Episode 33
Act 32
Infinity  6: Three Guardians

Airdate: May 16th, 2016


Cyprine and Ptilol

Cyprine is WAY more deadly than she was in Sailormoon S. She starts off by raining a deadly hail that both leeches your soul out and also turns you evil while also slicing you up. She possesses Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and has them fight each other. She also has this awesome attack called the Ribbon Buster, which can blast away whole buildings if she so chooses.

Ptilol appears very late in the episode, but doesn't really do anything.

Hotaru, and anybody watching who is either anti-LBGTQ or simply can't accept Haruka not being 100% female.

Life has been unreasonably cruel to Hotaru thus far. Today we learn that her mother died in a fire that was technically her father's fault, and Hotaru later awoke looking much, MUCH older. That's because her father is surgically speeding her through puberty while also replacing body parts at random, leaving her technically a cyborg. Her body is completely messed up, and nobody wants to be friends with her, except for Chibiusa.

Also, today is the day that conservatives and people who only like the Sailormoon S version of Haruka completely lost their shit. Check today's "Bonus" section for details by scrolling down.

First apperance of Keiko Tomoe and Ptilol. Haruka's gender is revealed.

Act 32

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:
The episode just kinda stops with Cyprine and Ptilol on top.


The episode picks up where we left off, where Sailor Pluto is alive and well. Uranus and Neptune join her, having missed last week's battle.

This is really screwing with Sailor Chibi Moon, who you know, watched her DIE not but a few episodes ago. But it's cool now. Sailor Pluto explains that Neo Queen Serenity found a way to revive her, and had her reborn in the current century to complete a new mission.
Oh, and that whole "we need someone to guard the door to Time" thing? Yeah, that's not a thing anymore. You can leave that sucker wide open for all she cares. Sailor Chibi Moon was slightly curious, but nah, who cares? Sailor Diversity is BACK!
Sailor Moon is so shocked, she regresses back into being Princess Serenity, only now with a Neo Queen Serenity crown.

The Outer Guardians kneel and greet Princess Serenity. They re-introduce themselves just in time for the opening.

I really wish I could hold Uranus and Neptune accountable as per that line. You know better. They ain't gonna atone for shit.

Did you read this? Yeah. Three minutes in and already, Uranus is bullshitting people.

Uranus and Neptune tell everyone that since ancient times, their job was to watch over and protect the Silver Millennium and it's inhabitants from evil outside of the solar system. They own up to not having done enough back then or in their current lives, so I can respect that.

The three explain also that the Death Busters come from the Tau solar system, and that they have powers WAY past anything normal in this universe.

I just love this shot by the way. Serenity and Chibi Moon look confused as all shit, while Tuxedo Mask already looks like he's just sick of all of it. The other four look like they understand and are ready to fight.

Sailor Neptune apologizes for getting everyone involved. The original girls of course offer to help, but Sailor Uranus throws a bitch fit, saying they don't want them getting hurt. She then pats Serenity on the head and apologizes for confusing her, while Serenity has flashbacks to Haruka kissing her.

HA HA!! I FUCKING TOLD YOU GUYS SO!! It's in the manga, Sailor Uranus is Transgender. Deal with it!! For more, please read the "Bonus" section below. Anyway, Neptune semi-gloats that they're stronger and have better weapons than the other Guardians too. What a bitch.

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Mars ask what their mission is and if their weapons, the talismans are here to destroy the world. They reply their goal is to bury the Deity of Destruction.

The next morning, Chibiusa is eating a fried egg on bacon on toast while Usagi is screaming that she's going to be late for school again. Replace the bacon with turkey bacon and I would totally eat that thing, good job Ikuko! Wait… didn't we do this scene a few weeks ago?

Son of a bitch, that is so lazy! Ah well, at least Chibiusa got a little taller since the start of the season.


Usagi and Chibiusa spot Hotaru's father on the news. Kenji and later Luna both confirm that Prof. Tomoe is a mad scientist and ex-scholar who purchased the Mugen buildings years ago. Luna conjures up this picture of Keiko Tomoe, Hotaru's mother.

D'awwww lil Hotaru-chan!

Luna instructs Chibiusa to keep an eye on Hotaru. Usagi is glaring at her like "not MY kid you don't" but she then asks if Chibiusa is brave enough, and Chibiusa accepts her mission.

