Episode 31
Act 30
Infinity  4: Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune

Airdate: May 2nd, 2016



We really didn't do much with Viluy in the manga, Sailormoon S or in Crystal, but for the little bit of screen time she had today, she was still pretty damn deadly! Viluy created a computer program and a series of Nano Machines that are tiny enough to breathe in. With that, she can yoink out your soul while you check your email. She also has a strong somewhat sonic attack, where she can pause your body and separate your soul from your body without 100% killing you. That's pretty graphic if you think about it.

Mugen Middle and High School teenagers

Okay, officially, I think these kids have gotten into more trouble in a shorter amount of time than Naru did in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Like Mugen must be a school for the gullible. Oh sure, academically, we'll please your parents.. but then YOUR SOUL IS OURS, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

First time Sailor Neptune uses her violin in an attack. First time Haruka and Michiru transform on camera. First time Uranus uses Space Sword Blaster.

Act 30

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:


(Hotaru only appears in the opening and next-episode preview today. Don't worry, she'll be back next week.) The episode starts with a recap of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's introductions. Sailor Moon asks if they're new Guardians, and Uranus says it's none of her business. (Well fuck you too, Haruka-san.) Sailor Chibi Moon spots Michiru's mirror and exclaims it's a talisman.

This gives away her secret identity, so of course Uranus and Neptune call her Chibi-Usagi-Chan. Damn, so you can keep your identity as Sailor Moon's daughter a secret, but not your role as Sailor Chibi Moon? WTF Chibiusa?? But just like her mother, she's already figured out Michiru's not-very-well-kept-secret as Sailor Neptune, so I guess this all works out. They're WAY quicker on the uptake this season, so I'm not complaining at all.

Sailor Mars asks if Uranus is responsible for the dreams they've been having. Hey, considering King Endymion's role in Sailormoon R, that's not as dumb a question as it sounds, people. Uranus is a little surprised to hear they're all having the exact same dreams. Sailor Mercury asks what they can expect, and then this happens.

WHY are you two so useless??? They're trying to help you, get it together!!

Neptune is like "screw you guys, I'm playing my violin."

Sailor Neptune uses a new supersonic attack against everyone, using her violin. What a bitch!! Tuxedo Mask asks if they will bring about destruction, and Sailor Uranus hits them with a World Shaking.

After the new opening cover (which is a little rough sounding) Usagi wakes up in the basement of the arcade with everyone around her, except for Sailor Go Fuck Yourself and Sailor Cunt Nugget.

Everyone not named Usagi is rightfully PISSED right now. Rei asks Luna who these people are, and Luna tells them they are not supposed to be here.

They're supposed to (is this an evil enough picture or what??) protect the Silver Millennium from afar, and like Sailor Pluto, they have a set station and they're supposed to STAY there. Well, we already figured out in season one that they failed to protect ANYBODY during the Silver Millennium, so now we know they are eternal screw-ups. Artemis says they were not supposed to be reincarnated AT ALL, so this must mean something horrible is about to happen. Usagi tries to insist they're not evil, and I don't know what I love more, Minako's matter-of-fact-yes-they-are statement, or Ami's agreeing look here:

Ami be like "ah YEAH bitch, people who attack you are NOT your friends."

Rei even joins in on stating the very obvious and Minako adds that next time, they ARE fighting back. I am SO loving this by the way. Not only is everyone smarter this go around, they're not going overboard on trying to befriend Uranus and Neptune while they're acting like brats. And the cats actually KNOW who these people are, a big step up from Sailormoon S, where Luna was like "Who are they? Ah fuck, ya got me there, kid."

Usagi is walking behind Mamoru and Chibiusa. Oh come on, you're a family, hold hands!!

Mamoru makes this non-believing face when Chibiusa (like her mom) tries to stick up for Uranus and Neptune. I love his expression. He's like "Is these the bitches that just tried to KILL yo ass??"

Usagi and Chibiusa spend the night at Mamoru's again. D'awwwwwwwwww.

Mamoru be like:
Mamoru touches Usagi's hand and falls asleep, seeing this really creepy dream.

WOW! Okay, first of all, THAT IS PRINCESS SERENITY, YOU DOLT!! How is it you constantly dream about your girlfriend and STILL don't know who she is? And second, Deity? Wow, we're really avoiding saying the word "Messiah" this season. In Sailormoon S and in the manga, they call this image "Messiah of Silence" now don't tell me…. It's the ghost of Cloverway trying to re-name S-season characters again???
Usagi asks if they just had the same dream. Mamoru just stares creepy at her and repeats "Deity of Destruction".

