Chibiusa and Sailor Cosmos

A 2017 Sera Myu play brought us an amazing story that has captured a glance at what might have been. This is the story Sailor Cosmos fans have been waiting for!

A few important notes before we move on.

First of all, do you see the cute picture of Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chibi Moon? Well Marco Albiero drew the two of them. I (Codename Sailor Earth) made the background myself and then brightened Cosmos and Chibi Moon.

Second, the Sera Myu production photos and the Sailor Chibiusa Moon photo belong to Miss Dream but all of the photos of Cosmos and Chibiusa together in the play are my own screencaps.

Third, all other official scans come from the original, official Sailor Moon art books and graphic novels. The sticker sheet comes from the latter.

Okay, now that the credits are out of the way, let's talk. So if you've been following Moon Sisters for a while now, then you know a few things.

1. You already know who Chibi Chibi is, so I don't have to bring it up again.
2. You do know who Sailor Cosmos is, so I don't have the "yeah but" circus coming to town.
3. You know Moon Sisters was almost devoted to Chibiusa & Chibi Chibi only.
4. This site is severely lacking in Sera Myu information as of 01/17/2018.

Now that last part is because I live in America, and getting a hold of these plays has been a complete and utter nightmare. Most were released onto VHS tapes between 1992 and 2001 with the newer plays being released on region locked Blu-Ray and DVDs at unrealistic prices, so if not for those of you engaging in illegal bootlegging on YouTube, I wouldn't see anything live action Sailor Moon at all, unless it was a fan production. But this leads me to two more points.

5. You know that I refuse to have anything to do with the live action TV drama PGSM because Toei flat out lied in the ads and claimed it was a direct adaptation of the anime, and because in under 40 episodes, they managed to ruin almost every character except for Jupiter, Artemis, Rei and a select number of villains, and they added in characters that did not belong there.
6. You also know that I am way more lenient on Sera Myu because they have always been up front about the fact that these plays exist in their own universes, sort of as alternate universe tales.

With that said, let's take a look at this amazing story.

The Sera Myu play La Movement Final, is a loose adaptation of the StarS Arc of the manga. Like all of the plays, this one takes liberties with the story, by eliminating the Amazoness Quartet (GRRR!!), Lethe, Mnemosyne (GRRR again!!), Heavy Metal Papillion (GRR come on!!), and Phi and Chi. (Well… alright fine.) Princess Kakyuu is severely limited (GRR!!), and only Sailor Moon gains her eternal transformation, since nobody else did during the Dream Arc play. (GRR WTF??) While these glaring omissions really anger me, this play like the others gets a pass, because once again, this is an alternate universe from the manga.

But what a universe!

So near the end of the play, everyone is dead except for Eternal Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, which makes no sense, seeing as how in the manga, the instant Mamoru was cast into the Cauldron, Chibiusa phased out of existence. But somehow, she's been stabilized, so I'll run with it for now. So if you read the page I did on Sailor Cosmos, then you kinda know what happens next. Chibi Chibi is distraught, and Eternal Sailor Moon finds a way through her tears to encourage her, letting her know that she isn't going to quit now against Chaos. As long as we have our crystals, there is hope after all, and Chibi Chibi seems to understand. She suddenly disappears in the darkness surrounding The Cauldron, and reemerges as Sailor Cosmos.

Giving Eternal Sailor Moon a hug, she confirms that the decision she made here (I'll get to that) wasn't the wrong one, and finally gains courage. Sailor Moon calls forth the power to defeat Chaos, and the Starseeds of her dead comrades appear. As their souls thank her and offer their support, Sailor Moon jumps into The Cauldron, taking Chaos with her as the two collapse into nothing.

Why the fuck is Chibiusa still here?? Both of your parents in the past are DEAD now, shouldn't you fade into super sparkly nothingness??? Okay okay. I did say I was going to let this giant, obvious flaw go. Fine fine. Let's move on.

Okay. So everyone is now just one person. And they're alive. Ah.. okay, I can actually see where that would work. Alright. Moving on.

Now here's the twist. In the manga, Sailor Cosmos comes from a future, but alternate universe in which Usagi ran away from the last fight with Chaos, and as a result, everyone not named Usagi died, turning her into Sailor Cosmos and having her wonder around space for a good while. But here, we have a way different spin.

The play version of Sailor Cosmos is actually from the same timeline as Usagi, but from a future waaaaaaaay past the 30th Century where Chibiusa came from. In her timeline, Usagi has been reborn more than once, as have all of the other Sailor Guardians and Mamoru. They've been reincarnated, sometime after Crystal Tokyo, and likely after Chibiusa's time as queen. It's not expressly said when exactly her timeline picks up, but given this statement, it is reasonable to think this is after Chibiusa is done ruling as queen of Crystal Tokyo.

In her future, Chaos returned, much of time kinda sorta repeated itself, so she knew what she was supposed to do, but after having had more than one lifetime to fight Chaos, she couldn't take it anymore, ran away and got everyone killed. Realizing this mistake, she came back in time as Chibi Chibi, to observe Eternal Sailor Moon, make sure she doesn't run away, and then ultimately see if she can make the choice that will kill Chaos, thus eliminating Sailor Cosmos's future.

