Episode 32
Act 31
Infinity  5: Setsuna Meioh,
Sailor Pluto

Airdate: May 9th, 2016



Tellu is no joke. She uses her Tellun plants to suck out the souls of everyone and every thing that comes into contact with them. People, plants, animals, nobody is safe. She also has a gorgeous green attack that like Jupiter's atatcks, blasts off electricity! And she is beyond strong, Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter's attacks combined are easily BLOCKED by Tellu. She also becomes this FUGLY plant monster and can stab people from far away with her thorns.

Makoto and anybody who got near a Tellun plant

YATTA!! This is the first episode of the season where the kids of Mugen High are NOT the victims of the day. Almost everyone who bought a plant had their souls sucked out, while Makoto lost all of her new plants. Then all of the girls nearly got their souls sucked out, but I personally feel most for Makoto. Have you priced out how much her plants cost??

First time Makoto's ex-boyfriend is named. First apperance of Chibiusa's Moon Rod, Pink Sugar Heart Attack and Dead Scream.

There is a bit of nudity with the Outer Guardians today. Technically I could have this Mercury sticker on every episode this season, since Hotaru and Chibiusa appear nude in the opening, but I'm reserving her for the heavy stuff.


OMG!! Tellu gets FUGLY!

Act 31

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:


The episode starts with Setsuna trying to convince the professor at her college that there is a distortion of space and time. Of course, he doesn't believe her.

She doesn't realize it yet on this extra rainy day, but this is a callback to her previous life.

Reika (in a really stupid dress) and Motoki appear and ask Setsuna out to dinner, but Setsuna declines, saying she had an early supper with the professor just a bit ago. Motoki sees plants everywhere and says that Makoto would really love them. And then this happens.

HOW?? HOW did you forget meeting a 14 year old girl bigger than you, crushing on yo' man?? GET IT TOGETHER, REIKA!!

Did you read that? Did that sound like an excuse out of Motoki? I didn't think so.

After the opening, we find Motoki and Reika on the train, talking about how smart and pretty Setsuna is. Reika brings up that the area of Sankakusu has been distorted lately. Proving he has NO survival skills at all, Motoki suggests having dinner dead center inside of Sankakusu, which is also in the heart of the Mugen area, where all the creepy monsters have been coming from. Reika wisely suggests eating somewhere else.

This is the face of a woman who needs a new boyfriend. Here's how that scene should have gone:

I'd have left his ass right then and there.

Meanwhile, Prof. Tomoe and Kaolinite (lookin' fly by the way) are in the basement. The professor is pissed that yet another of his creations has turned into an ugly Daimon instead of something better. Kaolinite reminds him that it's time to speak with Master Pharaoh 90.

90 tells them that each of the Sailor Guardians is unbelievably powerful, but none more so than Sailor Moon, whose light is similar to the Taioron crystal, which is starting to get weak. They know they need to keep working on the experiments to make a really powerful hoste, but they're having issues.

The professor blows this off as 90 being in a good mood, which seemingly pisses off Kaolinite. She calls on Tellu, who has a plan ready to go.

Since when can Mako time travel?? Kousagi-chan, where your friends at? Well anyway, we're at Chibiusa's school, watching the kids wrap up their art projects.

Is anybody else creeped out about the kid starring longingly at the HOLY GRAIL or is it just me?

Chibiusa's teacher instructs everyone to give their clay projects away to a loved one they super care about.

Kyusuke made this AWESOME Sailor Moon mug for Chibiusa, while Momo decides to give her project to her mom. You know, I usually give Kyusuke some shit here on Moon Sisters, but I have to say, that is a kick-ass mug I would proudly display on my table.

Of course, everyone thinks Kyusuke is in love with Chibiusa.

Chibiusa is like "I'm giving this to Hotaru-chan, screw you guys and your half-season of loyalty to me!"

yeah, you read that right. Hotaru is in the 6th grade. Know what? She 12. Quit masturbating to her, you PedoBears.

Hotaru ties to leave early, when another attack hits her. As she tries to pic up her belongings, two bullies walk by and crush her pencil case, while a bunch of other condom-accidents make fun of her.

If she's their Sempai (Senior) then that means she's getting bullied by girls YOUNGER than her. WTF?

