Episode 8
Act 8:
Minako Aino
Sailor V

Airdate: October 18, 2014



Kunzite uses a telepathy power to instruct Minako to join him at Tokyo Tower, then he uses another power to simultaneously shut down electricity and drain almost everyone of their energy. Using a green energy, he sends powerful beams of electricity at the Sailor Guardians, then shoots Mamoru.

99% of the people of Tokyo. Oh, and Mamoru.

Kunzite zaps the city, auto-draining everyone not carrying a Sailor Crystal of some kind. But as if that's not enough, the episode ends with him shooting Mamoru.

First time Sailor V is shown as Minako Aino. First time Sailor Moon's tiara is replaced with a Moon. First time Minako transforms into Sailor Venus, though Venus is never said in this episode. First time Sailor Teleport is seen.

Act 8

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:
Final Blow from:


Okay people, just like last episode. If you get the Blu-Ray or DVD this screen is replaced with Sailor Venus from behind.

So as you can see, Queen Beryl's bewbs are freaking out that there is in fact, a fifth Sailor Guardian. I don't see how she doesn't know considering that V-Chan has been at this for the last year by this point, and if you follow the Codename Sailor V manga has already defeated several of Beryl's Dark Kingdom Youma, but I digress. She clearly doesn't keep up with her own staff, so this is a bit of a shock to her.

Sailor Mars notes that the costume is WAY different, so V-Chan admits she's never taken off the mask in public like this before.

By the way, I am pointing this out. V-Chan has NO POCKETS. It's a vagina, not a pocketbook you freak!!

Artemis gets offended by Sailor Moon calling her V-Chan (oh, my bad too) and announces that Sailor V is the Moon Princess, Princess Serenity. Now for those of you throwing a fit, let me explain. He did this in the manga too. This was his idea to trick the Dark Kingdom into thinking that Venus was the Moon princess, so they'd leave the actual princess alone. Since both are blonde, he didn't think they'd notice. And well… he's kinda right on that.

Well after the opening theme song, Sailor Moon is thinking she was right all along, V-Chan is the princess, but all of a sudden, her tiara starts to flash.

In a THIS SHOULD HAVE TOTALLY BLOWN ARTEMIS'S PLAN TO HELL moment, her tiara becomes a giant, heavy, stapled on moon. And literally, nobody notices except for her. HOW?? Her forehead lit up and started burning!!

She has a flash of the Moon Kingdom while her forehead is still sizzling.

V watches Zoicite start to get up, and it pisses her off so badly that her bow changes colors. Again, they turned it blue on the DVD and Blu-Ray as it should be. I just had fun seeing Codename Sailor Venus for a split second between this and her wearing the goggles. A ton of you just hate that. Rather than see the humor in Codename Sailor Venus, a few of you complained to high heaven about it. So you know what? It's animated gif time.

And yeah. Hulu is keeping it.

They even put it on the dub, which uses the corrected Blu-Ray transfers. Know what that means? It means that Hulu on purpose decided to piss you guys off so badly, that they put the wrong image from an older copy of the episode on the preview for the version you all wanted to see the most.

Well this is pissing  Zoicite off so bad he turned into Jadeite.

You know who else got pissed? Tuxedo Mask. He's so pissed right now, he is running his little ass back home.

He thinks about how he didn't save Sailor Moon this time, and how it took another 14 year old little girl to save the day, and he races home, kicking the sparkles out of his ass, one foot at a time.

Don't worry, they fixed this on the DVD.

Sailor Moon has a girl crush moment as Sailor Venus thanks her for all of her work.

Venus and Artemis admit that they were trying to train the other girls via the video game, just as Usagi said. You would think everyone would quit doubting Usagi after this, right? But nooooo.

Madam, your crotch is beeping.

Realizing that Luna is trying to contact Usagi, Venus states that she will be joining Luna in the Command Center soon. Then proceeds to get naked for no apparent reason.

Everyone stares as if to say they could have lived another 1000 years without ever seeing this random stranger naked.

Now in her school uniform, Venus announces herself as Minako Aino.

Back at the Command Center, Minako notes she has been here before, and proceeds to tell everyone that she found Artemis long before finding everyone else.

She tells them that there is an evil shadow controlling the Dark Kingdom, and that this shadow wants the Silver Crystal so she can take over the world, and that she feeds off of innocent human energy. She tells them that this shadow (Metallia BTW) destroyed the Silver Millennium's Moon Kingdom, and that she will need to be sealed away again if the we don't want the same thing happening to Earth.

She claims she does know where the Silver Crystal is, but refuses to tell anybody for fear of their safety. Luna is the only person clearly not buying this entire story.

Once away from everyone, Minako tells Artemis that the seal on the other girls' memories will be broken soon. She insists on taking down the Dark Kingdom quickly before that happens. Artemis protests, but Minako won't listen. He's gotten her pretty well trained, don't you think?

After the commercial break, Usagi is having a nightmare about the Moon Kingdom, where the castle is on fire and Endymion is slashing people while calling her Princess Serenity. IF THIS IS NOT A GIANT, FREAKING SPOILER, TELL ME WHAT IS.

After contemplating what it all means and what Minako may be hiding, Usagi and Luna find Mamoru wearing glasses and reading books about crystals in the park.

He apologizes for not saving her, while she legit wonders what the Silver Crystal is. (It's a very shiny rock, Usa-ko.) She tries to give him back his broken watch, and he tells her to hang onto it until he can give her back what she left at his apartment. (The hanky.) She smile, having a good mood.

Luna gets butthurt over their new romance, but Artemis pops out of nowhere to tell her that their relationship is fine, stopping her from cock blocking Usagi again. He tells Luna that she was always supposed to nurture the Guardians, and that part of her memory was sealed off to ease her burden. But he decides to tell her everything.

