Episode 34
Act 33
Infinity  7: Transformation:
Super Sailor Moon

Airdate: May 23rd, 2016


Mistress 9

So liiiiiiike this is what happens when the little cyborg goth tween on DeviantArt hits puberty.

In all seriousness, WOAH. So after Sailor Moon powers up into Super Sailor Moon, Mistress 9 takes over Hotaru's body, causing her to pass out for a few minutes. But as soon as Sailor Chibi Moon shows up, she pops awake, hoists the little Guardian up, electrocutes both her and her father, and then snatches the kid's SOUL.

I "could" have said Cyprine and Ptilol, but um… they didn't actually DO anything today except die, so… meh? It's kind of a shame, considering Ptilol actually DID SOMETHING in Sailormoon S, but here, she's just…… there.

Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon

Chibiusa just wants to be a better friend to Hotaru. It's not enough that she ran away last episode (which to be fair, was like an hour difference her time) after seeing her friend is a cyborg, but when Sailor Uranus plans to kill Hotaru, Chibiusa goes all out in trying to save her friend. She jumps across buildings parkour style, and then tries to revive Hotaru when she's passed out. Her thanks for this? Oh, just getting her SOUL ripped out, nothing serious.

First apperance Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn, Mistress 9 and Rainbow Moon Heartache.

Act 33

For a moment on Super Sailor Moon's new transformation, she has a white skirt, reminicent of Sailor Cosmos.

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:


This episode is dedicated in memory of Yuko Mizutani, voice actress who passed away May 17, 2016, at age 51. Yuko was the new voice for Ikuko Tsukino for Sailor Moon Crystal from the first episode onward.
She passed away suddenly after a fight with breast cancer. She was also known for her role as Sora in Digimon, and had previously worked with Kotono Mitsuishi (voice of Usagi) in Excel Saga. Chibi Maruko-chan and Sailor Moon Crystal were her final anime appearances during her lifetime. Toei has dedicated this episode in her honor, and will likely have a mention somewhere on the Blu-Ray/DVD release for this season.

The episode picks up where we left off. We get a recap of the last few minutes from last week's episode, up until the show opening.

Sailor Moon's shining light snaps everyone out of their possessed state, and they hang in air for a moment to see the Holy Grail sparkling.

The talismans light up, shocking the hell out of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

All of the girls start giving their power to Sailor Moon.

The cats are confused as to what they're seeing, but Sailor Moon is working off of instinct. She drinks from the Holy Grail and announces her new transformation call: MOON CRISIS MAKE UP!!

In case you can't tell, her heels become much more pointy, and there's a white skirt appearing for a moment:

VERY Sailor Cosmos like indeed! ^.^

The badassery of Sailor Moon's new transformation caused the brooches of the Inner and Outer Guardians to morph from ovals and circles to hearts. They're not "Super" Sailor Guardians yet, but this is the halfway point. Think of it like this:

Okay, at least they have more power than… that.

AAAA!! Okay okay, I'm sorry Chibiusa-chan, just PLEASE don't scare me like that again.

HEY!! Wasn't your hair SILVER last season??

Well Chibiusa's colorful flashback shows that her parents told her about Super Sailor Moon before she left the house.

Okay, to recap, Sailor Moon is now drinking from the Holy Grail, her power is a cross and there's a lesbian and a transgender on her team. Is this like every Republican Christian's worst liked season by now? Oh those 1990's coalitions that tried to ban Sailormoon S would be having a group coronary about now. No way this would have made it to the Toonami of 1997-2001. DiC would have exploded by now while Cloverway would have been digitally painting over this segment.

The villains are all having a group shit fit right now.

Even Hotaru is losing her shit! She's still dry heaving on the floor with the massive migraine from last week's episode.

Her shit fit is SO huge, she starts begging the other personalities to stay their asses inside. However this whole segment is animated VERY inappropriately. I won't be shocked when the PedoBears start making gifs out of this scene.

Hotaru hears Master Pharaoh 90 in a VERY phallic scene compare Sailor Moon's new light to his crystal, and she starts having a near heart attack.

Oh dear God, there's so many hentai sites about to spring up over this scene. SHE'S 12, PEOPLE, CUT IT OUT!!

Well rather than die of a heart attack, Hotaru's face snaps and gets creepy. Mistress 9 is starting to take over.

Super Sailor Moon looks absolutely gorgeous, when she does her Rainbow Moon Heartache attack for the first time.

I feel a little bad for Ptilol. She really didn't actually do ANYTHING except be spring from her sister. I mean, we know she was thinking about doing something evil, but she never actually did anything BAD at all. All she did was exist, and then *POOF* Super Sailor Moon kills her. This is actually the first time in Sailor Moon Crystal that Sailor Moon actually kills an innocent person, just because they exist. Wow. I'm floored nobody else caught that.

