Episode 37
Act 36
INFINITY 10 Infinite
 Upper Atmosphere

Airdate: June 13th , 2016


Mistress 9

Did you feel like Mistress 9 wasn't well represented in Sailormoon S? Did you feel like she was too weak? Well today's episode is here to fix that, as she becomes the most CREEPY FUCKING SCARY entity in the entire series thus far. Not only that, she kills Hotaru, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter in less than ten minutes, with Hotaru being a violent death and re-death. I'm not kidding. She rips the girl's SOUL apart several times, and then rips up her body over and over until the damn thing pops! After that, she gets FUGLY in a hurry.

Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon and Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

Hotaru is ripped apart more than once today, each time in a more savage and finite way. She doesn't even have a chance to mourn the loss of her father when she finds herself as the sole protector of not only Chibiusa's soul, but the souls of four Sailor Guardians as well!

Chibiusa comes back from the dead just long enough to watch Hotaru die, a little bit at a time. But she doesn't even have time to grieve when her dad launches her into battle with Sailor Moon. At least she gets a new super power out of this, but SHEESH!

First apperance of Super Sailor Chibi Moon.


TONS of violent imagery today with very strong death overtones.

Get the tissues ready! Hotaru's final-this-episode death scene is the saddest thing to have ever hit Crystal.


DO NOT watch the first 13 minutes before bed, unless you're into anime titles like Akira and Parasyte.

Act 36

Guardians that appear but do not help in battle:

Total Guardians:

Final Blow from:
Mistress 9 kills Hotaru.


The Mugen building is lit up with lightning and is fizzing in and out of existence. Sailor Pluto says there is an abnormality in space and time, causing this.

Sailor Moon and the Outers watch in horror as Mugen splits apart. She's starting to get the hint that this Goth chick is no longer Hotaru.

The bodies of Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter are hovering with the uprooted pillar Kaolinite used to sit at. Sailor Moon tries to grab the girls, but she is electrocuted, as Mistress 9 appears over them.

has anybody else noticed just how CREEPY Mistress 9 is today?

GROSS quit looking at me like that!!

OMG Super Sailor Chibi Moon is in the opening?!?!

Awww, the new Tau system is making a happy face! Well after the opening credits, Mistress 9 tells Sailor Moon that Master Pharaoh 90 is going to vesselize this planet and turn it into the new Tau system.

Seeing Master Pharaoh 90 spread himself out, the Outers each step on the Mugen building closest to her last name (Kai'oh, Ten'oh, Mei'oh, coincidence'oh) and they use their talismans to create a dome, sealing everybody inside in an attempt to stop him from killing anybody outside the Mugen complex.

Mistress 9 goes mad, and declares that once 90 takes over, she won't need to stay in a human body anymore, so she starts to destroy Hotaru's body by spreading out her spine and stabbing herself in the bewbs with her fingernails.

Oh hey. I forgot about you guys. Luna, Artemis and Diana are just hanging back in the control room, you know, chillin.

NOPE! No sleeping again tonight.

Hotaru fights Mistress 9 for control of her body. Hmm. A tyrannical leader trying to control the body of a young girl. What is Mistress 9, a Republican senator?

Don't ever make that face again.

Hotaru tries to force her spine back in, which is unintentionally hilarious.

Mistress 9 says she thought she had digested Hotaru's soul already, and begins fighting back.

And the fish-eye lens just makes it more creepy. No sleep.

Mistress 9 pulls apart Hotaru's soul as the little tween screams, turning into sparkles.

Usagi-chan will not be sleeping for a solid week.

Equally as disturbed as I am, Sailor Moon swallows her disgust long enough to try Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but she gets blown backwards as the Outers yell out that the attack doesn't work. Nice vote of confidence, guys! <.<;

Hotaru knows she's on borrowed time, so she grabs Chibiusa's crystal, heart and soul, vowing to protect it.

It temporarily blocks Mistress 9 from – since when to you have elf ears? From using the power from Chibiusa further to rip apart Hotaru's body.

Not satisfied with one dead girl and another about to die, Mistress 9 sucks the souls out of Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, killing them in one sparkly swoop.

Mistress 9, who has officially outdone her Sailormoon S self, cradles their souls as Sailor Moon is screaming.