We get a brief shot of Rei trying to figure out the talismans. Why? Eh… no reason.

Sailor Bad Touch is messing with Usagi in the park while Usagi is waiting for Mamoru.

Haruka, you nasty.

Usagi knows it's Sailor Uranus, and she's not buying the act. So much smarter than Sailormoon S!!

Usagi asks Haruka why she's being secretive and what gender she really is. Haruka responds by getting WAY THE FUCK too close.

Mamoru is about to stab a mutha.

Haruka leaves and Mamoru grabs Usagi.

Usagi is so confused, she starts crying.

Chibiusa walks into Crown Arcade looking for Mamoru. She shows everybody a vase she's working on for school and she and Diana tell them they're trying to make the Holy Grail…. I made a cup for my mom, but hey, school is different these days.
Chibiusa and Diana have some flashbacks of living at the palace and learning about the totally normal Holy Grail.

Chibiusa confesses that she was always banned from being in her mother and father's room… which now that I think about it, raises a ton of questions about Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Must have been their freak room.

Okay, those are NOT manga books, so we know this is the daddy's side.

I'm sure there's some Bandai product placement here.

Chibiusa cries a little, thinking of home.

Wow, thanks Makoto! Cruel much?

Chibiusa decides to go to Mamoru's apartment, completely unchaperoned. Like they seriously do not care.

Meanwhile, at Mamoru's increasingly more fugly apartment, he and Usagi are drinking coffee in silence.

Proving Mamoru has no fucking sense and can't even lock a damn door, Chibiusa barges in with Diana.

I didn't know this, but I drink my coffee the same way Usagi and Chibiusa drink theirs…… hmm… Usagi is 4'10. Chibiusa is 3'9. I'm 5'6. I wonder if it is stunting growth any? Naaaaaah. Good old negligent parenting means giving kids coffee!

Chibiusa is sharp. She asks if Usagi cheated on Mamoru. Mamoru asks why Chibiusa is here, and she tells them about her school project. Usagi tries to leave, remembering her homework, but Chibiusa begs her to stay and make a Holy Grail. Usagi has never heard of it, which really scares me.

Mamoru finds a page on it in a history book. Usagi suggests adding colored beads to the pottery.

Through parental love, Usagi and Mamoru finish the Holy Grail.

But Chibiusa and Diana are fast asleep.

Usagi uses this as her chance to apologize about what Mamoru saw.


They both confess how jealous they were over Haruka and Michiru. Usagi goes to wake Chibiusa, but Mamoru tells her there's no need and that she can stay the night. They kiss and get steamy, of course.

Diana and Chibiusa reveal to the audience this was all part of their plan.

The next day, it's raining. (Ironically it was also raining as I typed this.) Ami is looking adorable in her new frames. Makoto and Usagi talk about the upcoming entrance exams for High School when Ami mentions there's a girl at the new prep school who keeps beating her in tests.

Ami meets the girl, who is actually Viluy in disguise.

Viluy invites Ami to stay at Mugen in a trial enrollment, and Ami informs the others. They of course don't want her doing anything alone, but she insists it'll be okay……. Because you know, nothing bad ever happens from splitting up on this show, right?

Ami is directed to the science lab, and for middle school kids, it's pretty impressive.

Ami discovers the Tau Solar System, just sitting in a glass case.

Viluy insists the class grew the solar system for a project, but after scaring the shit out of Ami, hears the bell and has to run off for class. Ami of course doesn't buy it. I mean, come on now. Most 15 year olds in Middle School (High School in America, remember, this is Japan) can muster the baking soda volcano trick, and these kids can do a whole freaking solar system??

Kaolinite is watching via a security camera. She's already figured out Ami's identity. I can't get enough of how much smarter everyone is than in S! I know, I keep going on and on about it, but believe me, this is brain candy to me.

Viluy confirms Kaolinite's suspicions.

Viluy pleases Kaolinite's bewbs by telling her via web-chat-with-water-and-a-keyboard that she intends to turn Ami's body into a Hoste.

Knowing she's being watched, Ami chucks a mechanical pencil at full force into the camera, breaking Kaolinite's feed.

DAMN!! And I break a lead just trying to write my name. O_O;;

Ami makes a break for the underground lab, finding mutated animals and a Daimon in a cage. Haruka and Michiru watch, because they clearly have nothing better to do. Ami is discovered by Viluy, who already has a horde of possessed teenagers behind her.

Ami is taken hostage and shown to a room where Viluy is taking kids' souls via a computer program and Nano Machines. Let me be clear. If Viluy was a real person, and she ever got a hold of Facebook, we would all be dead.