Mistress 9 uses Hotaru's Taioron amulet to peek inside Kaolinite's thoughts. Kaolinite has her titties in a twist, because she wanted to use the Witches 5 (well, technically six) to become the #1 Magnus for Master Pharaoh 90 and rule at his side like his wife. Mistress 9 is like "Hell NAW you ain't gonna take MY man!!" and if you think about it, this is like the only time she and Hotaru "could" have worked together. I mean, Kaolinite wanted to take Hotaru's daddy too. So now you gonna come up in MY house, take MY dad, take MY man, and act like I'm yo' servant? Oh HELL no, bitch you dead.

But of course, Hotaru is a good little goth tween girl, and tries to take back her body.

Everyone whose last name is not Tsukino is still flipping out over what just happened. But Super Sailor Moon explains she wished this moment into existence. She wanted everyone to play nice and work together for an instant, and for that moment, she got her wish and powered up.

The Outer Guardians get the idea that their Talismans are telling them to tell Usagi the truth about everything. So they all fly into Haruka's apartment. And literally, NOBODY in Juban sees this like AT ALL. Not the shining cross from a minute ago, not the underage teenage girls FLYING in the sky with two college kids, not the little kid with pink hair, NOPE none of it. IN A CITY AT NIGHT literally nobody is paying attention.

Oh, and the girls learn about collateral damage. Yeah, princess. When someone uses super powers through glass, it makes a mess.

Now this is real life calling Haruka. Haruka starts to realize her credit is jacked.

And JEBUS her rent is a million yen a month?? That's over $9000 in US!! Ooooh bitch, you done lost the deposit.

Oh. What's that? You're 16 years old and have patrons paying your way? Oh how awesome. Go fuck off.

Even Neptune is out of sympathy.

Sailor Neptune tells Super Sailor Moon that there was only ONE other time where the talismans reacted. It was the day the Silver Millennium fell and everybody died. They were forbidden to leave their posts, because heaven forbid they actually do something USEFUL back then, so they stayed put and just watched everybody die from afar.

Super Sailor Moon can't take hearing about it, in a brief grab-back to her former self as Princess Serenity, so she leans into Tuxedo Mask's chest, as he holds her like as if to say "See this? Yeah Haruka-chan, She MINE, back off!" Meanwhile, Mars's face is priceless.

Sailor Neptune admits they joined together and wait. I'm calling bullshit. So two seconds ago, you JUST SAID you three were FORBIDDEN to leave your post when the White Moon Kingdom was being killed silly by Queen Beryl, but you DID LEAVE AFTER the fact to summon Sailor Saturn?? FOR REALS?? You bitches couldn't have left to save the Earth and Moon Kingdoms but you COULD summon the death-crazed kid from DeviantArt to come clean up the bodies AFTER the fact? Okay, that's it. Officially FUCK YOU. Seriously! You three are the most USELESS Sailor Guardians in the literal history of the series. Like if I had to choose between hiding behind YOU and Sailor Chibi Moon, I'll have made my peace behind lil' Pinky, because at least SHE can make a Pink Sugar EFFORT.

HELL NO!! You guys don't deserve that pretty new eyecatch, fuck off and get OUT of the frame!! And take them silly ass ballet slippers with you!!

There, that's MUCH better. Let's give it to the little girl with Daddy issues. At least SHE made an effort today.

So you've probably figured it out that Hotaru is Sailor Saturn. If you haven't, you need to go back and watch the opening.

Okay wait. So now you're saying that you didn't know it was really, really, really the END for you guys until AFTER Little Miss Goth appeared? So what, the epic BODY COUNT between a planet and it's moon meant NOTHING to you?? Sure thing Sailor DENSE, just keep pruning in that mirror. Everything is okay. <_<

So Sailor Saturn dropped the Glaive, and everybody DIED…. Um… after Queen Metallia and Queen Beryl kind of laid waste to everything and Queen Serenity sealed them and such. Oh no. It wasn't the Dark Kingdom as we were told two seasons ago, it was Sailor Saturn. Yep. We've gotta go kill us a 12 year old little girl over some shit that happened like thousands of years ago.

Usagi's face says it all right here. Guess who has a date with Sailor Psychiatrist next week?

Oh, stop giving the PedoBears at home so much fodder, Sailor Uranus.

Super Sailor Moon tells the Outers that no they may NOT kill a 12 year old little girl. Uranus responds by telling them that even if they leave her alone, her body is frail and she will die soon anyway. She also admits to clearly having been stalking Chibiusa and Hotaru as she asks Chibi Moon to confirm that she saw something is wrong with Hotaru's body. Is nobody catching the fact that Haruka is a stalker?? First Usagi and now the little ones, HOW is she one of the good guys again??

