Episode 35
Act 34
Infinity  8: Infinite Labyrinth 1

Airdate: May 30th , 2016


The Witches 5/Kaolinite

Wait, aren't six of you supposed to be dead? Well no worries, we'll soon fix that. All of the girls come back more powerful than before, but are no match for Sailor Neptune.

Kaolinite brings people back from the dead via candle wax. She can also turn into a scary freaking Daimon and shoot laser eyebeams!

Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon

Chibiusa was officially dead as of last week, but we re-killed her this week, not once, not twice, but THREE times!! Toei actually broke a record for how many times you can kill the same Sailor Guardian in ONE episode!! So she dies once in the hospital, a wax version of her is killed by her mother, and then Mistress 9 eats her soul and crystal, which is a death after death itself. GOOD LORD PEOPLE, ENOUGH!! WE GET IT!! Chibiusa is dead dead McDeadington, no need to rub it in. SHEESH!

First time villains are brought back from the dead. First apperance of Submarine Reflection and Chronos Typhoon. First time we get a Tuxedo Mask heavy ending.

This episode gets REAL CREEPY in the dark room, and then MORE scary when Kaolinite transforms!

Act 34

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:


Grimly, we find ourselves at the hospital.

Chibiusa is hooked up to a heartbeat machine.

Her heart stops and the doctor with ABSOLUTELY NO REMORSE OR CARE IN HIS VOICE is like "Oh, she's in cardiac arrest."

And then he's like "Oh no my bad, she dead."

You're kidding…. YOU'RE KIDDING?? Is that all you can say, Usagi-chan?? THAT WAS YOUR DAUGHTER!!

OH MY GOD even the animators don't give a shit that Chibiusa's dead. They just regressed their faces back to pre-DVD season one status!!

Oh Jebus it's Sailor Useless, Sailor No-Help and Sailor Bus Pass again. Even THEY can't emote here. HELLO?? Chibiusa is your PRINCESS!! You guys were supposed to protect her as well as her klutz of a mom over there. Can ANY of you just shed one little, tiny tear for the pink spore?? I mean she wasn't even annoying this time around except for one scene this season. In fact, she's pretty damn adorable in Crystal so how can you guys be so… oh wait. YOU'RE the three fuckups that ON PURPOSE stood there and toasted marshmallows as the Silver Millennium roasted, and then plotted to kill a 12 year old who didn't like your Captain America genderbend on DeviantArt. Oh right, sorry. I'm asking too much out of YOU three in the compassion department.

Well you were close, Usagi-chan. Good try. Maybe now you've learned to pick your next kid's friends a little be-

Oh who am I kidding?

Setsuna informs Usagi that Sailor Saturn never awakened and neither did the talismans, despite all that crap from last week's episode. Haruka says that if they want to save Chibiusa, they have to go kill Hotaru, because now she's been turned into a monster. As the Outers leave, the Inner Guardians contemplate whether or not it's time to throw in the towel on rescuing a 12 year old from her 16 year old assassin.

Usagi holds Chibiusa's corpse's hand, and notes that her body is getting cold already.

OH MY GOD MAMO-CHAN?!?!? Et Tu? THAT'S YOUR FUCKING KID YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, what the hell is wrong with you?? So in a flat, cold and uncaring voice, Mamoru talks about how Chibiusa's blood is going to stop soon, and how even if they do get her soul back, she'll remain dead anyway. Yeah, nice way to talk about your DAUGHTER by telling her mom about how the body is going to deteriorate into a smelly pile of nothing. That's real comforting you amnesia ridden JERK and where was YOUR dumbass to save her this time?? Next kid you have, get a damn hand holder! Yeah it looks like a leash but at least your kid's SOUL stays intact.

By the way. I love how everybody is missing the point of death entirely. Mistress 9 has Chibiusa's soul. Her heart has stopped and she ain't breathing. Mamo-chan, maybe you're having a bad day here, but let me clarify something. CHIBIUSA IS DEAD!! You're not trying to "save" her, you're trying to resurrect her! She's already beyond the point of being saved, right now you're just picking up the pieces.