Ami is forced into a computer chair as Viluy talks about Master Pharaoh 90.

But just in time, Haruka and Michiru knock out the two students with Ami and cut the computer power.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!! Ami jumps out of a window while sending a message back to Usagi and Luna that the Death Busters are controlling Mugen. She transforms in mid-air as Viluy follows.

Oh thank God there was a pool to catch Ami!!

Sailor Mercury leaps out like a badass.


Viluy attacks with Mosaic Buster after Mercury's Aqua Mirage.

Viluy intends to use her Nano Machines to separate Ami from her body.

Mars and Jupiter free Mercury, then Viluy drops two Daimon eggs into a pair of students, just lying on the ground, turning them into monsters.

Haruka and Michiru decide to join in and transform, getting naked for no reason.

And lifting animation from Sailormoon S!

So far, Neptune is winning for prettier transformation.

Admit it, you were happy to see the S style hair flip.

There we go, that's MUCH better! Uranus and Neptune get into the spirit of introductions.

Sailor Uranus is in no mood to play around however, so she brings out her sword.

In an epic display of badassery, Sailor Uranus kills both Daimon and Viluy in one blow with Space Sword Blaster.

Uranus and Neptune run away again, leaving everyone completely confused.

Meanwhile, Motoki has asked Reika to join he and his friends for drinking and… hey… didn't you look different last season?
ONE style, people. Can we stick with just ONE?? Well anyway, Reika blows him off and heads into the basement of the college, just in time to see the new student.


And Luna-P actually makes the face many Moonies had just there.

Chibiusa has her own ending starting today. It's just for the next few episodes, so if it's not to your liking, you don't have it long. They've really gone above and beyond to make this kid extra special cute this season…. It's going to make what happens in a few episodes just plain crushing.

Despite nearly being put out of existence with the relationship drama of her parents, Chibiusa actually managed to stay out of harm's way today, and even got a sugary new ending as a bonus. Toei even gave her more than one new uniform in the same episode. That's never been done for ANY of the other girls before! I feel like we're being buttered up…

Today they redid the theme song, and on Crunchyroll, they added Japanese and English subs where Hulu has only had Japanese subs for the opening.

Oh yes, my eyes are showing lots and lots of anxiety. It's because HOTARU AND CHIBIUSA STILL NEED TO PUT ON CLOTHES!!

Also, today was the first time we saw the Holy Grail. Now you must be wondering, why isn't it red like in Sailormoon S? Well simply put, red is the WRONG color! Check out how it originally looked:
It's possible Toei changed it from silver to red for Sailormoon S to match her brooch and wand better, but here, we're changing it back.

Also, this episode parallels Sailormoon S episode 107, where Chibiusa tried to make the Holy Grail in Michiru's art class with her crush of the day Masanori. In S, Chibiusa wanted nothing to do with Usagi trying to help, while in Crystal, she begged her mom to stay. No offense, Masanori was cute and all, but I like Crystal's manga accurate story much better, especially where Chibiusa wanted her parents around.

And speaking of Chibiusa, she gets her own ending today. Sort of reminds me of something.

Like isn't it funny? The R and S ending and the second Crystal season 3 ending both have lyrics about young girls becoming more brave. In the old animation, you see Usagi walking aimlessly through an empty playground and then into a colorful city, while here, Chibiusa is walking through an extremely childish world.

In both the second SuperS ending and in this new one, we see Chibiusa gazing up at a magical sky. Something white glints in her eye and we get this super hopeful shot of her face. Both of these segments feature sugary colors as Chibiusa looks up at a MAGICAL world.

The rainbows and the line about her future really make me think this is a nod to the SuperS/Dream Arc.
Chibiusa is wearing a variation of a uniform she does have in the manga. Originally, she wore this in two colorized shots from Naoko Takeuchi, and then she wore it again in Act 30. In the manga, it's a straight up red and white striped uniform, but today it's mauve-pink with brownish-purple trim and a blue striped bow, which almost matches Hotaru's Mugen uniform. I guess they switched it to pink since pink is a little more Chibiusa-like and doesn't bring out the creepy red of her eyes.

And one more Chibiusa note. We've seen her in more school uniforms today than any other Sailor Guardian in any other episode ever! Even next week's preview gives her another new uniform, which looks like we've made some changes since the 1990's.
Toei's current animation team is 50/50 for Chibiusa, an improvement from the 90's where nobody liked drawing her. One thing is for sure, everybody working on Sailor Moon Crystal is enjoying dressing her up, she's had more uniforms in Crystal than she ever did in the 90's, and that says a lot.

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