Episode 36
Act 35
Infinity  9: Infinite Labyrinth 2

Airdate: June 6th , 2016


Professor Tomoe

Well the kiddie gloves come off today, as we learn this asshole was already mentally JACKED at the door. In fact, in this version, it's not so much that Master Pharaoh 90 possessed him as much as it is that they have a mutual crazy going on. Tomoe was already doing dangerous and illegal experiments to create cyborgs BEFORE the Tau System dumped all of this season's villains here, and that the explosion (partially his fault) that killed Keiko and dismantled Hotaru from the inside out was in his eyes a "blessing" as he already had designs on making a kid cyborg, so his kid getting burned up in an explosion was just the perfect alibi. What an unmitigated asshat!

Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon and Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

Even in DEATH Chibiusa is STILL under attack! But Hotaru is also in danger, as her body has been taken over by Mistress 9. Hotaru is not 100% dead yet, but her soul can exit the body for short periods of time, which is how she finds out her dad was born a loon. At least she can fight back a little, even without being awakened as a Sailor Guardian yet.

First time a Guradian fights back while dead. First apperance of Garnet Ball.

Some of these scenes are just plain CREEPY!!

Today we have nudity and some heavy violence. It's earned it's TV14 rating for today!

Check the Bonus section for a note about the dresses!

Act 35

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:


Picking up from where we left off last week, Mistress 9 swallows Chibiusa's crystal and soul.

Well not only is the little 901 year old's soul tasty, filling and low on calories, it also fills Mistress 9 up with new power.

Mistress 9 and Master Pharaoh 90 agree that this is WAY more powerful than the Taioron Crystal ever was. Mistress 9 tells 90 that this is all for him as he smashes the Taioron Crystal to bits.

Well after that catchy theme song, we find DEAD Chibiusa's eyebrows twitching. Her body starts to glow, freaking out her father.

Well there will be NO sleeping for me tonight.

NOPE! No sleep at all! Little dead girl's eyes flashed open.

Chibiusa's body starts having convulsions, which Mistress 9 can feel.

OMFG Is that her SPINE?? Chibiusa is DEAD but look what she just did! I guess we're done calling her the "weak" one now.

Hotaru begs Mistress 9 to quit calling out more of this power. Her body becomes a bright light as she reaches out.

As payback from two episodes ago, Hotaru causes Mistress 9 to have a splitting migraine. Mistress 9 realizes this body has not 100% been vesselized, so she intends to destroy it, prompting Hotaru to fight even harder.

Chibiusa's soul is wondering around in the dark.

She hasn't quite figured out that she's dead yet, but she knows something is off. She gets scared, knowing something is chasing her, but then Hotaru's voice calls out to her.

Chibiusa finds her crystal in the void.

Kid, you may wanna sit down for this. The reason why you can't be separated from your mom's crystal anymore is because now it's part of YOUR HEART. Specifically the part that would have kept you ALIVE if not for Mistress 9 snatching it.

Hotaru confirms Chibiusa's belief that the crystal is part of her body now, to stop showing it off and to keep it hidden. Sound advice that you would think Usagi, Mamoru or Luna might have told her at some point, but NOPE!

Chibiusa starts to feel sleepy and safe at rest. She at first wonders if the voice is her mom's, but that can't be… because her mom is still ALIVE.

Hotaru promises to protect Chibiusa while her soul is trapped here.

A rainbow appears and suddenly, Mistress 9 loses her grip on the Silver Crystal's power. Across town, Chibiusa's body has stopped going into convulsions, the light is gone, but while she's still dead, her hand starts to warm up.

Meanwhile, Sailor Venus splits the group up into two teams. Super Sailor Moon with the Outers and the Inners going a different way. SUPER SAILOR MOON KNOWS BETTER than to split up, but the Inners just smile that "we so gonna DIE" smile of theirs with a "We'll be okay" wink. I'm with Usagi. I KNOW this look. Some bitches is gonna die and it's YOU. Did we NOT learn from facing the Dark Kingdom??

Oh and this is rich. Let's leave our most precious princess whom we are SUPPOSED TO FUCKING PROTECT to the three who were willing to kill her if it meant killing the 12 year old who killed the little daughter of said precious princess. That's right. It's time for Sailor Useless, Sailor No Help and Sailor Bus Pass to protect Super Sailor Moon, can they do it? Well, they CAN but WILL they?

Oh there went all my hope. Okay. You three are new at this, so let me be clear. NEVER take the elevator!! Especially NOT with Usagi!! Nothing good ever happens to Usagi in an elevator, like EVER.

Professor Creepy Dad is musing to himself about the Guardians being pretty girls, which is just adding to the overall creep factor. But this also gives us the chance to see his back story.

While he flips off the camera, that is.

So we learn he was ALWAYS mental. They threw him out from his old job because he was creating long living cyborgs using drugs and gene therapy. He believes in his heart the accident that killed his wife and damn near killed Hotaru was a "blessing from Heaven" and allowed him to turn Hotaru into another cyborg. So he took her half dead body into the basement of what is now the Mugen school, to operate on her.

