Episode 29
Act 28
Infinity 2 Ripples

Airdate: April 18th, 2016



Eudial is head and shoulders above her Sailormoon S counterpart. Unlike the 1994 version of herself, who just sat in the shadows whining about the Daimons being useless, this new Eudial is a force to be reckoned with. For starters, just like a cult leader, she leads a ton of teenagers into a forest, cult style. Then she sucks out their souls to feed them to Master Pharaoh 90. Not enough? No problem. She can spew giant explosions and fire from her hands!! And she does all of this while looking like a badass.

The teens of Mugen High

Wow! This is quite the gullible lot. Sure, academically, they may put Ami to the test, but common sense wise, they make Usagi and Naru look like college professors. These kids willingly follow Eudial, who as far as they know is JUST A STUDENT and NOT a teacher, into the mountains way past curfew. And yeah, you can say Eudial possessed them and stole their souls, but honestly, it wasn't really that hard. The kids were just about willing to comply. HOW can I feel sorry for them?

First apperance of Professor Tomoe. First time Sailor Mars uses Mars Snake Fire. First useage of the term "Death Busters" by the whole cast. First ever on-screen Lesbian kiss for the Sailor Moon series!

The victims of the day…. They're just asking for it. Let's be real here.

Act 28. Also, Minako's gift of Casa Blanca Lilies corresponds to the Casablanca Memory side story about Rei turning 14 and her first love.

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:
Final Blow from:


The episode starts with a replay of last week's final segment, with Sailor Useless and Sailor No Help flying through the sky. As Sailor Moon decides how to feel about the "SCHWIIIIING" feeling Sailor Uranus just gave her, Sailor Chibi Moon calls everyone over. Hotaru has fully healed her injury using a hidden power.

She instructs the girls to leave, after she ties a handkerchief around Sailor Chibi Moon's wound. She introduces herself as Hotaru and walks away, as Chibi Moon blushes.

Stop that, Chibiusa! You're 900 years old. Hotaru? SHE TWELVE!! Better curb dat blushing you pink sugar PedoBear.

After the opening credits, we find Hotaru inside the lab, having one of her attacks. Kaolinite tries to help, but Hotaru knocks her back, alerting her father.

Prof. Tomoe chastises Hotaru, reminding her that Kaori has been a good surrogate to her since her mother died. You know, that is totally NOT the sentiment I would have used, but unlike how he was in Sailormoon S, in Crystal, much like the manga, Prof. Tomoe is a surely jerk. And you know what? I really like what Hotaru says next.

I am loving Hotaru's new backbone. Where was this in Sailormoon S??

That's right, you tell those sick weirdoes, Hotaru-chan!

Spoiled her?? Oh yeah. Like how you surgically sped her through puberty to house Mistress 9?? Oh yeah, she should TOTALLY be more grateful to you. Thanks a lot, DAD, if that even is your real name. For serious, are there ANY GOOD PARENTS in the world of Sailor Moon?? Anybody??

Hotaru runs to bed, but she's still in severe pain. Her dad gives her the ugliest amulet in the entire series and pats her on the head. As he leaves, the amulet sucks up the pain, but Hotaru notes that her dad's hand feels cold and creepy.

At the basement of the arcade, everyone is trying to figure out who Sailor Useless and Sailor No Help are, if they're enemies and what the connection to Haruka and Michiru might be. (JEBUS figure it out, they're the SAME people!!!) Chibiusa meanwhile is thinking about how translucent (see-through??) and white Hotaru's skin is. Is this racist? You decide. But at least we get to see Usagi act like a mom for a change.

I don't know about "grown-up" girl, but I'm happy to see Usagi question Chibiusa's friends. Maybe there IS hope for a GOOD parent on this show!

Meanwhile, Kaolinite is watching a replay of last week's episode in a vision on the water. A pretty neat trick, right? She uses a similar amulet to the one Hotaru now has to do some divinations. She sees the three lights of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto again, and then hears Sailor Saturn calling for an awakening. At the same time, Mamoru is having the same vision. When he wakes up, Kaolinite's vision goes away.

Usagi and Chibiusa are sleeping over at Mamoru's apartment while this is happening. Is this not adorable? ♥

The next morning, Haruka has forgotten to button her shirt. See? This is what happens when teenagers live alone in their own mansions that they pay for. Anyway, Michiru can't get a clear reading from her mirror, so the two embrace and talk about the talismans.

And you're welcome. By the way, they're 16.

Mamoru goes to the bookstore, and HEY there's an ad for Crown Arcade! Anyway, he goes to read up on Mugen.

Mamoru has a flashback of Luna calling him "Mamo-chan" just like Usagi, and telling him about how dangerous Prof. Tomoe is.

Michiru appears to tell him more creepy facts, like how Tomoe is still highly regarded in the school world, despite being kicked out of the academics league years ago, but she gets stopped by a fan who wants an autograph. They go outside and Mamoru point-blanc asks her if she's a sorcerous. She responds by giving him free tickets to her concert, just as Usagi sees them.

Her "BITCH you did NOT" expression is priceless. But in starring at Michiru, she starts to figure out Michiru is Sailor Neptune. She races to the arcade, but Haruka grabs her.

And here's where I could just HUG Usagi, but in a non-creepy way. Cutting through the bullshit, Usagi looks right up at Haruka and asks her if she's a Sailor Guardian.

Oh… OH MY GOD!! After all these years, Usagi figured it out all by herself, and before Luna too!! I want to throw the kid a party now, all my wants have been met for this episode!