Meanwhile, Queen Metallia is of the mind that Princess Serenity will kill her and turn Earth into her new kingdom. We're getting ahead of ourselves in spoilerville today, aren't we, folks? So she asks Queen Beryl to lure the princess out and see if she knows where the crystal is.

Kunzite offers his services and kisses her hand.

Kunzite uses a weird form of telepathy to tell Minako to come alone to Tokyo Tower with the crystal, or everyone dies.

Artemis hears it and tells her it's a trap, but she tries to run ahead. The other girls try to take her to dinner, but she runs away.

Just to be a dick, Kunzite shuts down the city's electricity. And he does it in such a fab little bubble too.

The other girls discover that the blackout is draining everyone's energy as well.

Usagi starts to think about Mamoru (because screw these people, right?) and he suddenly has a dream of Princess OBVIOUSLY FREAKING USAGI Serenity screaming at him, calling him Endymion.

Okay time out. What the hell time is it when 17 year old Mamoru is already asleep in bed?? HE'S 17 AND ALREADY IN BED AND YOU GUYS ARE NOT??? Either this guy's bedtime is 8:30 or you have missed curfew.

What kind of job does he have where he can afford this Ikea setup at age 17?

Realizing the blackout is not normal, he spots Kunzite's fuzzy little ass from a distance.

Minako transforms silently at the bottom of Tokyo Tower, hoping nobody is seeing this.




No pupils?

Sailor Venus appears to challenge Kunzite. She refuses to tell him anything about the crystal. By the way, I want to make this absolutely clear. Even though this is clearly SAILOR VENUS and the planet VENUS appears behind her, for the rest of this episode, everyone insists on calling her Sailor V. We won't actually get her full name as VENUS until next episode.

She fires a crescent boomerang, which he deflects, then he zaps her with a green lightning attack.

Sailor V starts to try and get him to remember his true self, taking him by surprise, but Beryl interrupts.

Beryl orders Kunzite to strike Sailor V again, but the other Sailor Guardians appear via a Sailor Teleport.



Sailor Moon cuts her speech short today, because she's really pissed.

After teaching Minako about friendship, they each attack Kunzite, sending Sailor Moon behind him for a sneak attack.

He survives Moon Healing Escalation, then darts behind her and slams her with an energy blast.

Sailor Jupiter saves Sailor V, and the four Inners watch as Sailor Moon falls off the tower.

Yeah, OOPS. And Mercury, Mars? Nice hand holding BTW.

Tuxedo Mask saves her, just as she was about to become street pizza.

You know, considering his bad luck in the 1992 anime, I reeeeeally wish she had said this sooner.

Sailor Moon kisses Tuxedo Mask, then smiles and darts off.

Even guys make this face.

He contemplates why she's so strong and what kind of girl she really is.

She leaps into the sky to protect her friends, just as Kunzite readies another attack.

But Tuxedo Mask gets in the way…


Did you notice Minako's pen?
First of all, you can actually see the tip of a useable pen inside of it, and second, this is her original pen from the manga. She got it a year before meeting everyone, and it can turn her into either Codename Sailor V or Sailor Venus depending upon what she chooses. She never actually gets rid of it, which is why she can become Codename Sailor V in some of the short stories long after becoming Super Sailor Venus. In the 90's anime, they just gave her a similar pen to Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, but for the manga and for Crystal, she gets to be special.

Another note is on Minako's eye color. In preliminary and promotional art, Toei originally gave her purple eyes in contrast to Sailor Moon's blue eyes, and the first half of this episode has her with the wrong eye color. But as the episode moves forward, they gradually go from being dark purple to manga-correct blue. Off and on, even through season three, Minako's eyes will change from purple to blue to grey, the latter likely a tribute to Kunzite.

One more thing about Minako before we move on, it seems that Toei may have originally wanted there to be a sequence where Codename Sailor V becomes Sailor Venus. Whatever the original plan was, these screenshots are all that remains of Sailor V/Codename Sailor Venus with the red bow and the behind shots being taken out of the DVD and Blu-Ray. The corrected version is manga accurate, so it all works out.

(HEY!! All manga scans on this page are from Miss Dream. They belong to her. Go say hi.)

Parts of this episode were re-written entirely, probably due to time constraints, standards and practices (I'll get to them) and just to keep the story flowing. But these segments I really wish had been left in. For starters, right after Usagi wakes up, she comes downstairs and bumps into Kenji, who freaks out over her being up at six in the morning. She tells him "You're right, I'm not myself. Truth is… I am a champion of justice, I am Sailor Moon!" Luna freaks out, but Kenji blows her off and thinks she's making this all up. I was laughing my ass off, thinking she was just gonna cut the crap and transform, but he cares so little about his kid that he totally poo poo's it.

Another scene deleted shows Minako hanging out with everyone and Rei picking on Usagi. Since they already gave Minako and Artemis this secretive "we're our own heroes" kind of vibe, I can see why they chopped this out. Also, Rei is not a bitch this season, and actually won't start picking on Usagi until season three, so since this Rei is more aligned with the 1992 Rei rather than the 2014 Rei, I guess I can let this go.

Now this one second segment didn't need to be left out. Makoto reacts when the electricity goes out. Since she's in tune with electricity and it is her power, I was hoping they'd leave this in. We do get to see her in tune with power in season two, but this didn't have to be chopped out.

And this segment was a standards and practices change. In Crystal, the victims have had their energy drained, but their exact status of living or dead is debatable. But in the manga, Kunzite outright murders them by zap frying them once the power is out. Kinda gruesome, but that's what makes this Shoujo manga so different.

Also, Artemis is supposed to be with Luna, not Minako. But again, we're telling one, streamlined story here, so that's why this was changed.

Oh, and this just looks cool.

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