Kyurene takes on the form of a beautiful woman, and at the request of Jadeite and Queen Beryl, sneaks into Jam Records, and infuses one of the tapes with subliminal high-frequency waves, which can drain the energy of anybody listening to it. But she gets her tape mixed up with Yusuke’s tape for Akiko. Cyrene stalks Yusuke, and tries to kill both he and Akiko, but Sailor Moon appears. Cyrene is able to use sonic waves in battle, strong enough to level small buildings.

Kyurene can turn into a bat or a human woman. Her nails double as extra long swords and she can use super sonic waves. She also has no trouble flying, and can disappear, leaving a trail of bats.

ADV had the name translated as Cyrene, which is also on the US trading card for the TCG game by Dart, while Viz is using the name Kyurene, which is how the name should be pronounced.

Yusuke Amade, Akiko Yanagi and the people of Jam Records

Yusuke is a jazz artist, madly in love with a woman named Akiko. He is a talented pianist, who is good at keeping his personal life a secret.

Akiko is oblivious to his feelings for her, even missing the point that his latest hit is called "A Waltz for Akiko" and is set to drop on her birthday!

Eventually, they do marry, which breaks Naru's heart, as even though she has no idea what he looks like or how old he really is, she has a major crush on him.

Episode 6: Protect the Melody of Love: Usagi Plays Cupid

First time Mamoru is 100% absent from an episode. Even Tuxedo Mask isn't mentioned.


Dropped in the US in 1995 due to scenes where underage Usagi gets into a nightclub, tries to buy a drink, dresses sexy and gets into a car with a complete stranger. No seatbelt. Implied animal abuse when Usagi threatens to slap Luna if she doesn’t keep still.

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Picking up from the last episode, this is the first to feature the faces of Moon, Mars and Mercury in the sillouette scene of the opening.

We begin the episode with Queen Beryl listening to a charming melody, via cassette tape.

Who needs a Walkman when you have a liquid-based staff that can play cassettes? Anyway, the melody causes a pot full of roses to wilt and melt. The instrumental has been composed by Jadeite, who plans to distrubute the melody on cassette and CD, in an effort ot enmass absorb the life energy of as many humans as possible with ultrasonic waves … because… like… classical is so in right now. Jadeite decides his youma of choice will be Kyurene, whom he trusts with the cassette tape… with his pretty, pre-Sailor Moon Crystal eyes.

Just look at the pretty going on!! It only takes a few flicks of paint to make those eyes shiny.

Over at Naru's place, Usagi and Luna are dozing off to a pretty new melody from Yusuke Amade. Naru is a big Jazz fan, and Usagi thinks that makes Naru very mature for her age.

There is no picture of Yusuke's face on the cover of his CD, so Naru dreams that he must be a very handsome older man. Naru wants to go on a date with him, but Usagi is creeped out by the thought of dating a man older than her parents. She playfully says "I'll pass!" to wit, Luna thinks the following aloud:

….. Wow. We are barely a few seconds past the five minute mark, and already, and for NO REASON AT ALL, Luna is already letting into Usagi. What the fuck is your problem, cat??

Meanwhile, Yusuke has a bouquet of roses and is standing in the rain, much like his album cover. He is planning on telling Akiko how he feels. Up inside the building, Kyurene leaves the tape in the recording machine, hoping to infect the CDs and tapes being printed that day, but Akiko pops inside unexpectedly. Kyurene hides behind a plant, and then fucks up her hands, trying to bring her claws out.

Seriously, OUCH!! But luckily, Akiko is alerted that Yusuke is waiting for her, so she races out with the tape, thinking it belongs to Yusuke, whom she affectionally calls "Yu-Chan". Downstairs, she chasticzes him over forgettign his umbrella, so she tells him to take her pink umbrella when he leaves. She tells him she loves his new track, and asks if there's a title… tottaly missing the giant "A WALTZ FOR AKIKO" title on the front of the pink tape. Yusuke tries to talk to her, but she is pulled away to work on another track. He has no idea he's being watched by Kyurene…..

Outside, Usagi is leaving Naru's place and is upset with all the rain. She wants to visit the arcade for a while, despite Luna's protest that it's too late in the evening to play video games. Of course, Usagi doesn't listen to her, and if you pause it just right, she almost kicks Luna in the face.

And she looks adorable doing it too!

But this happy moment soon turns into terror, as Yusuke accidently tackles Usagi to the ground. Usagi's new outfit gets soaked, prompting her to give one of the greatest death-stares of all time.