Haruka tries her very best to lie, but she knows Usagi has this one figured out.

Too bad the kid second-guesses herself. But the Inner Guardians show up, and send Haruka on her way. And then we get a new eyecatch!

Chibiusa tells the other girls at Crown that she just became the new class president, so they treat her to a Diabetes salad.

Usagi, her mother, and a straight fail in school, contemplates where her life is going.

Minako mentions that Chibiusa is in 2nd grade now. Remember last season when she and Momo were in kindergarten? Yeah, they skipped. Bravo. And the other girls are in their 3rd and final year of junior high.

Makoto tries to cheer everyone up by reminding them that Rei's 15th is tomorrow! (Actually, yesterday, the day before this episode aired was the 17th. Funny!)

But Minako points out that Rei is in the mountains.

Oh yeah! Fruit Parlor Crown got a face-lift.

Eudial tells Kaolinite via water-gram that she has a plan.

As "Yuko Arimura" of the etiquette club, she will pose as a Mugen student and try to convince as many teenagers as possible to sacrifice their hostes (bodies) for Master Pharaoh 90.

Rei's water meditation screws up kaolinite's divination again, and now Rei can also hear Sailor Saturn.

But who cares about the Earth blowing up? IT'S PARTY TIME!!!

But just as the girls are starting to snack, Makoto spots Eudial across the way.

DAMN! The kid has super strong eyes! Must be all those carrots she ate in Sailormoon R. Makoto asks Rei why she didn't tell everyone about the Mugen camp, and Rei reminds her that they still need to protect Usagi.

Hearing grunting from a closer hill, the girls find Haruka is having Judo sparring sessions.

See? Haruka-chan can be pretty too.

Haruka asks why they're in the mountains and Makoto says it's for training. Not believing them, Haruka offers to train Makoto.

Makoto fights Haruka in a sparring contest, but Haruka wins almost instantly.

The girls chastise Haruka for using her full strength, because they still think she's a boy. But Haruka scolds them for thinking that gender roles mean anything, and remind them that having an old school ideal of what guys and girls can and can't do, they're hindering themselves from protecting their loved ones. Eudial breaks it up.

The other girls flee as Haruka tries to smooth things over. That evening though, Makoto and Rei spot Eudial having a creepy ceremony in the middle of the night.

The new kids are already possessed. Makoto and Rei arrive just in time to see the kids get the Sailormoon S Black Stars that used to belong to Daimons.

Eudial sucks out their souls to feed them to Master Pharaoh 90.

The girls transform. Eudial introduces herself, then tries to hit Jupiter and Mars with a fire attack. Sailor Mars counters with Mars Snake Fire.

But Eudial sets the girls on fire.

And looks like a badass doing it.

The other girls wake up to find Makoto and Rei are missing. Minako spots the explosions.

Eudial is about to finish them off, when Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Aqua Mist to negate the effects of the blast. She and Sailor Venus catch Jupiter and Mars in a totally not flirty way.

Sailor Moon is in NO MOOD for an introduction today, so she just whips out the beating stick.

And in the CREEPIEST WAY POSSIBLE and very much like the manga, Sailor Moon melts Eudial alive!!

Well, forgetting the rule that you have to say "LOVELY" when you get hit, Eudial dies amid pink, skin melting sparkles.

The stars fade, the kids get their souls back and collapse on the ground in a giant heap.

The surviving Witches are just as catty as they were in S. They are totally fine with Eudial being dead. Meanwhile, the other girls are still touchy feely.

By the way. Rei, Makoto, I'm excusing you two. But Minako-chan, Ami-chan, Usagi-chan… WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR PARENTS??

Sailor Moon turns around to see Sailor No Help. She chases her down, and gets snogged for the trouble.

Wait, Haruka-chan.. WHAT ABOUT MICHIRU??!?!?! Well apparently, this will continue next week.

Chibiusa is just barely in this episode. Hotaru finishes nursing her wound from last week, then sends her on her way. Nothing bad happens to the little squirt after that.

Did you notice something about Hotaru?
This is actually the very first anime where from day one, she has the SAME exact eyes as the rest of the cast! In Sailormoon S and in Sailor StarS, her eyes were drawn differently. While everyone else had giant whites in their eyes, she had ultra huge pupils. But here, her eyes are perfectly normal!

Also, this episode corresponds to the Sailormoon S episode 105: "I Want Power, Mako lost in Doubt". Only this time, instead of Makoto going into the mountains, Rei is. Makoto did it to get stronger while Rei did it to purify herself. Makoto went in summer while it's April for Rei. In both however, we see Makoto in a white gi, super pissed at losing a fight. Check out the similarities!



Also, this is the first on-screen lesbian kiss for Sailor Moon, but NOT the first LBGTQ kiss! That honor goes to Fish-eye and Mamoru from Sailor Moon SuperS episode 148: "Shadow of Evil: the Trio's Last Chance" making Haruka and Usagi's kiss the second ever on-screen LBGTQ kiss for the entire series.

The original kiss first aired in Japan on September 23, 1995, meaning that you had to wait close to 21 years for the second ever LBGTQ kiss.

Both kisses involve a Transgender/Cross-dressing character. Fish-Eye is a man who dresses like a young woman, while Haruka is a girl who dresses like a boy.

And the kicker? BOTH kisses involve the main straight couple (Usagi X Mamoru) being kissed unwillingly.

Mamoru is unconscious after telling Fish-Eye "NO!!" several times, while Usagi is just plain surprised with a kiss.

Neither are consenting kisses. How screwed up is that?

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