Derella breaks into Mikan’s apartment and uses her breath to freeze Mikan to her own tub. She then poses as Mikan, starting up a talent competition. But the show is a farce, as it’s really a trap to steal the energy of the contestants. When Sailor Moon arrives, Derella tries to freeze her, but Tuxedo Mask chucks a rose into the ice, saving Sailor Moon. Derella tries to chase down Tuxedo Mask, but in her haste just never sees that tiara coming…

Mikan Shiratori and the people of Tokyo

Mikan is a young actress, minding her own business, when all of a sudden, Derella breaks into her apartment. Mikan is frozen to the bottom of her own bathtub during a shower, and Derella steals Mikan's image and poses as her. She later awakens, not knowing what this was all about.

Under the promise of fame and fortune, the inhabitants of Tokyo fight each other over the chance to work with Mikan, unaware it's Derella in disguise. Most of those who make it to the final round are from Usagi’s class.

image010First appearance of Mikan Shiratori. Final episode where Usagi fights without the other Guardians.


This episode was edited in the US for the 1995 run of Sailormoon, due to the shower scene. Although nudity is kept to a minimum in the episode, DiC didn't want to take chances. DiC also cut out the segment with Umino getting hit with streamers, but later re-used the footage for the Sailor SayS segment. Another edit came with Yumiko's joke, see below for more.

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This is actually the final time in the whole series Sailor Moon will be fighting without another Sailor-suited Guardian by her side. This is also where the animation if going to change a bit. If you'll notice, up until this point, Usagi looks like a kid still, and being that she's 14 years old, that's for the best. But gong forward, she will start to look more and more like a teen or young adult girl, rather than a gawky tween. It's nice to see her grow and mature throughout the series. It goes without saying as well that her pre-episode explanations are about to change as well.

So in a Quirkalicious moment, we find Usagi racing to school with moons plastered in the background and with her brooch being extra tiny. Toei must have been working so hard at dropping the subliminal messages that they forgot to re-size the locket.

She stops to see an ad for a new energy drink with Mikan doing ribbon exercises. While reading the ad, Usagi says something that actually kind of scares me.

Okay, I know there are tons of teenage girls out there that are like this. "If ________ says to try it, then I shall!" But this seriously is frightening. In the first place, this kid has not yet been told that just because a celebrity is being paid to endorse a product, it doesn't mean you need to try it. And second, the whole "Mikan says I should" implies you know her. Ah, Usagi-chan? Mikan is a celebrity, but you do not know her. She is a STRANGER to you. Don't take what a celebrity says in the same light as if they knew you, because they do not. And by the way, you're too young to have an energy drink. Those things have caused heart attacks for crying out loud!

Naru is also running late, and proceeds to bean Usagi in the head at full force with her briefcase. OMG what a bitch!! But the most damning thing is the next scene.

Oh, oh hell no. HELL NO!! First of all, you could have concussed Usagi back at the drugstore, and second, scroll back up. Yeah, did you see that? The bitch was SMILING!! That's right, she beaned Usagi upside her soft head, damn near concussed her, SMILED about it, and now wants Usagi to thank her for it?? Earth to Usagi, YOU NEED NEW FRIENDS!! Naru-chan, how about I bitch-slap you with a briefcase a few rounds? See how you'd like it. I mean just LOOK at Usagi right now. Her one eye is crooked. Thanks a lot, Naru.

Umino invites himself to the conversation, showing off a poster he bought of Mikan from the internet. Pretty impressive when you factor in that this episode took place a good four years before eBay was a thing. He uses his chunky taupe laptop to find out bout Mikan's personal life. Apparently, she's 17 years old. Let's keep that in mind. Anyway, they learn Mikan is worth more than two million yen, and Yumiko and Kuri comment that Mikan was discovered in Juban. Umino then decides to tell them that Usagi is the only one with talent.

Umino is not very good at making new friends now is he?

Across town, Shingo makes a cameo at an autograph signing for Mikan. This is never explained or brought up ever again, in fact, this is the only shot of him anywhere near Mikan for the whole episode! Why are you here, Shingo? Don't you have school? This may mean that Toei intended to have a bigger role for Shingo in this episode, but either something was cut out or they just forgot and decided not to draw a Mikan-Shingo scene in. We just might never know.

Well who cares about school? There's apparently tons of ditchers at the TV station for Mikan.

Along with THIS creepy bastard. Seriously Jadeite, you're losing your touch here. But somehow, nobody thinks a creeper in a trench coat is a "bad" thing, so Jeddy is ignored.

And of course, Mikan has just become his target of the day.

naru convinces Usagi that they need to become a song and dance duo, so they torture Luna by singing Moonlight Densetsu (The Sailor Moon theme song) poorly. Where they found a cassette copy I have no idea, but Luna is royally slacking off on keeping Usagi's song and image from being stolen.

Shingo tries to get them to quiet down, but Naru and Usagi pretty much instruct him to buzz off. And that's about as much of Shingo as we will see for today. Man, that last scene really has me wondering.

Well since neither of the girls can figure out special relations, it comes as no real surprise that they start hitting and stepping on each other mid-song. This leads to a mini-fight, and Naru decides that from now on, she is Usagi's rival. Again, kid, you need new friends.

After Naru leaves, Usagi is sitting up close to the TV set… with her back turned to the TV set. This makes… no sense. And is that liquor up on that table? WOW way to go Ikuko and Kenji! You're keeping LIQUOR around your 4th and 8th graders. Yeah, that's brilliant parenting.