Yusuke starts pleading for his life and trembling in fear. Usagi assures him his life is in no danger, and the two start walking. Yusuke tells her that a monster is after him, and had chased him in an alleyway….

… So like…. Nobody has a problem with a guy in his 40's or 50's walking around in alleys in the middle of the night and then walking aimlessly with a fourteen year old girl, right? We good? Okay. So he gives her his number and offers to pay for her dry cleaning before racing off to work at the local Jazz Club. Totally fine, yup. So Usagi and Luna follow, while Jadeite threatens to kill Kyurene via television set.

30 Thirties is the Jazz club Yusuke plays at, but they serve alcohol, so Luna figures they won't allow Usagi in. No problem! Usagi uses the Luna Pen to turn her into a street hooker musician!

… Ah… no Usagi-chan. You do not look like a grown up. You look like your father failed you. Of course, her outfit is not complete, so she decides to use Luna as a living stole. This is payback for the last few episodes, of course.

Usagi sneaks inside and listens to Yusuke playing. In the ADV sub, she threatened to slap Luna if she didn't quit fussing, but in the Viz sub, she just politely reminds Luna that she needs to stay still and act like a neck accessory. Whether she says it or not, DiC didn't want any part of this scene, as it just seems like she's threatening a cat…. While wearing hooker clothes.

While she's listening to Yusuke play, a bartender asks her what she wants to drink.

She says in English "A Cream Soda!" but it's been translated as "A Soda Float!" for the DVDs. When the bartender tells her they don't serve cream sodas, Usagi decides not to order anything at all. Luna is shaking her head, as if to say "Oh dear GOD what a moron!!"

At NO point is she carded or asked for any kind of identification to show she's of age. I would hope that the Luna Pen could produce one for her if asked, but that's kind of important.

Usagi starts to nod off, and doesn't notice that Yusuke has left the piano. So she and Luna try to find him.

Yusuke takes the elevator to the car park. A weird looking man offers him a car and tells Yusuke to meet him in a few minutes. Yusuke obliges, only when the second elevator opens, it's Kyurene! Yusuke starts screaming like a girl, allowing Usagi and Luna to find him. Kyurene steals the tape, transforms and flies away, as Usagi gets Yusuke to wake up. He tells her about the tape, and Luna figures the tape is being used for evil… yes. All by herself. Good job! So what does Usagi do? The obvious thing, of course, which is to RIDE WITHOUT A SEATBELT UNCHAPERONED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WITH AN OLD MAN INSIDE OF A STOLEN CAR!!!

Seriously, where the fuck are your parents???? We have a few scenes where the animators can't really decide how to dress her, so let's take a look at this Quirkalicious moment as the old fart is speeding and driving erratically.

Nobody in this car is wearing a seatbelt, the roads are flashing bright colors, daring you to have a seizure, and there is a 14 year old girl inside of a stolen vehicle, speeding erratically while being driven by a total stranger. Yeah, I can see why DiC didn't want any part of this. Of course, Usagi figures out that Yusuke likes Akiko, which leaves Yusuke flushed. But maybe things will be alright. After all, it's not like Usagi is doing anything too stupid, like leaning out of a speeding v-


… You know, I am amazed there even is a Chibiusa at this point.

Usagi spots Kyurene heading to the top of Jam Records, and the two head inside.

Everyone has passed out at Jam, and are being watched by bats. Kyurene is about to record the energy sucking waves onto the new tracks, when usagi and Yusuke arrive. Luna attacks Kyurene, allowing Usagi to take back the tape. But as Kyurene transforms, creeping usagi and Yusuke out, Yusuke discovers that Usagi does not have his demo tape, but the Youma's instead. Kyurene attacks, prompting Usagi to fall hard. Luna asks Usagi if she's alright, and Usagi tells the truth.

They hear a scream.

Kyurene is threatening to kill Akiko unless Usagi hands over the tape. Usagi throws the tape in the air, Yusuke dives for Akiko, and Luna snatches the tape from the grasp of Kyurene. Then, in front of everyone, Luna stamps the tape into pieces, and tells Kyurene it's over. Kyurene flees out of the window, and Usagi transforms and proceeds to chase her.

At no point did either Yusuke or Akiko stop and say "Hey, that cat just talked. Well never mind that, there's a naked teenager covered in magic ribbons." HOW did they miss this?? They're both wide awake and less than three feet from the kid!!

Kyurene lands by a local stage, where Sailor Moon and Luna are already waiting, and ready to give you a music lesson.