Hotaru catches all four of the girls' souls, preventing Mistress 9 from using their power as well. This angers Mistress 9 enough to reach into her hips and try to pull Hotaru apart again.

Hotaru starts to figure out that she's not just dead, but she may have been dead for a little while now.

Hotaru questions why she is so strong, even though she has no family left. Just then, she remembers when Chibiusa was alive and starts to cry.

She starts to see the image of Sailor Saturn.

She feels Saturn telling her to help the other Sailor Guardians.

She hugs the dead girls tightly, and uses her power to exit Mistress 9's body with everyone intact.

First revived are the Inner Guardians, who were dead the least amount of time because they're closest to Mistress 9 and I guess everybody likes them better anyway. So there. Nyah. :P

the girls thank Hotaru for saving them. Sailor Moon tries to get her to stay, but the other four already know she's dead.

Mamoru awakens with a start after passing out while serving as a life support machine for his dead daughter, who's skin is starting to change colors.

Hotaru appears at the window.

Chibiusa's crystal, soul and heart are returned. Her body has a sharp reaction at first.

Slowly, Chibiusa returns to life, and her coloring starts to get a little better.

And right about here, around 10,000 fanfics are being written.

Hotaru says that even though they're both girls, she feels their meeting was destiny. Chibiusa agrees, and the two girls try to reach for each other.

But just before they could have hand-sex like Uranus + Neptune and Usagi + Mamoru, Mistress 9 destroys Hotaru's body, completely killing her.

In one of the saddest fucking scenes this entire reboot series long, Hotaru's soul starts to dissipate as her body is completely destroyed. And yes, that newborn music box "plinka plinka" sound accompanies the 12 year old's death throws.

What's that? You're not crying hard enough? Well that's okay, let Hotaru-chan do it for you. That's right. As if being newly orphaned by a father that betrayed her wasn't enough, you can hear her body and soul burn and snap apart while the little girl cries herself to death.

Oh Chibiusa isn't just sad, she is highly disturbed right now. This is the kind of thing that if it happened to you in real life, you'd be in therapy for the next ten years trying to recover from. Thank goodness this is just an anime. If your BFF went out like this, you'd be toast. You'd never even set foot in another Hallmark store ever again. And why? Because anytime someone plays a music box or one of those musical birthday cards, you'd crouch down, hug your knees, roll over in the fetal position and just scream uncontrollably for hours, just shaking your head as security comes to taze you in the butthole and cart you off to the funny farm. If you hate Chibiusa, you must be loving this scene knowing that this is the torture she gets to endure.

Knowing she's dying for real, Hotaru uses this chance to confess her love for Chibiusa, right as she ceases to exist. Because why not?

Chibiusa tries to grab onto her, but she dissolves into fizzy bubbles.

Only for Hotaru to slightly come back, thank Chibiusa, rub it in and then fade again.

Kid can't even save a piece of Hotaru in a fingernail, she's that far gone.

Sailor Moon watches Hotaru dissolve from several city blocks away, but still isn't 100% sure Hotaru is dead. Must be fun swimming in DENIAL this time of year.

Mamoru sees Chibiusa is suffering. He wants to reach out to her, but instead clenches his fist and asks her to fight with Sailor Moon.

Chibiusa wipes away her tears, stands up still shaking from losing her BFF and from having been dead a few episodes, and decides to go fight. Just remember my little pink munchkin… revenge is a dish best served cold… with pink sugar.

She transforms and then jumps out her father's window. Gee I'm SO GLAD you''ve taught her about safety, Mamo-chan.

Sailor Chibi Moon thanks Mamoru for giving her power as she flies off, but Mamoru feels it's the other way around. He transforms FABULOUSLY and then trails behind her.

And he takes back his 1990's Spanish clicking music too.

If the Dragonball Z character Broly had sex with a Kisenian blossom from the R movie, that would be Mistress 9 right now.

Mistress 9 figures out that Sailor Moon has her own Silver Crystal and tries to aim for it. But the Inners hold her back by combining their attacks.

She tries to blow it back, but then Sailor Chibi Moon appears out of nowhere and blasts her in the back of the head with Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

And she does it while looking like a badass.

The girls are all surprised to see the little spore is alive again.

Not only that, but Sailor Moon declares Chibi Moon has awakened. She's definitely gotten stronger since the last time she was alive.