By the way, is nobody putting lipstick on the top lip anymore? Anyway, Professor Tomoe scoffs at the idea of Kaolinite being successful, since her underlings keep getting picked off. She has a vision of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and their light makes her flip out a little.

Oh, and the last one's name today is Cyprine. She promises the same things as the last batch of Witches, but Kaolinite gives her a Taioron crystal and asks her to go after Uranus and Neptune first.

BTW I LOVE the new eyecatch!

usagi is reading Codename Sailor V on the couch when Chibiusa says she'll be home late, going to the movies with Hotaru. She confesses Hotaru called her, and she's a little worried about her friend, but also wants to get information out of her. What a good little spy, right?

Kenji is holding the Holy Grail. Chibiusa tells him that Mamoru and Usagi helped her, and Diana comments that she feels Chibiusa is growing as a Guradian.

Hotaru is in the basement with her heart rate beeping behind her. She wakes up naked, to find her father is performing surgery on her.

I promise that NOBODY has daddy issues nearly half as messed up as this kid!! Your dad may suck, but I bet he never performed surgery on you in the basement!! You seriously have NOTHING to complain about anymore.

He has surgically replaced more of her body parts with metal and artificial cells and neurons, leaving her body to' up from the flo' up. Chibiusa races to her house to see if she's alright while Hotaru sits in her underwear.

Hotaru freaks out when she sees Chibiusa standing outside her window. Quite frankly, if I saw a kid with red eyes outside my window, I'd scream too!

Chibiusa runs away out of fear, prompting Hotaru to have a flashback to the day the Mugen buildings caught fire.

Memories hurt, don't they? Poor little thing!! Hotaru thinks aloud that her body is cold and bloodless and that Chibiusa is her only friend. She wonders why she's alive as she starts to suffer a migraine.

She sees an image outside of the Outer Guardians, but when she throws her amulet at them, they disappear.

Chibiusa starts to feel horrible about leaving like that, but just then, extra strong hail falls.

Her body starts to go numb, and the hail starts sucking out her soul and the souls of everyone around her.

Her brooch lights up, as does Usagi's as her parents can feel something is wrong.

Chibiusa catches up to them, just as everyone starts turning evil.

Meanwhile, Cyprine attacks Haruka at her apartment. Haruka races to the roof and transforms while Neptune and Pluto catch up.

Luna shows the other girls the chaos unfolding. Makoto says she doesn't want to help Haruka's group at all, but Usagi pops in and demands they get their asses out there to fight.

Cyprine is beating the ever loving shit out of the Outers with her Ribbon Buster attack, just as the others arrive.

Cyprine turns the Inners and Outers evil, but the Silver Crystal prevents Sailor Moon from getting possessed. She watches in horror as the other girls start beating each other silly.

Sailor Moon uses her Rainbow Moon Heart Ache on Cyprine, but Cyprine giggles… and um…. Shits out her more evil twin sister. Yeah. And today her name is Ptilol. Cyprine claims that her power brings out the animosity already inside of everyone, but Sailor Moon doesn't buy it.

Sailor Chibi Moon tries to wake everyone up with pink Sugar Heart Attack, but all it does is piss off Sailor Jupiter, who hurls a ball of electricity her way. Tuxedo Mask shields her from it just in time.

Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon all join hands.

Their unity creates the REAL Holy Grail!

Sailor Moon's tiara disappears, but we'll have to wait a week to see where this goes.

Once again, Chibiusa gets part of her soul sucked out of her, only this time I didn't see ANYBODY putting any of it back in! Sure she's alive and she's not undead, but have you tried walking around with half your soul missing? Also, Sailor Jupiter tried to electrocute her too. Nice one!

So Crystal today made it official. Sailor Uranus is transgender. This is actually in every translation of the manga as well.

And no, this isn't due to recent events, this has been a thing since the 1990's. You can actually read the above passage on page 72 in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #7 if you really think otherwise.

Everyone who ever doubted me? Yeah. You can line up and suck Haruka's taint. You better learn to love it, because this has always been the case with Haruka, and it's not going to change just because your panties are in a wad.

Now for you Millennials out there wondering if Transgender is the right term for her, please read the following.

By the way, in the 1990's, Haruka was known as a Hermaphrodite, which is a medical term for those who are born with both male and female genitals.