Sailor Uranus catches everyone up to the fact that Hotaru is technically a cyborg, completely reconstructed from the ground up.

The one way to reset her body to a human state is to let her become Sailor Saturn. Of course, they don't want to do that, because she "MIGHT" drop the Glaive and kill everyone all over again. Just like how I MIGHT go shopping today, or I MIGHT not. Yeah, Uranus wants to kill a little girl based off of a "maybe" which of course, Super Sailor Moon protests. She points out that they have living proof in front of them that the world isn't ending anytime soon (pointing to Chibiusa here) and that she has the power to fix this. (Pointing to the Silver Crystal and the Holy Grail here.)

Of course the Outers don't believe it, even though SAILOR PLUTO ONLY EXISTS BECAUSE OF FUTURE USAGI!! So they leave, intent on killing Hotaru.

Sailor Chibi Moon does some parkour shit in a race to beat the Outer Guardians to Hotaru's house.

Holy shit, kid! You jumping across buildings and shit!! Little Goth bitch better appreciate this!

They get there roughly around the same time, though the Outers need a minute to hang out in the trees and discuss their poor choice in lipstick and how they plan to murder a middle school kid in cold blood. You know, for the greater good!


Chibiusa's parents arrive, and Super Sailor Moon is so pissed, she doesn't even call her "Sailor Chibi Moon" anymore. It's just plain "CHIBIUSA!!" but they catch up just as Hotaru has clearly SNAPPED and there is energy flying all over the damn place. Even Hotaru's father and side-bitch are freaking out!

Ever wanted to see a tween Mistress 9? Well here you go. You're welcome.

In a flash, Mistress 9 takes over Hotaru's body and grows up quick.

Mistress 9 uses her hair to grab Sailor Chibi Moon. DAMN bitch, wash that mess!!

Tuxedo Mask tries to save his daughter, but gets electrocuted for his trouble, as does Chibi Moon.

The hair grabs Chibi Moon's brooch, de-transforming her and exposing her in mid air.

Diana freaks out, feeling Chibiusa from afar.

The only sounds are Super Sailor Moon screaming and the sickening *THUD* of Chibiusa's body falling from four stories in the air.

Mistress 9 lets loose a blast of energy, just as Tuxedo Mask is claiming the body.

The Silver Crystal reacts, launching the family in mid air.

The Inner Guardians arrive just in time to see Mistress 9 holding Chibiusa's brooch and soul. Yeah, the pink thing is her soul.

The Outers figure out that this is NOT Sailor Saturn. It's a group effort, folks.

Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask try to revive Chibiusa, not getting the fact that the pink blob Mistress 9 is holding is their kid's soul, but on closer inspection, Super Sailor Moon discovers that Chibiusa isn't breathing.

REALLY TOEI?? Now is NOT the time to show us this happy, LIVING Chibiusa ending. You sick bastards!!

Yeah. Her skin turning. She dead. We get another two-part episode next week.

Well for those of you who followed either the manga or Sailormoon S, you knew this day was coming. But WOW what an epic death Chibiusa had! Mistress 9 snatched her body up with her hair, hoisted her up four stories above ground, electrocuted her, then snatched her heart and soul right our of her body! And yes, if you're reading the manga, technically, the Silver Crystal is technically her heart. If you ever saw the Sailormoon R movie, you already know how this works. The crystal forms a bond with you, and if someone takes it, you die. Neo Queen Serenity is spared, because when she became queen, she gave up her power as Sailor Moon, and while she "can" still use the crystal, the bond was pretty much snapped. Now Chibiusa had it, Mistress 9 snatched it, and now she dead.

Well Chibiusa didn't stand a chance this season at all. It's really a shame that last season closed with her having the exact same power as her mother, and yet more than halfway into this season, she's been hardly used in combat at all, only to die. But hey, at least she's had a dignified death. So far, nobody else has been electrocuted, dropped four stories in the air and had their heart AND soul ripped out in one swoop before.

As you can see, her death photos have changed from series to series as well. In Sailormoon S, her skin went zombie green the instant she died, while here, her body gets filthy, scuffed up and turns a slightly gray tone.

In the manga, she's filthy and bloodied. Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask also note that her body instantly goes stiff and cold, while in both anime, they note only that she's not breathing. (Scans from Miss Dream BTW.)

The manga shows a much more bloody sequence, where Mistress 9 not only snatches the brooch, but leaves Chibiusa in a whipped and blood splattered stale, with thousands of little cuts all over her body. YIKES! But in all three versions, she gets a violent and spectacular murder, drenched in drama.

And a happier note, this white skirt reminds me of somebody…

Just a little. Don't have a cow, man. ^_~

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