Chibi Moon tells the others that Hotaru is dead and gave her life, body and soul to bring her back, but then says her memory will live in in all of their hearts. Sailor Moon cries, accepting that Hotaru really is dead after all.

The HEARTLESS BASTARDS that are the Outers smile, but then Mistress 9 causes a massive explosion underground.

Master Pharaoh 90 kisses that. Just think about those two making our for a second. You're welcome.

Tuxedo Mask appears and screams at the girls for just standing there while the Outers' barrier starts to break apart……. Hey… how did you and the little one get in here anyway? Ah never mind.

Ok for once, I agree with Tuxedo Mask. What ARE you guys doing? Don't you have superpowers?

While Tuxedo Mask is screaming for Sailor Moon to become Super Sailor Moon, Usagi uses this as a chance to reflect on the life of Hotaru. We are SO dead.

Aw HELL naw!! You put that shitty background back in season two where you got it from. Don't puss out on us now, animation department!!

The rent-a-star background gives way to a new sunset background, as all the girls pull their power into the Holy Grail, which is also called the Moon Chalice today. Why? Because Cloverway's spirit exists in our hearts, right next to Hotaru, that's why.

Sailor Chibi Moon prays to be as strong as Sailor Moon, producing a second Holy Grail…. Ah… WTF?

The cats see this as a new awakening for Chibi Moon…. And are totally NOT bothered by the fact that this kid just creates extra Holy Grails as she sees fit. I bet you Christian Coalition Groups are "loving" this episode right now.

Sailor Moon shows her daughter how it's done, resulting in a transformation and a half segment with Super Sailor Chibi Moon tacked on at the end. I think we just got some sort of a preview ♥.

Everyone who's name is not Mistress 9 marvels at Chibiusa's new power. Super Sailor Moon leads her as they combine their powers.

To be continued..

Chibiusa comes back to life today, but isn't alive for very long before watching her best friend disintegrate alive. HOLY CRAP! Physically she's the best she's ever been, especially after gaining new powers, but emotionally, this princess has been through the ringer.

So we all knew Hotaru's death was coming and that it would be way different from her demise in Sailormoon S. But once again, while it's closer to the manga dialogue-wise, Toei still had to make a few changes in order for it to make air.

Now as I told you last week, I never said these changes have to be consistent or even fair. After all, last week we saw Usagi and the Witches 5 completely naked and with no real warning, but Hotaru and Chibiusa while they appear nude in the show opening, are seen fully clothed in all soul scenes.

Usagi is 15 years old by this point, so you would think that she wouldn't be seen nude at all, but last week they got away with it, just because her legs were crossed and there was a light shining over her breasts, covering them. The Witches 5 are considered to be anywhere between the ages of 15 and 20 but again, their breasts and vaginas were off-camera, and nobody seemed to mind seeing their asses. This is how they got away with it.

Chibiusa is 901 to 902 years old at this point. Technically she is an adult, but her body is that of a second-grader, putting her body age at 7-8 years old.

Hotaru is straight up 12 years old and in a body that in this series looks 12 years old.

In the opening, they can get away with showing Chibiusa and Hotaru naked because their arms are covering their breasts and their other parts are off-camera. Why does this segment exist? Because there are Pedobears at Toei and unfortunately, a PedoBear market. Some people try to fool you by claiming their nudity is showing their "innocence" but you know better than to fall for that.

Still, while they can get away with it in the opening because the arms cover everything, the same cannot be said for the other soul scenes from the manga. So below is a table of what you're missing. Scans are from Miss Dream.

Why does Hotaru need to thank Chibiusa with her bewbs, I have no idea.

But one change not related to standards and practices, was Hotaru's confession. This is the only series in which Hotaru flat out says "I Love You" to Chibiusa. In the manga, we occasionally see the girls a bit on the close side, but they never express a romantic connection, even in the images collected for Disturbing facts. And in Sailormoon S, they never even get this close. This could be just her way of saying "I love you as a friend" but I already know most of you are shipping Hotaru X Chibiusa hard right now… ignoring Hotaru being a dead 12 year old and Chibiusa being 902.
On a cool note, they took Chibiusa's first steps as Super Sailor Chibi Moon directly from the manga. Pretty flashy, eh?

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