Right now, I bet Usagi is wondering how much of her allowance money she has to save up for her kid's tombstone.

Don't worry. I bet BanDai will help you guys out on that. But hey, if she stays dead, at least you know she won't grow up and become THIS again:

So Mamoru suggests they take the body back to his apartment, because the hospital is TOTALLY gonna just LET a group of teenagers take a dead child's body without question and without calling the Tsukino house for reference, and we get treated to the opening.

Oh did you miss Momoiro Clover Z? Well you're in luck. THEY'RE BACK!! Those cute, underage Sailor Singer Idols are now doing the opening theme song. WHY are they singing over the above image I have no idea. But everybody in Japan thinks this screen shot is "cute" so they're keeping it. WAKE UP!! It's not cute, it's PedoBear fodder. PUT CLOTHING ON THE DEAD KIDS ALREADY!!

Speaking of, I forgot to ask this in my last recap, but WHY are Chibiusa and Haruka thinking of Hotaru undressed? SHE 12!!

Oh, and randomly, we get two seconds from Super Sailor Moon's new Henshin.

Okay so they actually took Chibiusa to the world's most negligent hospital. The hospital literally does not care that a group of teenagers just took a dead kid body home with them. But it's okay, Mamoru is going to hook his body up to his dead daughter's, so that he can be her living life support machine… because that's doable, right? And literally NOBODY saw them WALK home with her body, isn't this amazing? Usagi, Minako, it's past your curfew, where yo' parents be at?

Oh, and you guys are traumatizing the shit out of Diana here. But it's cool.

And no explanation about where he got this power either. Nice. Well screw science, because MAGIC POWERS and Chibiusa's body is being kept warm.

It's not until Usagi hears Mamoru's heart beat through Chibiusa's hand (Hah??) that the realization hits her that her kid is dead. Finally, she sheds a tear right after Mamoru sends everyone not named Usagi out of the room.

Mamoru kisses her, but in doing so, they both have that dream from a few episodes ago. We're back to using the word "Messiah" again, only Mamoru STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT THAT'S HIS BABY MOMMA IN THE VISION!! But it's cool. He tells her to go retrieve their daughter's soul.

Mistress 9 notices that while she forced Hotaru's body to grow up, she still got baby hands.

Professor Tomoe admits to implanting the egg that was Mistress 9 into Hotaru's body… and I literally just NOW got the incest implications. OH MY JEBUS you is disgusting, THAT'S YOUR KID you freak!!

Hotaru's soul is not happy hearing this. She had thorns around her and earrings on. I guess souls don't have like a Deb, Rainbow or Gap to shop at. CLOTHES!!

Mistress 9 informs Kaolinite that she will take over being Master Pharaoh 90's partner, and that her job now is to clean up this mess. Kaolinite is none too pleased. This is boiling down to a case of "Bitch, he MY man" real quick.

Everywhere she walks, Mistress 9 leaves a trail of purple roses. 90 is happy to see his woman again.

She offers him Chibiusa's Silver Crystal and explains that it's source is one that protects this planet. Hotaru is calling out to Mistress 9 that the crystal is guarded by the soul of Chibiusa, but Mistress 9 isn't aware that it's Hotaru just yet.

THANK YOU for at least putting on a dress!!

Kaolinite begins to resurrect the Witches 5 using playing cards, candle wax and a little black magic.

All of the Sailor Guardians gather to Mugen, seeing it's not coated in a creepy purple haze and purple roses. The Inners head inside the building while the Outers take the roof.

The Witches 5 (actually, 6 but we're never going to get that straightened out) are all alive again and in their school uniforms. Cyprine and Ptilol separate the Inners to different rooms.

Sailor Mars is locked in a room with Eudial, who kicks her down.

……. And gets rapeably close to Mars?!?!

Sailor Mercury is locked in a computer room, and starts geeking out over a computer with A.I.

And gets trapped by Viluy.