She realizes that Chaos did not die however, but he is not an immediate threat anymore. Still, he will be back, so it goes without saying that our Sailor Guardians, and future incarnations will have to keep training and fighting, never running from a real fight.

Sailor Cosmos muses that Usagi's group should be reborn "eh, maybe someday" but quickly realizes that someday is well… um… actually.. right freaking now.

As the others are just about to come back to life, Sailor Cosmos states that she wanted to make sure she made the right choices, but that now she has no more regrets. (Even though that part where she abandoned everyone was really shitty.) As long as The Cauldron exists, everyone will keep coming back, even after grizzly death. She and Chibi Moon then head up the stairs, and watch as everyone is resurrected.

Although Usagi, Mamoru and the others don't seem to notice, probably because they literally JUST came back to life, Chibi Moon and Cosmos stand by watching, joining in the song as The Starlights, Kakyuu and even Galaxia's team are resurrected.

No seriously. After the song, Usagi cheerfully tells everyone that they can all go back home now, and she and Mamoru totes forget that Chibi Moon is right freaking there. They just totally forgot their future daughter right there and the literal end of the universe. Great parenting, right?

No, for reals. THEY WALK PAST THEIR OWN KID AND FORGET HER!! How do you just leave your future daughter behind like that?? HOW?? If I had a kid with pink hair and red eyes, I think I might remember that!! They leave Chibi Moon completely behind, at the END OF THE UNIVERSE, heading back to Earth behind Usagi's friends, only stopping to get engaged. Yeah. They get engaged in front of their kid, then run off to a distant freaking galaxy. Considering the fact that Chibiusa has always had this gross, creepy crush on Mamoru even AFTER finding out that he's her dad, this segment is rubbing salt into her blood red irises. How do you sleep at night?

So Sailor Cosmos, you know, future future Sailor Moon, sees her past self totally dissing her kid, and decides not to run away from her responsibilities anymore, vowing that if she still exists, that she will become a much better Sailor Cosmos in her future.

She states that Eternal Sailor Moon is the strongest incarnation of Sailor Moon of all, but seeing that this is messing with Chibi Moon, she reminds her that Eternal Sailor Moon's blood is in Chibi Moon's veins, giving her the same power. Picking up from that "I won't run away from my responsibilities" sentiment, she decides to time travel, taking Chibi Moon home first.

Chibi Moon asks where she will go after the 30th Century, and Cosmos states that she will return to the battlefield to fix what she screwed up with Chaos. Chibi Moon races to her future mother and begs her not to lose again.

Sailor Cosmos promises not to give up. She shouts a thank you to her past self as Sailor Moon, and Chibi Moon shouts that she wants Usagi to wait for her. Feeling confident, Sailor Cosmos takes her daughter back to her own time.

Meanwhile, Usagi and Mamoru have just tied the knot, and Usagi tells him after they say "I Do" that she's already pregnant with Chibiusa.

And doesn't he look happy?

Sailor Cosmos never appeared in front of Chibiusa in the manga, though the two did meet while she was Chibi Chibi, so for years, it felt like there was an unspoken void. Knowing that Cosmos was always a future Usagi in one universe or another means that in her world, she must have known Chibiusa, and then either lost her in the fight with Chaos, or as we saw with Eternal Sailor Moon, had to watch her fade out of existence because of Mamoru dying. Knowing she spent a long time, potentially years drifting through space after the fight means that she's had a long time to grieve for the daughter she never got to give birth to, so I've always wondered what a meeting between the two would have looked like outside of her time with her child as Chibi Chibi.
The closest we ever get is this sad and cold stare Chibi Chibi gives Sailor Chibi Moon when she asks if they still have a future.

In that moment, you can feel everything she wants to say to her daughter, but can't.

When I first started reading the manga, and I got up to Chibiusa's first diary and saw her as "Sailor Chibiusa Moon" (Or Sailor Rini Moon for the Tokyopop crowd) I figured the cape was a nod to Tuxedo Mask and also to an early concept of Sailor Moon, where she had a cape:
But now my mind turns to the playful throught that this could have been a prelude to Sailor Cosmos, and how clever it would be for Chibiusa to dream of her mother's most future self.

Gallery of Sailor Cosmos with Chibiusa

For an old Moon Sisters spin, there's also a sub gallery here.

Official art by Naoko Takeuchi:
Sailor Chibiusa Moon from Run Run Magazine
The entire Sailor StarS cast
Stickers from the 2003-2004 reprints
Windy woods

Sera Myu promotional materials:
The whole cast in a giant, skinny picture

Sera Myu screenshots:
Sailor Cosmos, Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon together
Cosmos appears behind Chibi Moon
I remember you when you were thiiiis big.
Cosmos promising to take Chibi Moon home
Cosmos looking away as her daughter hugs her
A motherly smile
Another motherly smile
It'll be alright
The full cast posing
I'm just gonna sit here while you sing.
Chibi Moon looking really surprised at Cosmos
Really shocked.
Definitely surprised.
Staring at shadows
Backs turned
Singing together
Full body pose