shoujo anime also made by Toei Animation and just like Sailor Moon, is based on a manga that ran in Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine. Everyone who worked on this show and it's OVA went on to work on Sailor Moon all the way through SuperS and parts of Sailor StarS, and since this show ended as Sailor Moon was becoming popular, you can find images of Wapiko (the pink haired girl) and Gyopi (the pink goldfish) all over the first season. While the series is all about Minako-alike and orphan Chitose, much of the background art features Wapiko in Chibi form, which some say is a pre-cursor to Chibi Chibi and Chibiusa, despite the fact that Wapiko is actually close in age to Usagi. Wapiko actually appears in a Kodansha crossover video game with Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon on NES/Famicom and SNES/Super Famicom, but that's another story. (See what I did there?)

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