Episode 30
Act 29
Infinity  3:
Two New Soldiers

Airdate: April 25th, 2016



Yet again, where was this badass in Sailormoon S??

Mimette is just plain awesome as a villain. She poses as a schoolgirl idol, and at a concert, sucks out everyone's souls into a giant, Black Star. Then she has this unbelievable power attack from her wand, and not to mention that like Eudial, she uses Daimon eggs to transform innocent people into monsters.

The teens of Mugen High

….. What, again? Okay this time, they were just trying to enjoy a concert. They are officially in the Naru role of "I'm not doing anything bad, why is this happening to me?" and this time, yeah, I can sympathize with them. They just want to be normal teenagers.

First apperance of Minako's Crescent Mirror, Mercury Aqua Mirage, Deep Submerge, World Shaking and Usagi's new communicator.

Act 29

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:


The episode starts with a recap of Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon.

After dis-lodging, Uranus darts off into the night as the other Sailor Guardians arrive.

By the way, I have to say this. I am LOVING how smart Usagi is this season. She's already figured out Haruka's identity by this point, without any hints or clues, though Haruka is going to try clouding her judgement. This is a HUGE leap forward from S, where Haruka was dropping cryptic hints left and right, and NOBODY got it. I seriously can't get enough of how clever Usagi is in Crystal.

So after the very pretty theme song, (Did I mention I love the music?) we find Luna asking about the new Guardians.

But Usagi is still thinking about the kiss with Uranus, so she just repeats what Uranus keeps telling her. Pretty much "stay out of our way".

And by the way, the magazine they keep reading is Crown On. Crown has one hell of a dynasty there!

Later that night, Usagi is reading the magazine again, looking for clues.

I have to say this too, it's nice seeing PRETTY shots of Sailor Uranus, considering that Sailormoon S only did one pretty shot of her, and it was from Michiru's sketchbook. Just because she's transgender doesn't mean she can't be as pretty as the rest of the cast, so good for Toei on this one.

HO-KAY and Usagi is dreaming about kissing Haruka now…. Um ok?

That is a hideous scarf.

In her dream, Usagi asks Uranus why she keeps running away. Uranus tells her they have a limited time. But as she starts to mention the Talismans, Hotaru and everyone else begin to have the same dream.

Mamoru, Usagi, Hotaru, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako all wake up from the nightmare in a cold sweat.

Oh yeah. Remember how in S and in the manga, we tossed around the words "Messiah of Destruction"? Well, we're using "Deity" now. Don't worry, there will be some other phrases coming up that will piss off those pesky Christian Coalitions later on.

Next morning, Mamoru picks Usagi up for school. We then see a billboard for Michiru and Mimette. Mamoru stares at the poster, leaving Usagi with questions about Mamoru and Michiru. At the same time, Luna, Diana and Artemis are researching the expansions from Mugen.

That evening, Usagi bumps into Haruka at Crown Arcade. Haruka confesses that she only stopped by because she was starting to miss Usagi, but Usagi starts having flashes of the dream.

Haruka tries to tell usagi her name, but Usagi already knows. They talk a bit about Michiru's concert, and Haruka gives Usagi a fistful of tickets to Michiru's concert.

In a flash, Haruka is gone. Usagi thinks to herself that she wants to know who Haruka really is. She has no idea Mamoru is right behind her ass.

Inside Crown, the girls all confess to having had the same nightmare, but Minako gets distracted when she hears that Mimi Hanyu (Mimette) is hosting a concert for Mugen students only.

Usagi has never heard of her.

Artemis protests Minako's desire to go to the concert, but Minako points out that by going, they can spy on Mugen better.

Usagi gives everyone tickets to Michiru's concert as Mamoru contemplates what to do about his extra ticket.

Meanwhile, Kaolinite is brooding over a water-recap of last week's episode. She's both pissed and impressed by the fact that Sailor Moon has power equal to or greater than the Taioron Crystal.