In the middle of the experiment, lightning blew out the power, and then a stray Daimon egg jammed itself into the professor's assistant Kaori, turning her into Kaolinite.

In the middle of infusing her with more power, Master Pharaoh 90 introduced himself to Professor Tomoe. He recruits the two to work on his behalf to help him take over the world, and the two… well they were actually really eager to help. Like he didn't have to possess them like he did in S.

The professor wasted no time in swallowing one of the Daimon eggs, and began setting up a plan to help 90.

Oh, and apparently Kaolinite hated Mistress 9 when she was still a reincarnated egg. She had the hots for 90 and was not too pleased Hotaru was going to grow up into Mistress 9, whom has been with 90 since their past lives.

Oh, and the Professor Tomoe created the Witches 5. What, did you think Standards and Practices was gonna leave you completely bootyless?

Hotaru's soul overhears the whole backstory, and her father insisting he is a God. Mortified is an understatement.

Super Sailor Moon thinks about Mamoru's nightmare, not piecing together she was seeing herself on the pillar. She thinks about saving Hotaru and Chibiusa as the elevator picks up speed. The girls talk about being lonely and scared, because at this point, even Uranus is frightened.

The Outers all remember being alone on their planets, even during the Silver Millennium. Oh, and apparently the door to time was on Pluto.

But they say that anytime they thought about their queen and the teenage princess they ended up NOT saving, it gave them strength.

But as they're making Usagi feel better, the bottom of the elevator gives way (see I TOLD you) and the girls fall into a dark abyss.

Super Sailor Moon is separated from everyone else, after JUST saying she's afraid of being all alone. She starts thinking of her friends, Mamoru and Chibiusa.

So she thinks about her loved ones, the Moon and WHY ARE YOU NAKED??!?!?!?!

She decides to be her own hero today, and uses Rainbow Moon Heartache to blast away the dark void.

She awakens back inside the elevator with everyone sweaty but okay. At least until the doors open, revealing Prof. Creepy Ass.

The Daimon attack the girls, but Pluto and Neptune kill a majority of them, prompting this bizarre laugh out of the Prof.

Prof. Eeeewww informs them that master Pharaoh 90 is kinda still in the fetal stage (whut?) and that Hotaru's body now belongs to him in the form of Mistress 9 and is more powerful than the Silver Crystal. He then starts to mutate and become even MORE creepy.

Like ew. He claims he's not a Daimon, but actually an alien-human hybrid.

After a flurry of attacks and dodges, he goes to strike down Sailor Uranus. At first, Super Sailor Moon doesn't want to kill him, because he's Hotaru's dad, but since it's his life vs. Haruka, she reluctantly uses rainbow Moon Heartache again to kill Professor Tomoe.

Hotaru's spirit can feel him die. She lets loose a tear and whispers "good bye" to him, which Super Sailor Moon can hear.

The ground breaks. Sailor Pluto uses Garnet Ball to teleport the four to safety.

But they couldn't save the Inners who were on the other side and on a different floor. The four originals get zapped by the energy from the ground.

Super Sailor Moon becomes unleaded Sailor Moon again, and Usagi's body gets cold as her brooch flashes. She knows what just happened.

Master Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9 come out of hiding.

Wow. We're just not happy with Chibiusa being dead. So we have Mistress 9 try to force digestion onto her soul, but not before triggering a psychotic set of convulsions for Chibiusa's corpse at Mamoru's apartment. Then Chibiusa's soul gets chased around in the dark void inside of Mistress 9, until she finds her crystal again. For goodness sakes SHE'S DEAD, let the poor little spore rest in peace for an episode before you attack her again!

HO BOY! Well it's time to address the pink elephant in the room, or in this case, the pink soldier.

So if you've been paying attention to this point, you already know that standards and practices have changed with Japanese television, meaning that if you don't want the BPA to come down on you like a bag of bricks, you have to make some changes.

No, I never said they have to make sense or be consistent. I said you have to make SOME changes.

For some reason, they decided it's okay to show nude Hotaru and Chibiusa in the opening credits for every episode this season, but it's not okay if they show the dreaded "ass skirt" from the manga. I'm sure you remember me bringing that up on the Disturbing Facts page back in 2005. I was honestly dreading this episode, because I expected to see the ass skirt in all it's glory, but to my surprise, it's been replaced with a spoiler!

(Scans are from Miss Dream BTW.) In the final act of the StarS arc of the manga, all of the Sailor Guardians are seen in tiny dresses as they are about to come back to life, except for Mamoru, who comes back in a dress shirt and pants. Think of it like a soul dress if you will.

Okay, so the collar is Way off, but the thin cut and fabric is the same. Hotaru's dress has a similar cut to Kousagi's.

If you're curious, or a PedoBear, here's what you missed out of the manga. The existence of the ass skirt for Chibiusa is inconsistent from one panel to the next, while Hotaru was just plain nude.

Usually I don't believe in censorship or changing anything from the manga, but since Hotaru is 12 years old, I think I'll live seeing that kid put a dress on.

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