Hotaru gives off a creepy stare and crushes a metal pencil case in front of them. Wisely, the girls back off.

Usagi is sighing while starring at the rain. Makoto slaps her back and asks how she's doing. But as Usagi tells them how she feels about Haruka and Michiru, the bell rings, and Makoto and Ami are like "WHOOPS! We got after school classes to attend" and Usagi is like "THEN WHY DID YOU ASK ME HOW I'M DOING??"

Man, Ikuko needs to put more food in that lunch bag, girl's eating a napkin here.
Ami reminds her she has a supplementary class to take, and the thought of being one step towards remedial school turns Usagi back into a manga character.

Makoto has her on Kohai (Junior) in the greenhouse. And yes, he does appear in the manga.

He asks what her favorite flower is, and she thinks of the sasanqua, which was also the favorite of the Sempai that dumped her two seasons ago. Her Kohai tells her about a new plant called the Tellun, which doesn't require water or food.

Later, Luna and Artemis are telling the girls … well… the obvious. The Death Busters control Mugen. Didn't we cover this last week?

Luna hacks Prof. Tomoe, finding out about his daughter, Hotaru. Usagi is now suspicious of Chibiusa's new friend.

Walking home, Makoto buys a Tellun plant and finds a tag on there that reads that Ruru Teruno (Tellu) of Mugen School created this species. As the girls walk home, someone else is looking to buy a Tellun.

And without makeup too! YAY natural!!

Usagi finds that Chibiusa is getting ready to go to Hotaru's house. Usagi is like "Not without ME you don't!!" changes into a white dress, and like a mother should, goes to check out her daughter's new friend. Kaolinite gives them hell for coming in without permission, but Hotaru arrives to smooth things over.

That is a bulky-assed outfit. But she's 12 and in an anime and fully clothed. In this day and age, that's all I can ask for.

OH what a stare!!

Chibiusa tries to pass off the clay Holy Grail as her own, and Usagi calls her ass out over it.

Chibiusa says she wants to give it to someone she really cherishes, so she thought of Hotaru. Usagi again busts her ass, reminding her that she's been hanging onto Mamoru all this time, NOW it's all about Hotaru? But Chibiusa insists it wouldn't be fair to let him have it, since Usagi + Mamoru made it. Um.. ok?

Hotaru thanks them, but chooses not to accept the gift, because Usagi and Mamoru worked so hard for Chibiusa. But she thanks her for the thought.

Usagi says she feels like Hotaru is drawing her in with her black eyes. Um… they're purple, but okay.

Just like the princesses we know they are, Hotaru and Chibiusa are enjoying tea and biscuits.

You can grab a cup of what they're drinking here.

Tea makes Usagi want to pee. Hotaru tells her where the bathroom is.

Hotaru has one of her attacks again. So she finds comfort in touching Chibiusa's b̶e̶w̶b̶s̶ crystal.

Chibiusa tells her it's the Legendary Silver Crystal, and along with this creepy-assed stare, an even more creepy voice comes out of Hotaru.

Hotaru can't remember what just happened, or why she wanted Chibiusa's b̶e̶w̶b̶s̶  crystal.

Kaolinite needs a hobby.

Usagi discovers that Hotaru's basement bleeds into the lab and the Mugen school. She gets a little lost, when suddenly, Prof. Tomoe appears.

After making rape face, Prof. Tomoe walks Usagi back to Hotaru's room.

He says it's time for Hotaru's health screening, so Usagi decides to take Chibiusa home.

Pull your shirt down.

What a happy family. Usagi knows something ain't right.


Chibiusa sees Setsuna walking past a hipster.

Chibiusa is understandably freaked out, considering Pluto died just a few episodes ago.

Minako visits Makoto the next day. Makoto is drained and all her plants are wilting, except for the Tellun.

Since they're only eating apple slices and tea, it's no wonder the girls have no energy left! Makoto starts to dream about her ex-boyfriend, and after all these years, we learn his name. Nichogi-Sempai.

Minako wakes Makoto up. The Tellun just sucked the life out of all of Makoto's plants, and is about to spew something purple.

Makoto cuts the plant with a knife.

Usagi finds out that the buildings in Mugen share similar names to Haruka and Michiru's last names. (And Setsuna's.) But while she's being a good mom and keeping a hold of her kid, the other girls catch up. They start to tell her about the plants, when Usagi catches Haruka and Michiru.