Kyurene tries to hit Sailor Moon and Luna with supersonic waves while also flashing her… bearded breasts?

Seriously, is that a Tribble or is she sporting a chest beard??

Sailor Moon figures out that you can deflect Kyurene's attacks by echoing the sound back on a microphone. So she flings a plugged in mic back at Kyurene, knowing it's plugged into a set of mega speakers. The sound waves destroy the mic and cause the speakers to erupt, sending Kyurene's sounds back to her in an amplified state. While she's distracted by the attack, Sailor Moon throws her tiara, disintegrating Kyurene alive. See? She was paying attention in science class, honest!

Back at Jam Records, Akiko is patching up Yusuke's hand. She scolds him for being reckless, telling him what a crime it would be if he broke his hand. "You might not ever play piano again!" To wit he says "If something ever happened to you, I'd never be able to play piano again anyway." Akiko blushes and FINALLY gets the hint.

The last scene, Naru is heartbroken. Yusuke and Akiko have gotten married. Naru mourns over the loss of her crush, while Usagi talks about how kind Yusuke is. Naru asks if Usagi knows him.

I'd say she does.

Usagi uses the Luna Pen to turn her into an adult musician, hoping to gain access into 30 Thirties.

Apperantly, the Luna Pen translates that to mean "prostitute" as Usagi looks less like a pop star and more like a woman of ill repute about to turn tricks. Let's examine the costume one piece at a time.

For starters, nothing is color coordinated, except for the shoes matching the coat, both in red. These shoes are initially fugly with a weird point to the top, but in some frames, they later turn into basic, non-fugly red pumps while the jacket is cropped short and has zippers for the sleeves.

Usagi is not wearing a shirt. She's wearing a white camisole bra that opens via a ribbon in the front.

This is paired with a short, tight, black skirt with gold clips on either side, to help hold up the stockings she is sporting. The stockings are lavender and purple with white-lavender clips hanging off the sides.

Topping off the costume, Usagi has rigid, hoop earrings, and she is wearing Luna as a living stole.

The Luna Pen also decided a cut and color job was in order, and gave her a thick mane of lime green hair, with horrifying red streaks, lining gelled-up bangs. Her eyebrows are not only dyed greed, they're also thicker, just to finish the Oscar the Grouch look.

Surprisingly, the only makeup she is wearing is red nail polish. The idea is that at least some of this outfit is inspired by Madonna, who at the time was dressing in very sexy "Look at Me" clothes. The early 90's had a bit of sexuality to their runway clothing, but it didn't need to be on a 14 year old girl.

BONUS,204,203,200_.gif Tokyopop actually released an edited, novel version of this episode, back in 1999. As part of their short lived, eight book novel series, this episode exists in Book 2: The Power of Love, which also has the last two episodes before it. And yes, the cover really is this dingy in person.

In the book version, Usagi & Naru (Bunny/Serena and Molly) are at Babel Records, located inside Crossroads Mall. Check out what the girls are listening to:

Usagi Tsukino
(Bunny/Serena Tsukino)

Jewel: Who Will Save your Soul?
Brandy: Never Say Never ← Note, the album isn't named by title. Serena says it's the "new" one. Since the book came out in 1999, that implies the Never Say Never LP, which came out in 1998.
Mariah Carey
Jennifer Lopez ← She wanted the Luna Pen to make her look like J-Lo. It's a disguise pen, not a miracle worker.

Naru Osaka
(Molly Baker)

Bach: English Suites (2 and 4)
Miles Davis: Highlights from the plugged nickel
Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World
Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro (The marriage of Figaro) ← This is misspelled in the book as "Nozza"
Duke Ellington ← No album is named, but essential collections were popping up all over when this was written.

The entire book is rife with culture references from 1998-1999 and loaded with slang and DiC names, since the book came out right as the DiC dubs of all three movies were hitting VHS the same summer. The book series was meant for a tween and teen audience, so half of the scenes were re-written, however, it's main selling point was the inclusion of the episodes DiC had chopped out.

Another interesting note is that the book mentions that Naru's father is ten years older than her mother. This is never mentioned in the original anime or in the manga. The only thing officially known about Naru's father is that Naruru is using his credit card in Chibiusa's final Picture Diary manga, meaning he must be alive enough to make payments on it.

Amazon only wants $0.01 for the book, plus $3.99 shipping, which is a good bargain, considering the book's original price was $4.99 plus tax. When Sailormoon S became a hit on Toonami, some stores were charging upwards of $10.95 for it.

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