In 1999, a bunch of worthless, waste of space trolls began using medical terms such as hermaphrodite, midget and retard as ugly slurs, which is why you don't see them anymore outside of forums. It started on the internet, and then spread to TV channels, such as MTV, which routinely featured music videos and TV shows from people using these medical terms as a slur meaning "stupid" instead of their original meaning. In today's day and age, although all three are medical terms still used in hospitals worldwide, the internet and MTV troll communities have wrongfully and stupidly made these medical terms horrifying on the ears, and they are no longer acceptable, because a few, stupid trolls couldn't figure out how to come up with a better insult when name-calling. We now delete medical words because of internet trolls and the people who couldn't Google the meaning of the words by themselves.

Today, Haruka is called "transgender" because as we see frequently in the manga and both anime shows, she switches from being treated as, addressed as and dressing as a male and a female. If you've been paying attention so far, Michiru alternates between calling her a "her" and a "him" based on what Haruka chooses for herself at the start of every episode. Michiru also did this in Sailormoon S and Sailor StarS.

Gender-fluid is another term used for Haruka by newer Moonies, but this is more for someone who does not know what gender they want to be seen as, but are satisfied not ascribing one or the other term to themselves yet, or those who are questioning their sexuality and still trying to find themselves. This is also used for those who are happy to see themselves as asexual.

Haruka makes it clear how she wants to be addressed, so this term is not meant for her, contrary to popular fan fiction. At school and on the race track, she wants to be seen as a boy, at the mall or when she is at home or transformed, she prefers to be seen as a girl. She is clear on what she wants, and Michiru completely understands this. Thus, she is transgender, switching from gender to gender, and she is 100% clear on her goal and desire with each move.

In Sailormoon S, her gender was always "female" though she still spent most of her on-screen time dressed as a boy. Toei at one point did intend to address her as being both, but this was one of those things they didn't get around to. In fact, their writing staff at the time enjoyed revealing her as a girl in episode 92.

For the remainder of the manga from the Dream Arc/SuperS onward, she's been addressed as a female.

So you must be curious then. Why is there no "dick" when Haruka transforms?

Keep in mind that when she transforms, you're not going to see a "wiener" on her for the same reason you don't see one in Mamoru's transformation or in any of the Starlights' transformations.

In Japan, it's heavily frowned upon to draw male genitals, unless the character is a child or in a child's body. This is why (I'm using another Toei anime here) in Dragonball, you can see little Goku's package, but not in Dragonball Z when Goku is an adult. Disgusting? Of course! Pedophilic? Well DUH! Make any sense? Absolutely not! Gross? Definitely! But that's how it is. You can draw naked women and children and call it "art" over there, but no naked men. It's absolutely mind-boggling, but they view an adult (or teen) male's junk as "unclean" but the other nudes as "innocent" so in order for the entire team to be able to draw Haruka transforming, they can only draw the 70% of her that is a "her" and not the 30% that is a dude.

Personally, I think it should be where you NEVER see a minor nude, but then I'm not gross. I'd be fine with adult characters baring it all, but my stomach literally churns every time I see Hotaru and Chibiusa in the current opening. I really can't stress that enough.

Getting back on track here, one more thing about Haruka. Since she is transgender, but is mostly seen as a female, she is still considered to be a lesbian, especially where she kissed Usagi while still in "girl-mode" a few weeks ago.

None of the above changes her status as an important and strong character for the LBGTQ community either.

in case I didn't bring this up before, yeah, there has been a change. In the manga and in Sailormoon S, both Hotaru/Mistress 9/Sailor Saturn and Usagi have been called the Messiah. But in Crystal, the Kodansha reprint manga in both the US and in Japan and in the Cloverway botch-edit of Sailormoon S, they are called Deity of Destruction. This is likely done to offset the Christian community, who threw the world's biggest hissy-fit over Sailormoon S when it came to the US in 1999. But the term "Holy Grail" is still being kept, so ha ha.

Today, the blue-haired chick's name is Cyprine. I've seen it translated as "Siprin" before, but this is the most common spelling.

Another change is that in the manga, Chibiusa actually passed out cut to pieces by the hail in the manga, but since this is only a 24 minute episode, they just let half her soul get sucked out and then let her run to her parents.

This one is Ptilol. Her name has also been translated as "Petite Roll". Good luck pronouncing it.

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