Mimette traps Sailor Venus on a stage. Slowly, all of the girls are getting possessed and begin to think that being a Sailor Guardian is overrated.

Tellu gets Sailor Jupiter to drop her resolve over flowers, and is anybody else noticing the girl love implications yet?

Sailor Moon is locked in a dark room where wax versions of the Sailor Guardians tell her they're sick of her, while a wax Chibiusa chokes her out.

AAACK!!! Don't EVER do that again!!

Mamoru can feel what's going on, and psychically tells Sailor Moon not to be fooled by the fake images.

Sailor Moon uses Rainbow Moon Heart Attack to kill off the wax figures, including Wax Chibiusa.

Meanwhile outside, the Outers are trying to cut through the vines, which are sentient and keep growing. Sailor Pluto can sense Sailor Moon is in trouble, and Sailor Neptune shows the other two a disturbing image in her mirror.

The Inners are unconscious and being held together by wax.

Eudial strikes as Sailor Moon is turning around.

The Outers decide to drop everything and go save her.

All of the Witches 5 attack as Sailor Moon tries to dodge every blow. Finally, Viluy captures Sailor Moon and tried to de-frag her alive.

Sailor Neptune uses Submarine Reflection, re-killing all of the Witches 5 and freeing Sailor Moon.

Sailor Pluto uses Chronos Typhoon to free the Inners.

The girls fall a bit on the pale side.

Sailor Moon gives Sailor Uranus a hug. D'awwwwwww.

Well now we're all working together, isn't this great?

Um… Usagi-chan? What about Mamoru? You know… your BOYFRIEND? Yo baby daddy at home who can FEEL THIS?? The guy keeping yo kid's body alive while you go fetch her SOUL?? Why you talkin' bout "deep down feelings" with Uranus in front of her girlfriend??

His light went out. OH MY GOD are you gonna let your kid STAY dead because Usagi is experimenting?!?!

Nah it's cool. He's just telling her to let the power grow. He tickles her brooch from afar.

The girls totally are NOT doing a Nazi salute as they join powers.

They bring on the Holy Grail, which this week is the "Moon Chalice" (Damn you ghost of Cloverway!) and Sailor Moon becomes Super Sailor Moon again while Sailor Neptune gets directions to Kaolinite.

All working together now, the girls high tail it to the principal's office.

Kaolinite is pissed that her ultimate plan of resurrecting teenage girls from the dead as pre-melted-wax dolls failed… and in no place during that sentence did she stop to think why that would have happened. They were already MELTING when you started this shit, what did you think was gonna happen?

OH MY JEBUS, KEEL EET!! Kaolinite turns into the freak of the week.

The Inners combine their attacks and strike Kaolinite, prompting her to make this unintentionally funny face!

But Kaolinite in her clod-hoppin' shoes endures the event, and strikes back with a super strong attack.

The Outers put up a barrier to protect the Inners while Uranus screams to Super Sailor Moon to finish the job.

Super Sailor Moon uses Rainbow Moon Heartache to kill Kaolinite.

Super Sailor Moon instructs everyone to search for Hotaru.

Mistress 9 meanwhile eats and swallows Chibiusa's crystal and soul.

And Chibiusa died tasty too.

Next week, we'll get to see how that soul is digested!

And everyone gets naked?


Wow, they really drive it home here too. Chibiusa died completely last episode, but her body I guess was still twitching, so they bring her to a hospital, and her body finishes dying on the table of Cardiac Arrest from lack of soul. Then we get an evil wax version of her, and her mom disintegrates the wax Chibiusa alive. Then Mistress 9 EATS HER FUCKING SOUL. Good grief, even Pluto only died ONCE in the same episode, WTF Toei?? I guess even after all these years, Toei is still anti-Chibiusa.

We're treated to a bitchin' new Tuxedo Mask ending today.

Please eat something.

Parts of it you can tell are directed by the same people who did Uranus and Neptune's ending. Have a look:


For those who were missing Prince Endymion this season.

Oh, and Bonus points if you caught that Crunchyroll accidently named this episode after next week's episode.

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