She calls on Mimette, who already has a decent plan laid out.

Next day, Momo and Chibiusa are looking through the pictures they took at the park a few episodes ago. Momo chastises her for leaving and not coming back that day, which reminds Chibiusa that she hasn't returned Hotaru's handkerchief yet…….. because screw you, Momo! So Chibiusa makes a trip to see Hotaru.

Hotaru invites her inside her room, and you know what? It's a little more creepy than it was in Sailormoon S.

Chibiusa…. You are over 900 years old. Hotaru is 12. Back off.

Oh wow, she even dressed like a little girl. Chibiusa asks why the black clothes and Hotaru tells her it's to cover the scars she had from an accident long ago. But just then, Hotaru starts having one of her attacks. Chibiusa gives her the amulet from the desk.

She warns Chibiusa that she will turn into a bad person if Chibiusa doesn't leave.

Chibiusa's like "screw that, I have the Silver Crystal!"

She cures Hotaru's pain by setting the crystal in Hotaru's hand. Hotaru then asks if this is her amulet.

Hotaru teaches Chibiusa what amulet means. She asks for her name, and then promises not to tell anybody abut her being Sailor Chibi Moon. She then apologizes about the Daimon from a few episodes back, because she thinks it's from her dad's lab.

(That's putting it lightly there, kid.)

Hotaru insists that her dad isn't 100% evil, and Chibiusa promises with a pinky swear not to tell anybody. Because who cares about delivering this USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT THE MONSTERS THAT KEEP KILLING PEOPLE TO LUNA when we can be BFFs, right?

But off in the distance, Sailor Fashion Challenged and Sailor Mom Clothes are watching Hotaru, highlighting the fact that this kid needs drapes.

Don't you guys have something BETTER to do? Do something normal teenagers do, like get a belly ring or go to the mall. It's obvious you need new clothes.

Chibiusa is walking home, alone in the dark. If not for the fact that she is over 900 years old, this would highlight the fact that her parents and grandparents SUCK at the whole "make sure she gets home safe before curfew" thing.

Haruka offers to give Chibiusa a ride in her helicopter. Officially, we have entered STRANGER DANGER territory.

And Chibiusa's face here is priceless.

Aaaaaaaaand this is a stalker line from Haruka.

Chibiusa is abducted, but she's rather enjoying riding in a helicopter with complete and total strangers, proving that in 900 years, NOBODY gave a shit about this kid enough to actually teach her about why you do not go with people you do not know. Haruka tries to pry out of Chibiusa what she was talking about with Hotaru, But Chibiusa says "it's a secret".

She finally says they were talking about amulets, and she asks Michiru if they have any themselves. Michiru tells her about the mirror, but says it's a Talisman.

Negligent teen mom Usagi hears a helicopter outside her bedroom window.

A crowd has gathered because Haruka and Michiru just landed the helicopter in the middle of the street.

I don't know what creeps me out more. Haruka's very predator-like demand for Chibiusa to keep this a secret (kinda hard, you're in public) or the following screencap.

See what happens with stranger danger, Chibiusa-chan? Walk it off.

Usagi is understandably frantic. Chibiusa tells her about the helicopter ride. She says they know Usagi very well, which is news to Usagi.

Oh GAWD the creep factor with Haruka just got bumped into Seiya territory.

The next day, Mamoru is taking Chibiusa to the concert. They bump into the Inner Guardians.

Did Chibiusa shrink this season?? She's supposed to be OLDER body-age wise, not younger!! Look at Ami, even she's curious.

Mamoru tells her that the spare ticket he got for Michiru was supposed to be for her, but since she already had one, he gave it to Chibiusa. But everyone is sitting together, so it's all good.

Usagi is entranced by Michiru's soft violin playing.

Usagi spots Haruka by the exit.

Minako meanwhile has snuck off to see Mimi Hanyu. Yeah, you're welcome for the free concert ticket to see Michiru, BITCH!!

AAAAAA!!! Minako still has her Codename Sailor V mirror!!