Ikuko and Kenji are watching a variety show, where a young man is training a… a ah… chimp human hybrid to apologize?

Oh… oh God… did Kenji just suggest that they use Luna in the same way as the chimp boy??

Uh-oh. No no, no Usagi-chan…



SEE?? This is what alcohol does. Now you've let your concussed daughter cat-nap Luna to use in a variety show. Happy now? And it causes Shingo to lose a sock between frames.↑

Of course she would. YOU'RE DRUNK!!

And of course, Usagi has Luna imitate everything she saw on TV. See kids? It's not just an American thing!

Meanwhile, Umino is also being forced to do things he will regret the rest of his life, as Naru has snuck him into her room, to dress him up in drag and slather makeup all over his pimply face. She tricks him into thinking this is socializing, and that this will attract Usagi to him more.

And somehow, she'd dumb enough to believe it.

Later that evening, Mikan is alone in her apartment, taking a shower with the windows wide open. Where are your parents?? You're 17 years old, lock the freaking window!! Well too late of course, as Derella breaks in and uses her sticky ice breath to tape Mikan to the bottom of the shower.

Mixed in with aaaaaaaaall her stank of the day….. Sniff it.

Derella takes on the form of Mikan, and then teams up with Jadeite to produce a new event called the Cinderella Caravan, a talent show bent on stealing the energy of gullible civilians.

She didn't really have to try hard, but she used a min control ray anyway.

By the way, this is a very fluffy tuxedo Jadeite is sporting.


Well as more and more people find out about the contest, Luna gets fed up, and scolds Usagi for not being 100% about the mission. She dismisses Usagi's want to be in the contest for fun, and demands that they return to official business. Usagi gets royally butthurt, and runs away crying.

She bumps into Mamoru, who for once… actually isn't a complete jerk. He asks if she's going to be in the Cinderella Caravan, and starts to joke that she'll be a comedy act, but she cuts him off before going further, and just storms home, leaving him to stare at her like this↑. Oh for God's sakes, kiss her.

We're getting lazy, Toei!! What's Usagi in her pink outfit from episode 3 doing here?? Well almost everyone gets a stamp on their hands and directions to the next stage of judging.

The next day, Usagi finds her classroom has been taken over by her fame-hungry classmates. Naru is in the corner, writing her autograph on ugly yellow tablets, while Kuri and Yumiko are trying out their comedy act. Usagi reminds everyone that it's time for class, but they scold her. Umino gets pelted with streamers.

Luna and Usagi watch the kids get worse and worse, until finally, there's a big fight outside.

Usagi figures out it's a plan by the enemy before Luna does, but makes no effort to break up the fight.

And not a fuck was given.

Derella fools the hopefuls into thinking they're performing in front of a live audience, but in reality, it's just her creepy, alien-like shadows. Using the mic on her blouse, she steals the energy from all the overtly made up kids, while laughing at their stupidity. She sucks up their energy into a giant disco ball, and everyone starts to faint. Usagi and Luna watch quietly from afar, when all of a sudden, Derella spots them.


Usagi runs away and locks herself in a bathroom.

After nearly having a coronary, Usagi catches her breath while Luna beats on the door. Luna convinces her to go back for Naru's sake, so usagi reluctantly transforms.

After giving her usual speech, Derella reveals herself, prompting Sailor Moon to flee and start crawling behind chairs to get away from Derella's ice breath.

But to no avail. Derella can fly. She hits Sailor Moon with her breath, freezing her alive.

But the ice isn't very strong, as Tuxedo Mask shatters it with one rose.

He runs away, pissing Derella off. Sailor Moon sees she's about to follow Tuxedo Mask, so she uses her tiara to kill Derella quickly.

Derella's body flies apart, causing the disco ball to explode, and restoring everyone to their full sanity.

Mikan is freed from being glued to the bathtub for the last 3-4 days, and has no memory of how she got caught up in her daily stank.

Luna scolds Usagi for getting overexcited for the Caravan, and makes her do the "Act Sorry" routine. Usagi obeys, but giggles.
Did Mikan's screaming sound familiar to you? It should!! That screaming belongs to voice actress Mika Kanai, who would later return in Sailormoon S as Mimette, who ironically enough, also wanted to become an idol.

Another thing you may have missed, did you catch Yumiko and Kuri's joke about the panties? There's actually two different translationfs for it.

The ADV DVD box set had this translation:

Yumiko: I went to buy some bread (Pan) and some tea, and the man gave me these.
Kuri: Why is that?
Yumiko: Because Pan and Tea makes PANTSU (Panties)

This was Viz's translation:

Yumiko: I needed some bread, and the grocer said it was "over there".
Kuri: Oh yeah?
Yumiko: And then a moment later, they gave me these!
Kuri: Why?
Yumiko: When they said "over there" I said "under where?"

In either case, it's a slightly blue joke for a 14 year old. DiC's 1995 edit deleted the panties from Yumiko's hands completely, replacing it with recycled footage of Yumiko's mouth moving.

And then, just to add insult to injury, they replaced the original blue joke with the following safari joke:

Yumiko: Do you know why elephants wear big sneakers?
Kuri: No, why?
Yumiko: So they can sneak around in the grass!

… That was so funny… I forgot to laugh.

Speaking of laughable, check out the screenshots below. On the left is Viz's bright and colorful segment, while on the right is DiC's washed out version.

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