And Haruka is dressed in a new costume piece from Hoochie's R Us.

Chibiusa's face is priceless.

Usagi chases them all the way back to their apartment and starts crying at the door. CREEPY!! How does it feel to be stalked back, Haruka-chan? Not so much fun now, is it?

The other girls try to remind Usagi about, oh I dunno.. the CREEPY MONSTERS she's supposed to be focused on, instead of stalking her stalker. And this just got weird. Yeah. Just now. Are you surprised?

Makoto leads everyone to the botanical garden, just as the Tellun are starting to make people pass out.

The plants start to suck out the souls of the Guardians, which we now know are multicolored.

Tellu arrives to inform the girls she will use the plants to suck up all of their souls and feed their energy to Master Pharaoh 90.

Setsuna is also affected by the plant she just bought.

Haruka and Michiru can sense the other girls are in danger, and they start to freak out a little.

Aaaand Pluto is naked. Aaaaaand you're welcome. Aaaand she's legal age, so fap all you want.

Oh WHY are you two naked?? You're 16, put your clothes on!!

Mamoru can feel that Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru are about to get new powers.

I know she's 900+ years old, but Chibiusa needs a longer shirt.

Okay, it's from the collarbone up, and Chibiusa is over 900 years old. But for the rest of you, you guys are 14-15 years old. PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON!!

So during a case of the fuck-its, the girls transform right in front of Tellu. She ain't gonna live long, so who cares about the secret identity thing?

Mars, Mercury and Venus attack first with a combined attack, but Tellu dodges, trying to land her Mandragora Buster attack, but the girls dodge.

Tellu actually BLOCKS Moon and Jupiter's attacks, and looks like a badass doing it.

Seeing her mom's attack get swallowed whole, Sailor Chibi Moon prays to Usagi's future self for power.

She sends Luna-P.

Luna-P transforms into Chibiusa's new rod.

She names it the Moon Rod, even though there's a HEART on it and NO moons.

Sailor Chibi Moon performs Pink Sugar Heart Attack, but Tellu sucks it up too.

And then she mummifies herself alive in thorns.

She stabs everybody except for Sailor Chibi Moon.

She then lunges for Chibi Moon's throat. Tuxedo Mask breaks a window to get in, but he can't get to his daughter in time.

Sailor Pluto SayS…. It's time to die, BITCH!

Pluto fries Tellu alive.

The episode just stops with a badass stare from Sailor Pluto. But here are some preview shots from next week's episode.

While she doesn't spend much screen time in today's episode, she's there just long enough to nearly have her soul sucked out of her body alive!! Tellu also decides to single her out among the other girls and comes close to cutting her up. And as if that's not enough, her alleged BFF gets too creepy with her crystal, and the 900 year old kid ends up getting fondled by the entity inside of Hotaru, who thinks her soul is pretty. At least she has a new attack.


Let's talk a bit about Setsuna!

In Kodansha's reprint of the manga, her last name is spelled MeiÔ but in all other translations, it's Mei'oh or Meioh. They all pretty much mean the same thing, it's just easier to subtitle her name with an "oh" instead of "Ô".

I should also point out that it's never been explained what her true race is. We learned last season (and in the manga) that she's "technically" half-god or a demi-god, since her father is Chronos, God of Time. We never see him, but Chibiusa and Setsuna will use his name from time to time. Fan theories have had her as Greek, Black, Mulatto, Quadroon or other form of multiracial, Brazilian, Hispanic, Eskimo, Islander, Filipino, Aboriginal, Arab, Indian, Native American, Native Japanese, Middle Eastern, and a long list of other "brown" ethnicities, and yet to this day, all we are told is that she is half-God and half-human. Her deeply tan skin (which changes in every episode but is dark in the manga) has made her one of the most popular characters ever among people who are non-White and/or non-Japanese. (Codename Sailor Earth is a Quadroon, so guess which Guardian she looked up to growing up?)

After 24 years, we finally learn that the name of the silly bastard that dumped Makoto is Nichogi-Sempai. What a dumbass name for an equally stupid boy! You cheated on and dumped Makoto?? REALLY?? She cooks, cleans and plays video games, and has giant bewbs. What is your problem, dude??

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