Why look! It's nerd Haruka. Oh wait, it's Minako.

Well in stark contrast to Sailormoon S where Mimette was going for idol auditions, Mimette actually IS an idol, and apparently a very good one at that. I'm actually kind of proud of her, all things considered. And her new voice actress sounds identical to her 1994-1995 actress, so if you're into cute sounds, she's not going to disappoint.

You think Haruka looked like this when she first saw Michiru? And when did Minako become Bi?

Oh shit.

Mimette plays a haunting song that puts everyone into a trance. She then starts sucking out everyone's souls.

Minako barely gets away in time, just as Haruka and Michiru feel it too. The concert stops and they dash towards the Mimi Hanyu set.

NEW communicators!!

After she alerts everyone to Mimette's evil, Minako transforms into Sailor Venus. The distraction is sharp enough to break Mimette's concentration, returning the souls she just tried to take to their rightful owners.

Using a microphone, Sailor Venus alerts the concert goers. She givers her speech, pissing off Mimette.

Mimette fires off a badass energy attack! But Sailor Venus awakens everyone by using Wink Chain Sword to destroy the black star.

Mimette uses Daimon eggs to turn three of the teenagers into Daimon monsters.

After Sailor Venus gets the Mugen kids to vacate the hall, the Daimons attack. But luckily, the other Guardians arrive to help.

Sailor Moon heals the three Daimons back to being regular humans, pissing off Mimette.

She goes to shoot Sailor Chibi Moon, but Sailor Neptune blocks the attack while Tuxedo Mask covers his daughter.

And in the most awesome display, Sailor Uranus kills Mimette with World Shaking!

Good job guys! It took four episodes, but you finally became USEFUL Sailor Guardians!

Go ahead girls, you've earned yourselves the introduction speech.

Somehow, Chibiusa is a-ok today. Mimette tries to kill her, but luckily, Sailor Chibi Moon is well guarded. Considering she was abducted by strangers in a helicopter early in the episode, I think the little trooper did just fine today.

Did you know that Haruka's dream sequence outfit comes from the Materials Collection art book?

It's also in the manga, but the Material Collections artbook shows off the original concept shown at Kodansha and Toei respectively.

I'd also like to point out that the subtitles do not show this, but Chibiusa initially calls Michiru "Onee-san". In Japan, kid characters will often call teen and adult characters "Oni-san" (Oh-Knee San) and "Onee-chan/Onee-san" (Oh Nay Chan/ Oh Nay San) respectively, even if they don't know their names. Oni-san means "Big Brother" and Onee-chan/Onee-san" mean "Big Sister", though Onee-chan is usually reserved for adults you are closest with or younger teen elders.

Usagi calls Motoki "Oni-san" even though she has a crush on him in the first few episodes. Kinda creepy.

Another note? THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN EITHER ANIME EVER that Minako uses her crescent mirror from Codename Sailor V!! In the manga, Minako uses this the same as Usagi's Luna Pen, but she can also charge it in the moonlight to use powerful attacks. Also, have you noticed that everytime Minako or Usagi have short hair, they look like either Motoki or Haruka?

Oh, and would you like a glimpse of the future? Take a look at Usagi's new communicator. See the star on it? LOOK FAMILIAR?
It's the same star compact that the Starlights use! Let's hope this means we'll be going in this direction with Crystal. And you Seiya X Usagi fans ought to be happy. Check it out! Seiya's brooch is linked to Usagi's heart compact on the new design.

Poor Mamoru. First Demande, then Haruka, and now Seiya? Well, he's been linked to Queen Beryl, Black Lady and Sailor Galaxia, but all three were caused by possession. (Rei was a mistake in the first anime, and don't get me started on Hina in the live action POS PGSM.) And at least Demande was Usagi's kidnapper. Haruka and Seiya are just plain pushy, but Usagi seems to keep blushing around Haruka. Oh man. Your chick is popular, Mamo-chan.

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