Episode 28
Act 27 Part Two:
Infinity 1 Premonition
First Part

Airdate: April 11th, 2016


Cat Daimon/Atavism

Eudial uses a Daimon egg to turn a cat into a ferocious Daimon, but Usagi calls it an Atavism, using the manga term for it. This monster has extra sharp claws and giant teeth, which he uses to try and eat the girls.

This random cat and Hotaru

Eudial lands in front of this nameless stray, and turns him into an evil Daimon. A little ways behind her, Hotaru is having one of her fits.

First apperance of the Witches 5, Kyusuke, Sorano and Chibiusa's nameless male classmate from the manga.


The new opening features Chibiusa, Usagi and Hotaru nude!

http://www.moonsisters.org/moonsisters/SailorMoonBattleRecord/Guide-Main_files/image009.gifUsagi's face is hilarious in this episode!

Act 27

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:


The episode starts where Usagi is just coming home, and I have to wonder, when did Luna become a published author? Check the book Ikuko has on the shelf under the subtitles.

Usagi overhears Chibiusa on the phone with Mamoru.

Once again forgetting that MAMORU IS CHIBIUSA'S FATHER, Usagi snatches her child in mid air to interrogate her.

Unsatisfied with her daughter's refusal to talk, Usagi commences to whoopin' this child's ass!!

Ikuko decides to step in, and yank her granddaughter away from Usagi, informing the latter that Chibiusa needs a chaperone for tomorrow.

Ikuko can't go, because she attends a Women's Association meeting, meaning that Mamoru has to take care of Chibiusa and her friends. He's taking them to the new amusement park, making Usagi extremely jealous.

Usagi calls Mamoru to see if she can tag along, but he reminds her she promised to check out Mugen while he's out with Chibiusa.

Well, she handled that well. <_<;

Mamoru- THAT IS A COOL NEW COMMUNICATOR!! OMG are Luna and Artemis including him in on the gadgets now? I hope Bandai makes a collectible watch like this ♥ Where was I? Oh yeah! Mamoru reminds usagi that the park literally JUST opened, and it's in the same creepy triad as Mugen, assuring her that him taking Chibiusa out on a custody day is also for her mission as well. I swear, Usagi-chan. You got a man who is willing to take care of his kid and actually be there for her. WTF is you mad at?

We get a brief shot of Luna and Artemis checking out the Mugen area, and then Kaolinite confirms that the Reversions ARE in fact, Daimon. You Sailor Moon S fans are getting spoiled. ♥

Kaolinite addresses the Witches 5, calling yesterday's Daimon/Reversion a failure.

She slices up trading cards of Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, which is TOTALLY not product placement, we swear!

She allows The Witches 5 to use Daimon to fight the Sailor Guardians.

She promises that if any of the girls can capture or kill a Sailor Guardian, she will elevate their status to Magnus, allowing them the same rites and powers she has and total access to Master Pharaoh 90.

Usagi and the Inner Guardians are at Mugen, sensing a powerful aura, while Chibiusa is at the amusement park with Momo, riding a roller coaster.

Mamoru is sitting FAR AWAY with Asanuma, enjoying a soda. Mamoru apologizes for asking Asanuma for help with the kids, but the boy shrugs it off. He asks Mamoru why he's not on a roller coaster with Chibiusa, but he says it's just not his thing.

Kyusuke, Sorano (Umino's bastard??) and a nameless boy from the manga are griping that Chibiusa and Momo are on the roller coaster again. Ah, WTF is it to you? Well Mamoru hears the griping and offers to buy the boys a drink.

That blonde kid reminds me of Peruru a little bit.

Chibiusa loses her hat, so she decides to run off to chase it, sending Momo back with the others.

Mamoru AIN'T HAVING IT, so he goes to track his daughter down. We then see a little story about Mugen unfold.

The girls discover that the academy is heavily guarded. Fortunately, Usagi has remembered her Luna pen!

In a cute new animation, she turns herself into a nerdy Mugen School Girl!

The girls are in shock.

Usagi runs on ahead, finding Michiru playing violin music in the courtyard. Mamoru and Chibiusa end up getting close to the school as well, until the music stops. Haruka appears in front of the other girls while Michiru talks to Usagi.

Michiru and Haruka warn the girls to leave, but when another Mugen student starts to harass Usagi, she runs off, further inside the school.

Chibiusa finds the hat in front of the Tomoe laboratory on the campus, where a little goth girl is hyperventilating.

Usagi catches up to Chibiusa and scolds her, but Chibiusa tells Usagi that the girl seems to be sick.

Not too far away, Eudial has found a cat. As she infects the cat, Chibiusa and Usagi's brooches flash.

Suddenly, the Daimon appears.

Throwing caution to the wind, Chibiusa instructs Hotaru to stay put and charges at the Daimon.

But the Daimon attacks, causing the duo to lose their balance.

The girls go running for their lives, falling down a flight of stairs.

The girls transform, while Tuxedo Uranus (What??) and Neptune watch from a distance.

Chibiusa has a brand new transformation, so unlike S, we don't have to wait for a movie to see it.

She also joins in on the introduction.

The Daimon goes nuts, trying to eat and claw at each of the girls. In a badass scene, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter each deliver attacks to try and stop the monster.

Hotaru watches in amazement, as Uranus and Neptune continue to do nothing.

The monster becomes a tentacle, prompting Moon and Chibi Moon to be like "SCREW THIS we're done"

But the monster then lunges for Hotaru, prompting Chibi Moon to tackle her out of the way.

Eudial tells the monster to tear the apart into pieces…. Ah… yeah. Read it.

Yeah, Uranus and Neptune, it's all good. Just stand there and do nothing, we got this.

Everyone prepares themselves for Sailor Moon to use her new S inspired attack.

After the Daimon is killed, Mamoru catches up to the girls. And then Hotaru says the most awesome line ever.

Oh my God, I love this.

News Flash Sailor Moon! A shit ton of people saw you transform yesterday too. As Sailor Moon tries to smooth things over, Chibi Moon just adds to the confusion.

And with crayons!

OMG Chibiusa don't EVER make that creepy face again!!

Hotaru sees that Sailor Chibi Moon has been wounded, so she goes to fix it.
Yep, totally normal, right?

As Hotaru heals Chibiusa, the others watch Sailor Useless and Sailor No Help vanish into the night.

WOW! Like I know Usagi has some issues with her future daughter, but this is the first time I've seen her outright take a mallet to the kid's head. WTF Toei?? Looks like they really ARE paying attention to the 1990's fans, because abusing Chibiusa is back to being the norm. Poor kid! And adding to that, a Daimon chases her down a flight of stairs, tries to eat her, and then bloodies her arm. Holy shit!!

Usagi uses the Luna Pen to transform into a Mugen High School student, and there are a few changes from the manga with this outfit.

The Crystal anime has a navy blue and forest green stripe on the bottom of her blouse, similar to Michiru's blouse in the 1994-1995 aSailor Moon S anime, while the manga has plaid trim.

The blouse is brick red with a navy collar, navy cuffs and a black star above the bow, which in the anime is light blie with navy stripes. The manga has the bow in plaid.

The anime shows a neat, pleated plaid skirt in navy blue and forest green, while the manga has a white petticoat with a ribbon trim underneath.

The glasses in the anime are clear on top and red on the bottom.

In the manga, her glasses are thin and clear.

Lastly, usagi wears pink bows on her odango, her usual white socks and black criss-cross shoes and her brooch.

The changes to the bow and blouse are likely for consistency with the other Mugen students.

While Usagi's nerd-cute outfit does come from the 1990's manga, it also serves as a tie in for Sailor Moon Crystal product campaigns. Just before the series teaser trailers came out, a new line of glasses based on Sailor Moon came out, and Usagi appeared in an ad campaign for an energy drink called BB Chocola. In both ads, Usagi appears as an adult working woman in glasses in a series of "what if" jobs that seem to take place after Sailor StarS.
More funny? Chibiusa also appears in the glasses ad in specs, much like her Parallel Sailor Moon counterpart!
Again, the ads take place after Sailor StarS as they show Usagi as an adult working woman and Chibiusa looking a little younger than she does in today's episode, but a little older than she looked last season. The theory is of course that these ads take place before Usagi would have had Kousagi but a good while after the StarS arc.

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